Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance

Author Notes

* It can take up to 50 hours for a Hack n' Slash veteran to complete this game, it can take even longer if you do not find yourself the best at this genre or are new to the genre. With all the practice involved with learning the boss patterns, attempting S-Ranks on Revengeance and VR Missions, it can take you a while based off that.

Table of Contents

  1. Story Related Achievements
  2. Misc. Story Achievements
  3. Difficulty Related Achievements
  4. VR Missions Achievements
  5. Collectible Achievements
  6. Misc. Achievements

Story Related Achievements

File R-00: Status – Closed
Complete File R-00: Guard Duty.

Note: All of the boss guides are for Revengeance difficulty, so there may be some attacks you won’t have to worry about that are mentioned for lower difficulties.

In the majority of this mission, you will be fighting against a Metal Gear Ray.  This isn’t too hard as most of it’s attacks are easily parried.  All of it’s attacks except for getting hit by one of the missile explosions is a one hit kill for Raiden.  If you get hit by one of the explosions, it does cause 50-75% damage.  Any of the rapid fire bullets that hit damage you too but a lot less, but it is easy to reflect these by using Ninja Run (hold :rt: while moving).

All of it’s attacks except for the laser beam can all be parried.  You just have to use Ninja Run and make sure to keep out of the beam’s way to avoid getting hit by it.  Sometimes it does a beam right after doing one, so be prepared to do a quick turn to dodge the next if you aren’t right up at it’s feet, if you are far away when it does a beam attack, make sure to run to the right hand side of the screen, as it will do another and you won’t outrun this one if you are on the left hand side of the screen.

Try dealing with it’s feet first, you can break off the armor by either damaging it enough or parrying it’s stomp attack, then the missile, which can be done the same way after breaking the armor of a foot, either damaging it enough or parrying it’s stomp attack again.  After then, you’ll just have what you left off with the foot, keep attacking it until you see sparks coming out of it.  This means you move onto the next foot now, and it is done in the exact same way.

Now for it’s head, the head can be parried either when it is doing its bite attack or when it’s doing a charge, you cannot parry the laser beam like already mentioned.  You can parry it’s head three times and you will be able to attack the armor of its head, then the two missiles on it’s shoulders.  Each time you do this, every time you are landing, try to get a few hits extra on the head, that seems to be its weak point.

You can parry the tail, when it does its tail whip attack, but you don’t have much time at all here to parry.  If you do, you will unlock Steel Tail if you haven’t already done so.  Getting rid of the tail slightly helps as it gets you a good bit of damage dealt.

After chasing after the other cyborg, Metal Gear Ray will appear again.  At the start of this, you can quickly get it down to about 80% health, but do not spend too long, as it will always be charging a laser beam here, you want to get as far as the camera will allow you.  then you just have to jump over the laser two times while using Ninja Run, easier said than done though.  After this, do not go crazy with attacking, it will do a bite attack, but you can parry this and get the rest of the head armor destroyed.  After this, it’ll bring it’s arm above you, you have to enter Blade Mode (:lt:) and just slice when you see missiles coming from this.

After this, it’ll either do a head bite attack or attack you with it’s arm, you can easily parry both of these and I also had mixed results sometimes where it had me going straight to jumping on the missiles part.  Anyways that part is self explained.  However, you’ll be going down a tower, everything one hit kills you here, so stay alert.  After that is done, you are done with the hardest part of this entire mission.

The next boss doesn’t even need to be defeated, so you can just let him defeat you and that’s it, it should be an easier S rank than the rest as all you have to worry about is time in this stage, it’s also one of the harder stages since you don’t have any upgrades on you.  So you may find it hard, but if you keep practicing, it is a fairly easy S rank to do compared to the rest of the game.

Anyways, for S rank, just don’t waste too much time in Blade Mode, you only have to do a few slices since this is the one stage that doesn’t worry about combos etc.  You are only worrying about time here, restarting keeps the time you had, so you must avoid dying at all in this mission.

File R-01: Status – Closed
Complete File R-01: Coup d’État.

See Prodigal Murderer for a strategy in defeating Mistral, while that strategy is made for Hard difficulty, there isn’t actually much difference at all between it and Revengeance difficulty.

File R-02: Status – Closed
Complete File R-02: Research Facility.

This stage has no bosses so it’s not that hard to do, you will have to fight a Grad with slightly more health than normal ones though, but all it’s attacks can be parried, it is best to do this with a No Damage rating which means you need to carefully dodge all of it’s attacks when it is in its defensive state.

File R-03: Status – Closed
Complete File R-03: Mile High.

See Genius Destroyer for a strategy in defeating Monsoon, while that strategy is made for Hard difficulty, there isn’t actually much difference at all between it and Revengeance difficulty.

File R-04: Status – Closed
Complete File R-04: Hostile Takeover.

See Truly Human for a strategy in defeating Sundowner, while that strategy is made for Hard difficulty, there isn’t actually much difference at all between it and Revengeance difficulty.

File R-05: Status – Closed
Complete File R-05: Escape From Denver.

There is nothing too hard in this mission and it will be over quickly.

File R-06: Status – Closed
Complete File R-06: Badlands Showdown.

See Chosen by History for a strategy in defeating Samuel, while that strategy is made for Hard difficulty, there isn’t actually much difference at all between it and Revengeance difficulty.

File R-07: Status – Closed
Complete File R-07: Assassination Attempt.

This is mainly for the Metal Gear Excelsus fight, you cannot parry this boss’ attacks when playing on Hard or higher, which means when going for S Rank in Revengeance difficulty, you will have to rely on evading.  If you haven’t already, purchase the Offensive Evade skill as I think this is the only kind of evade that offers you some invincibly which you are going to need for avoiding Metal Gear Excelsus’ attacks.

Anyways, when you see it about to attack with its blades, press :x: + :a: to evade, never evade before it starts the attack unless its a side swipe, if it’s the ones that come from above, it actually targets you and will follow you, if you evade before it stops and is about to land them, you’ll evade into a spot and it will land its blades into that spot.

When it’s side swiping you, the timing of your evade is less fussy but don’t do it too late or too soon or you will find yourself evading, but instead, landing right in front of the blades, you will be evading toward the blades, since Offensive Evade gives you a short while of invincibly, you should be able to evade through them and not get hit.

Anyways it will bring up it’s first foot, the way to evade this is at least evade two times when it’s getting it’s foot onto this platform, then evade more when it starts to stomp it, do not Ninja Run, this often doesn’t give you enough time, this time you will be wanting to evade away from it, so in other words, you’ll be doing back dashes.

