Festival of the Four Winds

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The Festival of Winds is only active for a set period of time, so be sure to check the list and visit both locations to get involved in the celebration events. These events have been brought back to also celebrate the launch of the game in China, so if you missed out on some of this stuff the first time, it's now possible to obtain items from previous living world events that you may have missed out on.

Table of Contents

  1. Festival of the Four Winds
  2. Boss Blitz
  3. Boss Blitz Kills
  4. Queen’s Gauntlet


Festival of the Four Winds

windtile Festival of the Four Winds
Complete achievements from this category.

As with all events, this will require you to complete a set amount of achievements to obtain the meta chest reward. You will need to complete 14 of the follow achievements, unless stated in the description.

Your reward for complete this achievement will be a Bounty of the Festival chest which contains 1,600 tokens and one favor of the festival.

windtile Welcoming Party
Complete the Official Greetings instance in Lion’s Arch.

After starting the game and reading your mail about this event. You will be directed to Lion’s Arch. After you’ve located the introduction area, listen to everything your friends and fellow champions have to say. Once the conversation is over this will unlock. Then you can process to the festivities.

windtile Aspect Assassin
Defeat 30 opponents in Aspect Arena.

Aspect Arena can be found at the very top of the cliffs. It’s marked on the map with a crossed flags logo, or you can access it via the cliff waypoint. Once you enter the event, you just have to use your abilities to kill other players. This sound quite hard as it’s  PVP style capture the objective arena.

This will come from just playing the mode, but it appears that assists may also count towards this. So join in with your companions if you see them in battle.

windtile Aspect Arena Regular
Participate in 12 rounds.

For this all you have to do is take part in 12 rounds of Aspect Arena. You don’t have to win, but you do need to be there for a full game, so try not to quit out early if you can help it.

Note: Does not contribute to complete the meta-achievement.

windtile Aspect Victor
Win 3 Aspect Arena matches.

This will come over time, but just take part in the Aspect Arena and you will win three games at some point. Just keep playing until this unlocks.

windtile Ready, Willing, And Able
Participate in 5 crystal collection or Flying Dolyak race events in the Labyrinthine Cliffs.

While exploring the Labyrinthine Cliffs, you will notice there are several events going on. Two of these events are the Flying Dolyaks which starts at the bottom of the cliff near the waterfall, and the crystal collection which starts mid way up. These two events rotate every half an hour. You will need to complete in 5 events across these two event types. The rewards are quite high if you manage to reach the gold reward level. So if you see the event happening, take part and earn yourself some tokens.

windtile Sky Crystal Seeker
Locate 40 sky Crystals in the Labyrinthine Cliffs.

Throughout the Cliffs, you will find various sky crystals, they server little purpse, but if you want these two achievements, you will have to find 40 standard crystals, and 10 master crystals. The locations of the crystals are fairly obvious as they’re not really hidden, there’s also more than 40 standards.

If you’re up for a challenge, you can also try and seek out all 10 master crystal which are hidden in rather obscure and hard to reach places. These master crystals also do not count towards “Sky Crystal Seeker”.

The following map pinpoints all the various crystal locations, just make sure you look high and low as you may find ones that are not listed on the map.


windtile Sky Crystal Master
Locate 10 master sky crystals in the Labyrinthine Cliffs.

See “Sky Crystal Seeker” for more information.

windtile Crate Consumer
Open 10 Zephyr Sanctum Supply Boxes in the Labyrinthine Cliffs.

Once you arrive at the Zephyr Sanctum, you will find yourself either at the top or the bottom of the cliffs. If you’re at the top, you need to make your way down to the boat and traders at the bottom of the cliffs. To obtain the supply boxes required for this you will need to trade various different materials. Exchange your required materials and buy 10 of these supply boxes, open them and this will unlock. If you happen to not have any of the required materials, you can use the trading post on the boat next to the traders.

windtile Dedicated Sprinter
Complete the Sanctum Sprint activity 10 times.

Sanctum Sprint can be found next to the Aspect Arena at the top of the Cliffs. Take part in one event and this will unlock. You do need to play from the beginning and reach the end for this to unlock. This will also reset and show as an empty tile once completed. This may be a bug, but you will still get credit for it on the screen, as well as the rewards.

Boss Blitz

windtile Boss Blitz
Complete 10 Boss Blitz meta-events in the Crown Pavilion.

Boss Blitz takes place in the Crown Pavilion in Divinity’s Reach. You can access to Pavilion from the eastern waypoint in the city. Once inside, you will find yourself in the center of the Pavilion, with the gauntlets above on a suspended platform. To take part in Boss Blitz there will need to be a total of 10 gold donated to the heal-o-tron in the middle of the arena, or you can wait for the donations to fill over time.

Once the event starts, you just need to take part in 10 boss battles with a win. This is fairly simple, though if you’re going for gold chests you will need to a well coordinated team of around 10 people per boss. You will then need to time your take downs so you can walk away with a hansom victory.

You can see all the boss locations and enemy types on the map below:


windtile Boss Blitz: Beat Boom-Boom
Defeat Boom-Boom Baines during a Boss Blitz event in the Crown Pavilion.

At first boss seems quite hard, but it’s not the hardest of the bunch. This fight consist mainly of AoE explosives, and a healing turret. You should all focus on Boom-Boom, but you need to split up and attack the turret and have at least 1 condition player if possible attacking her while the rest deal with the turret.

windtile Boss Blitz: Slay Shurakk
Defeat Shurakk the Savage during a Boss Blitz event in the Crown Pavilion.

