Halloween Festival

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Unlike our previous guides, for 2016 we're taking a different approach to Halloween. We've decided merging all the guides into one easy to reference location makes more sense. Everything you need to know about Halloween will be covered here in the future.

Updated 2016.

Table of Contents

  1. Blood and Madness
  2. Mad King’s Labyrinth
  3. Lion’s Arch Events
  4. Misc
  5. Daily Achievements
  6. Halloween Collection

 Shadow of the Mad King, GW2 Guild Wars 2 Halloween Achievement GuideA Sweet Friend
Complete Halloween achievements.

This achievement has the same name and requirements for Blood and Madness and Shadow of the Mad king. You will need to complete the list of achievements tied to either of the current festivals.

Current requirements:

  • Blood and Madness [12 achievements]
  • Shadow of the Mad King [8 achievements]

Blood and Madness

Blood and Madness is slightly different to Shadow of the Mad King. It contains a lot of the same events, but there is also a small story quest tied to Blood and Madness.

Blood and MadnessYou, Back in the Box
Help Tassi re-seal the reliquary. Side effects might include stickiness.

Once you’re alerted of Tassi through your mail. Head to the Black Citadel and locate her. You will need to complete the first event where you head into a crypt. The reliquary is hidden in the mountain side. Follow the markers and progress the quest as prompted.

Blood and Madness Containment
You stood by Tassi’s side as she tried to contain the reliquary.

Continuing on from “You, Back in the Box”, you will find you need to obtain a Candy Corn Elemental. There are two ways to go about this, buy candy corn from the trading post, or take part in the events until you have enough candy corn to convert into a cob. You will need 1,000 candy corn to make a single cob.

Once you have the Candy Corn Elemental, you need to return to the reliquary and help defeat the Bloody Prince. Keep in mind that you can perform “Upset Stomach” during this fight.

Blood and Madness Upset Stomach
Give the Bloody Prince and disgusting welcome during the final battle.

Before you can attempt this, you will first need to obtain the Candy Corn Elemental. Once obtained (detailed in “Containment”) head back to Tassi in the Black Citadel to progress the story.

To attempt this, you will need to make sure you have access to a stack of candy corn in your inventory. Keep your inventory open, and stand next to the Blood Prince when he starts the fight. From here, use candy corn until you throw up. You need to be close to the prince, so your vomit hits him.

This is easy to miss, due to the vague nature of the achievement description.

Blood and Madness Beaten Bloody
Put the Bloody Prince in the reliquary in under a minute.

Fairly simple with a group of players. Head into the story instance with at least one player in your party who has access to the Candy Corn Elemental. Open the instance, and then kill the Bloody Prince in under a minute. If you bring high DPS builds, this shouldn’t be a problem. And a full party should be able to take him out with little to no effort.

Fighting the Prince

During this fight you will need to stand on the Candy Corn goo that Tassi fires out randomly onto the floor. This is the only way to damage the Prince, so make sure you’re standing on it at all times. Also make sure if you’re doing this with a party to also have them stand on the candy goo also.

Throughout the fight the Prince will spawn mobs when you lower his health by 25% each time. You will want to kill these mobs as quickly as possible. If you lower the Prince’s health too much before he vanishes it’s possible for him to spawn multiple groups of mobs at once. Just kill these as soon as they spawn to make the Prince re-appear.

This isn’t overly difficult, but having extra players means you can apply further damage pressure in a shorter period of time.

The Mad King’s Labyrinth

Shadow of the Mad King, GW2 Guild Wars 2 Halloween Achievement Guide Bonebreaker
Defeat the Labyrinthine Horror in Mad King’s Labyrinth.

Once you enter the Labyrinth, head to the eastern side where you find a door spawn. This is the most common place that I’ve seen this enemy spawn, but it doesn’t always appear in the same location. This area just below the waypoint is where you will find the Labyrinthine Horror. The horror is basically just chainsaw the skeleton running around randomly attacking people.

He’s easy enough to kill with a small group, so make sure you’re in a populated map before attempting to kill him. He has a few attacks, but they’re easy enough to avoid due to their large telegraphs.

Shadow of the Mad King, GW2 Guild Wars 2 Halloween Achievement Guide Candy Corn Crusher
Defeat the Grand High Viscount of Candy Corn in Mad King’s Labyrinth.

You can find the Grand High Viscount of Candy Corn in the north west corner of the Labyrinth. He spawns from one of the two doors in this area. There’s not much to this enemy, he will stand in place and hit players closest to him.

