gw2-eventYou will be required to use your “Special Action” key during this boss fight. You can set this key in options > control options > skills. This key should be accessible at all times.

The Bandit Trio raid boss encounter is more of an encounter rather than a full boss. The mechanics to this fight are straightforward, but easy to overlook. This encounter can be very unforgiving with the slightest mistake.

Approaching the Camp

After you leave the cave entrance, you will see the camp ahead in the distance. From here you need to make your way to the jump pad located south-east of the camps main entrance.

Once you arrive at the jump pad, you will want to clear this area of enemies. Doing so will remove enemy pressure from whoever deals with the mortar strike crews that spawn later in the encounter.

Once the area is clear, you can all take the jump pad up to the platform above the camp entrance.

Environmental Assistance

At the start of this fight, your group may split up. One group will head across the rope bridge in front of you. The others will head below to kill the enemy snipers in the area. The group taking the high path will knock down Beehives, and gather kegs to be placed in two set locations for use later on. The second group will also gather Beehives and Kegs which are located around the camp.

Beehives are generally placed by the camps main entrance. This is where Berg spawns, the first of the three bosses. The kegs will be gathered and placed in front of the two Warg cages on the north side of the camp. Kegs are thrown down on to Narella when she spawns towards the end of the fight.

Note: Alternatively, if your group has very high damage and a good understanding of this fight, you can complete the fight without these items. Doing so will reward you with an achievement.

Prisoner Cage

During this encounter, your main goal is to protect the captives in the camp. If the cage takes too much damage, the encounter will fail. Protecting the cage is a priority, every so often a Saboteur will spawn outside of the camp. These enemies will run up to the cage to place a bomb, while in stealth. To take care of these enemies, someone will need to use crowd control skills on them to break their defiance bar while placing the bomb. Doing so will interrupt their placement and stop them from destroying the cage.

Mortar Crews

Someone with a lot of crowd control skills will be selected for this task. During the fight with Zane and just before, Mortar Crews will spawn near the starting jump pad in the south-east. You will need to take the jump pad inside the camp and break the defiance bar of the crew members placing the mortars.

There are four crews in total. Three of which spawn outside the camp, the last group however spawns within the camp. You will need to use the jump pad closest to Narella to reach the walkways above to stop them.

Most groups however, tend to ignore the last mortar crew and focus Narella with as much damage as possible.

If the Mortar Crews are not controlled, the camp will fill with AoE’s. This will damage the cage and hurt your squad.


Out of the three Champions, Berg is one of the least threatening, but he can cause your group a world of hurt. You can hold Berg where he starts without running into issues, but his Mordremoth Smash attack will destroy the cage if he is in range. So keep this in mind if he happens to move.

If your group gathered the Beehives, you can apply a debuff called Targeted which applies the effect “Not the Bees!”. Doing so will allow your group to inflict increased damage towards Berg.


Berg’s general attack which he will do often, between the giant smash attack. This attack deals low damage, but he will focus odd people with it.

Mordremoth Smash

This smash consists of a wind up, and a defiance bar. If the bar is broken, he will stop the attack and become stunned. If the attack goes through, whoever is caught in the attack will be knocked down.


After killing Berg, Zane will spawn shortly after at the southern entrance to the camp. Zane has three attacks, a single shot, a shadow step and a devastating three shot attack.

During the start of this fight, you will want to stay near where Zane spawns, and open the Warg cages located on the southern side of the camp. If you’re lucky and the area is somewhat clear, the Wargs will attack Zane and reduce his health greatly.

Much like the other Champions, you want to keep Zane away from the cage as his attacks will inflict massive damage.


This is a general attack that does small amounts of damage to players with aggro. Overall this attack is not a concern.

Hail of Bullets

Zanes most devastating attack. If you’re within range, and happen to take all three shots, this may down or even kill the player. You will know if this attack is happening by the large cone AoE on the ground. Stay out of this cone at all costs.

Unrelenting Assault

A shadow step where Zane will target the furthest player from the group and leap to them. He will blind players stood in the cloud and cause the group to re-group to pull him back to a safe zone.

This attack can be a little tedious due to him focusing the Mortar Crew squad member, or the Saboteur member. If this happens, regroup quickly and pull him back to where he spawned.


The last of the three Champions. She will spawn between the west camp entrance and the jump pad. You will need to be very careful around Narella as she inflicts high damage to anyone who’s caught with her attacks.

Once she spawns, whoever has been designated to throw kegs will need to be into position. You will only want to throw 1-2 kegs at any given time. Throwing more than this is a waste as the burning stacks reset once her health reaches a certain point. Once thrown, she will ignite herself using her attacks and allow your group to kill her faster than without the oil. From here you need to keep re-applying the oil to continue the burning stacks.

Flame Spray

This attack is her primary, though she does it between firing off Flak in a rotation. If you have the primary aggro for this, you will want to move out of the area quickly when she starts to attack you. This attack is very difficult to avoid as it has such a long-range.

Flak Shot

Every so often she will fire flak into the area, creating a burning fiery mess that you need to avoid. This is easy to see, and very easy to avoid. Standing in it will kill you quickly.

Fire Tornadoes

The most frustrating of her attacks. Fiery Tornadoes will spawn in the area, chasing players while they try to attack Narella. If hit with one of these Tornadoes, it will pick you up, burn you and throw you off in a random direction. Avoid these at all costs if possible.