The Queen’s Gauntlet

Author Notes

This is a returning event from last years Queen's Gauntlet. There's been some changes since the last event, with some alterations to make the event better. Even though there's been alternations to the event, the arenas are still frustrating if you're too close to the edge as the camera will zoom in or flip around and mess up your view. You also need to obtain tickets to enter. You can buy tickets from the vendors in the Crown Pavilion, or complete boss blitz events and earn them through random drops. Some builds are better for this than others, but as everyone's build is different it takes some patience and alternations to find the perfect build to run this event. Condition and Power builds are very popular, but it depends on your play style and class.

Table of Contents

  1. First 1
  2. Second 2
  3. Third 3
  4. Boss Related
  5. Gambits

gw2gaunttile Queen’s Gauntlet Champion
Complete 11 of the Queen’s Gauntlet achievements.

This is the usual meta achievement which required you to complete 11 of the following 18 achievements. “Lights Out” doesn’t count towards this, but all the other achievements do.

First 1

gw2gaunttile Light Snuffer
Complete the first tier of the Queen’s Gauntlet.

This will unlock once you beat the following boss fights at the Queen’s Gauntlet above The Crown Pavilion:

  • Halmi Hammerfell
  • Doobroosh
  • Windcaller Kieldia
  • Suriel the Blazing Light

Second 2

gw2gaunttile Pirate Punisher
Complete the second tier of the Queen’s Gauntlet.

This will unlock once you beat the following boss fights at the Queen’s Gauntlet above The Crown Pavilion:

  • Tyre Ragemaw
  • Masticus
  • Salazan
  • Crew of the Ravenous

Third 3

gw2gaunttile Darkness Iluminator
Complete the third tier of the Queen’s Gauntlet

This will unlock once you beat the following boss fights at the Queen’s Gauntlet above The Crown Pavilion:

  • Subject 7
  • DeadeyeDunwell
  • Strugar and Chomper
  • Liadri the Concealing Darkness

Reward: Mini Liadri the Concealing Dark

Boss Related

gw2gaunttile Savage Brute
Defeat Masticus with max stacks of Bloodlust active.

Masticus is the second boss in tier 2. To earn this achievement you will need to collect the various bloodlust orbs around the arena. Once you collect 25 stacks of bloodlust, you will down Masticus extremely quickly. This fight is fairly straight forward, just make sure you have some swiftness behind you if you don’t want to get mauled while running for the orbs.

gw2gaunttile Blobs, Schmobs
Defeat Subject 7 without killing any oozes.

Subject 7 is the first boss in tier 3. This found sounds kind of complex as Subject 7 will spawn smaller blobs to do the dirty work, but right from the get go, target Subject 7 and avoid using all AoE attacks. Use a weapon that does single attacks that won’t damage other foes. You can use minions or pets, but if you’re inexperienced I suggest not using them just in case you happen to cause them to target another enemy.

gw2gaunttile Doobroosh Tranquilizer
Defeat Doobroosh after he gains max stack of Hormonal Imbalance.

Once you start attacking Doobroosh he will start to grow. For this achievement you will need to push him up to 10 stacks Hormonal Imbalance. At this state he can kill you in one hit, So be careful. This shouldn’t be a problem for ranged players as all you have to do is kite him around the arena shooting at him. Using pets and minions also helps bring him down quickly.

This shouldn’t be too difficult for most players as he will hit his 10 stacks of Hormonal Imbalance very quickly, you just need to keep hitting him.

gw2gaunttile Candle in the Wind
Defeat Windcaller Kieldia with On Fire gambit active.

Before you attempt this, you will first need to unlock the fight with Windcaller Kieldia. After you can select to fight her from the fight master, you can activate the On Fire gambit, She’s fairly straight forward, but her major attacks are the tornadoes that appear around the arena.

gw2gaunttile Blood Sport Connoisseur
Unlocked six gambits and defeated Salazan.

In total there are six gambits which you can unlock. The sixth will unlock after defeating Salazan. The Salazan fight is fairly straightforward, just avoid any AoE attacks on the ground and stay within the fire ring. From here, you can use DPS to kill Salazan fairly quickly.

gw2gaunttile Meatless Murderer
Defeat Strugar and Chomper while denying Chomper and delicious meat.

During this fight Strugar will throw down meat for Chomper. You will want to make sure Chomper doesn’t manage to get to the meat as he will gain and increase of 200% rage and speed. This can be easier with some builds than others, but having some sort of swiftness helps a lot. You will need to keep a close eye on Strugar as you will need to see when he throws out meat. With this new version of the Queen’s Gauntlet, you can no longer use crowd control on Chomper, so fearing him away from the meat is no longer possible.

