Spirit Vale

Author Notes

This guide only details how to obtain the various achievements tied to Spirit Vale. You will need an experienced group to complete some of the requirements, so keep this in mind. Most of the achievements are obtainable, though a few are quite challenging.

Table of Contents

  1. Vale Guardian
  2. Gorseval
  3. Sabetha
  4. Misc
  5. Collectibles

Vale Guardian

Guild Wars 2 Spirit Vale Achievement Guide Beyond the Vale
Defeat the Vale Guardian

The Vale Guardian has five main phases. Three DPS where you just need to damage the boss. The other two require you to split up and kill three Anomalies that spawn. This fight is fairly trivial compared to most raid bosses. The biggest issues which tends to be a problem with most groups are missing the spawns of the green AoE circle which can cause a group wipe.

This will unlock once you beat the boss and claim your reward.

raids RGB
Obtain each Pylon attunement once.

During your fight, there will be two phases where the Vale Guardian splits. At this pint three Anomalies will spawn at the three different color pylons. To obtain the attunments you will need to be standing in that segment as they spawn. Doing so will give you a colored marker above your head telling you which section you’re attuned to.

You will need to do this for all three sections. For DPS players you can earn blue and green fairly easy. However, if you want the red attunment you will need to ask your group if they don’t mind you going to the condition side, or play a condition build.

You will then need to go on and kill the Vale Guardian after obtaining the required attunements.

raids Flee the Storm
Avoid getting hit by Magic Storm, and then defeat the Vale Guardian

At phase 3 and 5 you will need to follow the Vale Guardian around the arena while the floor lights up. During these phases he will raise his hand into the air and perform the Magic Storm attack. This is where he will rain down lots of particles into the arena and damage anyone who’s standing in their AoEs.

You can avoid this by having a group with fast and active Crowd Control skills. You can stop the phase as soon as it starts if everyone is on point and paying attention.

Your goal is to reach the end of the fight without being hit by one of these orbs. This is easier said than done, but it’s far easier if you’re playing with a highly experienced group who keep on top of their phases.

raids White Noise
Kill all of the Vale Division within 10 seconds of the first one dying, and then defeat the Vale Guardian.

Once you push the Vale Guardian into the split phase, the three Anomalies will spawn. Once they spawn you will need to kill and break their defiance bars within 10 seconds of each other. This doesn’t really take coordination, but it does require that all the sub bosses require that the condition Anomaly and the damage Anomalies dies at the same time.

This is something that happens fairly often so it’s not something you need to been too concerned about as long as your groups condition team are on top of their damage.


raids Put to Rest
Defeat Gorseval the Multifarious.

There’s nothing special to know about Gorseval aside from orb clearing. Having a clear field is important to your success in this fight.

raids Denied
Deny Gorseval from consuming any spirits during your victorious battle.

At set points in the fight you will need to pull Gorseval to the walls of the arena unless you’re doing a no updraft run. During these sections of the fight you will see several spirits that spawn behind him while you move him. You will need to pull these enemies together and kill them before completing the updraft.

If you fail to pull them together and kill them before your updraft jump, Gorseval will consume these spirits and gain a buff. The more stacks he gains, the more damage he will deal. Your goal is to stop him from consuming spirits throughout the fight.

raids Spectral Anomaly
Avoid the Spectral Darkness, and defeat Gorseval.

Spectral Darkness is a debuff you obtain after Gorseval’s health drops below 66%. He will start spawning blue orbs in the area. If you stand in the AoE of these orbs, or touch the orbs before spawning their AoE you will gain the debuff.

You want to avoid this debuff all together through the fight, but if you manage to avoid it you will earn this achievement.

raids Anger Management
Defeat Gorseval without being hit by its rampage attack.

During phase changes Goreseval will start to slam the ground, this is indicated by his defiance bar and the black circles that appear on the ground. His rampage attack doesn’t do any damage directly, but if you attack him while in this phase you will gain 25 stacks of Vulnerability. You need to complete the fight without taking damage from this attack, so avoid direct combat and break his defiance bar when called for.

Standing in this black AoE will also stack Vulnerability, so be mindful of your environment. You will then need to go on and defeat Gorseval to unlock this.

raids Keep the Lights On
Light the brazier at the far end of the Spirit Woods without dropping the spectral torch.

