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This encounter is quite lengthy with a lot of interwoven mechanics. Deimos generally doesn’t do a lot, but there are quite a few mechanics that the group needs to pay attention to.

First Phase

The first phase of this fight requires most of the group to travel to the other realm. Once there, you will see four phantom chains that imprison Saul in the real world. The goal here is to break all the chains and return to the platform.

Once a chain is broken, everyone will be returned to the main platform. A random player will be selected with a group AoE under their character. The majority of the group will need to stand in the circle to be teleported.  If the group can destroy all four chains within one go, it’s far less tedious than teleporting up and down for each chain.

At this point Deimos will be stood in the middle of the arena and fixate on a single player. When this happens, that player should try to stay between the four statues and away from the group. Deimos’s powerful attack marked with a large cone-shaped AoE will knock anyone off the platform if they’re caught by it.

Two or three party members should stay on the main platform to protect Saul until the chains are destroyed.

After the group returns to the platform after breaking all four chains, the main fight will start. At this point the group will split up into their roles and inflict damage to Deimos.

Second Phase (75% Saul the Thief)

Your first experience with Saul in the other realm is fairly simple. You need to attack him until he reaches 50% health. From here the group will return to the platform. Once on the platform, you will need to continue attacking Saul until he dies.

This mechanic repeats for the Gambler and Drunkard. The same steps apply, even though the other two Saul’s have different mechanics.

Third Phase (60%)

At this point in the fight Deimos will spawn Rapid Decay. The core of the group will stay in the middle of the arena. Some groups may take an alternative approach but most will range him and collects tears in this phase.

Fourth Phase (50% Saul the Gambler)

The second phase with Saul has a rather unique mechanic. Once Saul has been attacked, he will divide after a short period. There will be four clones that appear. The group needs to attack the one with the White Mantle staff, the other three are decoys. Once killed the original Saul will appear in the middle of the arena. Attack him until he reaches 50% and returns the group to the platform.

While fighting the decoys make sure no one is stood in the middle of the the arena. They will throw shards at whoever is within their circle and inflict mass amounts of damage.

This mechanic will continue on the main platform. If the bubble happens to spawn, get into the bubble, and quickly leave once the phase is over.

From here focus the real Saul decoy, kill it, then quickly kill the real clone once it re-spawns.

Fifth Phase (40%)

As you start to approach the end of the fight, Deimos will start to summons Prides. The main group should make collecting tears and killing Prides their main priority in between focusing on Deimos.

Sixth Phase (25% Saul the Drunkard)

The last phase of Saul requires the group to break his Defiance Bar. You will start the fight as normal, however he will teleport the group around the platform if his Defiance Bar isn’t broken. Try to keep on top of top of his mechanics as once you return to the main platform, his teleport could make or break the progression on this boss.

Failure to break his Defiance Bar may result in a group member landing in the Rapid Decay causing a group wipe.

Final Phase (10%)

The last phase will start once Deimos reaches 10% health. The group will be teleported to the other realm. Here Deimos will appear on the side of the platform. The Soul Feast kiter will need to resume their earlier activity of keeping the hands away from the group.

The Rapid Decay kiter will also need to keep the fixation away from the group, preferably close to the boss. Demonic Tears will also continue to spawn at this phase, so players should activity collect them when possible.

For the last 10%, you will need to attack Deimos and avoid his three attacks. He will smash his fits into the platform. Starting with either left or right hand, and then finish off by smashing the platform with both hands. The group can resume their previous stance in the middle of the arena.

Tanking/Rapid Decay/Soul Feast

The fight requires that one player take the role of a tank. Deimos will follow the player with the highest toughness. In relation to this, there are two other tanking mechanics, one includes the Rapid Decay, and Soul Feast. These other two mechanics fixate on the second closest and the furthest player away.

Rapid Decay

This mechanic spawns at 66% and remains present through to the end of the fight. The mechanic will target the second closest player to Deimos. It spawns with a medium size AoE, and remains until the third AoE of the chain spawns. Standing in this “oil” will cause it to expand. It will expand up to three times and possibly cause a group wipe.

Demois Raid Boss Breakdown Guide

Soul Feast

From the start of the fight after the chain phase this mechanic will start. It targets the player who is the furthest from Deimos. Your goal is to stack the hands around the edge of the platform away from the group and Deimos.

Keeping these hands away from Deimos is a priority to avoid him gaining devour stacks. He will gain 2% damage per stack he obtains. The player who takes on this role will need high health sustain.

Demois Raid Boss Breakdown Guide

Arena Mechanics

Along side Deimos you will have to deal with several other mechanics tied to this fight.


These enemy appears at the very start of the fight. And then re-appear when Deimos is at 40% health. These enemies walk slowly towards Saul and damage his health once they reach him. Once these enemies spawn, the main group should focus them and apply soft crowd control skills to slow them from reaching their destination.

If ignored, these enemies will kill the Saul ending the fight.

Demois Raid Boss Breakdown Guide

Realm Teleport

During the fight one player is randomly selected with a green AoE. This happens at set intervals in the fight. Once a player is selected, they need to group up with the rest of the squad.. This starts from the beginning of the fight, and re-appears at 75%, 50%, and 25% of Deimos’s health.

Demois Raid Boss Breakdown Guide

Saul D’Alessio (Thief/Gambler/Drunkard)

There are three parts to Saul’s mechanics. A player will be selected at random with a green AoE around their feet. Once selected the squad should group up for the teleport.

Each version of Saul has a slightly different mechanic. The first does very little but attack the group. The Gambler splits and has four decoys that appears around the center of the platform. You need to kill the one with the White Mantle staff skin.

The last clone of Saul is the drunkard. He teleports players to different sections of the platform if his Defiance Bar isn’t broken. This can be problematic if someone lands in Rapid Decay.

The main group should focus most of their damage towards Saul when he’s actively on the platform. While on the platform the group will also need to deal with tears and prides in the later phases.

Demonic Tears

You won’t see this mechanic until Deimos reaches 75% health. Once reached tears will start to spawn on the platform with a white AoE. To disable the a tear, a non-affected player needs to run over the AoE to close the rift. Once collected, you will see a green skull icon above your head. Squad members cannot see this icon, they can however see a green outline around your squad icon. This effect will wear off after a short period.

These should be a priority for anyone who does not have the debuff. Leaving these rifts open on the platform is harmful to group.

Demois Raid Boss Breakdown Guide

General Attacks

There are very few attacks Deimos performs, so they’re fairly easy to avoid. However, most of his attacks are quite punishing if they do hit you.

Mace Smash

Deimos will do this as his primary attack in between the Mind Crush and Demonic Shockwave. It deals small amounts of damage to anyone who happens to stand within the attack. If you’re not tanking this attack is easy to avoid.

Mind Crush

This attack is present all the way up to the last 10%. Deimos will start to channel this ability after 90%, and continue to do so around every 40 seconds in the fight. When this attack happens a protective bubble will spawn in the middle of the arena. The majority of the group will stand in the bubble, where as the three tanks/kiters will have to use a block to protect themselves from the blast.

Demois Raid Boss Breakdown Guide


Once the first phase is complete, Deimos will start to do this attack in rotation with Mace Smash. The attack spawns a giant segmented radial AoE on the ground. If hit by the AoE, it will knock you back into the arena, and possibly off the platform.

Demois Raid Boss Breakdown Guide

Demonic Shockwave

This attack is only present in the last 10% of the boss fight. Once teleported to the other realm, Deimos will smash the platform with his fists. He will alternate between his left and right hand, then smash both fists into the platform at the same time.

Demois Raid Boss Breakdown Guide