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Overall this fight has several layers to it. It starts of very straightforward, and progressively increases the difficulty up to the end.

First Phase

The first phase of the fight consists of pushing Samarog to 66%, breaking the fixation out of the Brutalize. There will be the odd spear spawn, but the mechanics are in their most basic form at this point.

Keeping Samarog in the middle of the arena is key to avoid players being struck by his knockback. Doing so gives a buffer zone to avoid players dying in the spikes around the arena.

Second Phase (66% Health)

The first encounter which involves Rigom and Guldem. Pull both enemies to the middle of Samarogs shield. From here Imobilize and kill Rigom while attacking Guldem. Attacking Guldem will transfer damage to Rigom. Make sure Rigom stays within the shield and as close to Samarog as possible.

Around 10% of Guldems heath the group can pull Rigom back out of the bubble and kill him to start the next phase.

Third Phase

Similar to phase one, however this time the group will have to deal with Inevitable Betrayal. This is a priority mechanic, try not to fail it and stay away from the group as much as possible when you’re fixated by it.

The fight continues just has phase one, however the arena will fill with spears.

Fourth Phase (33% Health)

This is the same phase as before, repeat the same processes. However this time be mindful of the Inevitable Betrayal as it continues through the fight until the end.

Fifth Phase

The last phase of the fight continues like the previous,  Samarog hits a bit harder and will introduce a new attack where he slams his spear into the ground. The fight is very straight forward in terms of mechanics as you’ve already seen everything in the earlier phases.

One thing to keep in mind mainly is Samarogs position in the arena. You want to make sure you’re not too close to the edges and avoid the spears at all costs.

Fixation & Tanking

During this fight, Samarog will fixate on the player who is the furthest distance away from the group. It’s possible for the same two players to become fixated and take full control of positioning.


Spears will randomly spawn throughout the arena during the boss fight. They can be removed from the arena by breaking the Diffidence Bar, or destroy them with general damage.

Depending on your group damage, and positioning on the boss will result in how the spears re dealt with.

Soul Swarm

Generally this is something you shouldn’t have to worry about, but standing within the AoE of a spear will pulse large amounts of damage. This is a very easy mechanic to avoid, so players shouldn’t run into any difficulty with it.

However, if you fail to complete the Inevitable Betrayal, one player will be stuck within this AoE. The only way to save these players will be to use a party rescue skill.

Spear Impact

Throughout the fight spears will spawn throughout the arena. This is indicated by a large AoE that appears on the impact zone. Avoid standing within this area as it inflicts high damage.

Spear Pull

Every so often the spears in the arena will gain a directional AoE. When this happens, all the currently active spears in the area will gravitate towards Smaraog. These deal a moderate amount of damage, but try to avoid them if you happen to be hit by something else.

Guild Wars 2 Samarog Raid Boss Breakdown

Inevitable Betrayal (the buddy system)

This mechanic shows in phase three of the fight. Two players will be selected at random, and need to complete this mechanic. Both players will an AoE around the. One larger than the other. Both players need to get away from the group, then stack together to nullify the effect.

Failure of this mechanic will cause a spear to spawn on top of the large AoE affected player, possibly resulting in death.

Throughout the fight from phase 3 this mechanic will be present up until the end of the fight.

Guild Wars 2 Samarog Raid Boss Breakdown

Rigom and Guldhem

This phase spawns twice during the fight. The first at 66% and the second at 33% health. During this phase you want to push, pull or knockback Rigom into Samarogs protective shield.  Doing so will break the connection between Rigom and Guldhem. Failure to do this will result in Guldhem becoming invulnerable to taking damage from the group.

You will want to keep Guldhem as close to the protective bubble as possible. Both NPCs will fixate to random players, so the group should stand together and close to the shield to avoid either NPC moving away from each other.

If both NPCs are near to each other, they will both stack a unique boon called “Strengthened Bond”. Once applied Guldhem will increase his outgoing damage, and Rigom will gain extensive health buffs.

In the second phase of this mechanic, the group will also have to deal with the buddy system.

Guild Wars 2 Samarog Raid Boss Breakdown

General Attacks

There are several attacks this boss performs. Some of these attacks only appear in the last phase of the fight.


The fixated player will be the one who needs to be wary of this attack. Samarog will claw at the fixated player before he performs the shortwave attack. This attack deals a moderate amount of damage.


After the claw attack has been performed, the boss will slam both spears into the ground after the third claw swipe. This attack must be avoided, or it will knock you backwards. The attack will radiate a growing circle from the impact zone which can be jumped.

Prisoner Sweep

Every so often between the shockwave and claw attacks Samarog will prepare to swing his spear. This is a highly telegraphed attack, so it’s easy to avoid. if you’re in front of him, move into the red hit box circle. if you’re too far ahead, dodge twice to avoid the swing.

Samarog will swing to the right first, then swing the opposite direction.


This mechanics follows as part of the fixations mechanic. Every 10% Samarog will pin down the fixated player and perform a chain attack. Failure to break the Defiance Bar will result in the fixated player dying.

Guild Wars 2 Samarog Raid Boss Breakdown


Similar to Shockwave, Samarog will do the same attack, but with more vigor. This only appears in the last phase of the fight.