Battle for Lion’s Arch

Author Notes

The main event in Lion's Arch starts on the hour, every hour. You will need to defeat all three Assault Knights to board the Breachmaker. You will also need to collect the three marks from killing the Knight's to enter the portal.

[NOTE] This part of the living story was only active for 2 weeks at release. This guide is here for reference only.

Table of Contents

  1. Misc
  2. Assault Kinghts
  3. Exploration
  4. Champion Defeats
  5. Misc Champion Feats
  6. Scarlet’s Demise


Guild Wars 2 Battle for Lion's Arch Achievement Guide This Is My City!
Complete 15 achievements from this category or the Battle for Lions Arch dallies.

There are 16 achievements in total, not including the daily ones. Two of these unlock by completing “One Step Closer…” first. Once you compete at least 15 of these achievements, which also include the daily ones, you will unlock a the liberator of Lion’s Arch loot chest.

Guild Wars 2 Battle for Lion's Arch Achievement Guide Breakdown in Command
Participated in any champion event in Lion’s Arch.

This is fairly simple, and you will earn it by just playing through any of the Champ events in Lion’s Arch. Just locate a champ on the map through the boss markers, attack and wait until the end. Once you complete the chosen boss event, this will unlock.

Guild Wars 2 Battle for Lion's Arch Achievement Guide Build Your Own Backbone
Equip or reequip an exotic-quality or higher Spinal Blades back piece.

If you’ve played the earlier Living Story content, then you will unlock this from the get go. But, if you haven’t already made this item, you will need to craft it with several items. You will also need to upgrade the item to the advanced exotic level if you wish to reach Scarlet through the portal on the south-western coast.

Crafting the Backpack

Assault Knights

Guild Wars 2 Battle for Lion's Arch Achievement Guide Bigger, But Not Faster
Successfully dodge every assault knight’s Extraction Attack.

While fighting one of the three Assault Knights, you will notice there will be a large AoE ring that covers the area from one of the attacks. When this happens, you either need to run to the Knight, or jump over the attack.

This is a lot easier than it sounds, just learn the pattern and be aware of what happens before, during and after the attack to avoid it. You can do this on either green, red or blue knights. Alternatively you can just keep back outside the AoE attack area until the end of the fight. I find it easier to stay within the attack area and run to the safe zone in the middle of the AoE. This may be the best route for most people as dealing with lag or iffy frame rates can cause mixed results.

Another method which a lot of players favor is jumping over the attack. To do this, you just jump when the AoE zone vanishes from sight. This is the general indicator that with careful timing you won’t be pulled into the attack. This is a lot harder when fighting lag or bumpy frame rates, but it’s possible to evade this attack.

Guild Wars 2 Battle for Lion's Arch Achievement Guide Six Minutes to Knightfall
Defeat all three assault knights with six minutes after the event starts.

This is a rather large group effort, but one that will either happen or won’t. The Knight’s become after on the hour, every hour. Once active, you will need to kill all three within 6 minutes. It’s highly possible to do this with an organized group of players, but everyone needs to tackle this.

The most popular method is to focus on one knight at a time. Doing so allows you to zerg them quickly without wasting too much extra time.  This won’t always work as it depends on the balance of players, buffs and coordination. But if you happen to be on a server which is trying to zerg the knights, joining these groups may result in victory.


Guild Wars 2 Battle for Lion's Arch Achievement Guide Commanding Heights
Rendezvoused with Turma

Turma is an NPC which is located just south of the Diverse Ledges waypoint. This NPC will be standing next to the Living Story portal which will allow you to reach Scarlet’s last fight if you have the Advanced Spinal Blades. You will need to talk to Turma for this to unlock.

Guild Wars 2 Battle for Lion's Arch Achievement Guide He’ll Never Live This Down
Locate Peter the Lost during the retaking of Lion’s Arch

Peter the Lost is located in several locations around Lion’s Arch, but you have to be quick as he doesn’t hang around long. Currently it’s not known how many locations he appears in, but there are four areas where we’ve found him.

