Coils of Bahamut Turn 9 Strategy

Author Notes

Note, time and difficulty depends on the party. It is 10 to a Party Finder party as this is an extremely hard fight outside of a static when within a static it is more of a 5/10 since everyone is used to the strategy that static has been using for the past month or so, not having to change slightly for any Party Finder group's methods, and the fact they will have more communication for Phase 4, which I consider to be the main fight.

To unlock the Second Coil of Bahamut, you must first clear the Binding Coil of Bahamut which is Turn 1 to 5.  You will only have to clear Turn 5, since it’s that old of content and with the echo and better gear, players shouldn’t find it as difficult as it once was, although there will still be some mechanics players will have to watch out for in that fight.

The same actually goes for this fight.  The echo has been boosted all the way to 20% and now when players can easily access i130/120 gear, combined with echo, this will help players out in their clear.  Although, just remember, good gear doesn’t exactly safeguard bad playing.  If someone is running about not knowing the mechanics of the fight, it doesn’t matter which item level they are, one player is enough to wipe these battles.

Players can use food if they need it, however, it’s not really required, not with the stuff I have already stated.  Without food and just the stuff I have mentioned above, my DPS as a DRG ranges from 600-700, which is way over the DPS actually required for this fight from one player.

Let’s get started to explaining the fight.

Phase 1:

Before players start, B should be placed on the left side of the nearest circle in the triangle of circles in the middle, and A should be placed on the left side of the left circle, this is for later on in the fight.

Phase 1 should be over and done with before you know it, it’s an easy phase although there still can be wipes in it.  One of the main things about this phrase is meteors, these are mainly what will cause wipes this early on.  Players must stop what they are doing if they see either a red or orange marker placed above their heads and run to wherever is closest and safest to place.  To kind of safeguard this, players who aren’t the melee or a tank should always stand near a free spot for a meteor, players like to use the markings on the ground (tassels on the outer circle, the small triangle on the inner circle), pretty much, the markings on the ground on Turn 9 isn’t all random nonsense, it’s actually there to help players.  Hopefully, with the DPS that players should be outputting now, there should only be three to four meteors dropped.  There is at times the melee will get a meteor, they just have to quickly go to one of the sides well away from the tank, basically as far as they can go and place the meteor there and go back to fighting the boss.  If meteors are placed too close to each other, this will cause one of them to explode and cause room wide AOE damage, wiping the party.

Ravensbeak is the other most threatening move of this phase, this will not apply to everyone playing, but it’s important that both the tank and healers know how to deal with this.  Healers will have to be ready to apply Stoneskin and Adloquium to the tank and the tank should use any cool downs they have to dull down the damage a bit.  After this move is done, it will also leave a debuff on the tank, players around the tank should pay close attention that they are not too close as this debuff will cause small AOE damage around the tank, any player who is standing near the tank in range of this will be wiped.

Lunar Dynamo which is a move that can only be dodged melee range or max range.  Melees and Tank will use the safe zone at the melee range so it is easy enough for them.  Healers and ranged will have to go to max range, it is important no one gets hit by this.  While it may not wipe players any longer because of echo and gear, the effect is still there.  This will heal the boss for any damage done, so not to waste DPS, get away from the hit range immediately when you see the cast bar up.  There is no AOE to warn players, but usually where the B is placed, anywhere past that is max range unless the tank isn’t tanking the boss as far back as they can.  Also, make sure pets are placed outside the damage range too, the effect is also applied to them, so have Obey and Place skills handy.

Dives can also cause a wipe, but just not as bad now with players increased health, these will put a white marking on top of a player’s head and it is still recommended players spread out.  There is no point taking anymore damage than you should.

Sometime during this phase a player will get selected by a different red mark to the meteors, this will be a beam, this will require players stack up (apart from the tank) somewhere in the area.  Most parties go with the center.  This will be a beam, if damage isn’t split among players, the marked player will be wiped.

That is mainly Phase 1, with the echo and better gear, you should only have 3-4 meteors.  The second Phase will start once the boss has reached 65% health and has retreated to the center of the stage.

Phase 2:

The Phase starts off with 3 players being selected by green markers.  These are Golem markers and this is kind of when the fun begins for most players or the infamous loop.. As you have maybe seen, there is a triangle of circles in the center of the area.  Each of the three players should go to a circle each and wait for the mark to disappear and then run away to avoid the meteor falling on them.  Pretty much the same as what you have dealt with.  If there was any bad meteor placements in phase 1, players may have to adjust these placements slightly, it’s not really difficult though, just make sure there is enough space between the meteors.

Three golems will appear as these meteors vanish, there will be a green, blue and red golem.  Tank takes green, DPS take the red.  Healer takes the blue.  Players have to take these golems and keep them apart.  If a golem gets too close to the other, they will link and become what players call a super golem, this is a bang the wall moment as there is no recovering from this and this is part of the infamous loop I have mentioned.

