L.A Noire 5 Star Case Guide

This guide should be used as reference while playing through the game. Each area will have key evidence items listed, as well as all the answers to each interview. To earn 5 stars in a case you will need to find all clues and conduct a perfect interview with each person. If you do well but decided to trash the city and other cars your rating will be demoted due to costing the city money. To avoid this, make sure that you have your partner drive everywhere, that way you won’t destroy so many items. There are some parts where you will be required to drive. You can fail any chase scene without being penalized at the end of the case, but any excessive damage or lack of clues and poor interviewing skills will lead to a lower rating.

One very important thing you must do while following this guide, make sure that you visit all the locations in the order they are listed here. You can bypass certain evidence and finish a case without even visiting set locations. If you manage to bypass clues it’s possible not to fully complete an interview as well. So make sure you carefully follow the information provided.

Patrol Desk:

During your time at this desk, you will be learning the ropes. You won’t be able to earn any stars within these cases as they are more of an general warm up. Your last case however will teach you how to interview and collect evidence before you get promoted to the traffic desk.

Traffic Desk:

Homicide Desk:

Vice Desk:

Arson Desk:

The last case on this desk doesn’t require you to earn any stars, the case requires you to tie up all the loose ends and requires you to progress through without really needing to make every clue and question count.