Currently known locations:

  • Black Lions Trading Company ruins.
  • Inside the Traders Forum bank ruins.
  • Behind the Shadow Inn.
  • Around the Lighthouse.

Champion Defeats

Guild Wars 2 Battle for Lion's Arch Achievement Guide Putting Out the Fire
Defeat the Champion Molten Shaman

Location: Bloodcoast Ward

These champions are fairly general and spawn around the map. There’s no special requirements, but a zerg make happen while fighting champions so you may need to keep on top of your game and make sure you deal damage if you’re looking for rewards.

There’s nothing special about these enemies, they’re just your standard level 80 Champions which just need lots of damage. Just watch out for their attacks, but they shouldn’t pose a threat.

Guild Wars 2 Battle for Lion's Arch Achievement Guide Out with a Bang
Defeat the Champion Molten Munitions Specialist

Location: Farshore Ward

See “Putting Out the Fire” for more information.

Guild Wars 2 Battle for Lion's Arch Achievement Guide No More Magic; No More Poison
Defeat the Champion Toxic Warlock

Location: Eastern Ward

See “Putting Out the Fire” for more information.

Misc Champion Feats

Guild Wars 2 Battle for Lion's Arch Achievement Guide Keep Your Distance
Defeat the Aetherblade Admiral without being hit by her teleport attack

Location: Western Ward

Once you attempt this battle, just be sure to keep your distance. There’s much else too it as there’s no markers for the attack. If there’s a rather large group of players attempting this Champion, then the teleport is less likely to happen from what we’ve seen. Just join the battle, avoid any AoE attack areas and this should unlock at the end of the fight.

Guild Wars 2 Battle for Lion's Arch Achievement Guide No Free Lunch
Defeat the Champion Toxic Spider Queen without allowing her to reach a cocoon.

Location: Postern Ward

A lot of people have difficulty with this, but it’s rather simple. All you have to do is avoid the spider from cocooning a player, and then reaching them to feast. To stop the cocoon, you can run up to the player and start to attack the cocoon. This is a group effort, so if someone happens to get trapped, help them quickly but don’t drop focus on the spider.

If you happen to be pressed, spamming 1 will aid in breaking the cocoon. This may take several attempts, but it’s not impossible.

Guild Wars 2 Battle for Lion's Arch Achievement Guide Light Show
Defeat the Aether Cannoneer without being hit by the Aetherblade Megalaser

Location: Western Ward near Diverse Ledges waypoint.

Once reaching the Aether Cannoneer on the west side of the map, you will need to fight this champ without being hit by the Megalaser. This sounds quite tricky, at first, until you realize all you have to do is keep your distance and keep moving.

While in this battle you will also be fired at by the Breachmaker, so try to avoid its path of fire. If you happen to be hit by this laser it won’t affect the achievement, but it could knock you down into the path of the Aether Cannoneer.

Scarlet’s Demise

Guild Wars 2 Battle for Lion's Arch Achievement Guide In a Cage Made of Steel and Lunacy
Defeat Scarlet on the Breachmaker

There’s two ways to defeat Scarlet, one is to beat her three knights which spawn on the hour, every hour, then beat the hologram on the Breachmaker. This will then allow you to access the last fight with Scarlet.

Alternatively, if you happen to be playing through the Living World content, you can reach scarlet through a portal on the south-western part of the area by the Diverse Ledges waypoint. There’s one catch, you need the Spinal Blades back piece to reach her. This will bypass the fight with the knights and allow you to complete the story part of the content without having to pass through the knights section.

Guild Wars 2 Battle for Lion's Arch Achievement Guide Nowhere to Hide
Defeat Scarlet before she can activate her personal shield.

