Tangled Paths

Author Notes

I recommend that you gather a party for this content as some of the bosses can be a little tedious, but not impossible. Just take your time and don't fret if you make mistakes as these missions are very short compared to previous ones.

Table of Contents

  1. Tracking the Aspect Masters
  2. Into the Labyrinth

Guild Wars 2 Tangled Paths Achievement Guide Tangled Paths Episode
Complete the Tangled Paths Episode.

Once you complete the episode for the first time, this will unlock and allow you to earn the rest of the achievements below.

Guild Wars 2 Tangled Paths Achievement Guide Tangled Paths Masteryw
Complete all 6 Tangled Paths achievements.

Once you complete the following achievements this will unlock and reward you with the new ascended item tied to the meta progression.

Tracking the Aspect Masters

Guild Wars 2 Tangled Paths Achievement Guide Light ‘Em Up
Find an alternative way to destroy the Rooted Moredrem leeching thrasher blocking the pathway.

Once you enter the instance, look behind you. You will find a flamethrower that you can use to clear the area and kill the thrasher. Be warned that if you fall or die during the instance you will lose the flamethrower. If this happens you will need to start over as it doesn’t re-spawn.

So just as simple as it sounds, pick up the flamethrower and kill everything in your path.

Note: If you’re doing this in a party, only the person with the flamethrower will earn this achievement. If someone else in your party kills the thrasher before you can with the flamethrower, this will void your progress towards it.

Guild Wars 2 Tangled Paths Achievement Guide No Teragriff Pack Snack
Defeat the Mordrem teragriff without being hit by its malformed allies

While fighting the Teragriff it will spawn large packs of minions to help. These only appear at set points in the battle, but when they do you will want to keep your distance. The goal here is to avoid being hit. I highly recommend bringing a party with ranged weapons and crowd control skills.

Keep your distance at all times, and keep moving. These are the obvious choices, but if you have help, you should be able to earn this achievement with little to no effort.

Guild Wars 2 Tangled Paths Achievement Guide Dancer in the Dark
Complete Tracking the Aspect Masters after speaking with the challenge mote and activating Challenge Mode.

As you’d expect with all challenge mote based achievements, the fight will be harder. There’s only a few differences in this fight, but they make all the difference. Bring a party as if you’re downed they’re the only ones who can help you. Make sure not to waste your evades and stamina as you’re going to need them. Also pay close attention to the AoE markers when the Teragriff swoops down.

Aside from these little differences, the fight is the same as before. Just keep moving and watch where your enemies are to avoid taking serious damage.

The hardest part of this fight is when the boss is in the middle of the area and does the pulsing ground attack. It’s almost impossible to avoid this, so anything that blocks damage is a must. You will be able to dodge a few of these pulses, but not all.

Into the Labyrinth

Guild Wars 2 Tangled Paths Achievement Guide Connect the Dots
Rescue your allies in this order: Rox, Braham, Marjory, and Kaskmeer.

This is simple enough, just progress through the maze and find each of your party members mentioned in the achievement description. This isn’t really difficult as you should be able to remember where your allies are after the first run. Just in case you’ve forgotten there’s a map below showing all the key elements to the area.

Guild Wars 2 Tangled Paths Achievement Guide Labyrinth Runner
Complete “Into the Labyrinth: instance within 20 minutes.

Once you’ve done this once, you will know what you need to do. Start the instance and reach all your allies quickly, then head back to the middle of the labyrinth. Kill the boss within the 20 minutes and this will unlock. If you’re having difficulty with this, gather some friends or build a party and progress as usual. This shouldn’t take anymore than 20 minutes even solo.

Note: This will only unlock once you’ve completed all the dialog at the end of the fight. The timer also doesn’t stop even in cut-scenes so if you’re cutting it close, you may want to skip as much dialog as possible to save time.

Guild Wars 2 Tangled Paths Achievement Guide Master of the Maze
Reach the center of the maze without being caught by the Mordrem lurcher.

As you progress the maze you will have to dodge the Mordrem Lurcher. You can knock this enemy out, but you cannot kill it. It seems to follow a set path, so just keep a close eye on your mini map to see where this creature is. If it’s coming towards you, head down a path you won’t it won’t follow and wait for it to pass.

You can use the map below to follow the default movements of the lurcher, this paths may change if the lurcher gains aggro, but you can at least see its default path through the area. The letters on the map represent where your allies are, if you want to earn “Connect the Dots”, make sure you go to R, B, M and K in that order.

Once you’ve gathered your allies, the lurcher will vanish, so you can approach the middle of the labyrinth without having to worry about the creature attacking you. This will also unlock as soon as you enter the center.

Guild Wars 2 Tangled Paths Achievement Guide