gw2 event icon The “Special Action” key is used during this boss fight. You can set this key in options > control options > skills. This key should be accessible at all times.

Mastery Icon You will also need the Forsaken Waters Mastery to take part in this fight.

Arena Mechanics

This fight is quite complex compared to most raid bosses. There are several phases that all do different things, but a few mechanics that affect the fight from start to finish. This fight has a lot of mechanics that tend to be random. The phases do not change, but player focus does.

Blood Shard Shield Reflect

During the fight, one or two players will need to reflect Matthias. He will cast a protective bubble and target one player. This one player will be his key focus for this attack during the fight. The fixation will change if they die at any point. Once this attack happens, a player needs to reflect the projectiles back at Matthias to remove the Blood Shield stacks he has. Failure to fully reflect his projectiles, will result in a secondary player reflecting him to break the shield.

One thing to keep in mind here is reflect skills that destroy projectiles will not work in this fight. They will save your allies from being killed by the attack, but they will not remove the stacks from Matthias’ Blood Shield.

Note: It’s always important to have a backup reflector in case the primary has to deal with poison, profane or has become sacrificed.

Unstable Blood Magic

Throughout the fight, random players will be targeted and inflicted with this burden. Once a player has been targeted, they need to leave the group and use their special action to drop the Unstable Blood Magic around the edge of the arena. Doing so will cause a large well of profane that pulses. Dropping this on the group can be devastating.


This is another mechanic that’s similar to Unstable Blood Magic. A random player will be given corruption. Once selected, they must make use of the fountains around the arena to clear their poison. You will need to have the mastery Forsaken Waters to use these fountains.

Groups will usual use the fountains in a clockwise rotation around the room. Starting with either fountains located closest to the door. This is group preference, some groups may do it differently.


Throughout the fight, Matthias will target a random player and Sacrifice them. During this time, everyone with a Crowd Control skill should focus the sacrificed player. Failure to break your fellow group member free will result in their death. This mechanic is present throughout the fight.

Abomination: During the final phase, sacrifice will no longer affect the group.

Phase Mechanics

The following phases spawn at certain periods though the fight. The first three spawn in sequence, followed by a random sequence in the last phase. After you enter the Abomination phase, these phases will randomly cycle in quick succession.

Snowstorm Phase (100%)

This is the first phase of four. Throughout the arena, icy patches will spawn. These patches will slow players who’re within range, and cause knockdown. These patches should be focused by players with radial burning skills. Patches that are left on the field, will cause issues for players trying to clear corruption in the fountains.

Abomination: Icy Patches seem to spawn at a faster rate.

Heatwave Phase (80%)

The key to this phase is to keep moving. Standing still will apply burning. During this phase there will also be fire tornadoes that move around the arena randomly. If caught by a tornado, it will inflict burning and throw you off in a random direction. The key to this phase is to make sure you’re not taking excessive damage and stay together as a group for healing.

Abomination: There will be double the amount of tornadoes compared to the standard phase.

Downpour Phase (60%)

This phase has a few more mechanics than the others. You will need to stand still, preferably in the center of the arena. If you move too much you will gain stacks of Unbalanced. When you hit 10 stacks of this effect you will be knocked down. You can however remove the stacks by standing still once you hit 10 for a moment. If you see you’re close to 10 stacks, move a little to raise the count, then stand still while you have 10. There will be a large marker above your head to indicate this. Just time your movements carefully because of “Zealous Benediction”.

Storm Cloud

Around the central area, a storm cloud will appear. Standing in the cloud will cause high damage and down, or even kill anyone stood within it. For this phase, you should be mindful of its location as there will be moments where you have to move out. There will only be one ring during the first phase of this.

Abomination: Once this phase triggers while fighting the abomination, there will be two storm clouds that cover most of the arena space.

Zealous Benediction

Every so often, Matthias will apply this to five random players. Once applied, the five players will have to spread out and not overlap their AoE rings on other players. Doing so will down them when the blast of energy happens. It’s okay to overlap the AoE circles, just make sure the edge of the rings don’t overlap the players inside them.

Abomination: After his transformation, this effect will be applied to every player. This will happen throughout the fight until he is killed.

Abomination (40%)

At 40% health, Matthias will overload from the amount of Bloodstone Magic he has absorbed. He can no longer control its power. Once the abomination spawns, he will apply “Zealous Benediction”, kick whoever is in range and fear the group.


These phases return, along with some extra mechanics (detailed above under each phase) Unlike the previous phases, the Abomination will cycle through the phases every 30 seconds.


Throughout the final phase of this fight, you will see summoned spirits. These spirits run from one side of the arena to the other. You want to avoid these as much as possible, standing in their AoE will cause you to down, and possibly die. Make sure you avoid the spirits by moving out-of-the-way. Dodging through them doesn’t really work. If slowed by Icy Patches, make sure to save your dodges just in case you need to evade the spirit.

Spontaneous Combustion

This is very similar to the Shards of Rage attack that Matthias performs. The only difference is the shards will be released up into the air, and rain down on the group. It is possible to dodge this attack as you will see lots of red AoE circles on the ground. This attack deals a fairly heavy damage, so do your best to dodge it as much as possible.

Matthias Gabrel

Overall, Matthias doesn’t have that many attacks. The attacks he does perform inflict rather high damage if they hit the group. But most of this fight revolves around dealing with environmental mechanics.


The most common attack Matthias performs. Between each attack he will swing at the group inflicting damage. This is fairly minimal compared to his other attacks. He will lunge forward and hit several players at a time.

Oppressive Gaze

Matthias will focus on one player during the fight. If this player dies, the fixation will change to someone else. When fixated he will raise his Blood Shield, which will then require a reflect. From this attack, he will then produce a large energy ball that he fires towards the focused player. You can side step this attack, or block it.

This attack is present during the first phase downpour, and throughout the final phase of abomination. If fixated with this attack be mindful of the groups positioning to avoid killing players who’re unaware of their location.

Shards of Rage

Between the general attacks, and the shield, Matthias will do a flip into the air smashing his staff into the ground. When this happens he will fire a ring of Blood Shards out at the group. These can be dodged, blocked or reflected. They do minimal damage if they hit, however you will gain the effect Blood Fueled. This will cause Matthias to increase 10% more damage per stack.

Blood Shards

This attack is tied to Oppressive Gaze and the reflecting mechanic explained above. Matthias will focus one player, and fire Blood Shards at them while his Blood Shield is active. Generally whoever is fixated shouldn’t have to worry as the attack will be reflected. If reflects happen to not be placed, this attack will kill the player who is fixated if they’re hit.