The Largos Twins are the second boss encounters in wing 6. This boss is very unique and quite different to anything we’ve seen before in earlier raid encounters. There are two bosses here which requires two separate tanks. This is a high damage fight, and requires some coordination to clear.

As the fight progresses the platforms you’re standing on will sink to the water below. If you sink the fight will end and wipe everyone. Each fight has a short time, if the group damage isn’t high enough there will be no way to progress this boss.

There is a unique debuff to this fight called waterlogged that you gain from falling into the water, or standing in certain AoEs. Avoid as much as possible as 10 stacks will kill you. These will slowly reduce over time.


Both bosses here need a tank, so two players with higher toughness are needed for each subgroup.  This is important after the second platform because the group will split up and deal with each Largos at the same time on their separate sides.

Tank positioning will depend on how players are dealing with mechanics. Holding Nikare in the center or to one side works well. Kenut however requires some movement to avoid the cyclones.

Platform Timers

Each boss has a timer for how long you can stay on a platform before it sinks into the water. For the first two platforms you have 1 minute 50 seconds for each boss. For phase two you fight both bosses separately and have 1 minute 60 seconds per platform.

First Platform (Nikare)

Nikare has a very basic attack pattern, he will dash 3 times across the platform. There are several other AoE attacks as well. One is a large Aoe that fills from the center. This will pop once filled knocking back players.

Guild Wars 2 Largos Twins Raid Boss Breakdown Guild Wars 2 Largos Twins Raid Boss Breakdown

The second AoE are small and quite hard to see. If caught by them players rise in to the air in a bubble.  You can break yourself out using a stun break. Or a group stun break to save people who’re hit.

Guild Wars 2 Largos Twins Raid Boss Breakdown Guild Wars 2 Largos Twins Raid Boss Breakdown

The third attack is a randomly spawning tidal pool AoE. This AoE closes in from the outer edges of the circle and drops a pool of expanding water on the platform. This will expand to a rather large size so stacking them on one side if preferable. Players who have this will be alerted and have a whirlpool icon above their head.

Guild Wars 2 Largos Twins Raid Boss Breakdown

This boss will phase at 50% and allow you to move on to the second platform.

Second Platform (Kenut)

Kenut also has a very simple attacks. She spawns a series of AoEs on the platform in the same pattern. There is also a telegraphed shock wave knock back. Stability with this boss is extremely useful to make sure you don’t get knocked off in to the water.

Guild Wars 2 Largos Twins Raid Boss Breakdown Guild Wars 2 Largos Twins Raid Boss Breakdown

She will also stealth and attack the farthest person from the group. As soon as she appears she will have a rectangle AoE in front of her. This AoE will rip boons from whoever is hit, boon rip will be needed if someone is hit by this attack.

Guild Wars 2 Largos Twins Raid Boss Breakdown

The one mechanic that you need to watch for on this platform is the water cyclones. They move around the platform in a random pattern. Even though they don’t inflict much damage, they do apply slow and chill. You will also gain waterlogged stacks that apply quickly.

Guild Wars 2 Largos Twins Raid Boss Breakdown

Kenut will also phase at 50% and force the group to split up to fight both bosses at the same time.

Platform Split (Left and Right)

In the next phase the group needs to split up. Group composition here is important as you don’t want to stack more damage on one side over the other. You want an even spread of damage, heals and a tank on each side to control positioning of each Largos.

The left path will be fighting Nikare and the right path with Kenut. There are phases where each boss will gain a Defiance Bar. Break these bars quickly. Both groups will be dealing with the same mechanics listed above.

In this phase there are two sets of platforms. Once a boss hits 25% on the first platform, they will move to the second and last platform.

Both groups want to kill each boss roughly at the same time. If one dies before the other it breaks their bond and one will become enraged.