After this, it will lower it’s head down, just for you to do it as much damage as you want, it only does this once, I recommend equipping the Pincer Blades (have them fully upgraded at this point), hold :y: and release to deal a lot of damage, you want to get it down to 30% or lower health when you have it in this state.

When you see it about to do the laser attacks, get as far as way as you can, start Ninja Running as much as you can, for the laser that just remains in one place but will hit you from a distance, you just have to Ninja Run from this one, for the laser that goes through the entire stage, it’s a mixture of Ninja Run and evading.  It also spawns two Gekko that will keep re-spawning, these aren’t actually much of a problem as they get zapped by the beam as well.  Just watch out for them though.

Then it will be back to the blade attacks, you know how to avoid these.

Then it will be onto the next foot, you shouldn’t even have to worry about this starting to do a stomp attack on you if you got it down to the health recommended with the head part, it should allow you to do Blade Mode just after doing about 4-5 attacks.

Rest of the fight is easy now, just do as it tells you.  You can attack it’s blades just after them attempting to attack you, and for feet, it’s best to just stick to the HF Murasama Blade to deal damage, only ever using the Pincer Blades when it comes to the head.

For Sen. Armstrong, please refer to The Politics of Silencing Foes, while that strategy is made for Hard difficulty, there isn’t actually much difference at all between it and Revengeance difficulty.

Misc. Story Achievements

Steel Tail
Cut off Metal Gear RAY’s metal tail during File R-00.

This may be easiest obtained while playing in “Revengeance” difficulty as you don’t even really need to set this up.  What you have to do is get the Metal Gear Ray to do its tail whip attack.  The distance you have to be at can be seen in the video below.  You won’t have much time to parry this, so as soon as you see it doing this attack, get the parry ready (put :ls: towards the direction of the attack + :x:), you will then be prompted to go into Blade Mode where you can slice off its tail.

If you are having difficulties parrying, play on Easy difficulty and have “Easy Assist” on, this will do the direction for you, all you have to do is press :x: to parry.


No Flash Photography!
Destroy all the Gun Cameras in File R-01.

When you enter the room which you have to slice through fans to get into, there will be cameras in this area and you have to destroy all of them, they are easy to see and find, so if you are stuck with any, see the video below.


Dwarf Raiden
Incapacitate all the soldiers in File R-02 using a Dwarf Gekko.

During the story you’ll come across Dwarf Gekkos that aren’t active, Raiden can pick one of these up and control it, you can easily miss this, but just make sure to take out all of the soldiers in the area, locations of soldiers can be found on the video, but you will know where they are if you look at the map in-game, you need to be behind them and press :b: as soon as you can because if they notice you, they’ll kick you and I don’t exactly know what happens if enough damage gets dealt to actually destroy the Dwarf Gekko.  You cannot use the dash or press :lb: when near the soldiers, they will go in Alert Mode and start shooting at you.


Love at First Sight
While remotely operating a Dwarf Gekko in story mode, find and communicate with all Dwarf Gekkos.

At the exact same spot that you can get Dwarf Raiden, there are some Dwarf Gekkos about the area, they can be seen on the map as red dots, just like the other enemies, there’s a couple that are up high, but easy enough to reach.  Check the video below for locations if you are stuck with reaching any.  When you see them, press :lb: to do a dance, and they’ll do something similar.


A Walk in the Dark
Complete the abandoned railroad sequence in File R-03 without using AR Mode.

Eventually during R-03, you’ll come across this area that is pitch black, to make this area easier to navigate in, you would obviously use AR Mode, which will lock you out of this achievement.  What I did, was while fighting enemies, made sure to take in the environment (enemies give a bit of light to the area), that way I knew what I had to do if I had to jump over anything or whatever.  This doesn’t really take long at all and this part of this mission cannot be missed, so just remember when you are in the pitch black area, no using AR Mode!

Menace to Society
Cut off the finial at the top of the pagoda in File R-04.

When you enter the Japanese Garden in R-04, you’ll see this building you can climb up, what you do here, is jump up onto the wall behind it, then get up onto the first roof, run round that roof until you find lanterns and can use those to jump up onto the next, and you just repeat this progress until you get to the top and can cut off the tower at the top of the building.


Great Escape
Complete File R-05 in less than 7 minutes.

This is easy enough to do as the mission is so short, I managed to do this without using stealth at all, but if you are struggling, watch the video below which takes a stealth approach to the stage, using stealth will make this stage a lot faster and if you are too slow at defeating enemies, then it’s maybe something you’ll want to attempt then.


Surprise Attack!
Arrive at the objective in File R-07 without being spotted.

This is actually easy enough to do, you just have to lure some enemies out of places, there is two methods in doing this, so the video is different to the written guide, but if you are stuck with this and can’t do it with the written method, then the video is probably the next best method to use.

  • Area 1
    This area has three enemies, what you want to do, is just go close enough to get caution up, then run to the right side area and go into a cardboard box, stay this way until you see them backing off again, once they back off, go to Ninja Kill them, you can very easily get both of them here if quick enough.  Now you have the guy at the gate, who doesn’t move at all, you are going to need a 3D Photo here and throw it about the length of the wall at the left side, make sure to be at the left side, the photo will eventually disappear, when this happens he’ll head back to the gate, run over to him and Ninja Kill him.
  • Area 2
    You can run through this area, make sure to stay to the left side and use Ninja Run, which does most platforming for you, do this until you reach the room with the aircraft in it which will have a enemy that you can do a drop down Ninja Kill on, there’s another enemy at the other side, but I just went ahead and smashed through the barriers, just make sure he has his back turned, if you want to be anymore safer, you can also Ninja Kill him.
  • Area 3
    This area is just like the first, you will have to lure one enemy out by going near enough to cause caution to come up.  go behind the barrel and use another cardboard box, once this enemy starts to head back, follow and then Ninja Kill him.  The next enemy on the ground never seems to turn in your direction, so you can Ninja Kill this enemy no problem at all, there is a enemy at the top of the stairs, stick most to the further wall and you can possibly just end the level here, but if you want to be safe, go up on the container that is near the balcony (watch out for the camera though), and then very carefully, get to his enemy’s back, he’ll be at his side to you, but so long as you don’t Ninja Run, you should be able to get to his back and Ninja Kill him without him noticing you.  And that’s it done, you can run to the end of the level now and the rest is a boss fight.

You can use checkpoints, but I recommend to try and do this without using any to avoid disappointment since you do have to finish the mission and that means going through the boss fight.


