Current Events: Part 2

Author Notes

This is a continuation of our previous guide.

If you haven't already completed the previous current events, please make sure you're up to date. This includes having all the current events completed up to this point, and possibly the latest living story updates.

Table of Contents

  1. Open Letters
  2. Restoring Caladbolg

This is a continuation of the previous guide which has grown to to a rather lengthy tome. This second collection of current events will continue with all future events being covers here.

Note: You will will need to complete the previous current events to gain access to this one. They’re listed in the order of release in our previous post. If you cannot access this quest, you should look through our previous guide and make sure you’re up to date.

Open Letters

Guild Wars 2 Current Events Part 2 Open Letters
Investigate posters and secret letters in Kryta to keep up to date on the latest gossip.

There are five posters located around Kryta, and five hidden notes, found in bandit supply crates. The posters are fairly obvious, and can be located by visiting the listed towns.

If you’re having difficulty finding the posters, make sure you turn on the option “show all usable object names”. This will allow you to see flair text for the items you need to interact with.

Shire of Beetletun Guild Wars 2 Waypoint [&BPoAAAA=]

Found posted on the wall next to the dungeon entrance.

Kessex Hills:
Viathan’s Arm Guild Wars 2 Waypoint [&BBQAAAA=]

Located near the docks and point of interest.

Gendarran Fields:
Ascalon Settlement Guild Wars 2 Waypoint [&BI8BAAA=]

Pinned to the wall by the waypoint and settlement entrance.

Harathi Hinterlands:
Arca Lake Guild Wars 2 Waypoint [&BLIAAAA=]

Found on a wall up the stairs to your left as you enter the town.

Shaemoor Fields Guild Wars 2 Waypoint [&BPAAAAA=]

On the side of a bandit occupied house just south of the windmill next to the crop field.

Bandit Notes

To find these notes you will need to interact with the supply crates next to each bandit champion in Kryta. The notes are in random locations, so you may need to visit multiple locations to find the note you’re looking for. You can find all the locations from the previous guide under “Bandit Invasion” and “Long Arm of the Light“.

Once you interact with the crates, you should see a prompt to collect a note. If there isn’t a prompt, move onto the next bandit location. Once you have the note, you will need to interact with it in your inventory. If you don’t, you will not earn credit towards the achievement.

  • Imposter Note
  • Prosperity Note
  • Burden Note
  • Power Note
  • Heresy Note

Restoring Caladbolg

If you happened to throw out your broken Caladbolg from the Heart of Thorns story, don’t fret. You can talk to to Miyani next to the Mystic Forge in Lion’s Arch to gain another one.

Guild Wars 2 Current Events Part 2 Shards of a Thorn
Locate sword fragments within the Maguuma Jungle to aid in the restoration of Caladbolg

You should receive a mail from Warden Leide. He is calling you to visit the memorial statue in The Grove. Once you speak to him, he will give you a letter. The letter asks you to visit Valiant Ridhais in your home instance. Once there you will have a conversation about the sword.

You will need to have the broken Caladbolg in your inventory to progress this story track. If you don’t, talk to Miyani in Lion’s Arch. She will have a new dialog about buying Elonian Wine as an offering. She will then give you the broken Caladbolg. From here, return to Ridhais and continue the conversation.

From here you will open two new collections, “Shards of a Thorn” and “Dreams of a Thorn”. You can find the shards of Caladbolg in the following locations:

Verdant Brink
Mellaggan’s Valor Waypoint Guild Wars 2 Waypoint [&BNUHAAA=]

Head to Blighted Depths, enter The Corpse Grove and head West. The shard will be on the very edge near some vines.

Auric Basin
Southwatch Waypoint Guild Wars 2 Waypoint [&BAIIAAA=]

Head to The Falls, once you arrive, jump down to the base of the falls and look for an opening to a cave. Just inside you will find several NPCs and the shard tucked away behind a rock.

