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Somethings I'll abbreviate like Be A Pro = BAP, Hockey Ultimate Team = HUT, General Manager Mode = GM Mode, Overtime = OT etc.....

Table of Contents

  1. Be A Pro
  2. GM Mode
  3. Online/HUT Online
  4. NHL Moments/Miscellaneous


Note to make it easy for almost all BAP achievements/trophies set the sliders in the Gameplay setting to your advantage so goal scoring and everything in general will be easy. You don’t have to play all 82 games cause I know the game is set to 20 minute periods which take a while. I would suggest playing to 40 so your team is 40-0 right now then Sim to the playoffs win the Stanley Cup, the reason I highly suggest playing 40 games and scoring a lot is cause most of the BAP Boost slots and boosts will unlock so your BAP can get a higher Overall this is really useful for your Online BAP used in EASHL matches.

Be A Pro

Are You Kidding Me?
Hit the post 3 times in 1 game in BAP with a Created Pro.

Shouldn’t be to hard as if you take a ton of shots in a game most likely you will get 3 post shots. If not you could probably go up to the side of the goal and slapshot or wrist shot at the goal and will probably hit the post since you don’t have a good shot for a goal. To make it a little easier, go to edit your BAP and change your stick to a Mid-Open so your shots will go a little higher than usual, you will hit the post more often.

Play Through the Pain
Score a goal while injured in Be A Pro with a Created Pro

This one might be random when doing your BAP career, when you are playing and you get leveled and if they still let you play make sure to score in this time allowed or else cause if you finish the game when you got injured and didn’t score you will be sat out till you are fully healed.

Promising Start
Get drafted 1st overall to an NHL® team in Be A Pro with a Created Pro

When you start a Be A Pro Season you have to play with a CHL team (don’t worry you can pick which one you want to play for if it matters) there will be 4 games win all of them. It can be super easy with sliders enabled and score a ton of goals, but if you don’t want to use that approach. Play the game really well make sure to pass and not be puck stingy if you are an offensive player. Be back on the defense and get good hits and make assisting goal plays for defensive players. And for goalies just shut them out or don’t allow to many goals maybe 1 goal at most.
When you win the last game since this is the CHL playoffs you will get the Memorial Cup as well.

Memorial Cup
Play and win the Memorial Cup in Be A Pro with a Created Pro

Start up a Be A Pro from the NHL Entry Draft. Now all you have to do is win 4 games. After the game is over and you back out to the Menus, and it will unlock.

Best of the Best
Win the Art Ross Trophy in Be A Pro with a Created Pro

The Art Ross Trophy is given to the player with the most points in a Be a Pro season. If you play with sliders enable to your favor you will score a ton of goals which will mean you will have a ton of points. If you want to play the grind and play all games without sliders just make sure to get a goal and assist every game or have monster games of multi point games (2 Goals 3 Assists is a 5 Point Game)

Playoff Hero
During the NHL® Playoffs, score a goal in OT in Be A Pro with a Created Pro

Pretty simple, just make sure you made the playoffs and the first game make sure it’s tied after 3 periods of play and enter OT then call for the puck and score. Can’t be earned in the Pre-Season.

Red Light Specialist
Win the Maurice “Rocket” Richard Trophy in Be A Pro with a Created Pro

The Maurice “Rocket” Richard Trophy is given to the player with the most Goals in a single NHL Be A Pro Season, just get the most goals for a season easy way is to have sliders for your advantage and scoring will be easy for all the games you play.

Win the Hart Memorial Trophy in Be A Pro with a Created Pro

The Hart Trophy is given to the MVP to the BAP adjudged most valuable to his team in a BAP season. Most likely you will get this and a few other achievements all in one season if you do very well. Which can be easy if you have sliders advantage for you. For example a MVP season would be like 150+ Goals and 40+ Assists +/- 100+ tons of shots this would be with sliders favored for you to make it real easy.

Puck Puck Goose Egg
Win the Vezina Trophy in Be A Pro with a Created Pro

Given to the BAP Goalie who did pretty much stopping a lot of pucks. I suggest if you aren’t a good Goalie use sliders and shorten the periods to 5 minutes, as well as get as many shutouts as you can and get a ton of wins.

Win the James Norris Memorial Trophy in Be A Pro with a Created Pro

Sort of same as the Vezina Trophy only this will go to the best Defender, which means get a ton of hits a lot of assists don’t let the other team score to much on you and you should get it.

Kid’s Got Talent
Win the Calder Memorial Trophy in Be A Pro with a Created Pro

This is given to the best BAP rookie which if you score a ton of goals as a forward or have an amazing season at Goalie you will most likely get the achievement.

