gw2-eventYou will be required to use your “Special Action” key during this boss fight. You can set this key in options > control options > skills. This key should be accessible at all times.

Mastery Icon You will also need the Explosive Launch Mastery if you plan to run cannons in this fight.

Sabetha the Saboteur is the last boss of Spirit Vale. She brings a whole set of new mechanics, and requires full team cooperation to defeat her.

Bandit Camp

Before you reach Sabetha, your squad will need to clear the camp before her platform. This area is basically a small tutorial area, it will show you the jump pad mechanics for the first time.

Most of this encounter requires you to kill various bandits as you make your way up to the main platform.

Learning how to throw the bomb, and where to throw it is vital to this fight. A poor or missed throw will result in skipping that cannon for that phase.

Platform Mechanics

Aside from Sabetha and her Champions, most of the mechanics lie within the arena itself. There’s a lot to keep track of, but most of this stuff takes place at set times.


This mechanic is a primary mechanic that happens throughout the fight. Every 30 seconds a cannon will spawn which will bombard a third of the platform. Two dedicated players will be launched up to the active cannon and destroy it.

Cannons follow a set rotation, it starts out South, West, North and East. followed by South, North, West and finally East. After the second rotation, it will start from the first rotation and repeat until the fight is over. Once a cannon is active, the group on the platform should move to the next location to avoid the cannon fire.

Anyone with moderate or high damage can go up to the platforms to destroy them. Having the Mastery will cause you to take no damage while being launched. There are many ways to go about dealing with these cannons, the most common involves assigning roles with a backup.

Once a cannon has been destroyed you will be under the effect of Shell-Shocked. This debuff lasts for 50 seconds, whoever has it cannot be launched to another cannon right away.

If you’re dealing with a cannon, take care while destroying it as there will be an enemy sniper on the same platform. Also on your return, make sure there isn’t a Flame Wall making a pass of where you will land.

Sabetha Saboteur Raid Boss Breakdown Guide Sabetha Saboteur Raid Boss Breakdown Guide

Enemy Mobs

During the fight there will be various mob enemies that spawn on the platform. One of them called the Sapper. These enemies will give random players the bomb that is required to launch your group members to the cannon platforms. If you have the bomb, the special action key icon will appear above your primary skills. You will then need to use the special action to launch the designated group member to the cannon platform.

There are also other mobs that spawn which will kick and inflict damage on the group. Killing the Sapper early will result in missing the cannon throw. Killing Arsonists and Thugs is a priority.

Heavy Bomb

Between the phases where Sabetha leaves the platform her Champions will spawn. Once this happens, a new mechanic known as the Heavy Bomb will spawn. This is a powder keg that will explode damaging the platform.

Once a bomb spawns, it should be a priority for someone to run over and kick it off the platform before the radial timer runs out. Kick the active bomb by interacting with it. Failure to do so will cause massive damage to the platform.

Sabetha Saboteur Raid Boss Breakdown Guide

Flame Turrets

During the last phase, from 25% turrets will spawn around the platform in the four corners. This is part of Karde’s mechanics. They will fill the platform with slow-moving fireball AoEs known as Linked Ignition. If left alone, these turrets will cause the group problems in the final phase. One player can deal with the turrets while the rest of the group focus on Karde, then Sabetha.

Sabetha Saboteur Raid Boss Breakdown Guide

Kernan (75% Health)

The first of the Champions to spawn. Once she spawns, be careful not to stand in her Hail of Bullets. This is a three shot attack represented by the three cone-shaped AoEs on the platform. Standing in these shots can be very damaging. Generally you want to keep her facing the opposite direction to the next active cannon.

She also has a general attack, which deals small amounts of damage to the group.

Note: Sabetha will return just before you kill this Champion and start a Flame Wall from the North-East side of the platform.

Knuckles (50% Health)

As soon as Knukles spawns on the platform, prepare to use Crowd Control skills to break his Defiance Bar. This attack is known as Platform Quake. If your group is hit by it, Knuckles will hit the group up into the air and backwards, possibly off the platform.

Knuckles is the most overlooked Champion because of his simple attacks. It is possible for this Champion to cause a group wipe due to how powerful the Platform Quake is.

Note: Sabetha will return just before you kill this Champion and start a Flame Wall from the North-East side of the platform.

Karde (25% Health)

There are a few more mechanics to this Champion than the others, mainly because he spawns the Flame Turrets mentioned above. He has a powerful Flame Blast shot which will kill anyone stood in it for an extended period of time. You will want to kill this Champion as fast as possible to avoid a barrage of Flame Turrets which will cause problems in the final phase. His other attack is a general shotgun blast which deals minimal damage.

Note: Sabetha will return just before you kill this Champion and start a Flame Wall from the North-East side of the platform.

Sabetha the Saboteur

Sabetha herself doesn’t really do too much, but some of her attacks are very powerful. She may be the primary focus of the fight, but you need to keep track of a lot of other mechanics on top of just fighting her.

Timed Bomb

Players who are closest to Sabetha are given the Timed Bomb. This is a large AoE that will explode after a short period of time. If you have this, you need to leave the group and wait for the bomb to detonate. The bomb will inflict minimal damage on yourself, but it will inflict massive damage on any group members stood within the AoE.

After killing Knuckles two Timed Bombs are placed on the two closest players to Sabetha. This is something to be mindful of as you enter this phase as it’s harder to control who will get the bomb.

Sabetha Saboteur Raid Boss Breakdown Guide

Flak Shot

Sabetha will target the furthest player from the group and fire a Flak Shot at them. One player will take control of this and hang back on the edge of the platform. Doing this will keep the flak away from the group. Failure to control the flak and keep it out of the center may result in unwanted deaths.

Sabetha Saboteur Raid Boss Breakdown Guide


This attack is general, and used between all the other attacks. Sabetha will fire a shot into the group. This attack deals minimal damage compared to the rest of her attacks.


More commonly known as the Flame Wall is a large platform wide AoE that kills anyone who is hit by it. This first wall starts at 8:30 on the timer. Once the attack starts, she will target one member of the group, so stacking together is important. After the attack starts, she will rotate in a counter-clockwise direction around the platform.

The timing for this wall is roughly every 45 seconds. This will differ slightly depending on how quickly you phase Sabetha. You an skip mechanics if the group damage is high enough.

Sabetha Saboteur Raid Boss Breakdown Guide

Platform Crush

Once you reach the final phase, once Sabetha is below 25% health, the platform will darken and debris will start to fall from above. The debris has obvious smaller AoE markers on the platform. These generally don’t inflict a lot of damage on your party, but avoiding them should be a priority.