This is probably the hardest achievement just for the simple fact that it’s extremely luck based. Once you finally come face to face with Scarlet, she will be laying on the floor. You need to rush up to her using swiftness, or some sort of speed boost and quickly perform a takedown on her. This is simple enough, but you need to watch out of the control room behind her as it has a shield. So if you happen to run into it, you will be pushed back.

Once you can get close enough, star to spam F to perform your takedown. At first you may be hit by a large AoE ring, which will force you back onto the area. If you’re really quick, you can get up to Scarlet and perform a takedown before this attack finishes.

Guild Wars 2 Battle for Lion's Arch Achievement Guide One Step Closer…
Defeat Scarlet’s Prime Hologram aboard the Breachmaker.

Before you can defeat Scarlets Prime Hologram on the Breachmaker, you first need to get onto the machine. To do this, you need to defeat the three Assault Knights that spawn on every hour in three set locations around Lion’s Arch. They’re marked with Green, Blue and Red markers. Fighting these Knight is quite simple, so as long as you know what to do this won’t be a problem.

Phase 1
At the start of this fight, you will need to collect the three colored marks on the ground. This will then give you the white mark which will allow you to damage the Prime Hologram in the center of the area. This is simple enough, but you will have to avoid the lightning attacks which are marked by the AoE lines in the area. The Hologram will also spawn a circular AoE attack around the middle of the area.

These attacks are easy enough to avoid, but they’re quite damaging if you happen to be hit by one.

Phase 2
Once you reduce the Prime Holograms health to 25%, it will vanish and turn into a red, green and blue hologram around the area. The trick to this section of the battle it to focus on one, then allow it to activate its second phase. The second phase after killing the main blue, red and green holograms will cause them to split into 6 smaller holograms. The best route of attack is to form a large group of players and concentrate on one hologram at a time. Once you’ve killed all 6 sub forms, then move onto the next color.

This has proven to be most effective and reduces the risk of the other holograms filling the area at the same time resulting in a rather hectic fight.

Phase 3
This is the last phase in defeating the Prime Hologram. Instead of focusing all your energy on the main target, wait for the smaller Holograms to spawn and focus on them. This last section of the fight is simple enough, but there’s a lot going on so if you’re working on “In Tune” this will be your primary area of failure. So be careful and watch for the AoE makers while in this fight.

Guild Wars 2 Battle for Lion's Arch Achievement Guide In Tune
While fighting Scarlet’s Prim Hologram, never hit a hologram without the respective atonement.

Required: “Complete One Step Closer…”

Before you can attempt this, you will first need to beat the Prime Hologram. This will then unlock these two achievements once the requirements are filled. This can be quite tricky as there’s so much going on in this fight, but all you really have to do is avoid the AoE line and circular attacks from the Prime Hologram up to the end of the fight.

The final phase of the Prime Hologram fight is where most people will fail as there’s so much going on, but just be aware of what’s going on.

Guild Wars 2 Battle for Lion's Arch Achievement Guide No More Tricks, Scarlet
Defeat Scarlet’s Prime Hologram without being hit by the lasers or their lighting scorch marks.

Required: “Complete One Step Closer…”

During your second phase while attacking the three sub Holograms, you will find that you need to have one of the corresponding marks tied to your character. Once you enter the split process where 6 smaller Holograms appear, you will need to collect the colored mark for either red, blue or green. From here, once you’ve picked up the required mark, you need to attack the corresponding Holograms.

This is easier said than done as if you happen to split all three groups of Holograms, then you will end up with a mess of 18 Holograms on the screen. If this happens, you will most likely hit an alternative Hologram. It’s also very easy to hit other Holograms with your attacks if you happen to use AoE attacks.

As mentioned in “One Step Closer…”, dealing with each group of Holograms separately is the fastest and most lucrative method to make sure you take them down without making any mistakes. I highly suggest that you keep track of your targets by locking onto them, this way you won’t make any mistakes or hit other Holograms by mistake. Just take your time and watch your attacks.