Half-Minute Hero: Super Mega Neo Climax

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Table of Contents

  1. Story Modes Achievements
  2. Multiplayer Achievements
  3. Misc. Achievements

Story Modes Achievements

Hero 3
Cleared Hero 3.

You need to complete Hero 3 mode, which is just one 3 second quest.  You need to unlock this mode by progressing through the other unlockable modes.


Hero 30
Cleared Hero 30.

Just complete all the quests in Hero 30 mode. This is the first and only mode available when you start the game.

Hero 300
Cleared Hero 300.

You need to clear the entire mode, which is just one long quest. This mode is unlocked by completing Hero 30 mode.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Hard Hero
Cleared Hero 300 in Hard Mode.

You have to complete Hero 300 in Hard Mode. In this difficulty, time doesn’t stop in towns, and since you can’t pay the goddess to turn back time, you need to know what you are doing.


Multiplayer Achievements

Victory 30
Became 30 times the True Hero in multiplayer mode.

You need to earn the True Hero rank 30 times total in multiplayer mode. To do this, you need to have the best gear and defeat the Evil Lord first.

Misc. Achievements

Charisma Hero
Allied with all available NPCs.

You will need to ally with every NPC (Non Playable Character) you can throughout all the quests. The quests that have allies appear in the Quest selections screen of the world map to let you know there’s one there, and when you ally with all of them, the dull image of two hands holding each other will be lit up.

A guide to unlock the titles can be found here.

Equipment Collector
Got all available equipment in single player mode.

Equipment is obtained by completing side quests, defeating the Evil Lord, as well as buying them from towns.  You will know you got all items in the quest by viewing the World Map screen and seeing a green shield with two swords crossed in front of it with “ok” next to it. If you don’t see that, you missed an item in that quest.

A guide to unlock the titles can be found here.

First PrayingFirst Praying

Prayed to the Goddess for the first time in single player mode.

You earn this achievement when you first use the Goddess Pray Statue to reverse time in Hero 30 Single Player mode.

Kind Hero
Cleared “Cursed Hero” without defeating Sasha.

Sasha is found in Quest 30 of Hero 30. To earn this achievement you need to keep her alive. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Enter the first village and talk to her.
  2. When she runs away, follow her to the swamp north of the village. You need to save her from the monsters attacking.
  3. After you save her, talk to her on the bridge to the south of the northern village.
  4. Defeat the Evil Lord.
  5. Go to the Northern village again and talk to Sasha.
  6. Follow her to a stone monument located to the north.
  7. Now you must meet up with her in the forest clearing. It has sword between the two villages in this quest and promise to always be friends with her.
  8. Head back to the monument to the north and destroy it.
  9. Head back to the southern village and you’ll be attacked by zombies. Kill all of them but the last one. Flee, but don’t exit the screen until a cutscene occurs.
  10. Go fight the Evil Lord a second time.

Multi Ending Master
Reached every ending in Hero 30.

There are a total of 6 different endings for Hero 30. This list compiles how to unlock them.

  • Quest 9 “Change the Current”: Don’t defeat Cully.
  • Quest 17 “Ancient Riches”: Complete the quest by not paying the Goddess.
  • Quest 16 “Treasure Island”: Get the pirate treasure, go to the Evil Lord, and decide to keep the treasure.
  • Quest 18 “Grail and Evil Lord”: Beat the Undead Queen without the grail.
  • Quest 22 “The Have-Nots”: Side with Mo.
  • Quest 30 “Last Battle”: This unlocks the default ending.

Title Master
Received every title.

Titles are the two phrases under the Rank and Fastest Clear Time section of the statistics window of the world map. You need to earn each one of these to unlock the achievement.

A guide to unlock the titles can be found here.

Warrior of the Goddess
Offered a total of 3000G to the Goddess in a quest in single player mode.

You need to offer the Goddess 3000G total in one single quest. To do this, you will need to pray to the Goddess statue a total of 8 times (100G the first time with each consecutive time going up an additional 100G to reverse time).  This can be done on the second chapter of Hero 30, just keep walking up and down from the town in the chapter to kill enough monsters and earn enough gold to keep praying to the statue.