He will spread a candy corn goo on the ground which you should stand on. Doing so will give you a protection buff which prevents you from being knocked down. You need to be careful however as exceeding 10 stacks will cause you to be knocked down. You should get off the candy corn goo before this happens.

Having the candy coated protection will stop the elemental from damaging you and knocking you down. Reflect and projectile destroying skills are also very useful in this fight.

Shadow of the Mad King, GW2 Guild Wars 2 Halloween Achievement Guide Death to the Undying
Defeat the Skeletal Lich in Mad King’s Labyrinth.

The Skeletal Lich is another boss like enemy you will find in the Labyrinth, unlike the others, you will need a decent sized group of players with a lot of damage. Also unlike the other random boss enemies, this one is of Legendary status, so he’s much harder to kill. He will spawn large groups of minions and fear your group.

The best technique to kill this monster is to have your group stack on him and burn him into the ground as quick as possible. He will spawn skeleton minions which should be killed as quickly as possible. Avoiding the Grasping Hands attack will reduce the amount of skeletons that spawn. Boon removal and corrupts are also very useful against this boss. The more minions this boss has, the more retaliation he will gain. He will also heal off of his minions.

You will find the Lich in the south east part of the Labyrinth.

Shadow of the Mad King, GW2 Guild Wars 2 Halloween Achievement Guide Shut the Doors
Complete 50 door events in the Mad King’s Labyrinth.

Once you enter the Labyrinth you will see door markers on the map. These doors spawn waves of enemies which you must kill to close the door. You will need to close 25 doors for this to unlock. The most straight forward way to go about doing this is to join a commander populated map and follow them around the labyrinth killing everything that moves.

Lion’s Arch Events

Shadow of the Mad King, GW2 Guild Wars 2 Halloween Achievement Guide New Afterlife for Quaggan
Donate enough pieces of candy corn to give Drooburt a new start.

Drooburt can be found by the mystic forge, he’s hanging around near several vendors. You will need to give him 1,000 candy corn, and in return you gain a small gesture and this achievement.

Shadow of the Mad King, GW2 Guild Wars 2 Halloween Achievement Guide A Royal Tradition
Complete a round of Mad King says.

Mad King says is a mini event take takes place in the Grand Piazza every 2 hours from server reset. You will need to follow the king around and type the /emote requested by the king. Keep in mind that the request needs to start with Mad King says… “Emote Name”. If he doesn’t use the term says, then you will fall down and miss some credit towards your reward.

During this event you will earn “Mad Kings Favor”,  you will earn 1 key fragment for every 4 stacks of favor you have. So you want to aim for 12 stacks to obtain the full daily requirement of 3 fragments. The king will teleport around the area and ask you to perform 15 different commands.

The Mad King will ask you to perform one of the following emotes with each “Mad King says”:

  • /beckon
  • /bow
  • /cheer
  • /cower
  • /dance
  • /kneel
  • /laugh
  • /no
  • /point
  • /ponder
  • /salute
  • /shrug
  • /sit
  • /sleep
  • /surprised
  • /threaten
  • /wave
  • /yes

Shadow of the Mad King, GW2 Guild Wars 2 Halloween Achievement Guide Lunatic Inquisition Regular
Participate in 8 rounds.

You can access the Lunatic Inquisition from the Traders Forum in Lion’s Arch. Once there, talk to the event organizer Rasmus so you can enter the arena. You will find yourself in the labyrinth with other players. This is a PVP game mode where you need to survive, or hunt any survivors when you’re caught. This mode does take a little patience to learn, and can be quite frustrating. Participation is all that is required for this achievement, you do not need to win. Just take part in 8 rounds and you will fill the requirements.

Note: This event doesn’t return every year.


Shadow of the Mad King, GW2 Guild Wars 2 Halloween Achievement Guide Something Good to Eat
Open 50 Trick or Treat bags.

You will earn Trick or Treat bags from just about everything you do related to Halloween. You just need to open 50 bags. This can be earned, or bought from the trading post.

Shadow of the Mad King, GW2 Guild Wars 2 Halloween Achievement Guide A Stomping Good Time
Use 20 Scarecrow or Mad King stomps against players in PvP or WvW.

While opening Trick or Treat bags you will earn temporary finishers which you can add to your PVP finisher tab. You can also buy these finishers off the gemstore.

Once obtained, make sure you have your finishers active and head into any PVP/WVW game mode. From here, just down and finish 20 players. As long as you have one of these finishers active you will unlock the achievement after stomping 20 players.

This may take some time, but there are normally custom lobbies setup in PVP to assist with this achievement. You can also earn this while playing “Lunatic Inquisition” if it is part of the festivities.

