A Crack in the Ice

Author Notes

Unlike a lot of previous episodes, there is no achievement tracking in this episode. You will have to complete the requirements for most achievements, and keep going until they unlock. If you fail, you will have to start over.

There are currently some achievements which have bugged elements. I highly suggest that you complete everything you need in The Bitter Cold before your Elixir runs out. Currently there appears to be no way to re-create it aside from replaying the story on an alternative character.

[This guide is still currently a work in progress]

Table of Contents

  1. Story Progression
  2. Precocious Aurene
  3. The Bitter Cold
  4. Frozen Out
  5. Aurene Collections
  6. Bitterfrost Frontier
  7. Frontier Mastery Insights

Guild Wars 2 A Crack in the Ice Achievement GuideA Crack in the Ice” Mastery
Complete 21 achievements.

There are 21 achievements tied to this achievement and reward. You will find there are more than 21 achievements tied to this episode, but only the ones listed will unlock this meta achievement. Keep track of your progress by checking the achievement tab.


Story Progression

Guild Wars 2 A Crack in the Ice Achievement GuidePrecocious Aurene
Train Aurene to be a well-behaved young dragon.

The following achievements will unlock through natural story progression. There are no other requirements to complete them.

Guild Wars 2 A Crack in the Ice Achievement GuideJourney to Bitterfrost Frontier
Travel to Bitterfrost Frontier to find Braham and the abomination for Taimi’s sample.

See “Precocious Aurene”.

Guild Wars 2 A Crack in the Ice Achievement GuideFrozen in Ice
Infiltrate the Svanir to discover how they survive Jormag’s bitter cold.

See “Precocious Aurene”.

Guild Wars 2 A Crack in the Ice Achievement GuideElixir Cookin’
Do what’s necessary to make the thaw elixir.

See “Precocious Aurene”.

Guild Wars 2 A Crack in the Ice Achievement GuideThe Bitter Cold
Enter the Bitter Cold, and then find and kill the abomination for Taimi’s sample.

See “Precocious Aurene”.

Guild Wars 2 A Crack in the Ice Achievement GuideFrozen Out
Join Rox and Braham in the ice caverns.

See “Precocious Aurene”.

Precocious Aurene

Guild Wars 2 A Crack in the Ice Achievement GuideNew in Box
Deliver a bundle of toys to the Priory arcanist.

Once you start the first event with the children, head into the area, and take a hard right. Head into a small cave at the back of the chamber. Once you have the toys, continue the quest and return to the Arcanist to smoke the fish. After you’ve completed the first dialog, you will be able to start a second about the toys.

Guild Wars 2 A Crack in the Ice Achievement GuideVigilant
Get all the wounded Vigil to safety without having to revive any of them.

During this chapter you will enter the second instance where you need to save the vigil. Your goal here is to escort the vigil members to the protective bubble that spawns at the back of the room.

Once the event starts, ignore the NPCs and fight the Mordrem that spawn. Close both portals and clear any remaining mobs. Once clear, talk to the vigil NPCs and show Aurene where they need to go. From here, you can escort a few NPCs before the mobs start spawning again. Once they do, just continue fighting them and allow Aurene to escort the NPCs on her own.

Note: Only the instance owner will earn progress for this achievement.

The Bitter Cold

Guild Wars 2 A Crack in the Ice Achievement GuideLarva Conservationist
Defeated the Unstable Abomination while inflicting a minimum of mayhem on the surrounding larvae.

As you enter the area, pull the Abomination over to the first group of Larva, hold it there and kill the Larva on top of the Abomination. You can carefully pull the Abomination around the area to each Larva stack point and kill them on top of him. Keep repeating this until the Abomination dies. You can’t directly inflict damage to this champion, so make sure you don’t kill any Larva without the Abomination being next to them.

You can kill this champion within 3/4 groups of Larva without disturbing the rest fairly easy.

