Mythwright Gambit

Table of Contents

  1. Misc
  2. Conjured Amalgamate
  3. Largos Assassins
  4. Qadim


Regulars on the Tour
Complete all the other achievements in the Mythwright Gambit raid instance.

Ahead of you are several challenges. You must complete all three bosses, along with their assorted instance based achievements. The difficulty for these achievements varies and some Challenge Motes will test your patience.

After completing all the achievements you will claim your fancy new chair, and new title.

Hard Hats Required beyond This Point
Stand under every column of falling junk.

In total there are 5 junk piles that you need to stand under. The first four are right at the start of the instance as you land on the pile of gold. Stand under each stream of junk to progress this. The final stream of junk is after the Conjured Amalgamate in the sorting room before you take the portals.

After entering the sorting room turn around and run up tot he falling pile of junk to finish the achievement.

Mythwright Scholar
Read every book in the Mythwright Gambit raid instance.

Throughout the instance there are six books that you need to interact with. These books are only accessible in a clear instance, or after you’ve cleared all the way up to Qadim.

To accept these books you will need to have access to the Jackal, or have a friend teleport you around the various areas.

Guild Wars 2 Mythwright Gambit Achievement Guide Guild Wars 2 Mythwright Gambit Achievement Guide

Conjured Amalgamate

A Thunderous Fall
Defeat the Conjured Amalgamate.

This is the first boss for wing 6. This boss has several important mechanics, but out of the three bosses poses the least threat.

You can read about the Conjured Amalgamate encounter here.

Stacking Swords and Shields
Accumulate 10 stack of the Conjured Amalgamate’s special powers, then destroy it.

During the boss encounter you will enter a phase for collecting swords and shield. There are also various other sections of this fight where you can collect these special action items.

You will need to reach maximum stacks of either sword or shield, along with use the action during the boss fight. You can hold up to 10 of either special ability, indicated by the small boon icon on your bar or above your head with the respective icon.

After collecting and using a full stack of either ability you must finish the encounter and kill the boss.

Some Disassembly Required
Defeat the Conjured Amalgamate on Challenge Mode.

The variation from standard to challenge mode on this boss is fairly minimal. There are certain points in the fight where you will need to stack up as a group and protect players who’re targeted. Once targeted there will be a beam of light linking to several staff like elements around the edge of the arena.

To make this is a little easier the group can also bring reflects and block the projectiles from killing players in the group.

Largos Assassins

Aquatic Assassins
Defeat the largos assassins.

The Largos Twins are the second boss encounter in this wing. Out of the three bosses this one poses the most difficulty for most groups. You can reach about the encounter here.

Don’t Go in the Water
Defeat the largos assassins without touching the water’s surface.

During the encounter you must not touch the water. This sounds fairly easy, but instances where damage may be too low and you end up with your platforms lower than needed to glide without touching the water.

The goal is simple, but moderate and higher damage will make this easier. When gliding between platforms try to land on the water-spout ring if possible unless you can glide straight into it.

Let’s Not Do That Again
Defeat the largos assassins while the challenge mote is active.

Again this is another encounter with minimal changes to the structure. There is one mechanic that is quite punishing and players need to band together and execute the encounter with high precision and damage.

Throughout the fight players will need to deal with a new mechanic where you need to glide off the platform and use the water spouts to return. Staying on the platform will result in death.

The other change to this encounter is down to each boss having more health than the standard encounter.

Out of the three challenge modes, this one will give the most frustration and difficulty.


The Fire Dijnn Extinguished
Defeat Qadim.

Qadim is the last boss in this wing. Overall easier than Largos, but harder than Conjured Amalgamate. This boss has a lot of moving parts along with a lot of set special roles needed to progress the encounter. There’s a lot of personal responsibility in this fight along with making sure certain things don’t fail.

You can reach about this encounter and it’s mechanics here.

Taking Turns
Defeat Qadim without the same person being sent to the lamp twice.

During the encounter there is one mechanic called the menagerie, also referenced to as the lamp. This is a 3 path mechanic where you need to release a legendary creature to help your primary group on the main platform.

To each this achievement the group must rotate players in to the lamp for each phase. The most common way is to have 2 different people solo the first two lamp phases, and send down several people for the last lamp.

You must not send the same people more than once. You must also be alive at the end of the encounter to earn this achievement.

Manipulate the Manipulator
Defeat Qadim without letting him get within 2,000 range of the legendary creature.

There are several things in this fight that need to align properly to make sure Qadim doesn’t get too close the legendary creatures on the platform.

One or two players will deal with Qadim through the fight. They will prevent lava elementals from reaching Qadim, stopping him from gaining a damage buff. After a set time Qadim will destroy the segment this group is standing on. He will then teleport to the closet person on the next tile.

If the group damage and lamp teams work quickly Qadim should only move one tile, keeping him far away from the primary group and creature. The hydra will also teleport, so controlling its positioning by having the tank point to the outside tiles will move it further away from the boss until it’s defeated.

Heroes of the Forge
Defeat Qadim while the challenge mote is active.

The biggest change with this encounter appears during the legendary creature phases between the phase mechanics. Players will need to avoid a series of fiery balls of death as they bounce around the platform.

This can be a little tedious, but easily dealt with using blocks and dodging. Between the phases take extreme care when crossing platform and completing the jumping puzzle at the end. Falling off the platform during the challenge mote will result in death. There are no safety nets during this encounter.