Difficulty Related Achievements

Becoming a Lightning God
Complete story mode on Revengeance difficulty with all S rankings.

You can input the Konami code at the Start Screen which will unlock Revengeance difficulty right from the start, now I don’t recommend you even touch this difficulty until you get upgrades, you might want to play on either Easy or Normal to get upgrades and to get a feel of the game first, this is just so you don’t have the extra work of completing Hard, Very Hard then you finally unlock Revengeance, so this is really just to make the number of play-throughs you have to do lower.

  • Konami Code: , , , , , , , , , , .

Not only does the game require you to complete this on Revengeance difficulty, but it also wants you to obtain S ranking in every mission.  So in other words, it expects you to be absolute perfect at the highest difficulty level in the game.  This is going to take some practice and determination to do so, not everyone will get this, but anyone that puts the time in will, just don’t give up and you’ll be able to obtain this.

This isn’t actually all that hard, if you have learned boss patterns in Hard difficulty before hand, then that part is really the least of your worries.  It all really depends on the items you have equipped.

  • Custom Body (Red): Raises your attack, but lowers defense.
  • Infinite Wig B: Counters the effects of what Custom Body (Red) does to your energy bar by giving you unlimited use of Blade/Jack the Ripper Mode.
  • HF Murasama Blade: Fully upgraded, it’s your strongest weapon in the game.
  • Optional: Fox Blade: For tearing through most of the normal enemies, useless against bosses as it does not have the same effect against those, only available to people who have the Cyborg Ninja DLC, it is recommended though as it will make things a lot easier for you.
  • Infinite Wig A: Mainly only for the Monsoon fight and the Grad that has more health than the rest.
  • Pincer Blades: Fully upgraded, deal a good bit of damage against bosses when they are open.
  • Optional: Health at 200%.

The other tip is about using checkpoints to your advantage.

During any boss battles, press :start: then go to Title, while in saves, copy your main save to another slot, if you are fighting a boss with multiple checkpoints, keep this save here in case you don’t get a S-Rank for whatever reason.  In this case, go back to Title and then copy your new save to another slot, just overwrite this new slot each time you reach a checkpoint.  This is mainly to protect you from deaths which will add onto your time as well as not giving you a No Damage bonus, which is something you need for most S-Ranks.

Prodigal Murderer
Defeat Mistral without taking any damage on Hard difficulty or above.

Mistral is the easiest boss to do this with.  All of her attacks can be parried, except for one, but this one also makes you spin :ls: to escape it.  So they are all easily avoided, you will have to watch out for the Dwarf Gekko though.  They will latch onto you and hold you until you have spun :ls: enough to escape, but Mistral has probably already took the chance to attack you.  But checkpoints can be abused in this, if she ever attacks you in any of the three sections and deals damage, press :start: and then Restart, this will leave you off at the last checkpoint.

Okay, so the first part is easy enough to do, just parry her attacks and take your chances when you get to attack her, at the end, it will look like she hits you, but if you look at your health, no damage will be dealt as this is just an interruption really.  But you do have to enter Blade Mode when it indicates you to do so, and cut her rod.

Second part, you are on a bar, so less of a field really, she has one really threatening attack here, she’ll jump up high and send about five-six Dwarf Gekkos at you, they’ll be in fire or something, you have to get ready to parry the first, then after that, keep inputting parry, as fast as you can as you cannot avoid all of these with the one parry, you have to do a parry each.  It may take a bit to learn the timing (there isn’t really much, you just have to be fast and get faster as they speed up towards the end).  She can also fire these at you on the ground when she does not have her rod, but not as bad down here but you may not realize it until you see it and may be a bit slow to parry, so just be alert.  When she has her rod, you can attack her so much, and parry, eventually it’ll ask you to slice and you can slice her extra arms and rod up.  Which leaves her very open to attack, but be careful, she will start attacking with the Dwarf Gekkos that are about.

The third part is just like the first part, but she will do the Dwarf Gekko attack, but this time it is even easier to avoid as you just have to stand right next to the wall that she jumps up on to, she fires them and they just go across the field so they never come near you when you stay here, she only got the chance to do this once, rest of it has already been explained.  She may be a bit more aggressive at this part, but so long as you know how to parry, it’s not much to worry about.

Note: This is just an overall note for all of these fights, if you restart from a death, this counts as damage, you won’t get the No Damage Bonus, so if you’re wondering why there was no achievement unlocked even know you did it with no damage, deaths count.  So messing up in QTEs at the end of these boss fights can actually ruin your chances at the achievement.

Genius Destroyer
Defeat Monsoon without taking any damage on Hard difficulty or above.

There will be a bit before this where you are helpless, you do not need to worry though, even know you don’t see a ranking come up for that, it is not part of this battle, so you are safe if you get attacked during that part, this is just for those of you who may be worried due to The Politics of Silencing Foes having a similar helpless moment where you just think you have to let the boss put you down to 0.1% health, you do not have to worry about that here.

This is the hardest boss out of the lot of these to do this with.  I recommend coming equip with the Infinite Wig A which you can unlock by completing the game on Normal or higher, it gives you infinite ammo on all of your sub-weapons and you are going to need to use plenty of EM Grenades during this fight.  I also recommend only entering the fight with your HF Murasama Blade for the best results, no unique weapon equipped.

First off, Monsoon will attempt to land the first attack, he always does this so prepare to parry, never attack him at first.  He has a variety of attacks, some not so hard to parry, some very hard, you need to have mastered the parry system at least if you even want to think of doing this without damage.  Anyways, here are some of the attacks to expect, a kick, one of the easier ones to parry, if you don’t, it will work like Raiden’s “Sky High” attack, it’ll have you thrown into the air, then there is another kick which is usually at the end of a combo, but he can do this by itself, you need to be precise with your parry timing here, don’t do one too fast as it’s a kick he sort of needs to charge up.  Then there is a dive attack, where he jumps up somewhere then comes down doing an attack, and that is all of the more easier parried attacks.  Other attacks include four kick combo, which you will have to parry one after the other and quickly.  And a very rapid sai blade combo, this will have about several attacks to parry, you will have to parry one after the other and be very fast with your parry inputs, one mess up will allow him to get an attack in.

