Dragon’s Reach Part 1

Author Notes

As with most of Living Story progression, you can do everything alone. But this time around the achievements are a lot easier with a party. There's many aspects that are extremely frustrating when they really shouldn't be. So gather a few friends and tackle these together if you want to complete the requirements without frustration.

Table of Contents

  1. The Waypoint Conundrum
  2. Foefire Cleansing

Guild Wars 2 Dragon's Reach Part 1 Achievement GuideComplete The Dragon’s Reach, Part 1 episode.
Completed The Dragon’s Reach, Part 1 episode.

This will unlock once you complete the episode for the first time. Doing so will also unlock the following achievements for this section of the living story.

The Waypoint Conundrum

Guild Wars 2 Dragon's Reach Part 1 Achievement Guide Nary a Pitfall
Help Taimi gather parts for her device without triggering any traps.

Marked on the map under “Leave No Survivors”, you will find a safe path which you can follow to get through the area. You only need to reach three traps, and diffuse them to obtain their items. Once you have everything in the area, you will need to follow the safe path back to the starting area. You will then to follow the dialog until the end of the instance for this to unlock.

Tread very carefully following the path towards the chest as there are several enemies grouped together in this location.

Containment Fluid

Once you reach this container, have Scruffy get as close as possible, then talk to him and tell him to reinforce the container. This can be a little iffy as the area of activation is tiny. Once the container is secured, you can extract the fluid without any issues what so ever.

Asuran Power Generator

  1. Turn off the generator.
  2. Open the generator’s casing.
  3. Deactivate the aetheric field.
  4. Grab the armature from the aetheric field.


Once you reach the chest, use Scruffy’s scan to find the chest which you need to open. Opening any others will cause the trap to trigger. The wolf will be the last enemy and trap you complete, unless you decide to do the traps first.

Guild Wars 2 Dragon's Reach Part 1 Achievement Guide Crate Scrapper
Find the hidden Inquest crate and defeat the chromatic creature within it

At first this may seem tedious, but you will earn it while going for “Leave No Survivors”. Once you start the instance, head all the way down to the fend of the map past everything on the northern side of the cavern. You will find a chest which you can open. Opening it will spawn a champion ooze which you need to kill for this achievement. If you’re unsure about its location, check the map below.

Guild Wars 2 Dragon's Reach Part 1 Achievement Guide Leave No Survivors
Vanquish every enemy group, including the ambushes and traps, while helping Taimi collect part for her device.

This requires you to complete the instance by killing all enemy groups which also includes triggering the four traps in the area. This isn’t really difficult, but it’s extremely frustrating as it’s easy to make a mistake and have to start over. If you’re not the best at going solo against PvE enemies, I highly recommend that you bring a friend or two. There are some enemies which hit extremely hard so if you’re not ready, you will die.

Inquest Assassin

Once encounter is with an Inquest Assassin. This assassin will confront you near the champion ooze. Once this enemy reaches 50% health, she will make her escape for the door marked on the map below. This can be extremely frustrating as if she reaches the doors, they will close, and if you kill her too quickly, the doors will also close locking you in and unable to kill the Inquest that spawn.

If you’re doing this solo, I highly recommend that you make this your first instance to get it out-of-the-way. It’s the most frustrating of the 12. If you’re doing this solo though, run to the location and cause the assassin to spawn. From here, quickly turn around and head to the door. This will allow you to kill the Inquest that spawn behind the door. You can then return and kill the assassin  without having to worry about missing the other group.

I highly recommend that you bring a friend for this though as one of you can focus on the enemies at the door, and the other can kill the assassin. Just make sure that you don’t kill the assassin too quickly or the doors will close on your party members.

Asuran Power Generator

You will have to trigger the following sequence to trigger the portal required for this. If you disable the generator in the usual fashion this will disable the achievement.

  1. Turn off the generator.
  2. Open the generator’s casing.
  3. Grab the armature from the aetheric field.

After you activate the wrong sequence, a portal will appear with several imps. After you kill the imps, you can then complete the generator sequence as you would normally. You have to do this to progress toward the next part of the story to deal with the Wolf.

Chest (Wolf)

Once you’ve activated the generator after killing the imps, you need to make your way over to where the chests are. Once there, have Scruffy scan them, so you know which one the story related chest is. Ignore this, and interact with the big chest just next to it on top of the rock. You should see an option with crossed swords



Foefire Cleansing

Guild Wars 2 Dragon's Reach Part 1 Achievement Guide Don’t Knock Yourself Out
Avoid being knocked back or knocked down while staying in the room.

During this fight you will need to avoid falling debris, and the heavy hammer smash from the statue. This is a lot easier than it sounds if you’re able to take advantage of ranged combat, but not so much if you’re a melee build. So during the fight, avoid all AoE attacks from the statue, and avoid all falling debris markers which randomly spawn around the area.

If that wasn’t enough you’re also going to have to deal with wells of fear that randomly spawn in the area. These wells cause the statue to become somewhat buffed to damage, so you need to remove them as fast as you can. If you happen to have a well spawn on you, they will fear you across the room in a random direction. This can be life of death, in some situations.

Also during this fight you will need to dodge and kite various orbs which will knock you down and push you across the room if they hit you. These can be your biggest issue as they can hit you into the line of fire, or even worse into a fear well which could push you into the hammer strikes.aw

One of the easier ways to do this is have up to at least 3 others players working on this at once. There is one safe zone which is just to either side of the statue, but you will need to have other players to avoid the orbs of death. Most attacks can’t hit you in this corner, the fear wells and chill also don’t hit you while standing in these areas.

Guild Wars 2 Dragon's Reach Part 1 Achievement Guide Not So Buff Now
Complete the final encounter while preventing the Ascalonian menders from casting buffs.

During the battle, every so often an Ascalonian mender will slowly walk his way up towards the statue. If one of the Menders happens to reach the statue, they will buff it and you will miss out on the achievement. Your goal here is to complete the fight without the Menders reaching the statue.

When a Mender is on its way to issue a buff, you will be prompted on your mini map with the red ping marker. Once this happens, just turn around and make sure you kill every mender that tries to make its way through the room.

Guild Wars 2 Dragon's Reach Part 1 Achievement Guide Strike’s Over
Avoid the power-strike attack without leaving the room.

I recommend you either do this first, or last. Doing it while trying to earn the other two achievements will void any progress towards them.

Before you can avoid this attack, you first need to allow three Menders to reach the statue. This will then give the statue 3 stacks of spectral power buff. On the third buff the statue will smash the ground in the center of the room which causes a shock wave to fill the area.

If you’re doing this with a friend or alone, you can just stand in a corner and let the Menders buff the statue until it’s ready to attack. Attacking the statue with any buffs though has a reduced effect, so waiting until the buff has worn off to kill it is easier. Just remember, once you avoid this, attack you need to kill the statue and you must not leave the room.

This attack also doesn’t have the usual orange AoE ground attack, so watch carefully for the shock wave once the hammer hits the ground.