Once you enter the area, make your way to the middle. This fight can be a little taxing as Shurakk has a flock of birds protecting him most of the time. To get the birds off him, you need to pickup bird seed and throw it at the wall either behind or next to him. From here, your team should just cut him down when he’s not covered. This can be a little irritating, but the boss fight is quite straightforward.

windtile Boss Blitz: Wallop Wiggin
Defeat Wiggin the Wicked during a Boss Blitz event in the Crown Pavilion

Wiggin surrounds himself with pirates most of the time, and his most of his attacks consist of AoE bombs. All these attacks are easy to avoid, though there is one attack where it’s just a random pattern. So dodging in and out of the attacks required a little luck sometimes. He’s not protected at any point, just watch out for his general attacks.

windtile Boss Blitz: Slaughter Sparcus
Defeat Sparcus Firesplash during a Boss Blitz event in the Crown Pavilion.

This fight can be a little tedious at times due to the nature of the battle. You’re running around in a volcanic area, so watch your step. Stick to the small stones if at all possible as Sparcus won’t spawn to them. This boss teleports around the map while you’re fighting him. He will also throw up a shield which deflects any projectiles so avoid attacking him when this is up.

When he decides to move to another platform he will jump there in a swirly fire-cone. If you’re hit with this is pretty much game over and you will need to waypoint back to the central area and run back. The other attack you need to watch out for is the firewall. At all costs, do not jump through this wall as it will kill you.

windtile Boss Blitz: Kill Kuraii
Defeat kurii the Cruel during a Boss Blitz event in the Crown Pavilion.

Kurii takes form as a centaur. You will need to chase this boss down several times, but doing so you will also need to evade the stampeding centaurs around the area. This also goes for the fight it’s self, at various random times you can be trampled, so watch out for the herd roaming around.

Kurii’s attack is fairly straight forward, two AoE attacks, one is an area attack, the other is a forward attack. Stay behind him at all costs to avoid most of these attacks and dodge when needed.

windtile Boss Blitz: Put Out Pyroxis
Defeat Pyroxis during a Boss Blitz event in the Crown Pavilion.

Pyroxis may be one of the more challenging due to fire resistance being quite low for some players. This boss’s attacks are simple, but very powerful. Every so often Pyro will spit out fireballs and charge at you. The best most effective routine to killing this boss is to use reflects if you have them, or if you team has them. This will then effectively cause Pyro to kill its elves instead of you having to dye a lot or suffer from first degree burns.

Boss Blitz Kills


windtile Centaur Culler
Kill 50 centaurs in the Crown Pavilion

The following achievements are broken up into three tiers. You will need to kill 5, 25 and 50 of each enemy type in the six zones around the pavilion. This will come with natural progression while fighting the six bosses, and they don’t all have to be done in one go, but if there happens to be a zerg bouncing around the areas, you may want to join in to reduce the amount of time it takes to kill the veteran enemies.

You can use the following map above to find out where the different enemy types are, as well as their related boss blitz for the above achievements.

windtile Flame Legion Finisher
Kill 50 Legionnaires in the Crown Pavilion.

See “Centaur Culler” for further information.

windtile Bandits’ Bane
Kill 50 bandits in the Crown Pavilion.

See “Centaur Culler” for further information.

windtile Destroyer Destroyer
Kill 50 destroyers in the Crown Pavilion.

See “Centaur Culler” for further information.

windtile Ogre Obilterator
Kill 50 ogres in the Crown Pavilion.

See “Centaur Culler” for further information.

windtile Pirate Purger
Kill 50 pirates in the Crown Pavilion.

See “Centaur Culler” for further information.


Queen’s Gauntlet

windtile Gauntlet Contender
Defeat 12 Queens’s Gauntlet bosses in the Crown Pavilion during the Festival of the Four Winds

Once you reach the Crown Pavilion in Divinity’s Reach, head to the Crown Pavilion waypoint on the east side of the city. Once there, head inside the Pavilion, then look for ramps that lead to an upper floor. Here you will find small arenas suspended above the map which you can fight the various bosses in.

You can fight the same boss over and over if you’re having difficulty progressing with this, so don’t fret.  The higher your tier of boss, the harder they get. So if you want to go easy on yourself, pick the first or second boss in tier one for easy kills.

windtile Gauntlet Favorite
Defeat 12 Queen’s Gauntlet boss in the Crown Pavilion during the Festival of Four Winds with at least one gambit active.

Gambits are unlocked every time you beat a boss, so after defeating the first one, you will unlock the first gambit. You will need to talk with the Master of Gambits NPC which deals with gambit additions. A gambit is basically a handicap that makes your fights tougher. You can stack them to make your fights even more intense, though for this particular achievement you only need to use one gambit against one boss. Once you walk away from the fight with a victory this will unlock.

You will need to beat 12 bosses with one gambit enabled, don’t fret though as if you’re more comfortable with one boss than another, then you can just keep replaying the same boss over and over to earn this.

The current combination I find to be the most manageable will be set on fire, while going up against Doobroosh as he’s slow and easy to avoid. If you pick this gambit you will be on fire, so you need to manage your health while running around, so make sure you don’t look neglect to heal every so often.

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