Then there is a smoke section, before he does this, he’ll activate the grenades and if you are near by when he does this, you’ll end up getting a bit of damage.  You will notice when he is about to do this as he’ll say something and his arms will wave, you need to use evade (:x: + :a: + any direction), but it is actually easy to avoid this happening at all.  All you have to do in this first part is getting his health down to 70%, after then, he’ll be a bit staggered and you should be able to get him down to 65% at least.  At this point, he’ll glow purple and jump away, he’ll do this throw tanks and planes at you attacks.  Now the way round these is to be behind the two pillars at either side, when it asks you to use Blade Mode, enter it then release and then Ninja Run over to the other side, do the same with the next, and then after dodging that, get near the middle of the stage and when he lands, throw a EM Grenade at him (quick throw, press :lb:).  This will stun him, run up close and enter Blade Mode once indicated, target his head, if you miss, you will have unlimited amount of these anyways so just throw another quickly and attempt again, when you get his head, go over to it and start attacking it, then he will come back together so be prepared to parry, this will just be like the first part but more likely, he will be down to around 50% which means he’ll do the second throw tanks and planes at you.

So the fight goes on like this until you get him down to around 40%, at this point he’ll glow purple, and now will summon a pile of tanks that are combined into a wheel.  You can parry this, you have to parry it up to 2 times and then use Blade Mode on it.  When you land this time, you will be forced to parry new attacks.  He’ll stretch his arms over to you first, just spam parry here, you don’t see this often, so you aren’t going to have a lot of practice.  Then after the arms, his legs will come towards you and do the four hit combo, just the same timing here as before.  And now, you can attempt to do this parry, but it is a lot easier to throw an EM Grenade and hit his head in Blade Mode, you are probably wondering why, but the reason is simple, he simply attacks really fast here, meaning you have to parry in, say every millisecond, you most like will let one attack get through, which is why you don’t want to risk this.

He can go and do that move where his body is in pieces where he repeatedly charges at you here, but you can avoid this by doing the EM Grenade trick.  Hopefully you’ll get him down to about 20% when you do get to attack, at this time he’ll go and get the tanks and planes again to throw at you, just do what is already mentioned, he’ll land again, throw EM Grenade, run toward him, Blade Mode, then attack head, hopefully you’ll get him down to 10% which means he’ll finish the fight off by going and getting the tanks that are combined as a wheel again, just the same as last time here.  Then after this, he’ll lift off one of the monuments off the ground and now all you have to do is follow the instructions and you are done, whatever you do though, do not mess up, if you want any preparation here, this is the sequence he has you do.

  • :rt: + :ls: to run up Monument.
  • Blade Mode after Monument to slice tank.
  • :y: + :b: to kick him into the wall.
  • Blade Mode on him.

And you are done.  If you can do this guy now, then you should have no problem with the rest of these.

There is no checkpoints during Monsoon’s battle, there is only one with the QTE at the end which if you mess up, you will die which means its a wasted run.  This is probably the main reason why he is so hard because if he did have any checkpoints, this would have been a lot easier, as the start of the fight is actually the hardest to get past really.  And then that bit when his health is 40%.  He is also hard because he does not have the same kind of effect when you parry against a big attack which should have him vulnerable for a short period of time, he does not do that here, instead he gets staggered when his health reaches certain points.

Truly Human
Defeat Sundowner without taking any damage on Hard difficulty or above.

Sundowner is actually quite hard if you fight him in the way they intended you to.  Due to Blade Mode’s targeting system being quite complicated, I never managed to hit his shields in the right place.  So what I did, was played carefully, at the start, he’ll charge up to you, the only way to avoid this is by parrying then massing whatever button it asks, then it will ask you to go into Blade Mode, ignore this though, head for his back.  Start attacking him and parry his shield when he swings that around, this is safe to parry.  Always keep the Hammerhead out of sight, you’re probably wondering why you need to do this, but keep it in the screen long enough and you will end up getting shot, which is only avoidable with Ninja Run, but you won’t be in this much, so anytime you see the Hammerhead, stop what you are doing and run around until its out of sight again.  It can’t do attacks if you can’t see it so this game has that kind of sense to it.  Sundowner also has a throw and attacks with his swords, however, this does not happen often, he most of the time, when you are hitting him from behind will swing his shields at you which is easily parried.

The next part will have you flying on a Slider, you can press :x: to shoot here to remove threats, always keep an eye out for any you may have missed though, this part will have a checkpoint and even know Sundowner is no where to be seen, this will still count if you get damaged here so make sure to to use Restart from the pause menu if you get hit here.

After this, all you have to do is Blade Mode on the ceiling, then I will recommend mashing :y: + :b: as half time this came up and I only had one second to react to it (dying effects No Damage, you have to see No Damage bonus at the end of the battle), obviously no one is going to do that, so just mash the input, you’ll hit it and then you just follow the instructions it gives you, really quick and easy to do.

Chosen by History
Defeat Samuel without taking any damage on Hard difficulty or above.

Samuel has his own mission which is R-06, Samuel is easy enough as all you have to do is parry, and lots of it, hopefully by now you will have mastered the system (if you can do Genius Destroyer then you can definitely do this as the parrying in this is no way as bad as the kind Monsoon had you doing at times), at the start, Samuel will have his sword, all of these attacks can be parried.  The counter works well against Samuel as well.  He recovers fast though so never let your guard down, I would be safe and mainly attack using :x: and then that way when you see him about to attack, it’s not really interrupting your combo, you can easily tap :ls: in the direction he attacks and parries.  Sometimes you will have to be prepared for multiple parries at once, so you will have to do the input for each attack you wish to parry.

I don’t know if you can actually not bother using Blade Mode when you are prompted to, but at a part, Samuel will lose his sword and resort to fists, he also does a throw, which isn’t really indicated at all, you can avoid this though by mainly parrying his punches and taking your chances to get hits after those, that is what I did, I never stayed close to him for long while he was in this state.

He’ll get his sword back eventually, but he’ll be more aggressive here, so more parrying, not as much as Monsoon still so it’s still very easy when you look at it in that way.  The battle will end in a Quick Time Event like the rest.  You do not have any checkpoints in this fight, so you have to be perfect from start to finish and this is maybe all what puts any difficulty in this fight at all.  The fact that it’s its own mission as well, means this is the least frustrating if you just want to progress if you are having no luck and want to attempt with the next boss.

The Politics of Silencing Foes
Defeat Sen. Armstrong without taking any damage on Hard difficulty or above.

You fight Sen. Armstrong after defeating Metal Gear Excelsus, now, you are probably thinking this first part doesn’t matter since probably most of the time, you have always just let your health go down to 0.1%, well, it does matter, you can actually survive these first two parts, but you are in for one the hardest things in the game ever (in difficulties like Very Hard or Revengeance, you have to do these bits this way as it just doesn’t let you do this automatically).