Frozen Out

Guild Wars 2 A Crack in the Ice Achievement GuideBeasts Slain Quick
Defeat the ice beast in under 5 minutes.

This fight is fairly simple, though it can be a little tedious. This boss and mobs in this fight are immune to most player inflicted damage. You will need to complete the mechanics quickly, and with little to no failure.

During the fight, this boss will charge at you. Doing so he will hit his minions, killing them in the process. You need to make sure you line yourself up behind any enemies you want to kill, and have the boss charge at them. Doing this effectively will also destroy the crystals they are channeling/tethered to.

Once you’ve cleared the mobs, the scroll will spawn, pick it up and then prepare to kill the boss once its debuff has been removed by the arrow shot.

Guild Wars 2 A Crack in the Ice Achievement GuideStay Unfrosty
Battle the ice beast without being frozen.

Every so often the beast will stop and focus on you. At this point he will perform an attack which spreads ice across the floor in a horizontal motion. If you’re caught in this, you will be frozen.

To avoid it, I suggest you keep moving and watch the creatures animations. If you see it pause, prepare to dodge and keep away from its front side.

Aurene Collections

Guild Wars 2 A Crack in the Ice Achievement GuideGift of Aurene
Collect the parts to create an Aurene miniature.

There are eight parts to this collection, the first of which is unlocked by completing part of the story. Once unlocked, you can then proceed to craft the various items to finish the collection. There are two ways to go about completing this, one is to buy all the items from the trading post, the alternative is to craft them yourself. You will need to be level 450 Artificer, Tailor, Huntsman, Leatherworker, and 400 on Jeweler. You will also need 5,000 unbound magic and 25 gold to buy the recipes.

Token of Affection

Obtained after completing the “Precocious Aurene” story chapter.

Dragon Hatchling Doll Frame

Created by the Huntsman (450)

  • (40) Ancient Wood Planks
  • (20) Orichcalcum Ingots
  • (50) Thermocatalystic Reagents
  • (5) Crystal Lodestones

Gossamer Stuffing

Created by the Tailor (450)

  • (50) Bolts of Gossamer
  • (25) Globs of Ectoplasm
  • (1) Spool of Silk Weaving Thread
  • (5) Crystal Lodestones

Dragon Hatching Doll Hide

Created by the Leatherworker (450)

  • (15) Cured Hardened Leather Square
  • (15) Armored Scales
  • (50) Thermocatalystic Reagents
  • (5) Crystal Lodestones

Dragon Hatching Doll Eye

Created by the Artificer (450)

  • (20) Quartz Crystals
  • (25) Globs of Ectoplasm
  • (50) Thermocatalystic Reagents
  • (5) Crystal Lodestones

Dragon Hatching Doll  Adornments

Created by the Jeweler (400)

  • (15) Vicious Fangs
  • (15) Vicious Claws
  • (15) Piles of Crystalline Dust
  • (5) Crystal Lodestones

Dragon Hatching Doll

To create the doll, you will need to have obtained the Frame, Stuffing Eye and Adornments. Once you have them, you can combine them in your inventory.

Aurenic Essence

For this final part of the collection, take the doll to Aurene, you can use the portal stone that you were given as part of completing the first story step. Once there, interact with her, and you will have an option to bring the doll to life. You will now have your own mini version of Aurene to follow you around Tyria.

Guild Wars 2 A Crack in the Ice Achievement GuideCultural Attaché
Bring Aurene souvenirs from around Tyria to teach her about the cultures of the world.

You will need to bring Aurene a few items from around Tyria. There is a small monitory investment to complete this achievement, but nothing too obscene. Once you have all these items, you can use your portal stone supplied to you after completing the first story instance to return to Aurene at any time.

To complete this you will need to invest a small amount of karma, and a few gold to buy all of the items on this list.

Return the following items to Aurene:

Caged Orrian Chicken
Agent Livilla waypoint [&BKcCAAA=]

This waypoint is often contested, if this happens, you want to head east of this waypoint.