You will need to be quick, I suggest using some sort of bleed, swiftness and might combo to tear down Chompers health fast. As long as you get to the meat first you will also gain the buffs chomper would normally gain from eating it. My personal build is a Necromancer so full condition builds work quite well in this fight, but power can also dominate. This may take patience, but it’s not impossible, just keep trying.

One other thing to keep in mind, it’s possible to fail picking up the meat if Strugar pulls you towards him, so stability can be quite useful, as well as evading this attack.

gw2gaunttile Lights Out
Defeated Liadri the Concealing Dark

This fight unlike all the others has two phases. The first phase will require you to throw three orbs of blazing light at her. These are gained by luring her shadowy forms into the white portals on the ground. Once you obtain an orb, throw it at Liadri. This is a little easier said than done, but with a little practice you should be able to do this without any issues through trial and error.

While doing all this you will also need to avoid her AoE ground attacks, these are simple enough to evade, but if you happen to dodge and use up your stamina, you could find yourself in a whole world of hurt. You will also need to stay away from the shadow forms of Liadri as if they touch you they will kill you instantly.

At various points in the fight you will also see a small orb on one side of the arena, this is a cosmic rift. These orbs will pull you to their location with a rather large pull radius. They’re easy to kill, but if not taken down quickly, it’s possible that they may pull you into the AoE attack area causing instant death. These orbs are present throughout the whole fight, so keep a look out for them to avoid any extra headaches.

During phase two of this fight, you will need to beat down Liadri while evading a slightly altered AoE attack happens. This fight does get harder, but it does follow the same pattern every time. During the second phase you also have to avoid the shadow forms, so during this fight I highly recommend that your target the real Liadri so you know which one to attack for victory.

Liadri is the final boss of tier 3, so you can expect a rather harsh fight. Some builds are better for this than others, but the most commonly suggested are high power builds.

Rewards: The Blazing Light title

Note: This does not count towards The Queen’s Gauntlet meta achievement.

gw2gaunttile Light Up the Darkness
Defeat Liadri the Concealing Dark after striking her with eight orbs of blazing light.

See “Lights Out” for a full description of the fight on how to defeat Liadri. During the fight you will need to obtain three orbs of blazing light to reduce the three stacks of invulnerability from Liadri so you can attack her. If you want to take this fight to the next level, you can attempt this achievement which uses the same method of luring her shadowing forms into the white portals. From here, you will need to throw eight orbs of blazing light at Liadri, then kill her.

This is extremely tedious and quite frustrating, but if you’re a veteran player of this fight, then you know what to do and should have a plan of attack to earn this.


gw2gaunttile Blood Sport Enthusiast
Unlocked one gambit.

As you progress through the fight you will unlock gambits as you defeat various bosses on your way to tier 3. During tier 3 of the fight you will have all gambits unlocked to use at your disposal. Gambits basically add a handicap to your player. Basically making the fight harder.

There are several achievements tied to these gambits, but you can unlock every single one within just one fight. This may be a challenge for some, where as it will be easier for others. The gambits are as follows:

  • Crowd Favorite (a second opponent in the arena)
  • Exhausted (no endurance)
  • Frailty (take increased damage)
  • Hamstring (you’re crippled)
  • On Fire (debuffed with burning)
  • Squeamish (deal less damage)

To activate a gambit you will need to talk to the gambits master, which will then allow you to activate and deactivate any gambits you wish you use. You will need to use 1 gauntlet entrance ticket for each gambit, and 1 ticket to start the fight. You can earn this tickets through taking part in the Boss Blitz below in the Crown Pavilion. Alternatively you can buy tickets from the merchants in the Crown Pavilion for 35 festival tokens and 20 silver.

To obtain the following achievements below, you can attempt this on Deadeye or Subject seven in Tier 3. Your goal is to activate 5 gambits and kill either boss. Doing so will rewards you with all the achievements. Doing this is quite difficult, but it all depends on your build and playstyle. Subject 7 can be quite straight forward, but difficult to master due to it’s health regen. Deadeye on the other hand can be blind, feared and pulled so you can take advantage of these skills to stop him from shooting you down.

gw2gaunttile First Blood
Defeat 1 Queen’s Gambit opponents.

See “Blood Sport Enthusiast”

gw2gaunttile Triple Threat
Win 1 third tier matches with three active gambits.

See “Blood Sport Enthusiast”

gw2gaunttile Risk Taker
Win 1 third tier matches with an active gambit.

See “Blood Sport Enthusiast”

gw2gaunttile High Stakes Gambler
Win 1 third tier matches with five active gambits.

See “Blood Sport Enthusiast”

gw2gaunttile Humble Victor
Win a third tier challenge with active Frailty and Squeamish gambits.

See “Blood Sport Enthusiast”