Guild Wars 2 Gorseval the Multifarious Raid GuideYou will be required to use your “Special Action” key during this boss fight. You can set this key in options > control options > skills. This key should be accessible.

Mastery Icon You will also need the Updraft Use Mastery to take part in this fight.

The following guide details everything you need to know about the Gorseval fight. This guide isn’t a walk-through, but a breakdown of mechanics.

Spirit Woods

This event is more of a damage check, and mini event. Very few of the mechanics demonstrated in these events show up in the fight with Gorseval.

Wood Entrance

At the very start of this section, you will find two rooms divided by a gate. The first room consists of a mini event. Your group will need to stand in various AoE circles around the area to close a rift. You will have a short time to close each rift, failing a rift will end the event. Closing rifts will fill an event bar. Once the bar is full the event will end and you can proceed to the second area.

While closing the rifts in this area, you will need to avoid the enemies that spawn, as-well-as clusters of AoE markers which will knock you over. It’s possible for these AoEs to knock you out of rifts, so stability can be very useful here.

The next area is full of enemies and one champion. Here you just need to kill everything in the area to open the next gate to the Spirit Run. This is also the area where you collect the torch required for one of the chests before reaching Gorseval.

Spirit Run

Your group will need to make your way through a passage. On the way there will be several walls blocking your progress. Rifts also appear in the run that need to be closed as the group progresses. Your melee players will rush to the walls and start early damage, while your ranged players stand in the rift to close it. Failure to close the rift will kill the group.

During this time you will have to avoid various AoEs on the ground that down and cripple players. There will also be mobs that kick as you come in contact with them.

During this whole event there will be a giant cloud of spirits behind you. This wall will follow you all the way to the end of the area. If your group fails to destroy the walls quickly, the giant spirit cloud will kill your group. If your group runs into difficulty with this section, you may not hit the required damage requirements for Gorseval.


After the spirit run you will enter a cemetery. Inside the cemetery there are five floor switches that need to be activated. There are two on the right, one of which needs to be accessed from the left side. And three switches on the left side, including one across a small jumping puzzle.

This if fairly straight forward, activate all five switches at the same time by standing on them.

General Mechanics

The fight is made up of several phases. Knowing them before hand will give you a huge advantage. Not knowing some of these mechanics can cause issues if you make a mistake.


This fight requires at least one player to tank and control Gorsevals movement. Out of all the bosses, Gorseval is one of the more straightforward bosses to control as you need to move him very little. Your job is to pull him over to the Spirit Barrier so it can be destroyed. This allows for easy access to the updrafts if you’re using all the mechanics.

If you’re doing a no updraft run, you need to keep gorseval central in the arena at all times.

This guide details how to tank Gorseval.

Spirit Mobs

Throughout the fight Gorseval will spawn spirit mobs. These mobs will kick your group if you’re too close to them. Pull these mobs together under Gorseval so they can be cleaved while to avoid anyone being kicked at critical times. Killing these mobs should be a priority, Gorseval will consume them if they’re left on the platform during the World Eater.

If Gorseval consumes these spirits,he gains a buff called Spirited Fusion. This buff will increase his strength by 10% for each spirit consumed.

Spirit Barrier

Surrounding the arena you will see giant walls of energy. Your goal here is to break the wall you’re up against when you need to access the updrafts. Breaking these barriers should be a priority, you can cleave them while hitting Gorseval.

Overall the group should only need to break three of these barriers, if you’re damage is slightly low, you can proceed to break the forth as needed.

GW2 Guild Wars 2 Gorseval Raid Breakdown Guide


This mechanic plays a fairly big part in the fight, though as mentioned previously it’s possible to do this fight without them. You will need the updraft mastery for this mechanic.

Each updraft can only be used once. They stay active for a very short period of time once used in this fight. Once an updraft has been used, it will fall inactive. Generally you go in a clockwise around the arena, starting in the north west corner.

You will only use the updrafts after completing the Ghastly Rampage and pulling Gorseval to the next location.

