Dry Top

Author Notes

Some of the progress tied to this area is time sensitive, so you will need to hang around the zone for a little while to make sure you can take part in the events. Everything can be completed fairly quickly, though the coin collection takes some time due to using the broken aspect crystals. These crystals have all the same properties as the normal crystals, but they only last for 15 seconds rather than an unlimited amount of time.

There are a few things that only appear at certain times, so just keep an eye on the map and what events are going on.

Table of Contents

  1. Prospect Valley
  2. Uplands
  3. Challenger Cliffs

Prospect Valley

Guild Wars 2 Dry Top Explorer Achievement Guide Quicksand Survivor
Survive for 1 minimum of 15 seconds while standing in quicksand river around Prosperity

This seems a little subjective by build. My primary character is a Necromancer, so my health is quite high to begin with. I found the best way to to achieve this is to  head into the town, then nudge myself off one of the ramps so i’m just touching the sand. From here you can quickly get out if you’re having difficulty. I’d then let my health drop and use my healing skills when my health hit half way.

If you’re having difficulty with this though, you can bring friends and have them heal you if they have a shared healing ability. This is a little easier said than done, but it’s not impossible. Just make sure that you can get out of the quicksand. You don’t have to survive this, but jumping in full force will kill you faster than you can heal. Various invulnerability skills also doesn’t work in quicksand, so that’s why I’m suggesting you inch your way into the sand for easy scape and to reduce the high damage factor.

Guild Wars 2 Dry Top Explorer Achievement Guide Legendary Llama Locator
Find the legendary llama hidden at the abandoned mine in Prospect Vally

The Legendary Llama can be found within the abandoned mine. The mine is only open for a short period of time, access is blocked when the event isn’t active. Once you enter, you will find a quicksand river splitting the area into two. If you’re looking across, to the other side, you will see a barrier. If you look down to the quicksand below, look to your right, or east. You will see a small hole like tunnel.

To the west of your location closest to the door you will see a container. Breaking this container will give you access to the wind crystal. After freeing the captive, collect the crystal and make your way back to the opening.

There’s a little ramp leading down to the quicksand. Once at the bottom of the ramp, use the wind crystal to jump forward into the sand and into the opening. Quickly repeat this until you reach the safe area inside the cave. The Legendary Llama will be above you on a rock.

Guild Wars 2 Dry Top Explorer Achievement Guide Coin Collector: Prospect Valley
Find all the lost coins hidden in Prospect Vally

Throughout the new zone, you can find lost coins. These coins are scattered just about everywhere, even in some rather obscene locations. There are 30 coins in total, most of which can be found with ease. If you’re having a hard time finding the coins, hold or press Ctrl while exploring. This will show all the various names on the map, it will also reveal coins that you’re looking for even if it’s just part of the name.

This is a viable option to find all the easy ones, but there are several which are hidden out of plain sight, so you will have to work to find the last 5 or so coins.

Below is a map of all the locations and where you can find all the lost coins in the area.

Guild Wars 2 Dry Top Explorer Achievement Guide

Guild Wars 2 Dry Top Explorer Achievement Guide The Hunt for Buried Treasure: Prospect Valley
Find and open 3 buried locked chests in Prospect Valley

Before you start, you will first need the Zephyrite Lockpicks which you can earn through the story progression, or by buying them from a merchant. These items require Geodes which can be earned from completing events, story and achievements. Once you have lockpicks (1 silver, 4 copper + 20 Geodes) in your possession, you then need to wait for a sandstorm to start. These storms start every 40 minutes, which can be seen by the counter on your screen. The storm will last for 20 minutes each time. Once the storm starts, you can then start looking for these hidden chests. They will only show up during sandstorms, so don’t waste your time looking for them when there isn’t one.

If you’re having a hard time finding these chests, use the above method of holding down Ctrl while exploring, The names will become visible. Just keep in mind that these chests are random and appear in different spawn locations every time a storm happens.

You only need to open three of these chests, but they’re a viable way to obtain rare items.

Guild Wars 2 Dry Top Explorer Achievement Guide Hit and Run
Use a rock to knock a crystal shard out of Inquest hands while racing them to collect crystal shards for Zephyrites

To achieve this you will need to take part in the Crystal Shard event which spawns at the Flatland Wastes point of interest. I’m not sure of the timer for this, but it pops up between sandstorms. Once the event starts, locate a rock, pick it up and target a Inquest member while they’re trying to steal the Crystal Shards. Once you’re close enough, throw the rock at them and this will unlock.

Guild Wars 2 Dry Top Explorer Achievement Guide Prospect Valley Crash Site Climber
Climb wreckage to reach the highest peak in Prospect Valley

To reach this jumping puzzle, climb up the central column marked by the Crash Site point of interest. You will reach a platform which has various debris scattered around. You will also find the skillpoint on this level. Directly across from the skillpoint you will find an A shaped bamboo structure with a jumping crystal at the bottom of it. Use this crystal to scale the structure. As you make your way up you will find a second crystal. From this platform jump straight up, and follow the bamboo carefully to the third crystal.

