Qadim is a very unique boss with many phases. You don’t directly fight the boss until you’ve defeated his summoned champions. This fight can be quite overwhelming at first, but once you understand the mechanics the fight is quite straight forward.

Unlike any other boss, this fight doesn’t concentrate on the boss himself, but more so on the phase mechanics between the main boss fight.

This fight also has several unique roles that need to be filled to succeed.

Lava Elementals (Qadims Platform)

Throughout the fight there are thee phases where one or two players need to stop Lava Elementals from reaching Qadim. The platform Qadim is standing on will spawn three elementals in turn. Whoever is dealing with this task just needs to stop them from reach him. If he consumes the elementals at any point he will gain a damage buff per elemental.

Proximity Tanking

The tanking mechanics in this fight are very different from anything you may have seen before. The champions that spawn are proximity based rather than toughness or fixate based. Players standing the closest will pull fixation and cause the champion to turn around.

In some cases this may be useful, but ideally you will want to make sure one person holds the fixate as much as possible. Some of these champions may turn around and cleave the group otherwise.

Mystic Lamp

Between each major phase of the fight 1/2 or even 3 players need to take a portal into the Mystic Lamp. Once inside players will need to make their way through the four by four puzzle room to reach their goal. There are many enemies inside the lamp that need to be killed to unlock the next section of the path.

Guild Wars 2 Qadim Raid Boss Breakdown Guild Wars 2 Qadim Raid Boss Breakdown

After completing the path you will reach a friendly hydra, elemental or NPC. Once the end point is reached, the lamp must be destroyed on the main platform. Good communication is required to make sure that players are returned in time.

The map below detailed all three paths for players dealing with the lamp. Remember to take the path of least resistance. Looking for low tier enemies instead of elites, veterans or champions.

Guild Wars 2 Qadim Raid Boss Breakdown

Qadims Champions

Between the main boss phases you will need to complete four mini bosses. The hydra spawns at the very start of the fight. Followed by the destroyer after the first boss phase. The two wyverns are the last mini boss phase which leads into the last battle.

These bosses tie into the Mystic Lamp mechanic. Players need to reduce the mini bosses health as much as possible while destroying the Defiance Bar every time it appears. Failure to do so will result in each champion casting their special abilities. Some more devastating than others.

One mechanic that’s active during each champion fight is a hard to see teleport that appears below the enemy. This is something that the tank should be very careful to avoid. This also affects players that get too close. The teleport shows up with a small red ring, which then finishes with a large portal animation that’s hard to see depending on your viewpoint.

Ancient Invoked Hydra

The first champion you will face is the hydra. A powerful beast with several very painful attacks. Failure to destroy the Defiance Bar will result in a meteor blast to everyone on the platform. The hydra will also snap at players with all three heads. The last attack is a fiery blast from all three heads.

This bosses Defiance Bar will spawns after a chain of attacks (2 bites, a roar, 2 more bites). Keep this in mind so you can break it without issue.

Guild Wars 2 Qadim Raid Boss Breakdown

Apocalypse Bringer (Destroyer)

After first damage phase on Qadim the next champion will be a large destroyer. Failing to destroy the Defiance Bar with this enemy will cause several smaller enemies to spawn. One for each player on the platform. These enemies hit extremely hard so there is also a high priority on making sure the group does not fail this.

At the start you will also see three other destroyer enemies. Stack close to the boss to pull them in. Break their defiance bars and kill them quickly to avoid people dying.

Guild Wars 2 Qadim Raid Boss Breakdown

The attacks are fairly simple, there’s a cleave with a ground AoE, and a large jump which causes an outward burst shock wave. You can jump or dodge the shock wave, it deals little damage but will knock players down.

Guild Wars 2 Qadim Raid Boss Breakdown

Wyverns (Matriarch and Patriarch)

The last champion comes in the form of two Wyverns. The Matriarch and Patriarch both have different attacks. The Matriarch  has no Defiance Bar mechanic, but it does need a player to tank and point it away from the group. The main reason for this is due to its devastating gust attack. If this Wyvern is pointing towards the other group, it’s highly possible that this attack will knock everyone off the platform.

The damage group should focus the Patriarch primarily as it has a Defiance Bar. Both have several attacks, the first is a claw attack with a ground target AoE. The one big attack this Wyvern has over the other comes with the Defiance Bar. If failed, the Matriarch will break the platform the group is standing on.

Guild Wars 2 Qadim Raid Boss Breakdown

Both champions have the same claw, sweep and fire breath attack. So treat them with caution while moving between them.

Guild Wars 2 Qadim Raid Boss Breakdown

Qadim Pyre Phasee

After dealing with the champions Qadim will appear in the center of the platform. From here the group needs to split up and deal with 3 pyres, and 3 groups of lava elementals. These elementals are protected by a Greater Magma Elemental. You first need to push the Magma Elemental away from the Lava ones. Doing so will allow you to kill the Lava Elementals. The group needs to makes sure that these enemies do no reach Qadim. If they do he will gain a damage buff which increases per stack.

Guild Wars 2 Qadim Raid Boss Breakdown Guild Wars 2 Qadim Raid Boss Breakdown

There are three pyres in total. Each have their own unique buff that needs to be stripped (Retaliation, Stability and Protection). Leaving the pyres active will buff Qadim. These should be a priority as they will slow down or even kill the group as they fight Qadim directly.

Guild Wars 2 Qadim Raid Boss Breakdown

There are three phases to this mechanic. Two of which have Magma Elementals active, the third one there are two pyres and several rotating platforms. During these phases the platform will change shape and move around. The maps below detail the phase changes. With each phase change the pyres rotate counter-clockwise from their previous location. So pay close attention to where the one you may be dealing with shifts to. Magma Elementals also move during this phase.

If you look carefully there will be an enemy by each pyre. Each enemy type denotes what type you’re approaching. They also have the boon of the pyre.

Guild Wars 2 Qadim Raid Boss Breakdown Guild Wars 2 Qadim Raid Boss Breakdown Guild Wars 2 Qadim Raid Boss Breakdown

After all this is dealt with focus on Qadim himself and proceed to until the next group of elementals spawn. He will phase at 66% and 33% into the next two champion phases.

Qadim has a series of attacks that you need to watch out for. He will fire a few AoE attacks along with a knockback shockwave. He will also fill the platform with various AoEs throughout the fight that you should avoid at all costs.

Guild Wars 2 Qadim Raid Boss Breakdown Guild Wars 2 Qadim Raid Boss Breakdown Guild Wars 2 Qadim Raid Boss Breakdown Guild Wars 2 Qadim Raid Boss Breakdown

Final Phase

In the last phase of this fight all the platforms separate. Four will start to spin as you follow Zommoros. Players need to be extremely careful in this last phase as falling off the platforms is quite easy. You have a small safety net in the form of a bubble pushing you back up so you can glide.

In this short phase you will need to destroy two pyres that are buffing Qadim. Along with navigate the jumping puzzle section of this fight. The maps above show you the direct routes you need to take, along with the platforms that spin. Don’t rush this section as you have plenty of time to progress.

After reaching Qadim the group needs to fight him directly. Stand on the safe parts of the platform that aren’t set ablaze as he attacks you. Follow him to each corner as he moves, and push to phase him. At the end of this fight, everyone will need to move over to the last platform where you continue to fight Qadim until the end.

In the very last phase he will continue to do his general firestorm attack, shock wave and blast the group with various AoEs. He will also summon the Magma Elementals with the Lava Eelementals. Make sure that these two adds die quickly as they can cause issues. Focus the boss as much as possible and stay within the safe zones.