The second boss of this raid isn’t really a boss. It is a series of events that allow players to unlock Dhuums final arena. These events are generally simple, but there a possibility for high failure rates due to the mechanics.

River of Souls Escort

Following the Soulless Horror is the River of Souls Escort. This escort has the group walk the river with Desmina, protecting her for the hazards up to Deaths Landing. This event takes high coordination to make sure Desmina doesn’t die.

Desmina will cast a protective bubble around herself and the group. You need to keep this bubble active the whole way through the escort. If you step outside the bubble for too long, players will take extreme amounts of damage.

Enervators will slow the group by causing Desmina to drop the shield. At these points players will need to focus the Enervators and kill them as quickly as possible to resume progress.

If anyone happens to die while progressing the path, they have one fallback. Your soul is ripped from its body, followed by an option to collect five pink orbs. Once the orbs are collected, you Rivers of Souls Raid Boss Breakdown Guidewill return to the land of the living for one last time.

The diagram on the right details all the hazards on the path. It’s highly recommend to bring a lot of Crowd Control skills as a group. You will also want burst damage over conditions to kill the various enemies quickly.


Spatial Rift

Rifts spawn at set points throughout the path. They pull players in and off the path if the rift is left active. Each rift has 10 stacks of an intensity buff, removing all 10 stacks will nullify the rift for a short time. Players with range should focus the rifts, and have one dedicated player who will focus every rift primarily. This will allow the group to focus on the other mechanics.


These enemies appear often on the path in various locations. The group should focus and kill these enemies as soon as possible. Failure to do so will result in a long downtime for Desminas protective shield. If you can stun them with the lightning strike before they can attack, Desmina will not lose her shield.

Hallowed Bombers

This is another enemy that spawns fairly often throughout the path. They will slowly walk up to Desmina and detonate with a large AoE magic explosion. The group should focus and break the Defiance Bar that appears as soon as they can. Doing so will stun the bomber and prevent this attack.

Once this enemy is stunned, they need to be killed immediately. If they’re not killed fast enough, they will get back up and do their explosive attack again. This can be dodged by players, but Desmina will still take damage from the attack.

Lightning Strikes

From the start to the end of the path players will be randomly selected for this attack. Once the attack starts, players have a few sections to place the strike, and get out of the AoE before it stuns them.

The AoE appears in a two-part ring. Once the inner ring fills the lightning strike will lock in place. The outter ring will then fill and the strike will happen. Players want to make sure they do not drop this on the group as it will stun anyone who is hit by it.

You can use these lightning strikes to stun the enemies on the path. If you can time the drop, place them on the Enervators or Hallowed Bombers to stun them before they can attack.

Soul Rifts

Much like the rifts with the Soulless Horror, you want to avoid them at all costs. However, this time around the rifts will only down players if they touch them. They won’t kill you instantly, but everyone should avoid them at all costs.

The rifts spawn at several spots throughout the path after the half way point. They will also spawn in two different orientations, one being horizontal the other being vertical. They’re fairly easy to avoid as they’re slow-moving.

Spirit Horde

These enemies will start to spawn around half way on the path. They inflict high amounts of damage, but they are extremely weak. These enemies spawn in large packs and should be killed as soon as possible. If they’re left alone for too long they will cleave Desmina and lower her health quickly. They also inflict high amounts of damage to anyone who is hit by them.

Statue of Ice

The Broken King is a very simple but quite demanding fight. There’s very little in the way of mechanics, but the group needs to keep up a steady overall damage progression. You’re given 3 minutes to defeat this boss, but you don’t want to push the damage so far that it makes this boss impossible.

This boss will focus on the player with the highest toughness. You want to control the boss and make sure that he doesn’t cleave the group as he hits extremely hard.

Falling Shards

The majority of this fight is made up of players collecting a series of icy shards that fall to the ground. To collect these shards a player need to stand in the green circle just before the shard hits the ground. Failure to collect a shard will result in an explosive magic blast downing or killing players who’re within the blast radius.

You can collect as many shards as you want, however you need to make sure that you do not exceed 3 stacks. If you do not allow the stacks to clear, collecting more will freeze you in place while inflicting damage until you’re broken out.

If the group inflicts huge amounts of damage, these shards will spawn in mass. The lower your damage, the less shards will fall. You want to keep damage to a moderate high so you don’t run out of time.

Icy Veins

One attack that all players need to be looking out for are the icy veins. The boss will raise his staff into the air and slam it down. This will cause the area to fill with a randomly placed ice veins.

Standing on these veins will cause players to down instantly. Possibly killing them if they’re not revived fast enough. Make sure you avoid this attack as much as possible. Do not stand within the bosses hit box, stay at maximum melee range for the fight if you need to get close.

Shard Attack

Throughout the fight the Broken King will unleash a segmented AoE attack. They’re marked on the ground with various sized triangle AoEs. This attack is fairly easy to avoid, but you don’t want to be hit by it as it inflicts high damage.

Statue of Death & Resurrection

Unlike the other statues, this one is more like a raid boss. This fight is very mechanics heavy, so coordination is required to make sure that you succeed. Out of the three statues this has the most demanding mechanics, but the fight is fairly straight forward.

The goal here is to kill the Twisted Spirit. Doing so will release five orange orbs into the center of the arena. From here players need to pick up the orbs and throw them into the lit up rune sector on the platform using the special action key.

Once active, the tank can pull the boss over to the lit up section. From here the group needs to damage the boss until he forces the runes to expel their essence. At this point one player needs to take the portal up. Doing so will tear their soul from their body allow them to float around above collecting the orbs. You need to collect five orbs otherwise you will return in a downed stage.

