The Gates of Maguuma

Author Notes

Before you can do any of the achievements tied to the story of this new chapter, you first need to complete the story. Once complete, you can then replay parts of the story to complete the related achievements tied to each segment of the story instance. You can replay these segments as many times as you wish, though you're timed to earn your achievements once you re-start the story instance. You have plenty of time, but try to focus on them if that's the reason you're replaying the story.

Table of Contents

  1. Disturbance in Brisban Wildlands
  2. Fallen Hope
  3. Cornered

Guild Wars 2 Gates of Maguuma Achievement GuideGates of Maguuma Complete!
Complete the Games of Maguuma episode

To earn this you will need to play through the whole episode, which will then unlock the following achievements while you replay the story instance.

Disturbance in Brisban Wildlands

 Guild Wars 2 Gates of Maguuma Achievement Guide No One Left Behind
Don’t let any of the Seraph repair workers perish

At the very start of the story you will be prompted to protect the camp. During this fight Seraph workers will be building a wall to block out the Inquest enemy attack. During this time, stay near the workers while they’re building and make sure you’re defending the areas marked on your map. These NPCs are quite hardy just make sure to protect them.

Guild Wars 2 Gates of Maguuma Achievement Guide No Shocks Here
Don’t get hit by projectiles from Static Discharge

During the Golem boss fight the Golem will drop down to the ground and pull its arms and legs inside its body. This will create a charged area on the ground. During this phase keep your distance. Once the phase has finished the Golem will stand up and fire out static charges. These charges are what you need to avoid to earn this. They’re easy to dodge if kept at a distance.

Guild Wars 2 Gates of Maguuma Achievement Guide A Shocking Development
Use the Golemites against their master

Once the Golem fight starts you will have to deal with Golemites while fighting the Golem. These little minons will chase you around the map. When the Golem drops down to charge up for its Static Discharge attack, lure the Golemites into the field. Once you’ve done that they will become charged with a static field. From here just hover around the Golem and kill the Golemites next to it. Once they explode they will damage the Golem and earn you this achievement.

Fallen Hope

Guild Wars 2 Gates of Maguuma Achievement Guide Zephyr’s Ascent
Climb to the highest point in Prospect Valley

You may have already seen this jumping puzzle in the free roam segment of the zone. This puzzle is extremely easy with aspect crystals as it allows you to jump up large portions of the puzzle without any difficulty. In Fallen Hope however, you need to complete this puzzle without the aid of aspect crystals. If you’ve climbed this with the crystals, you have a general idea of what to do, but you need to start on the bamboo pile just to the left of where you’d normally find the jumping crystals.

The whole puzzle is fairly simple, apart from one jump around the half way point. Depending on your race and size will result in how you tackle the middle part of the puzzle.

The following screenshots will guide you through the puzzle.

Gates of Maguuma Achievement Guide

Guild Wars 2 Gates of Maguuma Achievement Guide Zephyr’s Leap
Dive into a hay pile from the highest point in Prospect Valley and survive

Once you reach the top of the jumping puzzle, below the diving goggles you will find a hay pile. I highly suggest you place a map marker on your map so you know where to jump. You also won’t be able to see the pile as there will be a thin layer of clouds blocking your view. Once you jump and land on the hay pile, this will unlock.

If you’re having difficulty locating the hay pile, it’s between the bamboo pile you have to climb up for the Zephyr’s Ascent, and the large A-shaped bamboo on the platform. All you have to do is walk off the ledge above and land on the hay for this to count.

Guild Wars 2 Gates of Maguuma Achievement Guide No Rock Unturned
Find and destroy the hidden Inquest survey equipment

Location #1
After jumping over the gap using the wind crystal. Head straight forward to the cliff face. Follow it to the left and look down. You will need the jumping aspect crystal to get back up from this place, or you can throw yourself off the cliff as you will respawn at a checkpoint.

Location #2
Once you reach the platform with the Dust Mite twisters, you will see a wreck in front of you. There will be a marker on the ground to interact with. Just to the right will be several Dust Mite twisters, in the very corner next to the rock face and drop off, there will be another inquest survey machine tucked away in the face of the rock.

Location #3
If you pan the camera around, you will find the third piece of equipment set back in a rock cove just below several Dust Mite Twisters. This is fairly easy to see from #2, so you can’t really miss it.

Location #4
The last location is on the side of the debris hanging over the edge of the cliff near several Inquest enemies. You can see this one while making your way towards the quest marker. This one can be a little tricky to get to as of where it is, but any ranged weapon can destroy it.

Gates of Maguuma Achievement Guide


Guild Wars 2 Gates of Maguuma Achievement Guide Opportune Moment
Find a way to sneak up on your enemy during the chase

After you encounter Aerin for the first time, he will run off into a closed passage. From here you will need to fight your way, and wait for the vines in this area to be destroyed. In the next area there will be several enemies, including a husk. If you look ahead, there will be a large gap that you need to cross which Aerin has already jumped over. As soon as all the enemies in this area are dead, a wind crystal will spawn just to the right of the area. You need to grab this crystal before it vanishes, and jump the gap.

Doing so will allow you to get behind Aerin and attack him before he jumps again. You need to be quick as you only have a few seconds to grab the crystal and make the jump.

Guild Wars 2 Gates of Maguuma Achievement Guide Explosive Avoidance
Don’t get hit by your enemy’s timed blasts

During your fight with Aerin, he will drop and throw various grenades and bombs at you. To do this you basically just need to say out of the AoE circles from his attacks. This fight is a little chaotic, but you can keep your distance from him most of the time. Ranged weapons help a lot to avoid going into the danger zones, but you still need to keep moving.

Complete the fight without taking damage from one of these AoE attacks and this will unlock. The grenades he throws at you aren’t such an issue, so if you happen to be hit with them, don’t fret, it’s just the timed explosives on the ground that you need to watch out for.

Guild Wars 2 Gates of Maguuma Achievement Guide Dashed Advantage
Find the secret passage and secure some extra crystals for the fight

During your fight with Aerin you will need to attack him until he starts to use his shield. At this point, sun crystals will spawn around the area to break his shield. Instead of breaking his shield, gather several jumping crystals, and several sun crystals. You’re going to head to the north wall, and jump up it. Head onto the ledge above and follow the passage. You will come to a wall with a sun marker on it, use the sun crystal to dodge through the wall and find a hidden area.

Once you enter this area, kill everything and then this achievement will unlock. This can be a little tricky due to the timer on the crystal shards, but the more you collect, the longer the effects of the crystals last.