Reaching the third crystal can be tricky, but it’s not impossible. The jump from the third crystal to the top can be a little taxing, but not impossible. Jump into the small area pieces of bamboo sticking out just above the crystal, then jump straight up and over to the top of the area. If don’t correctly, congratulations you’ve just reached the top of the jumping puzzle.

Guild Wars 2 Dry Top Explorer Achievement Guide Dive Master: Prospect Valley
Find and use a diving location in Prospect Valley

Before you can locate the goggles for the dive, you first need to climb up the jumping puzzle located at the Crash Site point of interest. Once at the top, you will see a broken up kite structure with a platform. This platform contains the goggles for the jump you need to make. To reach this platform, look back down below to the jumping puzzle you climbed up, and you will see a jumping crystal. You will need to drop down and quickly collect the crystal and jump back up. From here, you then need to jump up the broken structure to the platform.

There’s only one real way up to this platform, but it does take some trial and error due to the crystals only having a timer. Once on the platform, look down, you should see a large piece of bamboo sticking out. From here you will need to make a leap of faith towards that bamboo, and hope you jump far enough east on the map to land in the small body of water below.

If you’re lucky there may be a Mesmer in the area using their portals to get people up to the goggles, so if you’re having difficulty reaching this area this is one viable option.

This jump isn’t so much difficult, but it can be frustrating as you can’t really see where you’re going. I highly recommend that you locate the body of water before you make the climb, and place a waypoint marker on top of it. This way when you jump from the top you can see where to jump to. You won’t be able to see the ground as you will need to jump through a low lying cloud blanket on the way down.

Guild Wars 2 Dry Top Explorer Achievement Guide Llama Drama
Get transformed into a llama by the Skritt Burglar in Dry Top

The Skritt Burglar will arrive in the area at the start of the sandstorm. You won’t find him lurking anywhere else in the zone before hand. Once the storm starts, you will find a loot bag just north of the Sparring Rock point of interest on the west side of the map. Just below the rock you will find several sand dunes. This is the general area you want to be looking for the Skritt Burglar.

Once he spawns, attempt to pick up the loot bag. He will then run off. Chase after him, as you attack he will throw bags at you. Try to catch one of these bags while running behind you and you will turn into an llama. This can be a little tricky depending on if other players kill him faster than you can chase him down.

Guild Wars 2 Dry Top Explorer Achievement Guide Sparring Rock Master
Defeat Nochtli without falling off or leaving the top of her sparring rock

Nochtli can be found in a small cave just north west of her sparring rock. The rock is marked on the map with a point of interest and several flaming torches. To fight her, you can talk to her, but only when her combat marker is on the map. She will spar with you at any point, though there may be a time limit of when you can complete this dialog to spawn the fight.

You can also join in on other people’s fight, so hanging around sparring rock is a good idea if you want to do this continuously until you unlock this. This may seem fairly straight forward, but Nochtli has a lot of health and hits like a truck. I highly recommend that you bring friends if you’re a lower DPS build, though if you’re not dealing the damage, you may also run out of time as this event only lasts for a short period of time.

She will do the following attacks and a continuous pattern, but they may change. The following attacks are in order of which I’ve seen her attack.


This attack only covers a small area, but if you’re hit by it, you will be knocked off the platform to the dunes below. This attack may also hit you if you’re not stood within the marked AoE zone to take caution. This can be avoided with a dodge roll towards Nochtli, but always try to stay behind her when this happens.

Falling Spears

After the yell, she will jump into the air and spears will fall from the sky onto the rock. These are fairly easy to avoid, just watch for the markers on the ground. These do more damage than knock back, but try to avoid them if you can.

Ground Slam

This attack then follows up from the spears. This is where most people will have trouble as she will slam her hand into the ground causing you to fall off the rock. The attack is easy to judge as you just need to watch for the giant AoE circle, and for Nochtli to raise her hand in the air. The biggest problem with this attack is that you need to jump up to avoid it. And every so often this attack will catch you even when you’re in the air. This is by far the most annoying attack due to it’s slight unpredictability.

Blow Gun

The forth and final attack is where Nochtli will spin in a clockwise, or counter clockwise circle spitting air at you. Next to the Yell, this is extremely easy to avoid, just watch for the AoE markers on the ground as she spins around, and make sure you stay behind her.


Guild Wars 2 Dry Top Explorer Achievement Guide Buried Treasure: Uplands
Find and open 3 buried locked chests in the Treadrock Uplands, Uplands Oasis, or Unswept Uplands.

Much like the previous buried chests, you will need to locate them during the sandstorms. You will need 1 lockpick which you can buy from the vendors using geodes. You will need to find 3 buried chests in the uplands area.