Two-Way Threat
Win the Frank J. Selke Trophy in Be A Pro with a Created Pro

This is awarded to the Offensive player who has defensive skill and stats. So if your BAP is a Right Winger you should change his build type to 2 Way Forward and finish the season with the most balance +/- and points, so a regular NHL season (real life) would be around +20 and up and around 70 points, for BAP I have around 170 goals and +/- 180.

Another Direction
Get traded to another team in Be A Pro with a Created Pro

In this years BAP they have made a bunch of new add-ons and changed a lot of things, for this when you enter the Season you will see a tab in the BAP that says “My Pro” in there look for the tab that says “Trade Request” the GM will then try to trade you play or sim some games until you get traded. Note if you ask to be traded to much you will be demoted from the current line you are on to the next one down for example if you are the 1st line you will be demoted to the 2nd. And also you can’t be traded right away as you will be a rookie so you don’t have much leeway to ask to be traded.

Retire as a Legend in Be A Pro with a Created Pro

This might take a while as you need to build up your status in your BAP career all you need for this years Legend is a certain amount of games played/points/plus minus/goals etc….

Games Player: 250

Overall Grade: A-





Legend Player
Play and win any NHL® player trophy in Be A Pro with a Created Pro

Should unlock after your Rookie BAP season as well as a few others depending on how and which position you played,for example sliders for scoring a lot of goals and getting the “Red Light Specialist” will also net you this one as well.

General Manger Mode

Tactical Advantage
Win a GM Connected league game using your Build Your AI file

GM Connected is a new mode where you can play a regular Season with people across the world. You have to build your AI file, from the main menu go to “My NHL 13” then to “Customize AI” then “Build Your AI”. Here choose what ever team you chose to be on make a few changes to their team strategy then apply changes. Go to GM Connected upload your Build Your AI File and win the game it will unlock.

Real Competition
Play in a GM Connected league of 5 Human GMs

When you start the new game mode you can join a public league, just make sure it has 5+ people in it to get this achievement. (Note: You may need access to the Online Features meaning you will need the EA Pass for NHL 13)

Legend GM
Achieve Legendary GM Status in Be A GM

This year they changed things around for this, each team has a certain # of Task Points (TP) for Legend status for a GM. You can change your GM Skill Level to easy to make this really easy and fast, the two teams that require the lowest TP are the Tampa Bay Lightning and New York Islanders. I’d pick Tampa as they have a better team overall with a good offense and decent defense. Earning TP is done by completing tasks you are given, like for me they are looking for 42 wins from me as the Lightning GM. Turning off Salary Caps would make it easy too, plus if you want to make it interesting you can do a fantasy draft so it’s new players for each team for example Sidney Crosby will be on the Ottawa Senators in my GM mode. Plus this years GM mode all the GMs are proactive and will send trades left and right. You can also send trades to make your team better. If you want this super easily just substitute a team for the NHL Legends almost all the players are over 90 rating so winning shouldn’t be a problem. This will take 3 Seasons for your total task points to hit 3,800 for Legend if you just Sim only, if you didn’t get it after 3 just start another season and about halfway through you should get it.

Call in the Ringers
Win a GM Connected league game with an OTP partner

As with the other Connected GM one’s this will require a 2nd player with you while you are doing a season game, I don’t think a second controller will work as it needs to be Online Team Play. (Note: You may need access to the Online Features meaning you will need the EA Pass for NHL 13)


Mad Scientist
Use the line assistant feature to setup your lines in Hockey Ultimate Team

Will be one of the first achievements you get in Hockey Ultimate team after you get your beginner pack to get a starting team. In the HUT menu you will see “My Team” go there and hit :lb: and it will optimize your lines and you will get this.

Changing Skins
Change the team of a player by using the Change Team item in Hockey Ultimate Team

Will be in Hockey Ultimate team and new items will be introduced this year one of them is changing a players team. Item should be obtained through packs if not you can search the Auctions and buy one. It’s under the Training section in the auction rooms.

Chosen One
Assign a captain to your Hockey Ultimate Team using the Assign Captain item

It’s like the changing a players team, it requires an item obtained from packs and if you don’t want to try your luck in getting one and want one right away you can search for one in the auction rooms for card items. It’s under the Training section in the auction rooms.

Complete Set
Collect all player, jersey and logo items for any team in the Collection in Hockey Ultimate Team

You can get the required items through packs but the easier way would be to buy them from the sellrooms, you would need a teams Logo and both Home and Away Jerseys and if that team has an Alternate Jersey you would need to get that as well, plus all the players for that team.

