Lion’s Arch Reborn

Author Notes

These achievements can be found under the Explorer tab. There isn't a dedicated section to the re-building on Lion's Arch.

Guild Wars 2 Lion's Arch Reborn Achievement Guide Glutton for Guidance
Take in the employment pamphlet dispensed by Hero-Tron in Lion’s Arch.

Once you enter Lion’s Arch, you will find Hero-Tron hanging out next to the Crow’s Nest Tavern just south of Commodre’s Quarter.

You can see his location marked on the map below in Lion’s “Arch Exterminator”.

Guild Wars 2 Lion's Arch Reborn Achievement Guide Lion’s Arch Exterminator
Find Tural Sharptooth in Commodore’s Quarter, and use one of his special rifles to deal with the karka hatchling infestation.

Before you can start the hunt you need to talk to Tural Sharptooth. This NPC is standing next to the collection vendor in Commodore’s Quarter. This NPC will give you a rifle to exterminate the Karka Hatchings.

To find the hatchings you need to head to each location and listen for their chattering sounds. If you can’t hear anything, then you’re probably in the wrong location.

The map below details all the locations needed for the achievement. Use this map in conjunction with the achievement descriptions to find each location.

Lion’s Shadow Bed and Breakfast

Head to Eastern Ward Waypoint and you will find the Lion’s Shadow Bed and Breakfast. Inside there are three Hatchings needed for the achievement. However, you can only enter this building at night and with a password. Interact with the door and select the dialog “The password is “the password.”.


Guild Wars 2 Lion's Arch Reborn Achievement GuideTroll’s Revenge
Complete the jumping puzzle.

The start of this jumping puzzle can be found at Captainn Theo’ Ashford Memorial Bridge. Look on the eastern side of the bridge to find a small wooden platform. The puzzle is quite complex, but fairly straight forward with masteries.