General Mechanics

There are quite a few mechanics to keep track of in this fight, but most of them can be controlled by the players. There are some aspects of this fight you cannot control, but good group cooperation goes a long way in this fight.


This fight requires a tank to pull Keep Construct around the arena. He will follow whoever has the highest toughness. If you are the tank, you need to pull him to various statues around the room. Once at a statue, a summoned fixation will spawn. Once spawned, the group needs to kill the fixation on top of Keep Construct to remove a boon called Xera’s Embrace. Hold the boss near the closet statue spawn.

The statues that you have to move between spawn randomly, so between each phase you will want to pull Keep Construct to the first glowing statue you see. Doing so will put enough space between both Fixations that spawn. Giving you plenty of time to kill each one without causing a Fixation merge.


During the fight there will be two Fixations that spawn on either side of the arena. When they spawn, the statue they spawn from will glow a bright reddish orange color. As soon as they appear, two players in the group are Fixated. This mechanic is considered a secondary tanking mechanic.

You want to make sure the two Fixated players stay on top of Keep Construct. Once they’re killed their death removes a stack of Xera’s Embrace each time.

Do not want to cross your Fixations. If they merge, they will spawn a Insidious Phantasm. If this happens, you have two options, try to kill it, or wipe and start over. These Phantasms inflict high damage to the group, while also stripping boons you may have.

Guild Wars 2 Keep Construct Breakdown Raid Guide

These Fixations also spawn during the split phase after you break Keep Constructs Defiance Bar. At this point, make sure whoever is Fixated stays on the green circles closest to where the Fixation spawned.

If at any point a Fixated player dies, or downs for whatever reason, the Fixation will change to a new target. This is something to be mindful of in the later phases.

When you are Fixated, there will have a large purple marker above your head with a white tether to the Fixation you’re tied to.

Guild Wars 2 Keep Construct Breakdown Raid Guide

Construct Core

After breaking Keep Constructs Defiance Bar, you will proceed into a new phase. This phase will consist of at least 2 players standing in each of the three green circles that spawn. Failure to do this, will result in a group wipe as a burst of energy will blast through the arena.

Guild Wars 2 Keep Construct Breakdown Raid Guide

Directly after this phase, someone will have to push the Construct Core through five different rifts around the arena. Whoever is pushing the core will be chased by a group of phantasms. If the phantasms touch the core it will despawn and Keep Construct will return early. You want to hit the core through at least four rifts so you can inflict as much damage to him when he returns. Failure to hit enough rifts will result in less damage towards Keep Construct in this phase.

You will want to push Keep Construct through to the next phase with as much damage as possible. Doing so will then start the orb phase.

Guild Wars 2 Keep Construct Breakdown Raid Guide

Orb Phase

At 66% and 33% health, Keep Construct will go into a new phase. During this phase he will gain energy from colored orbs that make their way to the center of the arena. Above each players head will be a colored attunement (White or Red). You will need to use your body to block the orbs from reaching Keep Construct, if he gains more than 20 stacks of Magic Blast Intensity, he will inflict a massive blast of energy, possibly wiping the group.

Guild Wars 2 Keep Construct Breakdown Raid Guide

Radiant Summons

During the fight, there will be random phases where you will either get the Radiant Summons, or Xera’s Fury. For this mechanic players will have an attunement placed above their head. From here you can only kill the summoned phantasms with the same color attunement.

This mechanic is something you can ignore if your group damage is high enough. You can pull the Fixations to the boss, kill them, and break Keep Constructs Defiance Bar quick enough to bypass having to kill these summons.

If your group is too slow on phasing, you will have to kill the summoned phantasms. Failure to do so will cause a group wipe.

Guild Wars 2 Keep Construct Breakdown Raid Guide

Xera’s Fury

This is the alternative mechanic to Radiant Summons. If this spawns, all the players in the arena will have a large growing AoE placed on them. At this point, everyone must scatter, not overlapping the AoEs onto other players.

The tank, and the Fixated player must stay near Keep Construct. If Keep Construct or the Fixation are moved too far away from each other, it can place the group in a weird situation.

If members of the group overlap their AoE circles, it’s possible they may die. This is unavoidable for the tank and Fixated player.

Guild Wars 2 Keep Construct Breakdown Raid Guide

Keep Construct

The boss attack mechanics are straight forward, and require little to not attention. The two attacks that caught most people off guard are the Phantasmal Blades, and Tower Drop. Both of these attacks inflict high damage, but can be avoided.


While following the tank, Keep Construct will swipe at the tank player, inflicting minor damage to anyone who gets in the way of this attack.


Much like the Swipe, but instead he will flop his hand backwards. Whoever is within hitting distance will feel minor damage from this attack.

Construct Aura

During the fight, Keep Construct will emit an aura which damages players slowly. This is active throughout the whole fight. A good healer will negate any events from this.

Phantasmal Blades

Unlike the rest of Keep Constructs attacks, this one has several stages. When this attack spawns, there will be a pulsating aura at the base of Keep Construct. From here, you will see a cone shaped AoE spinning in a counter-clockwise motion around the arena. As the fight progresses through each phase, he will game an extra AoE cone to this attack. Standing in this attack will apply massive confusion stacks to the players caught within it. He will perform this attack at set points, in the fight.

Guild Wars 2 Keep Construct Breakdown Raid Guide

Tower Drop

This attack follows the Orb Phase. Right after, Keep Contrast will target the closest player to him. This is indicated by a large purple beam connected to the player. Whoever has this fixation should make sure they’re in front of the next spawning statue. After a few sections of Keep Construct selecting a target, he will leap into the air, and smash into the ground on top of the target.

Hail of Fury

In the last 33% of Keep Constructs health, the mechanics change slightly. He will jump towards the group as normal. So positioning him near a statue spawn is vital. After his leap, he will then break apart and flow around the ceiling of the arena. During this time he will drop debris on the group which will stun anyone it hits for a second.

Once the attack is over, he will drop down where he first jumped up and continue the fight. At this point he will perform the Phantasmal Blades attack so be prepared.