First part is simple enough, you have your sword so most of Sen. Armstrong’s attacks can be parried, except for the throw, his explosion and his foot stomp (you’ll see wind about the place).  For these you will have to use evade (:x: + :a: + any direction), the evade is not very good in this game, it’s clear it put most of it’s defensive system in the parry, the evade is rather awkward, so it will take a while in learning.  Anyways, this part does not take very long.

Second part, once you start, press :start: then go down to title, you are probably wondering why you have to back out, you don’t have to, but if you don’t want to mess this up and have to do the whole mission again, then you are better to, when in saves, copy your save which you are on (:y:) and then paste it into the other two slots, or just the one slot, I used both just to be safe in-case I accidentally erased one or something.  Anyways you are doing this as the boss can end this with an attack that damages you, you don’t want this, you want to end, with all your health still intact, it also does a checkpoint straight away, so there is no going to dashboard or pressing :start: very fast, it’ll save over your hard work, that’s what the copies are for.  Whenever you do mess up, go back to title, copy your copy to your main save, and you are back where you are with no damage.

Anyways, onto talking about the fight.  You don’t actually need to attack here at all, you can run round and evade attacks (attacks are same as first part) for two minutes, I recommend using a Stop Watch or something, if you don’t have one, you can find free ones to use online, why do you need this? It gives you a good idea when he starts using his charge attack, which is very hard to evade, you have to be ready, having a Stop Watch on, definitely helped me for when I should expect this attack to happen.  You’ll evade this a few times, then he’ll do his explosion attack, except it will be a lot bigger, get to your closest, and far away from him corner, and this battle should end without you taking any damage.

You can also end the fight by getting him down to 99.2% health, but it ends the same way, you still need to evade those charge attacks and then make sure to get to one of the corners when he does that attack, however, I tried this method loads and had no success, within maybe my third attempt with the keep away/wait method, I managed to do it.

Anyways, now to the actual battle, this isn’t actually hard at all, I recommend having only your blade equipped and make sure it’s the HF Murasama Blade, its best to be fully upgraded too, I don’t recommend having unique weapons equipped as your blade really works the best and is the most accurate when it comes to boss fights.  Anyways, if quick, you can get about a few attacks in on him here, then you’ll have to evade his upcoming attack which is basically a road of fire, he’ll do two of these, sometimes only one, but always do two evades.  After this, he should do his other fire attack which puts lines on the ground to indicate where the fire will come out, get to the widest area here or you will be getting hit on the side with fire.  Anyways, after this he normally always goes and gets the first bolder thing, you can take your chances and slice this, but I won’t as aiming in Blade Mode, and especially with this, is hard.  So Ninja Run towards it, keep running as it lands, he should land, now normally he always landed for me and then went and got another one.  But after this next one, you should be able to do some damage, if at that certain point, he’ll do his Restore Health move, do not do normal attacks here, move until his back is in perfect view, then go closer (you don’t have to worry about him attacking you here, he only attacks if you attack), enter blade mode, now before slicing, make sure it is lined up and locked onto the square, give it a few seconds before slicing just to make sure it stays that way, then slice, there is some unlucky moments where it just goes off the target on the last moment, if it does, he catches your sword and damages you.  You don’t just want to leave him in this mode either as this means more health, more opportunity to get an attack on you.  If you use Blade Mode, and do so correctly, it makes him stagger for a while, and give you a big chance to get the majority of his health bar down.  I would use the skill “Sky High”, you need to purchase it, but this can easily extend your time to deal damage here as it sort of has a juggle effect.

Anyways other attacks that may not always show up.  He’ll do a explosive attack, it will be indicated in like a star of lines around him, I managed to avoid this completely while staying at his back and attacking away, but its not always an easy attack to avoid.  Slow motion fire attack which you either must evade or parry, I always found evading the best for this attack, as it meant more damage dealt to him in QTE, but you also had more buttons to press during this, so it’s a slightly more complicated QTE than the one you get when you parry which is just one button press.  But only really does a quarter of the damage that this one does.

He also does a throw, easy enough to evade and really easy to see coming, as well as a few normal attacks that are easily parried.

Anyways that is pretty much this explained.  Monsoon is the most of your worries with these achievements, the last boss isn’t as hard as what most make him out to be, its just you need to learn evade while the game itself learned you how to mainly parry, so you’re in for some adjustments of your play style.

VR Missions Achievements

Analysis Complete
Unlock every VR Mission.

VR Missions are found on computers during missions, you just find them here, you do not have to enter them, although if you do want to do it as soon as you get it, you can press :back: which takes you to the Codec Screen and VR Missions will be the last option.

See A Big Fan of Lefties for videos which show the locations.

VR Master
Complete every VR Mission.

See Virtually a God for more information.

This is just for completing all the VR Missions, this does not require you to place in 1st, 2nd or 3rd place, it just requires you to have completed it, if you are unsure of the ones you haven’t completed, you can check below the rankings if you have a time set, if you do, that means you have completed the VR Mission.

Virtually a God
Set the highest score on every VR Mission.

This isn’t much harder than VR Master, but the real difficulty in all of these is VR Mission 18, it is based 50% skill and 50% luck, you can look at strategies all over YouTube, but you have to look at how lucky they are getting in some places.  The main thing is, if you can go through this without being grabbed then an enemy taking it to their advantage and killing you, then it’s easily completed if you know how to parry (skill based).

Same goes for a lot of these missions, so much luck is required while there are some that are purely skill based and shouldn’t be a problem if you know what to do, parry and best methods of attack.

Eliminate All Enemies

  • VR1 Time to Beat: 0.40
  • VR7 Time to Beat: 4.00
  • VR13 Time to Beat: 3.30
  • VR16 Time to Beat: 2.30
  • VR18 Time to Beat: 10.00

These all have you fight waves of enemies, getting increasingly harder.  VR Mission 18 like I have already mentioned is the hardest due to it being based partly on luck.  It’s really the mission you want to try doing before everything else, if you can do this, then you shouldn’t have much problems with everything else, its just a lot easier than doing every other VR up til that point and then landing into this one and realizing you have wasted a lot of time doing something that you aren’t going to be able to get now because of this.  You will need to know how to parry correctly, there is parrying just for the basics of it, and then there is parry-counters, which if done perfect, you can kill most enemies within one attack.  Or at least have them go into that state where you can press :y: + :b: and instant kill them that way.

