Anomaly Stairway

Before you reach the Vale Guardian, you will first need to climb a set of stairs. On these stairs you will find three Anomalies. Each one has its own mechanics independent of the others. Every time you open a new instance these enemies will spawn in a different order.

Green Anomaly

Green has the most straight forward mechanics of the three. It will cast Unstable Magic on the ground. These blue AoEs will teleport a players to a random location. This mini boss can be killed with every form of damage.

Blue Anomaly

Blue has two mechanics that need to be addressed. One is the green AoE (Distributed Magic). A group of at least three players will need to stand on this circle. Once active, the AoE will close within a few seconds. If there’s not enough players, your group will take massive damage, or die from the blast.

The second mechanic is the Blue Pylon Power boon. This boon will stop all incoming damage from players. Corrupt or stripping the boon is required before damage can resume. Unlike the other Anomalies, blue is affected by the Bullet Storm mechanic. Every time one of these energy orbs touches the blue Anomaly, it will gain the Blue Pylon Power boon.

All damage types affect this anomaly.

Red Anomaly

Players who inflict condition damage will need to take care of this anomaly, along with the red anomaly split in the main fight. This anomaly only takes damage form conditions.

General Mechanics


This fight requires that one player takes the role of tank. The Vale Guardian will follow the player with the highest toughness. It is important that only one player takes this role.

Tanking in this fight is extremely important. Failure to control the Value Guardian properly will cause other mechanics to line up poorly. The bosses positioning controls where the Disturbed Magic spawns. If the tank fails to move the boss in time during the later phases it will cause problems for the Disturbed Magic group.

You can view the tanking patterns here.

Distributed Magic

At the start of the fight several ranged players need to deal with the green AoE circle (Distributed Magic). Failure to have at least three players within this circle when the attack hits will wipe the group. Most groups will assigned four players with a filth as a backup.

This role is generally filled by ranged players as they can inflict damage while dealing with this mechanic. Distributed Magic will only spawn during phases 1, 3 and 5.

Guild Wars 2 Vale Guardian Guide Raid Guide


Throughout the fight the Vale Guardian will spawn several red orbs which slowly move around the area. Touching these orbs will inflict high amounts of damage, so removing them from the group is a priority. Knockback skills are used to push a Seeker away from the group.

Fairly often Seekers will spawn on top of the Distributed Magic circle. So if you’re playing a ranged class you will encounter these far more than the melee group. There’s no way to destroy Seekers, but they will despawn after a set time.

Guild Wars 2 Vale Guardian Guide Raid Guide

Magic Aura

This is a mechanic that’s not overly important during the Vale Guardian phases, but highly important during the Vale Division. Vale Guardian, and it’s Anomalies emit an aura. This will cause damage to the group throughout the fight.

It becomes very prominent when the division happens as overlapping auras from each Anomaly will cause an increased in damage to the players who have multiple auras overlapping them.

Vale Division

During the fight there will be two division phases. The first at 66% health, and the second at 33%. These two phases have their own mechanics which repeat the Anomaly Stairway encounter.

Pylon Attunement

At 66% and 33% the Value Guardian will head to the center of the area. It will then split into the three forms around the arena. Players need to become attuned to each segment of the arena. This is achieved by standing in one of the three segments until a unique icons appears above the player character.

The icon and color you’re given will depend on which segment you’re stood in. The segments of the arena are broken up by dividing lines on the floor.

Guild Wars 2 Vale Guardian Guide Raid Guide

You want to make sure that everyone goes straight to their segments before attunement happens. Moving to another segment with the wrong attunement will inflict high damage.

Players with condition damage need to go to the red anomaly. Where as everyone else can stay with blue and green. Green takes direct damage, but the blue anomaly will need to have a protective boon removed to inflict damage.

It’s fairly common for the main group to stay on blue and pull green over to the blue sector.

Bullet Storm

During the division phases you will see white orbs of light randomly passing through the area. If touched, these orbs of energy will damage you. They’re minor, but if you absorb too many in a short period, it’s possible to die from them.

As detailed in the Anomaly Stairway section above, it’s important to have someone stripping the Blue Pylon Power boon from the blue Anomaly at this time. As there’s a lot of orbs floating around, boon stripping needs to be present for a fast kill.

These area mechanics only shows up during the division phase, and during the Anomaly Stairway event.

Vale Guardian Boss

Unlike most bosses, Vale Guardian has a lot of mechanics which trigger at different times. There’s a lot of general mechanics in the fight, but sectioned off into different parts of the fight.


Out of all the attacks Vale Guardian has, this is the least damaging. Players should be mindful of this attack, it deals moderate damage. Players in the melee group should stay behind the boss at all times. Only the tank should feel the full force of this attack.

Magic Storm

After the first Division, the Vale Guardian will perform a new attack called Magic Storm. Once this happens a Defiance Bar will appear which needs to be broken. The area will fill with white orbs raining down from the Vale Guardians raised hand.

This attack lasts for 30 seconds if the defiance bar isn’t broken. This should be a priority for ranged Crowd Control skills and the melee group.

Guild Wars 2 Vale Guardian Guide Raid Guide

Unstable Magic

Every encounter with the Vale Guardian will have a blue aura AoE which appears at the bosses feet. Failing this mechanic later in the fight may result in death. Standing in the blue aura will teleport players across the arena.

Guild Wars 2 Vale Guardian Guide Raid Guide

Unstable Pylon

After the Anomaly Division phases are over the pylons will become unstable. This will result in the segment(s) for the pylons to light up. Players caught in a lit up field will become downed, then killed if not rescued in time.

Every so often the Distributed Magic AoE will spawn in a bad sector that is active. This will only happen if your tank doesn’t move Vale Guardian fast enough, which causes the AoE to spawn in the wrong sector.

Guild Wars 2 Vale Guardian Guide Raid Guide

During phase three and five you will encounter two versions of this. The first will light up 1 segment at a time. This will then proceed to light up each area in a clockwise rotation. The 5th phase is slightly different and you will have two segments light up at the same time.