gw2 event icon The “Special Action” key is used during this boss fight. You can set this key in options > control options > skills. This key should be accessible.

Cairn the Indomitable

Cairn the Indomitable is the first raid boss of wing 4. This fight is quite straight forward, but a few mechanics that can be problematic for the group. This boss has very few attacks, and generally doesn’t pose much of a threat.

Phase 1 (100-25%)

Overall the fight doesn’t change too much. For most of the fight the group needs to stay close to Carin unless affected by Agony. While close to the boss players need to be wary of the portals that spawn randomly under the boss. These will teleport players out to the edge of the arena.

Depending on how the group tackles this boss, there is normally one player who will kite the shard aggro at the edge of the platform. Throughout the fight the boss will dart around the platform between phases and place green circles. Players need to stand in the circles to avoid extra Unseen Burden stacks. And clear stacks of this debuff that have accumulated while being close to the boss.

Players should use the Spectral Dash to reach the green circles if they’re too far to run.

For the most part, this phase is simple enough, do your best to avoid Cairns knockback attack when he teleports around the arena to place the circles. The only other attack that’s a problem is the Orbital Sweep. This attack has a large wind up, so it’s easy to see, just be careful not to be struck by it.

Phase 2 (50-16%)

During this phase the fight doesn’t really change. Though Carin won’t spawn the green circle in the middle like before. Cairn will introduce a new attack at 16% called “Gravity Wave” where the boss slams its arms into the ground to cause a shock-wave of jade. The fight will continue as before but with this attack added to the boss rotation.

Arena Mechanics

These mechanics are present throughout the fight. They’re things that need to be a primary focus while fighting the boss.

Shard Tanking

During the fight Cairn will perform an attack called Meteor Swarm. During this attack he will throw shards at the furthest player away from the group. Healers will generally fill this role because of their health sustain and blocks.

This tank role will stay furthest away from the group, and take direct focus of the Meteor Swarm attack.

To avoid the shards you will either use blocks, not reflects. And step out of the line of fire. Keep in mind that other players from the group who’re teleported, or stand further back than the shard tank will pull the aggro.

Spectral Dash

At the start of the instance, players will walk through a waterfall that gives you a new skill called Spectral Dash. This special action skill is vital to get out tricky situations during the fight. The skill allows players to dash long distances to reach the green circles during the Cosmic Aura.

This skill has a very short cool down, but don’t waste it as you will need to reach the circles when they spawn. You can also use this skill as an emergency dash if teleported to the edge of the platform.

Cosmic Aura Circles

This is one of the main mechanics during the fight. Every so often Cairn will do the Cosmic Aura. Before this attack the boss will spawn various green circles around the platform.

These circles will remove the Unseen Burden stacks if you are successful in reaching them. Make sure you learn to use the Spectral Dash to your advantage here. There circles have a short activation period, so make sure you’re inside them as soon as possible.

Take note that some circles will have a glowing orb marker above them. This indicates how many players are needed to dampen the effects. All players can stand on a single circle, there is just a minimum requirement for each one.

The bigger the circle, the more players needed to activate it. This doesn’t always apply though, as the boss will spawn other green circles at different times that don’t have a player requirement.

You do not need to fill all the circles during this phase. Players with Shared Agony should try to fill circles on their own, away from the players who do not have it. This will avoid killing members of the group while they’re seeking safe haven.

Cairn the Indomitable Raid Boss Breakdown Guide

Shared Agony

After 25% a passive effect will be applied to three random players furthest from the boss. Part of this effect includes an AoE ring around the affected players. Crossing other players with this effect will inflict high damage to non-affected players.

Once this happens, affected players need to stack behind the group but closer than the shard kiter.

Players with this effect should do their best to use the outer green circles between phases. This isn’t always possible, but should be considered earlier in the fight.

Cairn the Indomitable Raid Boss Breakdown Guide

Unseen Burden

This is a passive effect that stacks up to 99 times. To clear this effect, you need to stand in the green circles that spawn throughout the fight. Standing in the circles will remove up to 25 stacks of Unseen Burden.

As the fight progresses you will gain more Unseen Burden. Players will need to make sure they’re clearing their stacks using the green circles. Failure to do so will stack more of this debuff.

Players that hit 99 stacks of Unseen Burden will be frozen in place. You can still move around using the Spectral Dash, or dodging. Some mobility skills also work once you hit this threshold. You can continue to clear these stacks as long as the boss hasn’t hit enrage.

If the boss hits enrage, the green circles will no longer remove this effect.

General Attacks

The attacks below don’t all inflict huge amounts of damage, but some attacks to happen the same time. If you make a mistake, this boss can be very unforgiving and kill you in an instant. Understanding the telegraphs and what to avoid makes this fight quite straight forward.

Cosmic Aura

A general aura that Carin emits throughout the fight. The aura causes moderate damage unless healed properly. Try to stay with your healers as without them this will inflict high damage over time.


Throughout the fight you will see three small AoE portals below the boss. These portals open up with a red spinning AoE circle. Standing in these circles will teleport players to the edge of the platform. This will cause the boss aggro for the shard attack to change to you instead of the player kiting.

Cairn the Indomitable Raid Boss Breakdown Guide


Cairns general attack. This attack inflicts moderate damage, but healers should be able to sustain the group without issue. Players can avoid extra damage by staying close to the boss.

Meteor Swarm

Throughout the fight Carin will do a three-part attack. It will start with two arm swings, followed by a third which throws a fan of shards. Carin will target the furthest player from the group. If the group is using the tank method, then the shards should always be thrown towards the tank.

The focus of this attack will change if one of the melee group is teleported to the edge of the arena.

Cairn the Indomitable Raid Boss Breakdown Guide

Orbital Sweep

Several times during the fight, Cairn will raise one of its arms into the air. It will then slam it down on the platform and spin around in place. Players will be knocked back if hit by this attack. This move is highly telegraphed so make sure to dodge it. Depending on the groups overall damage, you may see this only once, or multiple times.

Cairn the Indomitable Raid Boss Breakdown Guide

Gravity Wave

In the last phase of the fight once Carin reaches 16%, a new attack is added to the rotation. Carin will smash its arms into the ground and cause a jade wave. This will ripple out from the center of the platform to the edge. If you encounter this attack, stay close to the boss and use the Spectral Dash if you get hit by it.

It’s possible to bypass this attack by inflicting high damage to the boss, killing it before this attack is performed.