Before the Spirit Woods, there’s a room with a large group of spirits and a champion. Within this room on a wall you will find a brazier. One of your squad members will need to pick this up and carry it to the end past the cemetery.

This is normally handed off to the healer because they can sustain their health during the run between points. After the cemetery is completed, whoever is carrying the brazier needs to place it in the holder to the right of where you enter Goresevals platform. There is a holder on the wall to the right of the area.

raids Into the Woods
Traverse the Spirit Woods.

The Spirit Woods break up the area between Vale Guardian and Gorseval. This section is made up of three parts, but the achievement will unlock a little sooner. You will first need to clear the “river area” before the woods themselves, which consists of capturing orb points, and then killing a room of mobs. From here you need to then head through the woods and break the barriers to reach the cemetery.

This will unlock once you complete the Spirit Woods section.

raids Quick March
Outrun the ghostly mob in the Spirit Woods in under 2 minutes.

After starting the Spirit Woods run, you will need to reach and break the last wall in under 2 minutes. There’s five walls in total blocking your progress in the run, so bringing high damage goes a long way in earning this.

Most groups who are experienced can do this every time without fail. As long as your group knows what to do this shouldn’t be an issue.

raids I can Outrun A…Ghost
Escape the Spirit Woods without getting crippled.

Out of all the achievements within this section, this is one of the most buggy, and one of the most tedious to earn. Once you start the Spirit Woods run, you will need to avoid all the AoEs that spawn on the ground. This is something you can do with gap closers and leaps.

You will need to reach the end of the woods and break the last wall without being hit by the crippling AoEs on your path. There’s an alternative method to earn this by leaving the instance and re-entering before the encounter is completed.

Note: It’s highly possible that if you reach the end of the woods without being crippled that you may not earn this achievement. There’s currently no known fix for this.


raids Fire Extinguisher
Defeat Sabetha the Saboteur.

This fight has a lot of mechanics that spawn in the different phases. Keeping on top of the mechanics makes for a smooth fight, but the most common issues is lack of clearing turrets and dealing with mobs in the later phases. The flame

raids Liftoff
Get laughed up to a cannon.

During the fight someone will obtain a sapper bomb. From here you just need to stand on one of launch pads and have them laugh you up to a cannon. You could take this in turns, or just do the cannon phase as part of the encounter.

raids Backdraft Dodger
Avoid getting hit by Firestorm, then defeat Sabetha.

Firestorm, or better known as the flame wall, is an attack that spawns on a set timer. Touching this wall will kill you, so you have to avoid it during the fight. If you see this fight through to the end without dying this will unlock.

Typically you’re at the most risk if you’re running to throw bombs, or take a jump pad. The rest of the group however can sidestep the flame wall before it spawns if it spawns in a respectable place.

raids Last Cannon
Leave one cannon operational for the entire fight, then defeat Sabetha.

This will take some coordination from your group. The usual suspect for this is to leave west cannon active, while the group rotates around the arena avoiding the cannon blasts. This is something that a lot of groups may struggle with due to needing higher damage than usual to make up for the cannon damaging the platform on a regular basis.


raids Undefeated
Defeat all bosses in Spirit Vale without any party members dying.

At first this may sound fairly complicated. But in reality all you have to do is clear each boss in any order without anyone dying. You can also attempt this multiple times, so it’s something you will earn as you progress the wing.

There will always be runs where people die from odd things. But the most commonly failed boss is Sabetha do to her mechanics. It’s very easy to split up. This may take several attempts but if everyone in your party knows what they’re doing it will just come with time.


raids Loot Finder
Find all four hidden chests.

Throughout the wing you will find various collectible items. All of these items tend to be in fairly obvious plain view so most you will find without issue. There are however a few that are located in unobvious places. The below map details all the collectibles within the wing.

  • Dog Tags (Red)
  • Chests (Blue)
  • Journal Entries (Pink)
  • Prisoner Locations (Green)

For a larger view on the map, right click and view image.

raids Piecing It Together
Reed all the journal entries to learn more about the bandits.

See “Loot Finder”.

raids My Hero!
Free or speak to all nearby Pact prisoners after defeating Sabetha.

See “Loot Finder”.

raids Closure
Collect all soldier tags from the fallen.

See “Loot Finder”.