Escape From Lion’s Arch

Author Notes

Before you beginning, you will be presented with a cut-scene. From here you will either be thrown into the battle, or find yourself outside Lions Arch at one of the various camps. From here, you will need to access one of three portals, one in Bloodtide Coast, Lonars Pass and the last being in the Genderren Fields. These portals will be blocked off until 5 minutes past every hour. From here you will need to fight a group of enemies before you can enter. After doing this, you can then proceed to enter Lion's Arch for the various battles ahead of you.

You won't earn every single achievement in one go, but if you're rather craft you could do it within an hour if you catch on to what is required. A word of warning, the escort missions require you to inflict a set amount of damage on foes as you escort your group to safety. This may be part of the issues why some players won't be tracked and rewarded for their efforts. With the amount of people currently playing, this can leave some players without reward.

Table of Contents

  1. Entry Zones
  2. Escort Missions
  3. Defend Events
  4. Bosses
  5. Collectibles

Guild Wars 2 Escape From Lion's Arch Achievement Guide Extraction Complete
Complete 15 achievements from this category or the Escape from Lion’s Arch Dailies.

There are 14 main achievements in total towards this, but the daily achievements for “Hold The Line (complete three daily events)” also count towards this. Some of these can be a little tricky to pull off if numbers are low and organization is a little sloppy, but most are straight forward enough to complete within several runs.

Entry Zones

Guild Wars 2 Escape From Lion's Arch Achievement Guide Breach from the Beach
Participate in the Bloodtide Coast entrance event.

These three achievements require you to turn up at the designated entry points for Lion’s Arch. Once there, at 5 minutes past the hour you will be attacked by a group of Scarlet’s enemies. Once you deplete the enemies, and you will earn the respective achievement for their locations.

  • Bloodtide Coast: North of the Lion’s Arch campsite.
  • Lonar’s Pass: Western side of the map under the Priory.
  • Gendarrden Fields: South of the map but slightly north of Lion’s Arch.

Guild Wars 2 Escape From Lion's Arch Achievement Guide The Northern Gambit
Participate in the Gendarran Fields entrance event.

See “Breach from the Beach”.

Guild Wars 2 Escape From Lion's Arch Achievement Guide Cold Comfort
Participate in the Lornar’s Pass entrance event.

See “Breach from the Beach”.

Escort Missions

Guild Wars 2 Escape From Lion's Arch Achievement Guide Please Follow Me to the Exit
Complete all six Lion’s Arch escort events: Black Lion dolyaks, children, lawson Marriner, lighthouse workers, ogres and racing moas.

In total there are six escorts that you need to complete. Most are straight forward and you will have several chances to complete them. There are two however, the Moas and Lawson Marriner that appear at 40 minutes into the encounter. You have to make a choice between these two to decide which one you want to do first. The Moa is the one most people have difficulty with, but the Lawson escort can also be a slightly annoying.

Once you get to your escort location, you will need to damage enemies as you escort your group to their safety. If you happen to fall short of the damage while escorting, it’s possible you will not be rewarded with the check next to this achievement. This is less common with the general escorts as they’re longer, but the Moa and Lawson escorts are rather short and quick. If there’s a rather large group of players completing these escorts I suggest you use ranged weapons and try to stay at the front of the pack.

The following map will show you the escort paths and where they start. You don’t need to join the start of the escort, but it will give you more chance to project the group and earn those progress points towards this.


Guild Wars 2 Escape From Lion's Arch Achievement Guide All Bets Are Off
Make sure no racing moas die as you escort them out.

A lot of people will have difficulty with this if they’re part of a large “zerg” or group of players. More often than not the Moas will take off and you will need to scramble to keep up with them. Just keep in mind that you will need to damage foes on your way past. If you happen to reach the end of the escort and you don’t receive a bronze, silver or gold completion reward, you didn’t earn any progress towards this.

There are 7 Moas in total, so you will need to make sure all 7 reach their end destination. The map above will show you where they start and where they end.

Defend Events

Guild Wars 2 Escape From Lion's Arch Achievement Guide Triple Threat
Prevent the Aetherblade, the Toxic Alliance, and the Molten Alliance from open their miasma canisters in the same deployment cycle.

This is a little tricky, but it’s based off how well you play as group and split up into groups for the Miasma events which appear on the map as a crossed swords icon. Once the event starts, you will need to split up and take on one of these event locations. The smaller your group, the easier the enemies will be, so all piling into one location will result in a much tougher fight. You will also end up with a loss on the other two locations.