Before you can talk to this NPC you will need to complete the chain event tied to her spawning. She will appear in the south of Karst Plains, she may already be there when you arrive. The event spawns often, and has you destroying chicken coops, following by an Inquest Champ.

Model Asura Gates
Squik waypoint [&BBMEAAA=]

Head to the central platform. You will find Squik in front of the council chamber portal.

Model Zephyr Sanctum
Dusk waypoint [&BIAHAAA=]

This can be a little tricky as you can only buy this item from the vendor when the map is  tier 1 only. Check in on a map, and come back when the sandstorm is almost finished. You can then talk to the vendor straight away and buy the item.

Small Charr Car
Quell the Weaponsmith waypoint [&BKsDAAA=]

From the waypoint, head east and look for two crafting stations on your right. Quell will be next to the armor smith.

Souvenir Eir Statue
Uktur, Karma Vendor waypoint [&BI0DAAA=]

You will need to head up around the mountain. Uktar will be standing near a small tent.

Sylvari Potted Plant
Lenna waypoint [&BLsEAAA=]

From the waypoint, head north east to the back of the crafting area. You will find Lenna standing between two crafting stations.

Watchknight Statue
Sovereign Weapon Vendor waypoint [&BCwDAAA=]

Located to your left as you waypoint in.

Bitterfrost Frontier

Guild Wars 2 A Crack in the Ice Achievement GuideThorough Sampling
Find each of the special chests hidden around Bitterfrost Frontier.

Throughout the Bitterfront Frontier there are 19 hidden chests. Checking the achievement description will give you a hint to find each one. You can use out map to find all of their locations if you’re having difficulty finding certain locations.

The chests located within the Griffon Old Growth area may be found in slightly different locations.


Guild Wars 2 A Crack in the Ice Achievement GuidePlaying Chicken
Push a chicken to its limits.

Head to Brakbrak Ice Snarl, inside you will find a Grawl settlement. Once inside, look around carefully on the ground, you will find the odd chicken, you will be required to interact with these for a story step, so you can also wait until then also. Once you find a chicken, interact with the same one several times.

You will need to kick the same chicken several times, so don’t kick one, then move onto another. Just keep kicking until the achievement unlocks.

Guild Wars 2 A Crack in the Ice Achievement GuideDive Master: Cold Feet
Find and use a diving location in the Bitter Cold.

Within the area The Bitter Cold, you will find several pairs of diving goggles. If you search around the south-eastern part of this area, you will find an area that looks brittle. If you can’t see it, lowering your visual settings may help. You can also see the pool on the mini map in the image below.

Once you find it, look up. If you have the usual object option turned on, you will see the goggles above you. There are two sets, one on a lower ledge, another on a higher ledge. You want to climb your way up the back of the area to the highest goggles. From here, jump off and you will crash through the ice into a hidden pit of water.


Note: You will need the Elixir (Warmth Buff) to enter this area of the map. I highly suggest you do this while completing the story step “The Bitter Cold”, you have a 12 hour buff to access this small area.

Guild Wars 2 A Crack in the Ice Achievement GuideDelicious Desserts
Give a little quaggan sweets to annoy its parents.

In the far south-eastern part of the map you will find a hot spring in Dragon’s Teeth Hot Springs. You will need to complete the renowned heart to access the karma vendor Farmer Simooba. Once you have access to the vendor, you need to buy Winterberry Sorbet. This will cost you (10) Fresh Winterberry’s and 3,500 Karma.

Once you have the Winterberry Sorbet, return to Sorrow’s Eclipse Sanctuary. Once there, head into the water and look through the Quaggan homes below. You will find Koollan the Little Builder swimming around his own on the east side of the sanctuary.

Guild Wars 2 A Crack in the Ice Achievement GuideHeart, Moxie, and Many Sweaters
Survive 20 stacks of Bitter Cold.