Mainly these missions wouldn’t be so bad if it let you take all your upgrades with you and let you use any sword, but you do not have these options and that’s what makes it as hard as it is.  VR Mission 18’s difficulty, the best way to describe it is that it’s Revengeance difficulty with not much upgrades at all except for your unique weapons.

Eliminate All Enemies via Ninja Kill

  • VR2 Time to Beat: 0.40
  • VR8 Time to Beat: 0.50
  • VR14 Time to Beat: 1.10

In these missions you are basically going around undetected (if an enemy sees you, the mission ends), you’ll be using AR Mode and Ninja Killing enemies as soon as possible, when you do a Ninja Kill, enter Blade Mode but don’t do anything, just exit it again, you’ll be doing this as just staying in the Ninja Kill animation takes too long, you want out of it as soon as possible so you can run and Ninja Kill the next enemy.

Arrive at the Specified Waypoint

  • VR3 Time to Beat: 0.15
  • VR9 Time to Beat: 0.20
  • VR15 Time to Beat: 0.30

This is basically using Ninja Run, it requires a bit of luck that enemies don’t shoot rockets at you and totally mess up your platforming, having you starting over again, any mess ups in these will cause you to fail getting the 1st place.  Sometimes using the slide can have you evading the rockets/missiles enemies will throw at you, Ninja Run allows you to block the gun fire.  However, when you are jumping between blocks, there is nothing really to avoid you from getting hit by rockets/missiles, that’s where some luck would come in.

Eliminate All Enemies via Zandatsu

  • VR4 Time to Beat: 1.00
  • VR10 Time to Beat: 1.20
  • VR19 Time to Beat: 10.00

These missions are a bit like the normal Eliminate All Enemies, you’ll be going with the same methods here, perfect parries should allow you to do the :y: + :b: attack on bigger enemies right away and normal enemies can get defeated by Zandatsu right away.  You need to target the square that is on their bodies, these missions can sometimes be odd even if you can still target the square, they’ll end for some reason.  Just make sure you get it each time, mission ends if you kill an enemy without using Zandatsu.

Eliminate All Enemies using the supplied Sub-Weapon

  • VR5 Time to Beat: 1.30
  • VR12 Time to Beat: 2.30
  • VR17 Time to Beat: 3.30

These are probably the easiest, you can only attack enemies by using the sub-weapons that can be picked up on the stages.

Arrive at the Specified Waypoint Without Being Detected

  • VR6 Time to Beat: 0.15
  • VR11 Time to Beat: 0.25
  • VR20 Time to Beat: 0.20

Sometimes you’ll be required to Ninja Kill, but most times, you just want to get these done as fast as possible, which means just running through the stage, only doing Ninja Kill on enemies that may end up seeing you if you go one way and that is the only way to get past them.

Collectible Achievements

Tearing Away the Disguise
Destroy all of the humanoid Dwarf Gekkos during story mode.

Humanoid Dwarf Gekkos are two Dwarf Gekkos disguised to look like a human, there is only five of these in the entire game.

  • R-02: This one is in the hallway with all the Dwarf Gekko that jump from the ceiling, you need to destroy all of these and then make your way back to the start of the area where the humanoid Dwarf Gekko should be at.
  • R-03: This one is at the end of the pitch black hall, before you jump up onto the higher platform, continue down the hall, and you’ll see this at the end of it.
  • R-04: Just before you fight Sundowner, look to your left and you’ll see one far away, there is no way in getting to this one, so just use either your Rocket Launcher or Homing Missile to destroy this one.
  • R-05: This is maybe the most frustrating one, you will need to get down to this area without being seen, it’s in the area where there will be Dwarf Gekkos and sliders, use your cardboard box to sneak down, when you do get to attack it, make sure you destroy the whole thing, that none of it vanishes before you have the chance, because even if you aren’t seen, it isn’t going to take the other Gekko round this area to discover you, if you mess up, simply press :start: then go down to Restart and try again.
  • R-07: This one is at the very start at the far right hand to the soldiers, just run across to that area and you will find it, it will be hidden among the rocks.

Note: This may get patched, but at the moment this has to be done in a single play-through (no quitting out), so make sure to play from R-02 to R-07 without using Chapter Select.  The achievement should unlock right away once you have destroyed the last one.


Ich Liebe Kapitalismus!
Acquire all customization items.

This only requires you to buy the items, you do not need to buy upgrades.  Here is a list of the items you need to buy as well as how to unlock them for purchasing.  DLC items are not included in this.


  • Mariachi Uniform: Complete R-02 on any difficulty.
  • Custom Body (Desperado): Complete R-04 on any difficulty.
  • Standard Body: Complete the game on Hard difficulty or higher.
  • Suit: Complete R-00 on Very Hard difficulty or higher.
  • Custom Body (Red): Complete 30% of VR Missions.
  • Custom Body (Blue): Complete 50% of VR Missions.
  • Custom Body (Yellow): Complete all VR Missions.


  • Infinite Wig A: Complete the game on Normal difficulty or higher and collect at least 10 ID chips.
  • Infinite Wig B: Complete the game on Normal difficulty or higher and collect at least 20 ID chips.
  • Blade Mode Wig: Complete the game on Hard difficulty or higher and collect at least 30 ID chips.


  • Pole-Arm: Complete R-01 on any difficulty.
  • Sai: Complete R-03 on any difficulty.
  • Pincer Blades: Complete R-04 on any difficulty.
  • HF Murasama Blade: Complete the game on any difficulty.
  • HF Machete: Collect 10 Data Storage items.
  • Stun Blade: Collect all Data Storage items.
  • Armor Breaker: Collect all ID chips.
  • HF Long Sword: Complete all VR Missions with 1st rankings.
  • HF Wooden Sword: Find and defeat all Men In Boxes.

As you see, you’ll have to do so much progress with the achievements in the game before you’re able to buy a lot of this stuff, if VR Missions are a problem with you, then this achievement is also a problem as it requires you to do all of those at 1st rankings.  But everything else is easily obtained.  BP shouldn’t be a problem as you have to do multiple play-throughs at least so no farming BP should be required for this.

A Big Fan of Lefties
Acquire all enemy officers’ left arms.

This is for cutting off each officers’ left arms and collecting them.  This is a bit tricky as it does require you go into Blade Mode and slice off the arm, making sure not to touch the red, if you do this, the arm is lost and you will have to press :start: then Restart to try again.  You can see which enemy is the officer by going into AR Mode and then you’ll see their arm flashing.







Amateur Radio Operator
Listen to most of the codec conversations.

