The Soulless Horror is the first boss inside the Hall of Chains. A powerful necromancer who uses a variety of hard-hitting attacks. This fight is quite simple, but there is a lot going on at any given time. Soul Rifts make this fight extremely tedious due to their random nature.

Generally you want to try and keep the boss in one central area, and push the Tormented Dead off the platform or to other side away from the group. This will depend on the group strategy, but keeping them as far away from the group works extremely well. Try not to kill them in the center of the platform as this allows the group to move around the Soul Rifts easier.

The mechanics of this fight are simple enough, but the difficulty comes with managing the Tormented Dead and moving the boss as needed. If the group is standing in a bad location when a Soul Rift spawns, it can cause a group wipe if you don’t react fast enough.

There isn’t much progression in this fight, but there are small phase changes where the platform will shrink, and the introduction of a few more mechanics alter the difficulty.

Tanking Mechanic

There is a rather unique tanking mechanic tied to this boss. Anyone can become the tank, however some roles work better due to personal sustain.

At the start of the fight there are two runes. Two players need to step on the runes to claim their position as a fixation. Once the fight starts, the red fixation will be the primary, where as the green will be the secondary.

Whichever player is tanking the boss will stack a unique boon. This book will allow the boss to inflict more damage to the current fixate. The higher the stacks, the more damage the player will take. Once the current fixation reaches 2/3 stacks, fixation should swap to allow the effect to cool down.

This mechanic will proceed through the fight so both tanks need to be in constant communication to make sure that whoever is tanking doesn’t take excessive damage and become downed.

Soulless Horror Raid Boss Breakdown

Tormented Dead (Soul Rift)

This mechanic starts to appear once the boss hits 85% health. At this point a golem will spawn, known as the Tormented Dead. These enemies are quite weak, so they die quickly. You want to make sure that the these enemies are pushed as far away from the group as possible.

Once the golem dies it will leave a large red AoE on the ground know as a Death Bloom. Standing in this AoE will stack various conditions with each pulse. It will also strip all boons from players standing in it.

These enemies fixate on the off tank in the group. It’s possible to control their positioning by having the non-fixated tank move out of the group. This can cause problems though as if you need to switch fixation the boss will move away from your stack spot.

A preferred method is to knock back these enemies, and out of the arena if possible. Rangers with longbow make very short work of these enemies and can keep them away from the group.

Soulless Horror Raid Boss Breakdown

Defiance Bar Phases

The first Defiance Bar appears at 66%. It’s fairly easy to break. If the group fails to break this bar everyone on the platform will be feared to their death. As soon as this mechanic shows up, player’s who’re not dealing with other mechanics should focus and break the bar.

If a soul rift happens to be on the platform, plays can ignore it as long as they’re not in danger of dying from it. The wall will vanish as soon as the Defiance Bar is active.

This phase happens every other Vortex Slash after the first Defiance Bar appeals. This allows players to keep track of when it will happen.

Platform Destruction

During the fight the arena will slowly shrink. It will reduce in size up until the end of the fight. Each reduction is triggered by the bosses health, so the platform will shrink at 90%, 66% and 33%. The group should make sure they avoid the edge of the arena during these health thresholds to avoid death.

Soulless Horror Raid Boss Breakdown

Surging Souls

Throughout the fight you will encounter a mechanic marked with a variety of rectangle AoEs. These rifts will kill anyone they touch instantly. They pass through the arena fairly slowly, but can be quite hard to see if there’s a lot going on at any given time.

Keeping track of these walls can be tiresome, but they’re easy to see on the mini map. If there happens to be several AoE mechanics that line up, the rifts are almost impossible to see. Pay close attention to this mechanic as it can result in a group wipe.

Soulless Horror Raid Boss Breakdown


At the very start of the fight there will be several large wurms. These wurms deal high damage, but they can be cleaved fairly easily by the group. Once killed they will remain dead for the rest of the fight.

There are various tactics to remove them, using epidemic works extremely well. If you lack a necromancer in your group, have the tank move the boss close to them so the group can kill them quickly.


During the fight spinning scythes will spawn. As the fight progresses more scythes will spawn. They move around the arena slowly while following a random pattern. If you touch the AoE your boons will be corrupted along with a serious of conditions being applied to the affected player.

Every so often they will pass through the boss and the group. Try not to stand in these moving AoEs as they inflict quite high damage if you expose yourself for too long.

Soulless Horror Raid Boss Breakdown

Soulless Horror

Chilling Aura

The fight consists of a passive aura that inflicts damage to everyone who is on the platform. If players are split up do to the Soul Rift they may feel the extreme effects of the aura while they are away from their healers.


A general attack used between the more hard-hitting skills. This skill use only used periodically and inflicts minor damage to the players it hits.


A secondary attack where the horror will swing at players with the hammer between the various hard-hitting attacks.

Spinning Slash

A harder hitting general attack that is also performed periodically through the fight. It inflicts moderate damage, and it quite difficult to avoid.

Fingers of the Dead

One of the more common attacks from this boss. She will swing at the tank dotting the area with small AoE markers. Once the AoEs activate large fingers extended from the platform damaging and fearing players who’re hit by it.

Soulless Horror Raid Boss Breakdown Soulless Horror Raid Boss Breakdown

Quad Slash

Throughout the fight the boss will do a four coned AoE attack. She will slash out at the players, then follow it up with a second slash where the AoE cone moves 45 degrees. This attack inflicts moderate damage, but it should be avoided.

Soulless Horror Raid Boss Breakdown

Death Bloom

This attack shows up fairly often after 66%. Players will first see this attack before the bosses first Defiance Bar phase. She will place 8 large cone-shaped AoEs on the ground and swing her hammer. This is very similar to the Quad Slash, but it doesn’t rotate.

Soulless Horror Raid Boss Breakdown

Inner/Outer Vortex

Every so often the horror will do a two-part AoE. You will first see this at the start of the fight. It starts with a large circle, then transfers to a hollowed circle with a giant ring. To avoid this attack you need to dodge into the boss. If you’re within the outer ring, dodge into the central clear area. This attack inflicts quite high damage, so avoid it as much as possible.

Soulless Horror Raid Boss Breakdown