Dragon’s Reach Explorer

Author Notes

You will complete the requirements for some of these while playing through the story. But you can earn them at any time without playing the story. Just focus on them, and they're fairly straight forward. The events in the Iron Marches are still a little buggy, so if you happen to have issues, try to locate another map.

Table of Contents

  1. Iron Marches
  2. Frostgorge Sound

Iron Marches

Dragon's Reach Explorer Achievement GuideMordrem Problems
Successfully complete all five Mordrem events in Iron Marches.

There are five new events in the Iron Marches which you will need to complete for this achievement. They all spawn regularly, so if you happen to miss one, don’t fret, they will be back up soon enough. You will need to beat the following events for this to count:

Village of Scalecatch Waypoint

  • Mordrem Trasher Champion
  • Collect Samples
  • Gravelash

Vipers Run Waypoint

  • Rescue the workers

Old Piken Ruins Waypoint

  • Mordrom Wolf

After completing all five of these events this will unlock. There are still a few events that don’t trigger properly, so you may need to change maps, or wait for the event in question to cycle.

Dragon's Reach Explorer Achievement Guide Bottoms Up
Drink 15 nectars dropped by the Mordrem champion in Iron Marches to nullify its poisons.

While fighting the Champion Thrasher it will drop nectar on the ground when players attack within a melee range. It will do this after it poisons the ground, then drops nectars in groups of four. At times it doesn’t always drop the nectar for you to pick up, but they will be marked with a gear symbol when they do appear.

You will need to drink 15 of these nectar drops, so you will need to fight this champion several times to obtain enough nectar. This champion is a little frustrating to fight as it has a rather large reach with it’s attacks which include tendrils that attack you while running around the area.

You may want to attempt this at different times with different group sizes as well. Lots of players see the nectar drop and rush over to pick up as many as possible before other players. This is greedy, but sadly nothing that can be avoided.

Dragon's Reach Explorer Achievement Guide Toxicity Trampler
Defeat the Mordrem champion in Iron Marches without being poisoned.

Unlike “Bottoms Up”, the best way to earn this is to keep your distance from the champion as much as possible. Use high ranged weapons and avoid any of its attacks. I got this by just keeping my distance, but you could also join late to the event and help finish off the champion.

If you’re a melee class, then you may want to do the latter and join in towards the end of the fight. The champion will poison the ground around the base of where it’s hovering. Just make sure that you keep your eyes on the ground at all times if you do have to fight close to it.

Frostgorge Sound

Dragon's Reach Explorer Achievement Guide Finished What You Started
Successfully complete all five Breaking the Ice events in Frostgorge Sound.

This event starts close to the Highpeaks Waypoint in Frostgorge Sound. Once you enter the area from this waypoint, head slightly south. You will know if the event has started or not by the event info on the right side of the screen.

  • Take Coiled Watch
  • Defend Coiled Watch
  • Escort the Dolyaks
  • Stop the Ritual
  • Defeat the Dragons

Dragon's Reach Explorer Achievement Guide Not On My Watch
Capture and defend Coiled Watch in Frostforge Sound without any casualties.

During the first part of the “Finished What You Started” achievement, you will need to take control of the Coiled Watch. Once you’ve taken over the Watch, you will then need to defend it with a group of NPCs and whoever else joins in on the fight. You need to make sure that none of the NPCs fall in battle and stay dead. They can die during the 10 waves, but you need to make sure they’re all standing and alive by the time the end of the event finishes.

This is a little hit and miss, but as long as a group of players help, you can focus on picking up the downed and make sure the event succeeds with all the NPCs alive.

Dragon's Reach Explorer Achievement Guide Boomyaks
Keep all explosives-laden dolyaks alive on the trip to Barrowstead’s gate in Frostforge Sound.

After you’ve completed the defense of Coiled Watch, you will then need to escort Dolyaks that happen to be carrying explosives. The trek is short, but you are bombarded by enemies. You need to be careful but protecting the Dolyaks is simple enough. Just keep on top of your enemies and follow the caravan to the destination.