L.A Noire 5 Star Case Guide

Patrol Desk

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Upon Reflection

Location: Crime Scene

Newspaper: You will find a news paper on the right hand side of the alley as you first walk up to the bloodstained door. Investigate the paper as this will count towards your 100% completion.

Key Evidence:

  • Bloodstained Door
  • Smith & Weston Revolver

Location: Central Guns

Key Evidence:

  • Gun Store Ledger (Locate Errol Schroeder’s entry)

Location: Errol Schroeder’s Apartment

Key Evidence:

  • Schroeder’s Notebook

Armed and Dangerous

Case Objective:

  • Subdue the suspect involved in the bank robbery

For this case you won’t need to really do much, the only requirement is to kill a group of criminals that are held up inside a bank. This is fairly simple, though if you press the :rb: you will drop your shotgun and pull out your side arm which is a colt 38. This is the only place in the whole game where you will be able to kill a criminal with this weapon. You can also check off the Ithica full stock shotgun as well if you also kill a criminal with this weapon. If not, you will be able to use one much later in the game. You can also find one of these shotguns in the truck of most police cars.

Warrants Outstanding

Case Objective:

  • Pursue and subdue outstanding warrant suspect

This is another case where you will only need to complete a short task. The case starts with a short cut-scene, which then leads into a rooftop chase. Corner the suspect then deal with them accordingly.

This will teach you how to chase down and deal with a fleeing suspect.

Buyer Beware

Case Objective:

  • Find out who killed Mr. Gage

Location: Crime Scene

Key Evidence:

  • Shooting
  • Layaway Voucher
  • .32 Shell casings
  • FN Browning Hand Gun

Interview Clovis Galletta

Question: Eyewitness account
Answer: Lie
Evidence: Layaway Voucher

Question: Pollible Murder Suspect
Answer: Doubt

Question: Details of shooting
Answer: Truth

Key Evidence:

  • Suspects Identification
  • Possible Religious motive

Location: Eagleson’s Gun Store

Key Evidence:

  • Murder Weapon Serviced

Location: Hartfield’s Jewelery

As you enter the store you will need to chase down Hartfield as he runs out the backdoor. You will be shown how to fire a warning shot, as well as apprehend the suspect for questioning.

Location: Wilshire Police Station

Interview with Edgar Kalou

Question: Argument with Gage
Answer: Lie
Evidence: Suspect Positively Identified

Question: Shooting Incident
Answer: Lie
Evidence: Murder weapon serviced

Question: Possible Religious Motive
Answer: Doubt

You have now successfully completed the first desk within the LAPD. You will now be promoted to the Traffic Desk. From here on out you will be graded on your performance.