GW2 Guild Wars 2 Gorseval Raid Breakdown Guide

Spectral Darkness (Orbs)

This mechanic will start below 66% health. In the area you will see black orbs with a blue aura. These orbs are generally harmless to start with, but they have a pulsing AoE that grows over time. If caught in the AoE you will earn a debuff called Spectral Darkness. To remove this debuff you will need to destroy orbs in the area and collect a small golden pellet. You will need to collect several of these pellets to fully remove the debuff. Alternatively becoming downed removes the debuff and sometimes can be faster than collecting the pellets.

GW2 Guild Wars 2 Gorseval Raid Breakdown Guide GW2 Guild Wars 2 Gorseval Raid Breakdown Guide

Affected players will have a ghostly icon above their head. This notifies the group that you’ve been hit and may need assistance if you can’t collect enough pellets.

These orbs can make or break this fight, so having one or two players making sure the area is clear will result in a much smoother fight. For clearing, make sure that there are no orbs covering the next updraft you’re going to pull Gorseval to.

During the Protective Shadow orbs can also become a problem. You can avoid this by clearing orbs before using the updrafts to avoid World Eater. Then on your groups return, resume clearing until the Protective Shadow takes over.

Protective Shadow

At 66% and 33% health Gorseval will go into a shielded protective orb in the middle of the arena. Around the arena are four Charged Souls. These souls will slowly move towards Gorseval.

Players will need to hold these spirits in place, while the rest of the group moves between the souls killing them. You’re able to hold these souls using soft crowd control skills such as cripple, chill, slow and immobilize.

If one of these spirits reaches Gorseval he will instantly perform World Eater and kill your group. The most common method is to kill spirits in a clock wise motion around the area. Some classes are better at holding spirits than others.

GW2 Guild Wars 2 Gorseval Raid Breakdown Guide

Gorseval Boss

There are a few things you should keep in mind. Fighting him from behind will keep you out of harms way, and dodging his more powerful attacks makes the fight go a lot smoother.

Wicked Swipe

This attack doesn’t inflict much damage. He will do it often, normally followed by Spectral Impact. If you’re not the tank, this attack shouldn’t really be a concern as you will be stood behind Gerseval.

Spectral Impact

This attack usually follows after the Wicked Swipe. It’s fairly obvious when this attack is coming, even when Gorsevals attack pattern changes. He will raise his arm into the air, and lean forward as he smashes the ground with his fist. This attack isn’t deadly, but it will knock down anyone who it hits. Players should avoid this attack with blocks, dodges and stability where possible to avoid damage loss.

Ghastly Rampage

At set points in the fight, Gorseval will go into a rampage. This is where he stops in the middle of the arena and starts pounding the ground with his fists. During this attack a breakbar will appear which needs to be broken to disengage the attack. As this is happening, the floor will be covered in black AoEs. Standing in this dark AoE will apply vulnerability and retal, which will lower your health very quickly resulting in a downed player.

There is a pattern to this AoE which can be avoid at set points. Failure to break the defiance bar will lead to the whole area filling with the AoE. It’s common for groups to delay breaking the defiance bar so the group can apply more damage to Gorseval in this phase.

GW2 Guild Wars 2 Gorseval Raid Breakdown Guide

World Eater

After you’ve stopped Goreseval from performing his Ghastly Rampage, you will pull him to one of the various walls. From here, you will continue to inflict damage until he starts the World Eater attack. Goreseval will raise his hands in the air and start to channel. At this point a huge area wide AoE will spawn and fill the area. If you’re still on the platform when this attack hits, you will die.

You goal here is to either damage Gorseval so quickly that you push through this attack. The alternative and most common method is to break the walls and use the updrafts to fly out, then back into the area.

GW2 Guild Wars 2 Gorseval Raid Breakdown Guide

Ghastly Prison

Once you lower Gorseveals health below 33% he will introduce a new mechanic. This mechanic will trap players in a orb like prison. There are two ways to escape, one is to use your special action key, the other is to have your team break you out.

This attack will place an AoE under each of the player characters. Players need to dodge or side step out of the AoE to avoid the attack.

You should see a prompt on the screen for this, but if you don’t, this mechanic starts after the second spirit phase.

GW2 Guild Wars 2 Gorseval Raid Breakdown Guide