gw2 event icon The “Special Action” key is used during this boss fight. You can set this key in options > control options > skills. This key should be accessible at all times.

Mastery Icon The Ley-Line Gliding mastery will also be required for this fight.

Pre-Event Platforms

Prior to fighting Xera on the main platform, the squad will have to split up into two groups. Before the main fight there are two platforms each with their own Bloodstone. There are four of these platforms total, two on each side.

Groups will organize who is hitting which orb, and which direction. Every group does this slightly differently, but the most common is to push them in a clockwise or counter-clockwise direction.

The mechanics tied to these platforms show up again later on in the fight at 40% and 20% health.

Rift Platform

This platform require players to push the Exquisite Conjunctions (orbs) into the three rifts around the platform. Once all three rifts are destroyed, the Bloodstone protective aura will vanish. The group can then proceed to destroy the shard and move to the next platform.

Guild Wars 2 Xera Raid Boss Breakdown Guide

Button Platform

The second platform will require three players to stand on the white buttons around the platform. Once all three buttons are active, the Bloodstone protective aura will vanish. This allows players to damage the shard. The buttons will apply a unique debuff to the players standing on them. Once each player hits 10 stacks, they will down on the button they’re standing on. To avoid this, the players standing on the buttons will need to rotate to the next button in a clockwise, or counter-clockwise rotation.

Guild Wars 2 Xera Raid Boss Breakdown Guide

Each button has a separate debuff, so make sure you do not stand on the same button until the debuff has gone.Once players step off the buttons, the protective aura will re-appear around the Bloodstone.

An alternative method to rotating the buttons is to use the Druid spirit revive. A druid will need to drop a spirit in the dead center of the platform. From here, players can stay on the buttons, become downed and continue to damage the shard. Around 30% of the shards health, the Druid can active the revive restoring the downed players. The debuff will have lowered enough that the group should be able to destroy the shard without rotating the buttons.

Note: This second method might be a little hit and miss for some groups. An experienced Druid will be able to pull this off without failure.


A player will need to fill the tanking role for this fight. Xera will follow the player with the highest toughness. There are key moments where positioning her at the right sport are important.

The tanking will involve holding Xera in place to avoid the giant Gravity Well, or the Exquisite Conjunctions phases. The tank will also need to be aware of the Ambient Reflect and make sure the group stays close so no one dies from the blast.

Note: If you’re new to tanking, or want to refresh yourself on the general patterns, please see our Tanking Guide for more information.

Ambient Reflect

The Ambient Reflect is randomly assigned to a single player. Once selected the player will need to place the reflect on top of the group to avoid anyone dying from the magic blast.  To place the reflect use the special action key. Activating it will give the player a large radius AoE that they can place on the ground.

Placing this reflect to early, or to late will result in the blast killing the group. Anyone who’s outside of this reflect will die unless they’re dealing with the sub-mechanic on the platforms.

Guild Wars 2 Xera Raid Boss Breakdown Guide

Platform Bloodstones

During the fight Bloodstone Shards will surround the platform. These shards need to be destroyed in order to move Xera to set locations to keep the group alive. Failure to clear shards will result in the group stacking extra derangement while stood within the AoEs. At various points in the fight, Xera will raise her arm in the air, during this skill she will re-spawn the platform shards. The longer the group takes to break her Defiance Bar, the more shards will appear. This can result in a possible re-clear of areas that are already open and safe to stand in.

With each area that the tank is going to pull Xera to, several members of the group should clear 2 shards to the left and right of the designated stack spot. Doing so gives the group some room to move when the Exquisite Conjunctions orb phases starts.

Guild Wars 2 Xera Raid Boss Breakdown Guide


Throughout the fight players will stack a debuff called Derangement. This is something that can be quite problematic. Once a player has 99 stacks they will be feared off the platform. There are many ways to deal with this debuff, the most common is to avoid as many mechanics as possible that add these stacks.

Exquisite Conjunctions orbs and AoEs from the Bloodshards are the most common ways players stack this debuff. Failure to avoid the orbs will cause them to pop, hitting other players standing within range. You should do your best to avoid these orbs at all costs.

Guild Wars 2 Xera Raid Boss Breakdown Guide

While this can be a problem, it’s also possible to clear stacks by standing in the AoE of a Bloodshard when it’s about to be destroyed. This also counts if you’re teleported in the later phases. Breaking the giant shards will also clear some of the debuff.

The best way to deal with this mechanic is to avoid and complete the other encounter mechanics without triggering more stacks than you need. Sometimes it’s hard to avoid the orbs, and stepping in the odd AoE happens. Keep in mind that the more you do to avoid these hazards, the better off you will be.

Boss Encounter

The whole fight follows the same pattern, however there are a few phases that break up different mechanics. Most of the big mechanics take place after the first 50% of Xeras health.

First Phase

As the fight starts, the main focus here is to damage Xera and push her health to 50% as quickly as possible. The tank and players clearing bloodshards have the hardest job to make sure Xera is positioned correctly. Everyone else at this point just needs to inflict damage and avoid the orbs when they start.

Guild Wars 2 Xera Raid Boss Breakdown Guide

Second Phase (50% Health)

Once Xera hits 50% health, she will vanish and a new mechanic will appear. From here, the group has to ley-glide between various platforms and destroy the Bloodstone shards that appear. These shards will fill the platform with AoEs inflicting derangement, so make sure to avoid as many of these as possible.

The platform mechanics are straightforward, there may be the odd hiccup where someone fails to glide between the platforms, or even downs and dies from the shard attacks.

Each time you complete this phase the platforms will be different. They change with each encounter. This may take some players practice, but they’re fairly easy once you’ve seen them a few times.

Third Phase (40% Health)

Once you return to the platform, the group will damage Xera until 40% health. From here, half the group will be teleported to a platform. As mentioned above on the pre-event, the first platform will require players to hit the orbs into the three rifts. Doing so will remove the protective aura from the shard. Once removed, destroy the shard as quick as possible to return to the main group.

Players will be randomly selected at these points, the only player who will not be teleported will be the tank. During this phase, the rest of the group will be carrying on the fight until the second group returns. The same mechanics appear at the first 50% of the fight.

Fourth Phase (20% Health)

During this final phase, five more players will randomly selected and teleported to a platform. Quickly decide who will stand on the buttons and complete the mechanics. Unlike the first platforms, you will want to rotate the buttons and complete the mechanic fully to avoid anyone making a mistake.

Once the shard is dead, everyone will return to the platform to kill Xera. After this final tower phase, the fight will resume as it did within the first 50%.


As boss mechanics go, Xera is fairly simple. She doesn’t really have much of an attack cycle because most her of fight is environmental. She hits players fairly hard with her attacks, but the overall she’s quite simple when it comes to raid bosses.

Cerebral Slash

Xeras general attack, she will slash at players which then rotates with Confounding Frenzy. This attack deals low to moderate damage to anyone who’s hit by it.

Confounding Frenzy

Players should avoid this attack at all costs. The only player who should feel the brunt of this attack is the tank. Anyone but the tank should avoid standing directly in front of Xera to avoid this attack.

Summons Phantasms

Throughout the fight Xera will summon mobs to the platform. The way to deal with these is to pull them into to the group, and kill them quickly.