Anyways, keeping the golems away from each other, players who take them, then must feed them the meteors dropped in Phase 1, this is done by simply taking them over to any of the meteors, careful you don’t accidentally get too close to another golem during this, if you didn’t have much meteors, this part won’t actually be hard at all, each golem can take a max of 3 meteors before becoming a super golem (same result if any of them linked, any more than 3 meteors will also cause this).  All meteors have to be gone when these golems are gone.

The order these golems must be killed is Green > Blue > Red.  Green must be killed off fast, otherwise they will change colors and Green will be back again.  If Green is killed, Blue and Red will simply switch.  So if you killed Green in plenty of time, you should run to Red and start fighting it as it will change to Blue.  Blue must also be silenced as it has a move which will stun the entire party if not, so this will require a Bard, Ninja or Scholar with the Selene pet out.  Stuns are extremely annoying as it can mess up a DPS’ combo and casters will be interrupted from their spells, so avoid this at all costs.  Then players will kill off red, when there is really nothing to red but when fighting it, sticking close or really far to avoid its massive AOE attack.

Now, players have multiple ways of dealing with this part of the phase, but this is where you will set down another bunch of meteors (this time a lot more than what you had from Phase 1), I like the static/Japanese strategy which is the hardest to pull off, but also the safest.  Some players call it merry-go-round and others call it Mario Kart.  There is a couple of ways to this strategy.  Wherever the last golem died, melees, tank and a healer will stand in this spot at the end of one of the tassels, while the other players will go to the other side of the area and stand in a spot at the end of the tassels.  Players will stay in these spots until they see a meteor above a player’s head.  This player stays and the rest runs in clockwise to the triangle in the inner circle.  So each group is running kind of in a zig zag pattern clockwise around the area, dropping the meteors on each of the markings.  This is a lot stress free from maybe the easier strategy you have maybe seen most in Party Finder parties.

This way is much easier, but less safe.  Each player will take a tassel, any extra players will go to the triangle marking, this is called the spread.  It isn’t as safe as because you have guessed it, if a player gets selected by 2-3 meteors, they will panic if they don’t have a nice easy route for them, the above strategy allows players to have easy routes.  So when spread and waiting for the meteors to start, players should take some time to find a safe spot to go to using these markings and know if they get 2-3 meteors, this will be their route.  Although there is nothing to stop another player from going and placing meteors in these locations and sometimes you can end up going to a place you didn’t know there was a meteor falling and wiping the raid.  Players using the static/Japanese strategy have much less chance of failing but this requires much more teamwork in a way which will make it harder for a Party Finder party to understand.. but I do urge players try the harder but safer method, it’s a lot smoother and players are less likely to panic if they do get 2-3 meteors themselves as the route is more well laid out.

Then, the golem meteors, you deal with these just like you did the last ones, just place them in the triangle of circles in the center of the stage.  Same goes for the golems themselves, although this time they will have more meteors to feed and like last time, each meteor has to be gone.  Make sure if you are on Teamspeak and you see a forgotten meteor, you call out to whoever is on a golem.  That or use the in-game chat with a sound effect so players will notice (something like “Meteor over here! ” just so players look).  It isn’t uncommon for players to accidentally forget a meteor.

Now players stack into the A and B way marks. Tank goes in A and the rest of the party goes in B and players will now sit and wait for Mega Flare to go off, healers will make sure everyone is healed, White Mages should use Stoneskin on anyone with a res illness and Scholars should use Sacred Soil around the players and the tank to minimize damage as much as possible and both should be ready to do AOE heals for the progression into Phase 3.

Phase 3:

Phase 3 is the easiest phase of the battle, but it is still easy to wipe here.  The DPS check is rather tight so make sure that you are doing the best DPS you can.  Staying in the locations or between A and B is a must for when Phase 3 starts as the boss will start casting a move known as Heavensfall.  This will have a tower fall down into the center of the area, wiping anyone standing in the center, but it will also knock players back, so this is why you want to stay within the A and B areas.  As the closer to the edge of the area you are, you will get knocked back into the wall (which will result in a wipe).  Being in the A and B areas does knock you back close enough to the wall, but you should not land in if these way marks have been placed correctly.

Along with this, large AOEs will be around the area.  The first since you have been standing in the way marked area is quite easy to dodge as you are already basically in a safe zone, the only player who may want to dodge it is the tank and sometimes, the tank won’t even have to dodge it if the way marks have been placed correctly.