Head to The Bigger Cold region of the map, Once you’re there, look for the entrance, and carefully edge your way into the area. You will see the stack of Bitter Cold appear on your boon bar. You will need to hit 20 stacks and survive and not fully die. It’s possible to earn this in a downed state, so edge yourself in and out of the area stacking the effect.

Heal yourself once you get to 50% health, and continue until it unlocks. If you fall into a down state, this will still unlock as long as you hit 20 stacks before you die.

Note: You cannot do this with the Elixir (Warmth Buff) active, so you will either need to use another character, or wait until your warmth buff has expired.

Guild Wars 2 A Crack in the Ice Achievement GuideCodex: Kodan
Acquire the Koda’s Flame skills and speak with a Flamebearer to learn their history.

You will be introduced to this torch at the entrance to the map. You will see you have 5 skills you can use, but only one will be active until you unlock the rest. To unlock them, you can talk to the Kodan protecting the various torches across the map. They have the unbound magic icon above their head, so you can’t miss them.

You will need 2,500 unbound magic, once obtained, talk to the Flamebearer and unlock all the skills for the torch. From here, talk to the Kodan again, and ask about each of the skills. You can skip the dialog if you wish and quickly click through the list.

Note: Koda’s Flame mastery required.

Guild Wars 2 A Crack in the Ice Achievement GuideQuirky Quaggan Quest
Fine all seven stanzas of the quaggan epic poem.

There are seven stanzas you need to find throughout the new map. Most aren’t obvious as the Quaggan you need to locate aren’t marked by a name plate or object marker. Some are also tucked away in various hidden locations.

Once you locate all six quaggans, head back to the Sanctuary. From here you need to climb to the top of this safe haven and talk to Neekoolaa who will reward you with the seventh.


Guild Wars 2 A Crack in the Ice Achievement GuideKoda Blessing
Earn Koda’s Favor by giving burnt offerings.

There are 19 offerings that you will need to obtain for this achievement. To obtain them you need to acquire 19 offering baskets from the Unbound Magic vendors in the Sanctuary at Bitterfrost Frontier. Once you have them, you will need the following:

  • 1 offering basket (9,500 unbound magic, 19 total)
  • 50 Globs of Ectoplasm (950 total)
  • 25 Elder Wood Logs (475 total)
  • 10 Icy Runestones (190 total)
  • 5 Winterberries (95 total)

This will make a single offering basket which you will then need to take them to various locations. Once there, you can interact with the empty offering basket in your inventory to gain the offering tied to that location.

Offering for Steadfast Refugees
Fireheart Rise waypoint [&BB4CAAA=]

Located in Highland Thaw

Offering for Jungle Restoration
Dragon’s Stand waypoint [&BK4IAAA=]

This can be a little tedious, but you need to complete Dragon Stand. Once complete, you can activate your blessing around the world boss chest.

Offering for Elemental Restoration
Mount Maelstrom waypoint [&BMUCAAA=]

Before you can access this one, you need to reach the hidden garden. Once there you can activate your blessing around the large tree in the center.

Offering for Elemental Peace
Kessex Hills waypoint [&BBEAAAA=]

Head into Wizards Fief and activate anywhere within the town.

Offering for Quaggan Survival
Timberline Falls waypoint [&BEYCAAA=]

This one is tucked away in the Mellaggan’s Grotto jumping puzzle. You can activate anywhere within the puzzle.

Offering for Peace
Fields of Ruin waypoint [&BNUAAAA=]

Activate within the Summit Peak Point of Interest.

Offering for Draconic Redemption
Auric Basin waypoint [&BOgHAAA=]

Once in the city, head down to the egg chamber.  You can activate once you’re inside, make sure however you’re not in an instance, but within the general map.

Offering to Restore Nature’s Majesty
Tangled Depths waypoint [&BA4IAAA=]

Some climbing will be invovled with this one. You can make your way across the updrafts from the start of this zone. You’re heading to the top of the Great Tree just south of your starting location. You can activate your blessing once you reach the very top.

