This boss has similarities between some other boss encounters you may have done before. Unlike any other boss in the game this golem stands on the side of a platform. The fight overall is very mechanics heavy and broken up into several phases.

Amalgamates Arms

During the fight the boss will smash its hand into the platform. This highly telegraphed attack is easy to dodge or block. Once down, attack the arm to destroy it. While doing so Conjured Greatsword and Shields will spawn on the platform. They break off from the arm as you hit it. These enemies will also spawn as the arm hits the platform.

With every hit to the platform, the boss will spawn a different enemy type. He will always open with the sword orbs first, then rotate between the two types with each hit.

Guild Wars 2 Conjured Amalgamate Raid Boss Breakdown

Depending on which section of the platform you’re standing on will depend on where the boss will hit. The boss has several attacks with his arms. One attack will have the boss clap and kill anyone who isn’t inside the AoE shield.

Once one arm breaks this prevents the boss from clapping, instead Amalgamate will channel and drop loot on the platform. This will place several AoEs on the platform which are easy to avoid. If you have any sort of special action buff, these AoEs will knock you down and remove the stacks you have collected.

Guild Wars 2 Conjured Amalgamate Raid Boss Breakdown

Destroying an arm reduces the bosses health by 10% each time.


After a greatsword spawns it will appear with a green orb with a white vertical white line. You can pull these enemies into the arm and destroy them. Once destroyed they will drop a sword that you can collect by running over the AoE. They’re on a timer so you need to pick them up. You can pick up multiples of these items to use on the boss. The more you collect, the higher damage output you will inflict once used.

You can hold up to 10 stacks of the sword. This attack is used through a special action key with a directional target. Holding on to this attack for an extended period will cause it to expire. Both stacks and time are indicated on your boon bar.

Guild Wars 2 Conjured Amalgamate Raid Boss Breakdown Guild Wars 2 Conjured Amalgamate Raid Boss Breakdown

Shields (Warriors)

This enemy is very similar to the Greatsword but they drop an AoE shield special action instead. They spawn with a green orb with a white circle around them. These enemies cannot be pulled but have a secondary mechanic tied to the Defiance Bar. Once active the Defiance Bar must be destroyed, failure to do so will result in the shield turning into a warrior. Warriors will cleave the group and kill everyone if not dealt with.

The special action key from this enemy should be saved for two other mechanics. One for the Hand Clap and the second for the Loot Wall that passes between phases. Multiple people can hold shields and place them at the same time to increase the groups defenses.

Guild Wars 2 Conjured Amalgamate Raid Boss Breakdown Guild Wars 2 Conjured Amalgamate Raid Boss Breakdown

Orb Phase

After destroyed one of the bosses arms a new phase will start where purple and green orbs will flow into the boss. The group needs to block as many green orbs as possible and avoid the purple ones. Purple orbs inflict moderate damage with each hit. There is a pattern to the green orbs where they flow into the boss in a cross pattern. From either side of the platform players will need to collect as many orbs as possible. Shields should be saved for the Loot Wall. And swords uses to break the shield and for the burn phase.

During this phase the boss will buff damage or defenses if sword or shield orbs reach him. Once the phase is over it leads into the Loot Wall. The image below shows his defenses which you can break with the sword special action. Hitting the boss at this time will cause you to take extreme damage as it will deflect incoming damage. You shouldn’t attack the boss if this wall is up.

Guild Wars 2 Conjured Amalgamate Raid Boss Breakdown

If the boss consumes too many shields he will take reduced damage. Anyone will the sword special action should break the shield surrounding the boss as the Loot Wall passes through the area.

Guild Wars 2 Conjured Amalgamate Raid Boss Breakdown

Loot Wall

After each Orb Phase Amalgamate will fire loot out from its chest. It will start from one side of the platform, and slowly move across to the other side. This wall leaves behind a damaging AoE that slowly fades. The first wall will be singular and easy to block with enough shields. The second wall after breaking the second arm and doing the second orb phase will spawn two walls back to back. Stacking on one side of the platform will make sure shields cover both walls in a single use of shields.

Walls after this will also be singular, make sure not to use all shields on the double wall as some extras will be needed for a Hand Clap after the burn phase. Amalgamate will gain both arms back and clap before the last phase of the fight.

Guild Wars 2 Conjured Amalgamate Raid Boss Breakdown Guild Wars 2 Conjured Amalgamate Raid Boss Breakdown

Burn Phase

After dealing with Loot Wall mechanic the boss will slump down on the platform. Just before this you can inflict damage while he’s channeling the Loot Wall. Once the head is resting on the platform inflict as much damage as possible before the phase resets. You will have to repeat this several times. Saving your Sword special action abilities for this phases will help greatly.

These burn phases also start when the purple orbs are being absorbed by the boss. Players who’re not assigned to collecting swords or shields should try to inflict as much damage as possible at this point. It’s not required and depends on the strategy the group is using.

Hand Clap

Every so often the boss will sit up spread out both arms and clap. This is only blocked by the AoE shield from the enemies. Blocks and Ageis do not work against this attack. The first clap happens around 7:15 on the timer. The second clap happens directly after the second burn phase once the boss restores both arms at 2:55. The last clap of the fight is around 1:10.

Guild Wars 2 Conjured Amalgamate Raid Boss Breakdown

Final Phase

In the last phase of the fight things change slightly. The boss will have both arms, but one will be resting on the platform. Where as the other arm will move around and slam the platform. Your goal is the same, destroy one arm and complete the orb phase. Unlike the previous orb phases, the boss will still hit the platform with the active arm so be careful.

There will only be one Loot Wall after each orb phase. The Hand Clap returns towards the end of the fight before the last burn. The end of the fight can be a little messy due to the amount of shields on the platform. Try to control them as much as possible.