Table of Contents

  1. Story Progression
  2. Misc

Story Progression

Firewatch Achievement Guide “Good first day.”
Completed Day 1

The following achievements will unlock with natural progression through the story.

Firewatch Achievement Guide “Back to work.”
Completed Day 2

See “Good First Day”.

Firewatch Achievement Guide “Someone’s out here.”
Completed Day 76

See “Good First Day”.

Firewatch Achievement Guide “Burn the place down.”
Completed Day 77

See “Good First Day”.

Firewatch Achievement Guide Firewatch
Completed Day 79

See “Good First Day”.


Firewatch Achievement Guide Shutter Bug
Filled a disposable camera with photos.

During your second day you will need to investigate a damaged communication line. Following the line will lead you north towards the camera location. After investigating the line, follow the path east. This leads to a log you need to cross. The camera will be inside a backpack hanging from a tree.

After finding the camera, use up all the film in the camera to unlock the achievement.

Note: This item is only accessible during the story. It doesn’t seem to be accessible in free roam.

Firewatch Achievement Guide Camera Location

Firewatch Achievement Guide Bee Plot
Got stung by a bee. It happens.

During your visit to “Wapiti Station” you will break through a gate. After opening the gate, interact with the information box just inside. Opening the information box will result in Henry being stung.

 Firewatch Achievement Guide Bee Location

Firewatch Achievement Guide Love Turts
Adopted a turtle as a pet. The average lifespan of a box turtle is fifty years. It will outlive you.

During your visit to Five Mile Creek you will need to pass through a lush section of trees. Just to the north you will find a few tall trees and a large rock. The turtle is sitting on top of a large rock. Pick the turtle up, and press “E” to adopt.

Note: You can earn this during free roam. Turtles also show up in other locations, so you may find one elsewhere.

Firewatch Achievement Guide Turtle Location

Firewatch Achievement Guide The Life and Times of Raccoon Carter
Got attacked by a raccoon; probably didn’t get rabies.

Head North towards Thorofare and Beartooth Point. If you’re leaving from your tower, follow the path through the cave until you reach the river. From here, head away from the river to the north. Follow the power cables and the path which will lead you to a signpost. At this point you should see the outhouse on your right.

Ahead of the outhouse there will be a destroyed outlook in the distance. Head into the basement and open the stove. Doing so will cause a raccoon to jump out at you and unlock the achievement.

Note: Can be completed during free roam or normal play.

Firewatch Achievement Guide Raccoon Location

Firewatch Achievement Guide Ol’ Shoshone
Listened to the tape of “Ol’ Shoshone.” Cavorted among the aspens.

From the same starting place as the raccoon, look at the sign for Thronofare and Beartooth Point. Head to the east of the sign post. You will find a dead elk with a tracking collar. Just behind the elk is a bush that you can clear with the axe. Make your way to the clearing behind the bushes and pick up the tape off the table.

Note: You will need to get the axe during the story, or complete this during free roam.

Firewatch Achievement Guide Tape Location