Tangled Depths
Dragon’s Passage Waypoint Guild Wars 2 Waypoint [&BIgIAAA=]

Head north from the Dragon’s Passage waypoint. Use the updrafts to reach a hidden pool of water. You need to jump into the water, and swim east towards the Jellyfish waypoint. The shard will be located on the bottom of the cavern.

Dragon’s Stand (Story Instance)
Pact Base Camp Southern Waypoint Guild Wars 2 Waypoint [&BHoIAAA=]

This final shard is located within the story instance at the end of Dragon’s Stand. Talk to Zrii who’s located in the Pact Base Camp. Once inside, head to the top of the spiral. The shard is located south-west from the main platform in a small nook.

Guild Wars 2 Current Events Part 2 Dreams of A Thorn
Locate objects of power across Tyria to aid in the restoration of Caladbolg.

The objects of power can be found all across Tyria. They’re in the form of interactive motes which you need to locate. The following information will guide you through their locations.

Sprouting Mote
After starting this part of the current event, this will be checked off from the start.

Radiant Mote
Located in the garden of Dawn on the ground floor in The Grove.

Serene Mote
Located at the Hero Point “Pile of Stones” at Secluded glen in Fields of Ruin.

Defiant Mote
Next to the God’s Hand POI location in Fireheart Rise

Patient Mote
In the middle of the Oasis in Dry Top

Blossoming Mote
Located in the secret garden at the Town of Nolan in Diessa Plateau west of Nolan Waypoint.

Determined Mote
On a tree located in the Hidden Ourobon in Harathi Hinterlands.

Misty Mote
Located at Melandru’s Cenote west of Travelers Dale.

Pure Mote
North of Cereboth Canyon in Kessex Hills.

Violent Mote
Located in Sparkfly Fen at Caer Brier Waypoint.

Shining Mote
Located in Brisban Wildlands at the settlement in Aurora’s Remains.

Guild Wars 2 Current Events Part 2 The Sword Regrown
Restore Caladbolg, Thorn of the Pale Tree

After you obtain take the Spiritwood Scion, the orb of Natural Essence and a Vision Crystals to Ridhais, you will set out to prove yourself. After you’ve completed each dream, you will be rewarded with a weapon, and this achievement.

Guild Wars 2 Current Events Part 2 Sword Taxonomy
Account-bind each form of Caladbolg.

After claiming your weapon of choice, this achievement will unlock. There are four weapons in total that you need to craft.

You will need the following materials:

  • (1) Broken Caladbolg*
  • (1) Vision Crystal
    • (5) Dragonite Ingots
    • (5) Empyreal Stars
    • (1) Augur’s Stone
    • (5) Bloodstone Bricks
  • (1) Spiritwood Scion
    • (5) Spirit Wood
    • (2) Deldrimor Steel Ingots
    • (30) Fulgurites
  • (1) Orb of Natural Essence
    • (1) Maguuma Lily
    • (2) Flax Blossoms
    • (3) Passion Floewrs
    • (5) Evergreen Lodestones

* This item is obtained from completing the Heart of Thorns story. You will need to have compete the story to earn this item.

Note: It is only possible to craft one weapon per character. The weapons are account bound, but the story progression is not. However, if you completed “Knight of the Thorn”, you can return to your home instance and talk to Ridhais and change the selected weapon.

Guild Wars 2 Current Events Part 2  Knight of the Thorn
Become blessed by the Pale Tree as the bearer of Caladbolg

Before you can earn this, a daily reset must happen. Once it happens, you will receive an in-game mail from Mender Aine. The message will tell you to come and speak with the pale Mother in The Grove. After you arrive, head up to the Omphalos Chamber, and talk to her. She will give you a blessed and unlock this achievement.

After you’ve received this achievement, you may also return to your home instance where you will find Ridhais. She will be located in different places, depending on the home instance your visit. Talking to her with the Caladbolg weapon in your inventory will allow you to regrow the weapon into one of the other four selections.

This will cost you 1 of the grown weapons, and 1000 unbound magic.