Offering for Overcoming Corruption
The Grove waypoint [&BLoEAAA=]

Once you arrive in The Grove, take the pod up to the Omphalos Chamber. You can activate anywhere within the chamber.

Offering for Kodan Sanctuary
Frostgorge Sound waypoint [&BIUCAAA=]

Activate on the upper levels of the Kodan ship.

Offering for Exiled Emissaries
Snowden Drifts waypoint [&BLwAAAA=]

This area is fairly general, so activate once you arrive.

Offering for Racial Cooperation
Lion’s Arch waypoint [&BCEEAAA=]

You can earn this anywhere in Lion’s Arch, so just waypoint in and activate.

Offering for Cooperative Strength
Brisban Wildlands waypoint [&BGAAAAA=]

Head to the Skritt Throne room.

Offering for Reunion with Nature
Verdant Brink waypoint [&BO8HAAA=]

Head south east to find the shooting gallery adventure. From here, you need to make sure Lord Farens event chain has been activated. You will only be able to claim your blessing if he is present in the area.

Offering for Dimensional Stability
Queensdale  waypoint [&BIsAAAA=]

Can be activated at the waypoint.

Offering for Elemental Stability
Iron Marches waypoint[&BO4BAAA=]

This can only be obtained once the Fire Shaman has been defeated. If you’re not sure, there will be a group of NPCs in the area which indicates the event has been cleared.

Offering for Elemental Recovery
Wayfarer Foothills waypoint [&BH4BAAA=]

This one you will have to wait until the Maw has spawned. Once he has, complete the event and activate your blessing near the totem and boss chest.

Offering for Life’s Balance
Straits of Devastation waypoint [&BPACAAA=]

Once you arrive at this waypoint, head south to find the Lightfoot Passage cave and mini jumping puzzle.

Offering to Restore Magic Balance
Bloodstone Fen waypoint [&BD8JAAA=]

Activate your final blessing next to the Bloodstone temple.

Note: This is a highly expensive achievement, so you may want to take your time, or break it up depending on how much gold and liquid resources you have.

Frontier Mastery Insights

Guild Wars 2 A Crack in the Ice Achievement GuideBitterfrost Frontier Insight: Griffin Old Growth
Discover this Maguuma Mastery Insight in Bitterfrost Frontier.

Located just north of where you enter the map. There’s a small forest with huge trees. You will find the mastery point on a mushroom high up off the ground.

Note: You will need to have unlocked the bouncing mushrooms mastery.

Guild Wars 2 A Crack in the Ice Achievement GuideBitterfrost Frontier Insight: The Svanir Hive
Discover this Maguuma Mastery Insight in Bitterfrost Frontier.

You will find this mastery tucked away inside the giant dragon statue in The Svanir Hive. If you progress the story, you will have to turn yourself into a Svanir, doing so will allow you to move around this area undetected. You will need to climb the large structure, then up find your way up on top of the dragon. Once on top, glide down and into the mouth.

Note: Basic gliding will be required to access this.

Guild Wars 2 A Crack in the Ice Achievement GuideBitterfrost Frontier Insight: The Bitter Cold
Discover this Maguuma Mastery Insight in Bitterfrost Frontier

This mastery point is a little tricky, you will need several masteries, and the Elixir to access this area.

In Hailstone Flow you will find a thermal tube which will fire you up and towards The Bitter Cold area. One the way up, you will see a ley-line and an updraft. You want to aim for the updraft, just to south east you will see a mountain with stepping stones. You need to glide over and follow the path up and around. At the top you will find a second thermal tube, this one will fire you across into The Bitter Cold, and above the waterfall where the mastery point is hidden.

Note: You will need Gliding, Updraft, Thermal Tubes and the story related Elixir (Warmth Buff) to access this area.