Salvation Pass

Author Notes

Most of this wing is fairly easy. There's only one truly difficult achievement which is Slippery Slubling. Most of these achievements may take a few attempts, but they're not impossible.

Table of Contents

  1. Sloth
  2. Bandit Trio
  3. Matthias
  4. Misc


Guild Wars 2 Salvation Pass Achievement Guide The Big Sleep
Defeat the cave monster and release the magic that corrupted it.

Defeating the Sloth and progressing to the next encounter will unlock this achievement.

raids Slippery Slubling
Ensure that someone in your raid squad is holding the golden slubling so that it may witness the death of Slothasor.

Unlike the other side objects for bosses, this one is a lot more involved. To start with, your first mushroom eater will need to make a path up the middle of the area and eat the large golden mushroom. This mushroom will vanish after 30 seconds, so clear a path and quickly eat it.

From now on, your fight will consist of 9 players, and 1 player carrying the golden slubling. Every 30 seconds, if you do not pass the slubling to another player, you will drop the slubling, ending the achievement run. You will need to pass the slubling by using skill 1 to another play, then pass it back. Two people can do this through the whole fight but whoever is carrying needs to pay close attention to their counter.

It’s highly recommended that the people dealing with the slubling stack on top of each other and throw it back and forth while stacked so you don’t miss a throw. if you do fumble the throw, you will need to start over.

Note: This is the hardest achievement of this wing, so expect some trial and error. Your team needs to be on point. Damage should be high, and Defiance Bars should be broken quickly.

Bandit Trio

raids The Shield
Liberate the Salvation Pass prison camp with zero civilian casualties.

You will need to defeat the bandit camp with or without the aid of the environment. This will unlock once you beat the encounter.

raids Environmentally Friendly
Complete the prison camp encounter without using the environment to your advantage.

During this fight you can take advantage of the environment by releasing Wargs, using Oil Kegs and Beehives. To obtain this achievement you will need to complete the fight without using these items.

This may be a little hit and miss depending on how your group approaches this encounter.  Good cage defense, mortar control and killing each boss quickly should be a priority.


raids Avenger of the Pact
Slay Matthias and liberate the Pact squad leader.

After killing Matthias this will unlock rewarding you the achievement.

raids Seimur Was Wrong
Complete the final encounter while your entire party is under the effects of tasty Bloodstone Bisque.

Before you enter Matthias, your whole party will need to use Bloodstone Bisque. This is an item made from Bloodstone Dust at a stew pot in the camp just before Matthias’s encounter. Everyone in your party must be using this food replacement buff. You can still use utility buffs, but using other food will override your Bloodstone Bisque.

You will need to complete the whole fight with this item active. if on member runs out, or someone isn’t running this item it will not unlock.


raids Salvation Pass Mastery
Channel the Maguuma Mastery insight to earn a Mastery Point.

This mastery point is obtained by climbing a set of structures to the west of sloth cave exit. You will see it high up on a ledge which requires you to complete a jumping puzzle. This isn’t too difficult to reach, but there’s a few odd jumps that may take some practice.

raids Scattered Memories
Find scattered journal pages to learn more about the brigands.

Throughout the area in Salvation Pass you will find seven different journal entries. These are fairly easy to find as they’re on your path for the most part.


raids Salvation pass Sadist
Complete each of the encounter-enhancing achievements in Salvation Pass.

You will need to complete the following achievements to unlock this one:

  • Seimur Was Wrong
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Slippery Slubling