This requires you to listen to 75% of the codecs.  This means, you need to at least have listened to 400 of 540 of them.  You need to be going to the Codec constantly (press :back:, use whatever codecs that are available), I got this with the second codec I got with Boris during the Metal Gear Excelsus battle, and this was a bit late for what I expected and I actually expected to have unlocked the achievement sooner than then as that’s near enough the end of the game, you only fight bosses.  I was checking constantly too, after every battle, during every battle, after every small/major event in story, after every forced codec call, start of each mission and during boss battles.  So I’m quite surprised I missed any at all.

Forced Codec calls that come to you during story counts toward this, but they are hardly enough for this achievement to unlock.  By the way I was counting, there is only around 70 of these.

Anyways, for those of you who are not really interested in back story/more information on the story, then you can always hold :y: to fast-forward calls.  Otherwise you could find yourself spending 1-2+ hours with these things on each mission.  Some missions don’t have so much of them.  But R-01 has the most of them, I got at least 128 of the hidden codecs during that mission.

R-00 does not have any, since you cannot access the codec screen.

Anyways to save time in some places (but you may always want to check with the others to make sure), here is a list of the contacts and whereas where you may be more likely to get a new message from them.

Note: All of them have their say on bosses, so make sure to contact each codec you have while fighting them.  Also, keep contacting (make multiple calls after the other) them until they start repeating themselves, once you see a line or whatever that they have already said, they have nothing more to give you at that point.

  • Boris (Current Objective, Combat Hints): Boris is always the codec that will give you information on your current mission (some missions may be excluded from this though), and combat hints, he mainly comments on enemies with new weapons or enemy types, contact him whenever you see a new enemy or an enemy carrying a new weapon, other than this though, he never really does any chit chat, so its not often this guy will keep talking to anything unrelated to him.
  • Kevin (Information on Target Location, International Affairs): Does what it says he does, you just contact this guy anytime really.  Sometimes during battles as well as he will normally give a comment on the bigger enemies (Grads, Gekkos etc).  He also talks about sports and questions Raiden’s decisions, he notices if you contact Courtney a lot, so he may talk about her at times.
  • Courtney (Saving the Game, Basic Facts about the Game Series): Courtney is mainly used for saving, but when she has something to say, you’ll know, she mainly talks about back story and past events, but she also gives Raiden facts about each country’s food.  As well as that, she also does a bit of chit chat, she is also like Kevin and will comment on the bigger enemies Raiden fights, she doesn’t notice you contacting Kevin a lot, but will talk about him since they knew each other before.
  • Doktor (Cyborgs, Drones): Doktor does what it says, he talks about a lot of cyborg stuff, Raiden will also ask him about the brains occasionally.  He also gives combat hints, mainly from his knowledge of cyborgs and drones though, so he will give you more advanced strategies than Boris would.  Always contact this guy, he most of the time has something to say.
  • Wolf (Desperado, AI, Debt): Wolf joins your codec on R-02, he mainly tells you what he knows from his time with the Desperado, he also talks about his AI and Sam a lot, most of his conversations are about paying off the debt he owes to Raiden, which means generally caring about Raiden, or trying to relate to him in some way, he never really has much to say, but keep checking with him to be safe.
  • Sunny (Solis, facts about other characters): Sunny joins your codec on R-07, she has a lot to say though since she has not seen Raiden for some time now and Raiden is also interested in how she’s been keeping, so she’ll explain stuff like whats been going on etc, she also does random chit chat, contact her often on this mission as she probably has the most to say.

Anyways, if you did story and were checking constantly, I recommend to either play through R-01 as it is likely you have missed a few there, or you do certain things like saving civilians (see Humanitarian Assistance for locations) and the slicing their clothes off, this should get you new Codecs from Boris, Kevin, Courtney and Wolf (if beyond R-01).  Also just for saving civilians, they also give you a Codec if you failed to do so, but this will remain the same.  Doktor is the only one who does not give you a Codec for civilians.

Discover all of the soldiers hidden in cardboard boxes.

See A Big Fan of Lefties for videos which show the locations.

Data Mining
Acquire all data storage devices.

See A Big Fan of Lefties for videos which show the locations.

Humanitarian Assistance
Rescue all the civilians.

There are four civilians in the game that need rescued, these aren’t actually to hard to rescue.  There is probably special routes for all of them, but you don’t actually need to worry about these for the most part.  If you have Infinite Wig A or EM Grenades on you, you can throw one of those toward the soldiers that are holding the civilian, they will all be stunned and unable to kill the civilian if they see you, if they see you and are not stunned, then they will kill the civilian right away but you can always press :start: and then select Restart which will put you back to the start of the checkpoint, which shouldn’t be too far from the civilian.

After you successfully clear all the enemies away from a civilian, press :b: while standing near them to let them know they are safe.

R-01 Civilians

R-01 is the only mission that has two, the first one is actually very easy, he is found after you are taught to kill an enemy from above and Boris actually mentions there is one.  The stealth route isn’t that bad, what you want to do is cross the bridge on the left side, get the first rocket launcher enemy with a Ninja Kill, then the second (use AR to make sure he is not headed toward you, wait until his back is turned), and then you can sneak up on the two holding the civilian.

The second one is a bit harder (you find them in the area after defeating a Hammerhead), I have the Fox Blade, and with some luck at one time, I managed to just Ninja Run up to the soldiers and defeated them before they had the chance to kill off the civilian.  But since not everyone will want to buy this DLC pack, or probably didn’t pre-order the game or buy new, then the best way to go about it is have EM Grenades or Infinite Wig A, and throw one toward the soldiers, do not worry about the sliders, but do worry about them when fighting them as you can land these on top of the civilian which will kill them.

R-03 Civilian

This one was a little bit tricky as it does require some some stealth.  This one is found on the rooftops after defeating a Hammerhead on another rooftop.  Anyways, a slider will drop off an enemy, you aren’t exactly close enough to throw the EM Grenade, and if you stay up here for too long, the newly dropped enemy will notice you which will alert everyone.  I recommend having a cardboard box and go down and carefully Ninja Kill this enemy when you can, hopefully the others will not notice you, get as close as needed to throw the EM Grenade toward them, kill them and that’s this one saved.

R-04 Civilian

This one was probably the most difficult but easy enough if you actually do things differently than you should, anyways, this is after the place with all the Dwarf Gekko and Sliders, there will be an enemy set up so you can Ninja Kill them, however, don’t as the Grad that is down below will target you and then Alert will go off and the enemies next to the Grad will kill off the civilian.  What you want to do instead is, stand to the left of the soldier, just behind him a bit so he can’t notice you from the side, aim a EM Grenade to where the soldiers and the civilian are below.  Kill off the Grad, enemy next to you and the enemies holding the civilian.  This may take a few tries, I am not exactly sure if the Grad can kill off the civilian as I was using the Fox Blade that sort of instant kills enemies, but if you use a fully upgraded HF Murasama Blade, this shouldn’t be much of a problem.