So, it’s easy enough at this point, just keep fighting the boss until the first ghost comes in, then kill the ghost as quickly as possible, watch your debuffs, if you have the Garrote Twist debuff, you will have to cleanse using one of the small white circle AOEs left by the ghost when it dies.  When the ghost is defeated, it will cause a massive AOE to appear, players must get out of this.  There will be a red debuff with the same chain symbol within it, this doesn’t have to be cleansed.  Also, healers cannot get rid of this debuff, this is completely up to players themselves  to pay close attention to their debuffs and cleanse when its safe.  This is something DPS aren’t usually used to doing, but you will have to learn how as from this point on in these raids, this becomes a bit of a common mechanic.

Players must get back in position when they see the next heavensfall being cast.  This time, the AOEs are all over the area.  There is safe spots in-between and players will have to be ready to go into the spaces that used to be danger zones after the first attack goes off.  Now, it’s a matter of DPS what comes next, during this, the boss will throw Super Novas at players.  These require players remain spread out in this phase, once all of these have been thrown, depending on DPS, a melee should use the limit break to push the battle into Phase 4, this is to avoid a second add and possibly a third heavensfall which is even harder to dodge, not many players have seen it and not many are even prepared for it.  If you do, you have to be running at all times and the AOEs will follow the players about, going off extremely fast, it might require players to use sprint if lagging behind.  Either way, you don’t want to see this.  If the boss is already at 47% by the time the second heavensfall is almost over, then you shouldn’t waste the limit break at this point, rather wait until you get access to LB3.

Phase 4:

This is sadly the phase most Party Finder groups fail horribly at.  This phase requires everyone to know what they are doing, for example, if you really don’t have a clue what to do in this phase, you are better off to run into the wall and not burden the party with your mistakes.  One player’s mistake here can cause a wipe easily.  A player of the party will have to be dedicated to way marking the divebombs that will be seen later in this phase, this is done by knowing the dragon placements on the outer area.  This should help, there is only 3 possible divebomb layouts that Turn 9 can have.  The first divebomb will be where two dragons face each other, the second will be a lone dragon.  You should mark these A and B so it’s easy for players to follow.  Make sure you do these right, as players like melee DPS have no time to look and see if A or B is placed in the right locations.

Final Fantasy XIV Coils of Bahamut Turn 9 Strategy

Now, onto actually completing this phase.  This phase requires a good bit of communication.  I can do this phase now without, but if you are new or just haven’t cleared it fully yet, this is going to be quite difficult to understand, but it’s one of those things, once you have done it, you’ll look back and wonder how you even found it hard to begin with.

Players will be stacked in front of the boss, this may seem strange when that’s usually the tank spot, but it’s actually a requirement in this fight and you will not need to worry about being hit, the best area is the center, so the tank should move the boss when they see Phase 4 has started.

Players will get debuffs, these debuffs if allowed to stack will wipe a player or the entire party.

  • Fire selects a random party member with a tether.
  • Ice will be aimed at a single target, no way to avoid this.
  • Thunder selects a random party member.

The order you’ll want to do these in is:

Fire Out (player with fire goes out of the party so only they get hit by it) > Ice > Fire In (this will clear the Ice debuff)

Then Thunder, Thunder is always out, it’s recommended to go behind the boss, not too far away, and not too close either to be hitting party members with the AOE, if the party is hit by Thunder, this will give everyone stuns which means it is a possible wipe, can be recovered from, but rarely.  You won’t want to go too far so you aren’t taking damage from the Lunar Dynamo.

When you see the next Fire Out, it’s a spread, everyone spreads out and away from the center, give everyone their own space so they aren’t hit by dives, Thunder players should definitely be far away from any players and players should stay away from the tank.  When it is time to retreat back to the center, wait for the boss to throw three Super Novas at random players, there will be a player with the beam mark on them from Phase 1, every player gets to the center again as soon as they see the third Super Nova being placed, split the damage and then continue on like they did, remembering to deal with debuffs just the same as last time.  Since the last Fire would have been out because of the spread, this would be a Fire In.

Once you see another player getting Thunder at this point, divebombs will start, the first player who gets marked (green mark, you have seen it in Turn 5), gets to A as soon as possible and the second player who gets marked gets to B as soon as possible, you only have 5 seconds to react.  Any player who did not move to these exact locations for the divebombs will cause the party to wipe.  To dodge the divebombs, players stand and wait at the location for the mark to disappear and then run back into the center as quickly as possible, magic casters may use sprint if they want to make it a bit easier to dodge, when Ninjas have Perfect Dodge which makes the divebombs easy.  Dragoons can also use Elusive Jump.. although I don’t like this move really so I just run into the center and haven’t had a problem dodging divebombs like this.  You’ll be happy to know that these divebombs if placed correctly are much easier than Turn 5’s divebombs.

So, there you have it, that is the fight.  Like I have said, it’s really not that hard, it might be a lot to take in at first, especially Phase 4, but after some practice you will get into the way of it.

Strategies can differ across servers.  This is the strategy used by a huge number on Ragnarok (EU Legacy) server.