There are several Miasma cycles within the instance, so if you miss this once, there are at least two other times where you can attempt this. Once you reach the event site of choice, you will need to destroy the spawning enemies and run down the meter before the time runs out.

If you beat your group of enemies, and the other two groups haven’t, the timer will continue until they either succeed of fail their event. Once all three sites have been wiped clean of enemies and you stop the Miasma cycle, this will unlock. You only need to do this once in the instance, so if you make don’t kill the first cycle, there are others you can attempt this with.

Guild Wars 2 Escape From Lion's Arch Achievement Guide Fort Marriner Fighter
Succeed in every Fort Marriner defend event during an entire evacuation cycle.

During your fight for Lion’s Arch, there will be set defense points around the area. One in Fort Marriner, one at the Postern Ward and the third being the Traders Forum. There will be three instances where you need to rally together and fight off a group of enemies to deplete their forces. You will know when these appear as there will be a shield marker in each location.

There will be several events in each location, which I believe is 9 in each evacuation cycle. They appear every few minutes, and within the same location. You only need to take part in and win one event, but all other events that follow must also succeed. These events consist of you beating back the enemy and depleting their numbers. You will know if you’re in the right rally event as there will be a percentage of enemies left while fighting.

If you want to make sure that you earn credit for a single achievement tied to this, you can stay in the general area and fight every wave of enemy that comes up. If you’re feeling adventurous you can take part in all three events and earn all the achievements within a single run, as long as each event is successful.

Just keep in mind that if one of the events fails, you won’t earn credit for this.

Guild Wars 2 Escape From Lion's Arch Achievement Guide Postern Ward Protector
Succeed in every Postern Ward defend event during an entire evacuation cycle.

See “Fort Marriner Fighter”.

Guild Wars 2 Escape From Lion's Arch Achievement Guide Trader’s Forum Triumphant
Succeed in every Traders Forum defend event during an entire evacuation cycle.

See “Fort Marriner Fighter”.

Guild Wars 2 Escape From Lion's Arch Achievement Guide Triple Play
Make sure all three defend events succeed during an entire evacuation cycle.

This is something you don’t have to focus your whole time on, as it will unlock while you’re playing if the group within the city do well. Much like the description in “Fort Marriner Fighter”, but you do not need to play every single event. You basically just need to be apart of a group run where no rally events within the city. Seeing as there are roughly 27 in total, which all start at the same time, it’s impossible to be at every single event. But this will most likely unlock as you progress through the event.

This unlocked somewhere between the second and third attempt at this for me, without really being part of the rally events.


Guild Wars 2 Escape From Lion's Arch Achievement Guide Melted and Muted
Defeat the Champion Molten Berserker in Lion’s Arch.

There are three main bosses to this event, the Queen Wurm, the Aetherblade Elites and the Molten Berserker. These three events happen at similar times, so you will have to focus on one over another, but they’re basically the last big fight before the Miasma takes over and you have to leave Lion’s Arch through one of the exits, or die in your tracks while trying to escape.

These events are similar to the others where you have to inflict a certain amount of damage to have full credit, But the only one that seems to have any issue tracking are the Elite Aetherblades. The fights are very general, so just head to the desired location of either boss listed on the map below and claim your loot.


Guild Wars 2 Escape From Lion's Arch Achievement Guide Aetherblade Broken
Complete the Defeat the Elite Aetherblades event.

See “Melted and Muted”.

Guild Wars 2 Escape From Lion's Arch Achievement Guide Antitoxin
Kill the Champion Toxic Wurm Queen in Lion’s Arch

See “Melted and Muted”.


Guild Wars 2 Escape From Lion's Arch Achievement Guide Memories in Your Hand
Find lost personal items in the rubble of Lions Arch.

During your exploration of Lion’s Arch, and it’s remains. You will find there are hidden rubble piles all over the city. These piles contain heirlooms which can be traded, 250 required and 10 gold also to buy two types of potions. These potions will give you either horns or a halo, but you first need to find the rock piles. There’s around 40 piles in total in the city, most hidden, but they’re all fairly easy to find.

We’ve included a map to guide you to the locations of each rock pile. Some are hidden in little caves, or up high on buildings, bust almost all are accessible from the ground level. You can only collect up to 40 per daily reset, so 80 per day if you play in the morning, then after the general achievement resets later in the day.

You will need to collect 30 for the general reward of this achievement. But If you keep playing after you’ve completed your daily maximum, you will earn more through alliance bags at the end of the instance, or from enemies. This is a more random way of earning them, but they’re still accessible outside of finding the rock piles.