gw2 event icon The “Special Action” key is used during this boss fight. You can set this key in options > control options > skills. This key should be accessible.

The Mursaat Overseer isn’t like any other boss in the current raid line up. This is a very simple but mechanic driven fight. Unlike all the other bosses, the Overseer doesn’t have any general attacks, it just follows the player with the claim ability.


At the start of the fight, the player with the “Claim” action will become the tank for the group. From here you can move around the center of the room and claim tiles as needed. Just be aware when the spikes will appear and move the group to a clear title. If the tile isn’t clear, claim it and move as needed.


Whoever picks this ability up will take full control of the statue and its positioning around the arena. You will use the claim skill to clear active tiles so you can move the boss between the safe areas.

Whenever a Soldier enters a tile the group is standing on, the tile will illuminate. When this happens make sure to drop the claim to avoid a group wipe. If you have multiple Soldiers active, wait until they’re all active within the tile before you claim it. Doing so will avoid the extra Soldiers from re-activating the tile as they enter.


This skill is used to remove the protective aura around the Jade Scouts and Soldiers. To use the skill the player with it must target the statue or enemy and remove the aura by activating with the special action key.

There’s not much else to this skill, but making sure the statues and Soldiers are clear of the aura will make the fight go a lot smoother.

Guild Wars 2 Mursaat Overseer Raid Boss Breakdown


This skill is used far less often than the others. Using it will cast a bubble for the group to stand in. If there is no way to avoid the spikes and reach a safe tile, then the skill should be used to avoid a group wipe. The most common use of this skill will be later in the fight when there are more spike hazards than clear tiles to stand in. This will depend on the groups damage, and if you can kill the boss before all the tiles become active with spikes.

Once cast this ability has an extremely long cooldown. So if you have to use it, make sure it is really necessary.

Arena Floor

There are two main mechanics happening with the floor. The glowing tiles will hurt anyone that stands on them. They can be cleared by the player with the “Claim” skill. Avoid these tiles unless the tank moves to them and has cleared a path.

The second hazard is a pattern of spikes that shoot up from the floor. Players who are standing on the spikes are killed instantly. These spikes follow a set pattern throughout the fight.

Guild Wars 2 Mursaat Overseer Raid Boss Breakdown Guild Wars 2 Mursaat Overseer Raid Boss Breakdown

Jade Scouts & Soldiers

Once you enter the fight, you will notice four statues on the far side of the arena. They will slowly move across to the other side. The most common way to deal with these statues is to have ranged players attack them and reduce their health. As soon as a statues health is reduced, it will stop for a moment. If a statue reaches the other side of the arena it will turn into a Soldier.

Guild Wars 2 Mursaat Overseer Raid Boss Breakdown

Soldiers will levitate towards the group once they spawn. They have a damaging aura effect, so having multiple active at any given time can be quite painful for the group. If they enter a cleared tile, they will re-activate it. The group should relay information about the Scouts and if any are going to become active so the tank can claim tiles accordingly.

Once soldiers die, they will emit a large explosive AoE that damages the group.

Guild Wars 2 Mursaat Overseer Raid Boss Breakdown