The achievement should unlock once you save the last one.

Misc. Achievements

Anti-Cyborg Sentiment
Destroy a total of 100 Cyborgs during story mode.

This is for destroying 100 normal Cyborgs, this should come reasonably fast if you are playing on Easy-Hard difficulty, later difficulties add in tougher enemies in place of the normal type so it will take longer to get this in the higher difficulties.

The Bigger They Are…
Destroy a total of 100 Custom Cyborgs during story mode.

These cyborgs are just slightly bigger than the normal ones and have armor on them so they can’t be destroyed in Zandatsu straight away, this shouldn’t take too long to unlock either, but may require another half play-through.

Demilitarized Zone
Destroy a total of 100 Heavily Armed Cyborgs during story mode.

The only heavily armed cyborgs you’ll fight are Berserkers which carry hammers, this will be the only “Defeat so many of X” achievements that will not be unlocked for some time, maybe even only unlocking once you done everything else, the best place to farm these kills is R-07 at the aircraft warehouse.

Destroy a total of 10 Gekkos during story mode.

Gekkos are one of the first robot enemies you encounter.  You should get this via a play-through of story.

Destroy a total of 10 Mastiffs during story mode.

Mastiffs appear in R-02, again, you should get this via a play-through of story.

Extinction Level Event
Destroy a total of 10 Raptors during story mode.

Raptors appear in R-02, you will have near enough 10 of these destroyed by the end of story, R-02 will be the best level to farm these in as you fight at least five of them.

Pond Scum
Destroy a total of 5 Vodomjerka during story mode.

This is easily obtained in R-02 alone if you play the optional “Ranked Battle #4” which has you fight four of them, then get the one that is around the area where you find the hidden door.

Wolf Hunter
Destroy a total of 10 Fenrirs during story mode.

The first one of these appears in R-01, and this one actually counts, it takes a while later for them to appear in story again, but you won’t get the 10 you need from your first play-through, so you’ll need to get some while going for collectibles etc.

Slider Strike
Destroy a total of 10 Sliders during story mode.

Sliders first appear on R-01, this unlocked for me on R-04 while using them in the building that is getting destroyed, so those ones count and you are getting quite a few there, so this should unlock via a play-through.

Jumping the Shark
Destroy a total of 10 Hammerheads during story mode.

Hammerheads appear in R-01, but they are probably one of the last achievements you’ll get in this section simply because they are bigger enemies, its not often that they appear.  You can farm these on Sundowner’s fight though, use a rocket launcher and after awhile, another one will spawn, but you don’t need to do this.

Looking Out for the Little Guys
Destroy a total of 30 Dwarf Gekkos during story mode.

Dwarf Gekko appear in R-01, you can actually get this by farming them on the Mistral fight, but this isn’t required, you should be able to do this via your first play-through.

Datsu Right
Successfully complete 50 Zandatsus during story mode.

To do Zandatsus, you have to be in Blade Mode and slice just where the square is on enemies.  If done so correctly, you’ll be prompted to press :b:.  You can only do this with the basic enemies without having to do any damage before hand.  Any other enemies normally need to be highlighted in blue first or when you are sometimes prompted to press :y: + :b:, at the end of the animation, it should always allow you to use Blade Mode and their location will be up for you.  You’ll get this eventually more likely, since it’s something you are going to find yourself doing often for S ranks and health/fuel.

What Doesn’t Kill You…
In story mode, successfully parry 10 attacks in a row in one minute or less.

This is easy enough to do on the first battle of R-00 in Revengeance difficulty.  To parry, you have to put :ls: in the direction of the enemy attacking you.  So for example, if they are attacking you from the left, put :ls: to the left and then hit :x: to parry their attack, keep parrying until you done it 10 times in a row, this will come very fast in Revengeance difficulty as enemies non-stop attack you.

If you are having trouble with this, play on Easy difficulty with the “Easy Assist” on, although enemies may not attack you as much in this difficulty, so it may be harder to achieve within a minute, but if you are having trouble with  the direction part, the “Easy Assist” does that automatically, so a lot of the time, the game parries for you in Easy difficulty.  I don’t recommend having this on at all though as it will only make your Revengeance or Hard difficulty play-throughs harder for you.

Assassin Behind Closed Doors
Successfully complete 30 Ninja Kills during story mode.

Ninja Kills are done by sneaking up on the enemy and pressing :b: to instantly defeat them.  You can also Ninja Kill from above, so if you see an enemy below you, you can press :b: while on the higher platform.

You Don’t Run from Chance
Successfully complete 50 Executions during story mode.

Executions are only available against bigger enemies which you can get :y: + :b: attacks on via parries or so much damage, complete 50 of these and you’ll unlock this achievement.

A Lover, Not a Fighter
Successfully complete 10 No Kill battles during story mode.

This requires you to unlock the High-Frequency Wooden Sword, this is only purchasable after finding and killing all of the Men in Boxes (See Peekaboo for locations).  The sword costs 5,000BP, as well as that I recommend buying most of it’s Vanish Chance upgrades, this will cause the enemy to instantly vanish sometimes, you can raise this from 2% up to 20%.  This weapon does not kill enemies, you cannot use Zandatsu with this weapon, but you can go into Blade Mode, but it doesn’t cut, so no point really.  Make sure you have your unique weapon unequipped so you don’t end up killing anyone by accident.  I just repeatedly did the first battle of R-05, and got it that way.  Just make sure to wait until you see the save icon and quit out once you know it has saved and then restart the mission from Chapter Select.

The Wooden Sword does give a No Kills Bonus for those of you interested in ranking, but to be honest with you, the amount of features that it takes away (Zandatsu, cutting enemies), it’s just not worth it to be using.

Assault with a Deadly Weapon
Dismember three enemies during Blade Mode with a single attack.

There is multiple places to do this in, but one of the easiest and quickest spots to get this in, is Ranked Battle #1 of R-01.  There is exactly three normal cyborgs here so it’s easy to get here so long as you have all three of these grouped together.

Rip ‘Em Apart!
In story mode, kill 100 enemies by cutting them.

This will unlock for killing enemies in Blade Mode (without doing Zandatsu), you’ll more likely get this through your first play-through.

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