Point of No Return

Author Notes

Most of this episode is easy enough to complete within a short amount of time, though the boss fight at the end may require you to replay in order to earn everything. There's a lot going on and it's easy to make a mistake. If you happen to miss the requirements, or need to start over. There's a challenge mote after after the fight which will allow you to restart and try again.

Table of Contents

  1. Arcana Obscura
  2. Pact Assaulted
  3. The Mystery Cave

Guild Wars 2 Point of No Return Achievement Guide Point of No Return Episode
Complete the Point of No Return episode.

This will unlock once you complete the story segment of the episode. Once completed this will unlock the 9 other achievements tied to this episode.

Guild Wars 2 Point of No Return Achievement Guide Point of No Return Mastery
Complete all 8 point Point of No Return achievements.

This will be the last reward for the episode once you complete all the other eight achievements. Just progress at your own pace and this will unlock once you finish all the related achievements.

 Arcana Obscura

Guild Wars 2 Point of No Return Achievement Guide It’s All About Timing
Complete the three trials for the torch of divine fire in eight minutes or less.

This is fairly straight forward, you just need to complete the instance within the time limit. The timer will only start once you get to the first trial, so high damage works well. If you’re having a hard time with this, invite some friends or bring a party.

Guild Wars 2 Point of No Return Achievement Guide No Culinary Application
Complete entire Arcana Obscura instance while under the effects of Bloodstone Pot Pie, available from Sous-Chef Seimur Oxbone.

Before entering the hidden arches, talk to Oxbone a second time before entering the fire. He will give you a pot pie required for this instance. It will reduce how much health you restore, so dying may become a possibility. If you want to make this easier, bring a party with you and complete “It’s All About Timing” at the same time.

Guild Wars 2 Point of No Return Achievement Guide Distorted Reflection
Use the torch of divine fire to defeat your doppelganger from the old mirror in the Durmand Priory special collections.

After you’ve completed the trials and collected the divine fire, head back down to the special collection. Before finishing up and quitting, walk over to the mirror and interact with it using the divine fire.

This will spawn a doppelganger which you need to kill. If you’re playing with other people, they will also unlock the achievement if they haven’t done so already.

 Pact Assaulted

Guild Wars 2 Point of No Return Achievement Guide Weed Killer
Without dying, defeat four Mordrem lobbers before the south gate of Camp Resolve is breached.

As soon as you reach the south gate, head outside and kill the four Mordrem Lobbers. These enemies have a lot of health, but they’re easy to kill. It also seems that the large group of enemies won’t bother you too much. Just keep moving and focus on one target at a time.

Once all four are dead, head back inside and continue the progression until the gate falls. More lobbers may spawn, but they do not count towards this.

Guild Wars 2 Point of No Return Achievement Guide Lobber Dodger
Complete the story instance without dying or being hit by Mordrem lobber attacks.

You are attacked by a large amount of Mordrem which hit hard. It is possible to do this solo, just take your time and draw out your enemies as you protect the gates. Try to keep your distance from Trolls and avoid all AoE.

You need to be careful, and avoid the Moredrem Lobber attacks at all costs. Staying alive is fairly straight forward, just take your time.

If you’re having difficulty with this, forming a party make help. Just keep in mind the more people you have in the party, the more enemies you will have to deal with.

 The Mystery Cave

Guild Wars 2 Point of No Return Achievement Guide Rock Dodger
Defeat the cave enemy while avoiding all rocks, thrown or otherwise.

Out of the following three achievements, this one may cause you the most difficulty. There is a lot going on with this fight, and avoiding all attacks can be a little tricky. One attack to keep in mins is the rock strips that fill the area. This attack has no AoE markers, just an animation of disturbed dust.

If you’re far away from this attack, you will see it coming. However, it may spawn under where you’re standing. If this happens, you will need to dodge quickly and hope it doesn’t hit you.

Phase 1

Out of all the two phases, this is the easiest to avoid the attacks. The boss will throw rocks at you, in-between the disturbed rocks in the ground rolling through the area. You still need to take care while dealing with the divine flame, as there are still a lot of hazards.

Phase 2

This phase is a little different as after your first phase is over, the boss will climb up the wall and throw rocks down while you’re attacking the tendrils. The boss will do this twice, so you need to dodge and avoid lots of smaller AoE markers on the ground. This can be frustrating as this will be the one area you may lose your progress.

Note: I highly recommend that you bring a party with you for this as it will ease the stress of making mistakes and getting caught. You should have someone else start the instance so the boss doesn’t target you the time. Avoiding the bombs, rocks, and the dragon AoE all at once can be quite frustrating.

This event doesn’t scale, so having a full party makes little to no difference to the fight, though it does make it easier. Just make sure you know where your party members are as they will more often than not get you killed if they’re triggering the bombs.

Guild Wars 2 Point of No Return Achievement Guide Shrubsplosives
Defeat the cave enemy and detonate every bomb plant without taking bomb damage. Timed out bomb plants negate achievement eligibility.

At first this may seem almost impossible, but during the first and second segment of this fight you will have various bomb plants which spawn in the area. To detonate these without dying, you need to run through the middle of each group.

This may not seem obvious at first, but there are four groups of bombs which with two each. If they’re extremely close together, don’t run through them as you only need to run clockwise, or counter-clockwise around the area to detonate them all.

If you’re not sure where the middle portion of these bombs are, look down at the ground and you will see several small vines coming from each bomb. Where they meet in the middle is around the area you want to run.

Guild Wars 2 Point of No Return Achievement Guide Smotherer Smiter
Defeat the cave enemy without divine flames getting smothered.

During the fight you will need to light a circle of divine fire. During the fight your allies will throw the flame into the center of the area, avoid all the bombs and collect the flame buff. From here, light the various marked areas on the outside of the arena.

You will need to repeat this in phase 1 and phase 2 of the fight, though during phase two there will be shadows that spawn to smother the flames. If you’re doing this solo it’s highly possible you may find that the flames are put out faster than you can light them.

The smothering shadows will spawn in the middle, so kill them quickly as they have low health pools. You need the divine fire buff to kill them, if you don’t have it, you won’t be able to inflict damage to them.

Note: A full party will make this easier as it will speed up the process while killing the spirits, and lighting the flames.