Seeds of Truth

Table of Contents

  1. Meeting the Asura
  2. No Refuge

Guild Wars 2 Seeds of Truth Achievement Guide Seeds of Truth Episode
Complete the Seeds of Truth episode.

Completing this episode will unlock all the achievements required for this episode.

Guild Wars 2 Seeds of Truth Achievement Guide Seeds of Truth Mastery
Complete all 6 Seeds of Truth achievements.

After completing all the achievements you will be rewarded with this and the ascended item for the collection reward. Just take your time and complete the 6 achievements tied to the two instances.

Meeting the Asura

Guild Wars 2 Seeds of Truth Achievement Guide Aggressive Infiltration
Complete “Meeting the Asura” without dying, and sound every room’s alarm.

It’s possible to earn this while attempting the challenge mote, though I recommend that you do a separate attempt for this. You will need to be detected in every room and have to fight your way through the area. This includes the boss fight. If you attempt this with the challenge mote active, you will also have to deal with champions, so if you don’t mind the extra difficulty, it may be worth your time going for this with the mote.

If not, just progress and kill everything that moves. You cannot die, so bringing a friend may make this a little easier, just don’t rush in as you will be outnumbered for the most part.

Guild Wars 2 Seeds of Truth Achievement Guide Invisible Infiltration
Complete “Meeting the Asura” without being detected after the initial skirmish.

I recommend that you attempt this first as it’s not as difficult as it seems. After you enter the first room, everything from here on will need to be completed in stealth. You will need to make your way through the three rooms, and defeat the boss without being detected. For some, this may seem like an impossible task, but it’s quite straight forward.

Room 1

At the start you only need to take out 1 enemy, which is standing next to the switch you need to activate. Just sneak up behind him and watch for the sight patterns on the ground. Knock him out and open the door.

Room 2

Another simple room, easy with two people, but you can also solo this. Just hit one button, then head over to the other if you’re on your own and activate the second. You may want to wait for the golem to be as far away as possible before you do.

Room 3

This area can be a little tricky at first, but watch the 2 golems that patrol. You can take out the guard by the door quickly, then work your way through the other Asura NPCs when their line of sight is pointing in a different direction.

The tricky part here is activating both door switches solo. This is easy with two people, just watch the golems and make sure they’re at the other end of the room. Then hit both at the same time. If you’re doing this solo, use the same technique, but quickly move from one switch to the other like the previous room.

Boss Fight

This may seem overly complex, but it’s quite straight forward. First you need to start the attack by sneaking up on the boss and knock him out. This will cause him to teleport around the room. From here, you need to watch the shield generators to see where the red arrow appears. Sabotage that generator, and wait for the boss to land on it. Once he does, you can then knock him out and disable his shield.

The second part of the fight gets a little more complicated as you will have to deal with the protector droids covering the generators. All you need to do for this is watch the line of sight on the floor from the Asura guards, disable the keypad in the prison chamber, then proceed to sabotage like before. This may take a few attempts to get right, but it’s simple enough.

Note: It is possible to complete this while earning “Unforgiving Infiltration”.

Guild Wars 2 Seeds of Truth Achievement Guide Unforgiving Infiltration
Complete “Meeting the Asura” after speaking with the challenge mote to activate challenge mode.

As you’d expect with any challenge mote, it makes the instance harder. If you want to complete this with the least amount of frustration, you should take the stealth approach and try earning  “Invisible Infiltration” listed above. You can use the same methods to get through the instance and earn the challenge. If not, you can use stealth to avoid spawning champs, and just fight the boss any way you see fit.

You can attempt this however you want, though it’s easier one way than the other. You can either go in guns blazing, or stealth which is the easier option.

The boss fight doesn’t really seem to change much with the mote active, just keep in mind the more people you have in your party, the harder this instance will be.

No Refuge

Guild Wars 2 Seeds of Truth Achievement Guide Dodgy Crowd
Avoid all wind walls and sand pools while renaming in the battlefield against Togonn Windmane.

This is fairly simple, though it’s easy to make a mistake and step in a sand pool as they can be a little difficult to see. Just keep moving around the area and do your best to avoid the wind wall and sand pools. If you’re having difficulty with this, have a friend or party open the instance so you don’t have to play as Caithe. You will then be able to play with your own skills and weapons.

There’s not much too this fight until you enable the challenge mote. So if you want to try do this the easy way, do this without enabling the mote at the start of the instance.

The wind walls are few and far between and will be pinged on your mini map when they happen. Just keep moving and watch behind you. You can dodge through the walls, so if you’re about to take damage, dodge through the wall. The rest of the fight is simple enough.

Guild Wars 2 Seeds of Truth Achievement Guide Don’t Tread On Me
Avoid all trample and charge attacks while defending Faolain.

This can be a little tricky if you’re not ready. During the fight before the boss, you need to avoid all the centaur attacks which will knock you down. They can be a little hard to predict, so I recommend bringing a party with you and move around a lot.

There’s not much too this, but you can use the fences in the area to avoid the attacks. You may not get this your first try, but playing as your own character and not Caithe helps a lot.

Guild Wars 2 Seeds of Truth Achievement Guide Wicked Rodeo
Complete “No Refuge” after speaking with the challenge mote to activate challenge mode.

This challenge mote will test your patience. I highly suggest you bring a full party filled with high damage. The fight is the same as the story, but the boss hits a lot harder, spawns more elementals and the wind walls and sand pools cover the area instead of just small sections. The further you lower the bosses health, the more frequent the wind walls will appear. So be ready. The faster you kill the elementals protecting the boss, the better. As the elementals offer a shield, you can’t directly damage the boss when they’re active in the area.

Keep moving, and keep make sure to dodge when possible. The longer this fight drags on, the more likely you’re to die.