Note: If you have access to a guild hall with the arena, you can use it to earn progression towards this achievement.

Shadow of the Mad King, GW2 Guild Wars 2 Halloween Achievement Guide Pumpkin Carving
Find 150 pumpkins all around Tyria and carve them.

Pumpkins can be found all over Tyria, but most commonly in Lion’s Arch and the Mad Kings Labyrinth. You will need to locate and interact with 150 pumpkins. Pumpkins respawn on an hourly timer. If you want to speed this process up, you can interact with the same pumpkins on different characters as they are not bound to your account, much like many harvesting nodes.

The labyrinth makes this task fairly easy as most player spend most of their time in this instance. You can also find pumpkins scattered across Tyria, and through Lion’s Arch.

The map below details all of their locations:

GW2 Guild Wars 2 Halloween Achievement Guide Mad Kings Labyrinth Pumpkins

Daily Achievements

These daily achievements stack on top of the usual daily achievements. Their requirements are quite low, so completing them won’t take very long. Most are pretty obvious, and you only need to complete five of the following achievements for the daily. These achievements do however count towards the meta Halloween achievement under the festival tab.

Shadow of the Mad King, GW2 Guild Wars 2 Halloween Achievement Guide Shut and Locked
Complete 5 door events.

Door events show up in the Labyrinth only, locate and complete 5 doors.

Shadow of the Mad King, GW2 Guild Wars 2 Halloween Achievement Guide Halloween Costume Brawl Champion
Win 1 costume brawl during Halloween.

There are many ways to take part in costume brawl during the event. Use any of the various random items that transform you, or climb to the top of the mystic forge where you can transform yourself by jumping into the giant caldron.

Shadow of the Mad King, GW2 Guild Wars 2 Halloween Achievement Guide Grim Reaper of Grunts
Defeat 40 Halloween minions.

Minion’s are plentiful in the Labyrinth, take part in your daily farming and you will complete this quickly.

Shadow of the Mad King, GW2 Guild Wars 2 Halloween Achievement Guide Pumpkin Hacker
Carve 5 pumpkins.

Pumpkins can be found all over the place, though there’s plenty in Lion’s Arch and the Labyrinth. You can use our maps above to find their locations.

Shadow of the Mad King, GW2 Guild Wars 2 Halloween Achievement Guide Trick-or-Treater
Open 10 Trick-or-Treat bags.

You will earn bags from just about everything you do related to this holiday. Open 10, and this will unlock. You can also buy them from the trading post.

Shadow of the Mad King, GW2 Guild Wars 2 Halloween Achievement Guide Candy Carver
Eat 50 pieces of candy corn.

This is something you can do at any point. You may want to save candy corn as it is in important currency for this festival. However, to earn this achievement you will need to consume 50 pieces. You can obtain them through opening free Trick or Treat bags from the events, or buy them from the trading post.

Shadow of the Mad King, GW2 Guild Wars 2 Halloween Achievement Guide Jumping Mad
Complete the Mad King’s Clock Tower jumping puzzle.

As you’d expect, all you have to do is complete the jumping puzzle. This puzzle will test your patience and skill. You only need to complete this once for the daily, just keep in mind that a lot of practice is needed to become proficient at this.

Halloween Collection

hal-col-title Tricks or Treats
Collect and use 19 traditional Tyrian Halloween tricks and treats.

Before you can start this collection you will need to obtain a pillow case. These are a random drop from the Trick-or-Treat bags. Once you have the Pillow Case, activate it to unlock the collection.

Most of the following items can be bought from the trading post, making this an little easier. Some of these items however or account bound, so you will need to open some Trick or Treat bags to obtain them. This collection will reward you with a new mini called the Candy Corn Ghoulamental.

  1. (1) Rotten Egg
  2. (1) Toilet Paper
  3. (1) Candied Apple
  4. (1) Bowl of Candy Corn Custard
  5. (1) Candy Corn Cake
  6. (1) Strawberry Ghost
  7. (1) Candy Corn Cookie
  8. (1) Piece of Candy Corn Almond Brittle
  9. (1) Glazed Pear Tart
  10. (1) Glazed Pumpkin Pie
  11. (1) Glazed Chocolate Raspberry Cookie
  12. (1) Glazed Peach Tart
  13. (1) Omnomberry Ghost
  14. (1) Spicy Pumpkin Cookie
  15. (1) Bottle of Batwing Brew
  16. (1) Lump of Crystallized Nougat
  17. (1) Vial of Maize Balm
  18. (1) Sharpening Skull
  19. (1) Flask of Pumpkin Oil

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