gw2 event icon The “Special Action” key is used during this boss fight. You can set this key in options > control options > skills. This key should be accessible at all times.

Mastery Icon You may need Forsaken Waters Mastery, Ley-Line Gliding Mastery and the Bouncing Mushroom Mastery to take part in this fight. If you’re in the general damage group, then you will not be required to use these masteries.

This boss is more of an event than a full raid boss. There’s several mechanics, which ends in a short fight. This guide breaks down all the mechanics so you know what to expect.

Stronghold Escort

There are three main mechanics to the escort portion of this fight. The first is making sure Glenna makes it to the end of the fort. You will need to control Wargs which spawn, and push up through a series of checkpoints.

Your group will need to split into two teams to complete the mechanics of this fight.

Escorting Glenna (Lower Path)

When you start, someone (usually a healer) will use their special action key to call Glenna. You should designate only one person to this task. If everyone uses the action it’s possible she may end up in danger. You will need to move her up through various checkpoints marked by a white AoE circle when you reach the front of the fort.

Stronghold of the Faithful McLeod the Silent Raid Guide

Whoever is escorting Glenna needs to stay within a set range of her. If you go too far ahead without her, she will be become scared. If this happens you will see a fear icon above her head and her health will drop dramatically, wiping the group if she dies.

Before you reach any checkpoints, the tower team will have to clear and capture the turrets raining down bloodstone shards. Once a tower is clear however, two Wargs will spawn, one in the south from where you start, the other in the north at the fort entrance. They will make their way towards the group at rather quickly unless they’re slowed down. The group below should be aware of their location as they move up (see “Warg Control” below).

Aside from these basic mechanics, there’s not much else to the lower path. The group needs to make their way up through the path to the fort, avoiding the various hazards ahead. The main hazard that will kill any unsuspecting player will be the mines. These can be deactivated with a ranged attack, or a very careful melee attack. Anyone with range should be destroying the mines. Once destroyed, they will re-spawn in the same spot within a short period of time.

Turrets (Upper Path)

Note: To reach the towers you will need Forsaken Thicket Waters, Bouncing Mushrooms and Ley-Line Gliding masteries unlocked.

At the start of the area across the bridge the group will split up. The ground team will go right, while the tower team goes left. Most groups favor having a Chronomancer solo the cave, then port everyone up to the towers afterward. This way no one is killed by the mushrooms. This all depends on the group, but the tower team can head through the cave is they so wish to.

Once the Chronomancer reaches the other side, they can teleport everyone up to the tower. Some groups designate 3 people to stay up and deal with the towers. Others will have two Chronomancers teleport the whole group up to capture.

There are various tactics, but the most common is to have three players deal with the towers while the rest stay on the ground.

If you’re using the tower team method, everyone needs to bring knock, pulls and condition cleanse to deal with the enemies. Pushing the enemies outside of the red capture point allows for fast and effective capture.

Make sure to leave at least one enemy alive, this will stop others from spawning on the towers. You can then aid the group below by using the turrets to kill enemies, also allowing Glenna’s Escort to move her to the checkpoint.

Once the checkpoint has been reached, a ley-line will appear between the tower you’re on and the next. You will continue to repeat this through all five towers. The last tower however, you will only need to kill the enemies and then jump down to the fort entrance below.

If at any point the ground team has issues. Players from the turret group can jump down and assist as needed. Make sure your Chronomancer stays on the tower. They can then provide an easy access portal back up if needed. Alternatively you can use the ley-line on the right side of the path if any mistakes happen.

Warg Control

Wargs are one of the main reasons a group will wipe in this instance. They have one goal, and that is to kill Glenna. If they’re within range it only takes them a few seconds to kill her. There are several ways to deal with these enemies, but the most common is to dedicated two players to slow and kill them. This is the perfect role for Reapers due to their high amount of chill and immobilize skills.

If your group lacks reapers, it’s possible for other classes to fill these roles using soft crowd control skills such as chill, immobilize, cripple and slow.

The goal is to hold and kill Wargs away from the group. If you have someone holding the back Warg, usually the group escorting Glenna will kill the front Warg as it gets closer, while avoiding mobs and mines.

Something to keep in mind is that a Warg will spawn at either end of the instance as soon as a defense tower is captured. This means it is highly possible to have multiple Wargs active if the group is pushing through the instance quickly.

McLeod the Silent Boss

Out of all the bosses, McLeod is the most straight forward with the least amount of mechanics. The whole Stronghold of the Faithful can be compared to dynamic events in the open world.

In a lot of ways, this boss seems like it is there to explain the Radiant and Crimson Phantasms than to pose any real challenge.


Once you reach the entrance to the stronghold, you can leave Glenna on the stairs. She will show a fear icon on your mini map. As long as you don’t leave her at the bottom of the stairs, she will stay safe while you complete the encounter.

Sword Slash

This attack deals very little damage, but he will swipe at the group between performing his Confounding Frenzy attack.

Confounding Frenzy

This main attack will apply confusion to the player he hits. Staying behind him and out of the attack range is recommended.

Radiant & Crimson Phantasms

For every 25% of McLeod’s health you reduce, he will vanish and spawn two phantasms. During this period, you will see a marker of either red or white above your head. Having this marker means you can only inflict damage to the phantasm attuned to this color marker. These phantasms perform the same attack as McLeod.

This mechanic is present in the Keep Construct fight. So consider this an introduction to mechanics for that boss.

Stronghold of the Faithful McLeod the Silent Raid Guide


During the fight, McLeod will re-appear after his phantasm split. At the same time a Warg will spawn at the gate entrance. You need to immobilize and kill this enemy as fast as possible. Ignoring the spawned Warg will result in Glennas death, resetting the encounter.

Stronghold of the Faithful McLeod the Silent Raid Guide