Multiple players will have to do this mechanic as there’s a cooldown debuff on your return. The Rivers of Souls Raid Boss Breakdown Guidegroup needs to repeat this process through the fight until the meter in the top right of the screen is full. Once it is filled the boss can be killed by the group.

If the group takes too long to complete mechanics the meter will deplete drawing out the fight.

The diagram on the right shows the arena and where the various mechanics spawn. The green markers are where the Twisited Spirit spawns around the arena. The orange orbs in the center are the orbs from the dead spirit spawn.

The four light grey marks in the center with the dark grey circles are where the orange orbs need to be placed. The active segments will have a green glowing border.


Eater of Souls (Tanking)

Much like any other boss, this one focuses on the player with the highest toughness. You want to kite the boss around the platform, keeping him away from the Twisted Spirit. You do however want to stay close to the group but far enough away to make sure it’s vomit attack doesn’t land in any vital spots on the platform.

The boss doesn’t do a lot in general but he does hit hard at times. If you have difficulty staying alive, make sure one of the healers stays with the tank and boss to avoid a failure.

Twisted Spirit/ Runes

This spirit will spawn at the edge of the arena throughout the fight. You need to focus and kill it release five gold orbs into the arena. From here you throw the orbs into the lit up zones around the platform.

Once the runes are filled you can damage the boss to release the essence into the sky. If you fail to collect all the orbs, refuse damage on the next twisted spirit that spawns and fill in the missing orbs as needed.

Orb Collection

This mechanic requires at least two players to take the grasping hand portal when it appears on the platform. This will turn you into an orb of light, and allow you to collect the soul essences released from damaging the boss on the active panel.

You need to collect 5 orbs to return to the platform, otherwise you will return in a downed state. Players need to repeat this until the meter on the top right corner of the screen is filled. This meter will deplete if the fight takes too long and the other mechanics fail.

Entering this form will give you a few new skills. 1 will push you up, 3 will push you down. 2 will allow you to speed across the area.

If you’re in this form, players on the platform will need to break the bosses Defiance Bar if it appears. Players caught by this attack while in the orb form will be killed by the eater of souls if consumed.

Statue of Darkness

This statue is also fairly simple when it comes to mechanics. Your goal is to kill the two eyes as close together as possible. There is a light orb mechanic that allows you to inflict damage to the enemies within this area.

The squad needs to split up into two groups, as well as having 2 players throwing light orbs down to the groups in the two mazes below. This takes some coordination but it’s not impossible.

Players in each sub group should apply a squad marker to their eye. During the fight the each eye will move to a random place within the maze which players need to find. If you choose not to do this, fighting the eye once it moves will be quite difficult.

Light Orbs

This mechanic is the most important in the fight. Enemies can only be damaged while under the effects of a light orb aura. If there isn’t an orb in the area you’re in while other enemies are active, get to the next orb location as soon as possible.

Two players will need to stay up on top of the central divide for the two mazes. They will throw light orbs down to the groups below allowing them to inflict damage to the eyes, light thieves and minotaurs.

If players have multiple orbs near enemies, they can pick up excess ones and use skill 2 to stun anything within the radius. This is extremely useful for applying extra damage to the eyes and minotaurs themselves.

Always make sure that players are within the light aura. If you’re not then you cannot inflict damage to enemies. You will take heavy damage from any enemies that attack you in the shadows.

Light Orb Throwing

Two players will be designated to throwing orbs down to their groups. You need to make sure the groups always have orbs near their eye, and accessible so they can grab them if they need to move.

You need to make a few quick decisions and throw orbs to the group as they need them. It’s okay to stack multiple orbs on each side. But you may want to place some on top of the various walls to stop light thieves from stealing them.

Always make sure each eye has an orb on it, even if the group isn’t there to avoid the eye from inflicting its mass aura damage attack.  If the group is held up on a Minotaur, split the light orbs between both enemies.

While up on the divide you will have to deal with light thieves as well. They will take the odd orb and run off to a corner. If they happen to grab one, let them go and grab the next accessible one. These orbs spawn fairly often, but you don’t want the light thieves to steal too many as it could cost the groups below. Two damage based classes are ideal for this as they can cleave the mobs between collecting orbs.


Possibly the biggest threat within this encounter. These large enemies spawn randomly throughout the fight. They will roam the maze and ignore players unless you cross their path. Once seen, players should retreat to the light aura and kill the Minotaur as fast as possible. You can stun them using skill 2 on the light orbs, as well as break their Defiance Bar to stun them.

Minotaurs are attracted to the light orbs, so make sure you stun them before they can consume the light. If they do consume the light they will gain a damage buff that can be quite devastating.

Both groups need to make quick decisions when it comes to these enemies. If you decide to fight them make sure you have light orbs on hand to speed up the process in killing them. If you run out of light orbs, you may have to move to the next one or communicate to your orb throwing that you need another.

Light Thieves

Throughout the encounter these enemies will spawn. They inflict massive damage to whoever they attack, which is anyone holding a light orb. They are attracted to the orbs, for the most part they will leave you alone unless you’re holding an orb. If there aren’t any orbs actively lighting the area, they will attack anyone close to them.

They’re fairly easy to cleave, but they will continue to spawn through the fight. If you can kill them do so as they can become a problem later on.

Eye of Fate & Judgement

These enemies are the two main mechanics of this fight. You need to kill them both at the same time. You can only inflict damage to them once a light orb reveals them. Trying to kill them without will result in death as you cannot inflict damage, and they will attack your with a beam of light that’s very damaging.

They will randomly teleport around the two mazes, so both groups need to keep up with them. If an eye doesn’t have a light orb near it for an extended period, it will start to pulse damage across the encounter. This will then down and kill anyone who is within range of the attack. Keeping the eyes under a light orb at all times will avoid this.