Angry Chest Quest

Author Notes

This short questline has been known to have several bugs, it's possible you may be affected by not earning the buff, or certain NPCs not talking to you. There's currently not resolve for these issues.

Acquisition: The Angry Chest

Before you can do anything with this quest-line, you must first obtain your angry chest. You will be required to pay 400 gems at your local gem store to acquire this item.

Into the Vault

After obtaining your chest, you will need to make your way to Lion’s Arch. Once you arrive, head on over to your local Traders Forum vault. If you catch Evon at the right time, he will talk to you. You can find him usually standing at his desk just inside The Vaults taking care of business.

If he happens to not be there, he’s taking a short venture to the local Trading Post and should be back shortly.

Note: At this point, sometimes he won’t talk to you right away. If he’s just standing there idle, just wait for the “Talk” option to appear instead of “Greet”.

Guild Wars 2 Angry Chest Quest Guide

To Metrica

After talking to Evon, he will tell you to speak with Krepet who can be found wandering around Brills Alliance Lab in Metrica Provence. He tends to walk in a clockwise direction around the outside of the building.

After speaking with Krepet, he will tell you of your next location and what is required to open your chest.

Guild Wars 2 Angry Chest Quest Guide

Brill Alliance Labs: [&BCkCAAA=]

The Final Step

As you have been told by Krepet, you must travel to Wayfarer Foothills to kill a creature outside of Solitude Vale called The Veteran Frostblast. He spawns just outside the Vale in front of the Lion Guard tent where you will find many Icebrood Elementals.

Guild Wars 2 Angry Chest Quest Guide

Crossroads Haven: [&BHkBAAA=]

From here you will obtain a 5 minute buff that requires you to visit the core of Mount Maelstrom. Once you reach the core, you need to run into the flowing magma which will then reward you with the Red Elemental.

Guild Wars 2 Angry Chest Quest Guide

Maelstrom’s Waypoint: [&BM0CAAA=]

Congratulations, if you’ve managed to do this in a somewhat timely manner, you should now be the proud owner of the Red Elemental. This elemental shares the same characteristics as the seeker orbs from the Forsaken Thicket.