Guild Wars 2 Dry Top Explorer Achievement Guide Learned Legendary Llama Locator
Find the Legendary llama hidden in the uplands of Dry Top.

This llama can be found on the eastern side of the map just north of the centaur camp as you enter the Uplands. Once you reach the canyon area just after the camp, keep to the right and look for the aspect jumping crystals. You will need to scale the wall to the highest point to find the llama hiding out on a ledge above.

Guild Wars 2 Dry Top Explorer Achievement Guide Chickenado Chase
Catch a chicken out of the dust mite twister. Activate during the sandstorm at tier 3 or greater.

During your progress in tiers for various upgrade rewards from the vendors, once you reach tier 3 or higher, you will spawn the Chickenado which can be found roaming the canyon area. For this you need to attack the Chickenado and this should unlock. It’s possible that a chicken may have to hit you, but I found just chasing it and attacking was enough to earn this.

Guild Wars 2 Dry Top Explorer Achievement Guide Coin Collector: Uplands
Find all of the lost coins hidden around Treadrock Uplands, Uplands Oasis, and Unswept Uplands

Much like Prospect Valley, there are 30 hidden lost coins to be found throughout the Uplands area. This does not include the Cavern of Shining Light, or Prospect Valley.

Guild Wars 2 Dry Top Explorer Achievement Guide

Guild Wars 2 Dry Top Explorer Achievement Guide Ruler of Shines
Defeat Queen Chrii’kkt IV. Activate during the sandstorm at tier 4 or greater.

During your time in Dry Top, you can raise the tier of your vendors by completing the various group events around Dry Top. To summer the Skritt Queen, you first need to raise the vendors to tier 4, once this happens, you then need to wait for the sandstorm to hit. Once the storm starts, head to the very south of Crash Site #2 and you will find a Skirtt den with a giant door. From here, just head inside once the door opens, kill all the queen’s followers and then the queen herself.

Challenge Cliffs

Guild Wars 2 Dry Top Explorer Achievement Guide Coin Collector: Challenger Cliffs
Find all of the lost coins hidden around Challenger Cliffs

Much like the other areas of Dry Top, this one also has lost coins hidden around the area. There are 12 coins to find within this area, all of which can be found using the map below.

Some of these coins are tucked away in hard to see places. Enabling “Show All Usable Object Names” in the options makes them easier to find.

Guild Wars 2 Dry Top Explorer Achievement Guide

Guild Wars 2 Dry Top Explorer Achievement Guide Licensed Learned Legendary Llama Locator
Find the legendary llama hidden in Challenger Cliffs

Once you enter the area, you can find the llama hidden above the giant vines that you need to cross to access Challenger Cliffs. From the repair station waypoint, head east and upwards. Look for a wreckage and a slope that goes off in a north direction. Follow this patch and look for a small cave hidden by a tree.

If you’re having difficulty with the directions, the llama is marked on the coin collection map above.

Guild Wars 2 Dry Top Explorer Achievement Guide Sand Shield
Prevent Researcher Eway from falling below 25% health during a Challenger Cliffs sandstorm.

Eway appears at the repair station waypoint at the start of the sandstorm. He also spawns several others times in the same spot. Eway will follow a set path with set stop points in the middle. When Eway stops, you need to defend the area while a research meter fills just below the health bar on the right hand side.

The biggest the group, the more scales the event will become, but make sure you bring crowd control skills to keep the enemies away from Eway while the research meter fills.

Guild Wars 2 Dry Top Explorer Achievement Guide Rock ‘n’ Roller
Help Rustbucket reach the Challenge Cliffs repair station in under 5 minutes.

During the same time as the skritt event, you this event starts. Rustbucket will spawn near the wreckage at the top of Challenger Cliffs. You will need to defend this golem as it makes it’s way down towards the repair station waypoint. The golem will stop every so often while a group of enemies attack. Clear the areas as quickly as possible so the golem can make it’s way to the repair station.

The skritt event starts with 7 minutes on the timer, so you need to make sure you complete the event before you cross the 2 minute mark on the timer.

 Note: This event is only active outside of the sandstorm.

Guild Wars 2 Dry Top Explorer Achievement Guide Heist Hinderer
Prevented skritts from raiding supplies from Zephyrites in Challenge Cliffs.

This event will start several times between the sandstorms, when it starts, you have to defend the Zephyrites supplies from the skiritt for 7 minutes. This event is a little tricky as you have to defend several areas and make sure the skritt don’t get outside the repair station area.

You need to make sure that the skirtt obtain none of the supplies, so by the time the event ends, there needs to be 0/10 on the counter for you to earn this achievement. Crowd Control skills come in very useful for this fight, but some coordination is required to keep on top of the event.

Note: This event is only active outside of the sandstorm.