Table of Contents

  1. Discovering Scarlet’s Breakthrough
  2. The Concordia Incident
  3. Trouble at Fort Salma

Guild Wars 2 Entanglement Achievement Guide Entanglement Episode
Completed the Entanglement Episode

After completing the three parts of the Entanglement Episode, this will unlock and unlock the rest of the achievements related to this story content.

 Discovering Scarlet’s Breakthrough

Guild Wars 2 Entanglement Achievement Guide No Tricks
Defeated the Inquest in the ley line hub without using any of Scarlet’s Turrets or steam creatures.

Once you reach the ley line hub, from here you will need to kill all the Inquest in the instance without using the terminals. This fight takes a while to complete without the assistance of theStream Creatures. It if fairly straight forward and you just need to fight your way to the end.

I recommend completing this first as “Fire for Effect” and “Mess with the Bull…” can both be completed within the same run.

Guild Wars 2 Entanglement Achievement Guide Fire for Effect
Kill five Inquest with one barrage from Scarlet’s turrets.

This is the first terminal you have to take control of. Once you take control, look across from where the terminal is and you will see a large group of Inquest. You will need to use the turret to kill 5 Inquest within a single shot. If you are having a hard time with this, holding down CTRL on your keyboard will show all the enemy name plates on the screen. This will allow you to see where they spawn for easier targeting.

Guild Wars 2 Entanglement Achievement Guide Mess with the Bull…
Defeat the Inquest at the second console location as a steam minotaur without ejecting.

After reaching the second console, you are given the opportunity to take control of a Steam Creature. This may seem overly daunting to start with, but it’s quite simple. I suggest using skill 1 regularly, and saving skill 2 when there are plenty of enemies in range. Keep moving, and do your best to stay out of the AoEs on the ground to avoid dying.

 The Concordia Incident

Guild Wars 2 Entanglement Achievement Guide Dropper like Flies
Don’t let any allies in Concordia perish in the initial attack.

Overall this is fairly straight forward, however it is very easy to make a mistake and fail the requirements for this achievement.

You need to pay close attention to all areas of the fort, but the far side from where you enter is the biggest point of failure. In this area, there is one guard who will try to kill Husks and Thrashers on his own, putting himself in danger. If you take too long to help this NPC, he will die as he pulls full aggro on everything in the area.

If you’re having difficulty with this, I suggest you form a party and have other players help you clear the fort.

Guild Wars 2 Entanglement Achievement Guide The Waits for No One
Complete the Concordia instance in under 10 minutes.

If you are going for this first, I highly recommend that you avoid “On Swift Wings” as it will take longer to complete the instance.

Once you complete the fort attack, you should have around 6 minutes to complete the rest of the area. After you complete the conversation, head to the cave marked on your map. Clear the cave, exit and head straight up to the lab. From here, kill everything in sight and you should make it with a minute or so left on the clock.

You can keep track of your progresses with the timer on the right side of the screen. Just be careful not to waste too much time on the way to the cave. There are extra mobs in this area that will just slow you down. You can clear these mobs after the cave section is complete.

Guild Wars 2 Entanglement Achievement Guide On Swift Wings
Find and rescue all the survivors in the area around Concordia.

After saving the fort from attack, you will need to head to the cave to save another NPC. From here you will need to leave the cave and find the fallen guards around the area. If you happen to bring along party members, the amount of guards you have to rescue scales. Keep this in mind as you will have to revive more guards than if you are doing this solo, or with a second party member.

Focus the west side first, close to the fort as it’s possible for these NPCs to die quickly. If you’re having difficulty locating the NPCs you need rescue, turn on NPC name plates in your options menu to make your allies more visible.

You will also need to make sure that you save all the NPCs within the time limit counting down on the right side of the screen.

Guild Wars 2 Entanglement Achievement Guide

 Trouble at Fort Salma

Guild Wars 2 Entanglement Achievement Guide Timely Arrival
Don’t let any members of the stranded Seraph squad die

At the very start of the mission you will need to clear the area of enemies. After you reach the wall, you are asked to save the guards just to the east of the bridge you crossed. You don’t have to talk to the guards on top of the gate, but you can head straight down to the guards below after killing the two husks.

This can be a little tricky if you’re on your own. Using crowd control skills can help, but making sure no one dies is key. There will already be one guard laying on the ground waiting to be revived. Ignore the guard for now and focus on the Husk first, followed by the rest of the enemies.

This may take several attempts. If you’re struggling, form a party and have other people have you.

Guild Wars 2 Entanglement Achievement Guide Butterflies and Viscera
Defeated the Mordrem thrasher without losing any of Marjory’s minions.

During your fight with the thrasher, Marjory will spawn minion’s that you need to protect to break the Thrashers shield. You will need to kill the enemies chasing down the minion’s during this fight and kill them. Crowd control works well, but these enemies will be persistent and fight you every step of the way. If you’re having difficulty with this, bring some friends, it will make this a lot easier. This fight doesn’t really scale.

There are four main minion that spawn which rotate as the fight goes on. As the fight progresses more minions will join. Your primary goal is to protect them until the Thrasher is killed.

Guild Wars 2 Entanglement Achievement Guide Sheltered from the Rain
Defeat the Mordrem thrasher without getting hit by its rain of spores.

This isn’t overly difficult as all you have to do is avoid the AoE on the ground around the thrasher. Early on there will be protective areas where you can take shelter. It is best to keep your distance as much as possible and avoid all AoE just to be sure not to void your achievement.

If you’re having major difficulty with this, just keep your distance from the Thrasher. Having a friend or party members help you will make this easier. You will get full credit, and you can avoid the AoE without having to worry about voiding the requirements.