Pro Contender
Win a Hockey Ultimate Team tournament

Shouldn’t be too tough, in the menus go to play now and select to do a Tournament. Pick one that you meet the requirements for, there is a Rookie Tournament for when you start out in HUT for the first time and is available to everyone, play and win the tournament and it will unlock. (Note: this doesn’t require Online to obtain neither does “Mad Scientist”)

HUT Playoff Winner
Win any Hockey Ultimate Team monthly playoff tournament

The playoffs start on the 1st of every month and to unlock the achievements, select the Playoff option from the HUT menu and you will see whichever division you are in unlocked. Win the tournament to get the achievement, it’s a lot easier than last years seeing you needed to be Elite Rank this year you just have to win a monthly one so you can win the Amateur one and get this unlocked.

EASHL™ Rookie

Achieve Rookie 1 status for your Online Pro

See “EASHL™ Legend”

Achieve Pro 1 status for your Online Pro

See “EASHL™ Legend”

EASHL™ Legend
Achieve Legend 1 status for your Online Pro

As of now I don’t know how they are going to do the ranking system. Last years you need like 250 Games Played about 100 Wins and a A- overall grade, that was for a Skater I don’t remember the requirements for Goalie.

Rookie 1 Requirements:
-10 Games Played
-C+ Overall Grade
-4 Wins
Pro 1 Requirements:
-25 Games Played
-B- Overall Grade
-10 Wins
Legend 1 Requirements:
-150 Games Played
-A- Overall Grade
-75 Wins

Note Grading System is as follows from Poor to Great: F,D-,D,D+,C-,C,C+,B-,B,B+,A-,A,A+

That’s Embarrassing
Score a goal on a goalie who is performing a desperation save in Online Ranked Shootout

This one if done without boosting might be obtained by luck depending on the other players skill set and if they will use the desperation save moves. You can go into a Shootout lobby and play a friend, when you goto shoot have your friend use a desperation save move something like diving out of position etc… And score. Desperation moves are done by holding :lb:+:rs: in any direction

Locked and Loaded
Score on a slapshot in Online Ranked Shootout

Same as “That’s Embarrassing” but way easier, when in a Online Ranked Shooutout and when it’s your turn to shoot skate up the ice and perform a slapshot which is accomplished by holding back on the :rs: then moving forward on the :rs:.

EASHL™ Playoffs
Be a member of an EA SPORTS™ Hockey League team when they participate in a monthly playoff

Description is pretty self explanatory, just be on a team and when the first playoffs start usually near the end of the month. You can select in the menu for EASHL to play a playoff game, you don’t need to win just need to play in one.

Lead By Example
As captain or assistant captain, be named one of the 3 stars during an EASHL match

This is a new thing you can do in EASHL Clubs, the creator of the Club will be the Captain and they can appoint two Alternate Captains to their roster in EASHL Clubs. If you are one go into a match with a friend (as you need 2+ people to look for a match in EASHL Clubs) play decent enough to be named one of the 3 stars. For skaters get a couple of goals and assists and for Goalies either post a shutout or have like a 1 goal game with a high save percentage like 34/35 (35 shots total, saved 34 that’s a .971% save percentage.)

Fear No Man
Complete 30 EA SPORTS™ Hockey League regular matches without receiving a DNF or backout penalty

Just have to complete 30 games without leaving or receiving the backout penalty from the other team leaving, note that it doesn’t have to be 30 in a row so if you play 15 without backing out or a penalty you don’t have to start over. Has to be in  EASHL Club matches most of the time no one leaves cause they want to get Elite Rank for the Playoffs.

While playing as a goalie in an EA SPORTS™ Hockey League match, make a desperation save in OT

Can be done in Public EASHL or Club Matches make sure you go to Over Time and make a desperation save (:lb:+:rs: in any direction). Could be easily boosted in Lobbies with friends.

NHL Moments/Miscellaneous

Winter Classic
Complete a Winter Classic Match playing with the New York Rangers® versus the Philadelphia Flyers®

This is a gamemode they introduced in last years game, it will be in the main menu and select Winter Classic and it should be set up from last years Winter classic which was the Flyers and Rangers. Start the game up and when it’s finished you will unlock this.

Desperate Measures
Score a goal with your goalie pulled

For this you have to pull your goalie from the game to do this you can either hit :lb:+:back: or pause the game and near the bottom it says “Pull Home or Away Goalie”. Do that and go down the ice and score.

Score on a sprawling goalie

You have to get the goalie moving on this one, skate around the net a few times like circling the opposing teams net and the goalie should be moving back and forth to much he will be trying to jump and reach for the puck. When you see the open net shoot and score.

Come At Me Bro
Change your team’s bias to Neutral Zone

This is a new feature added to the Off/Def pressure schemes you want to use also if you wanted to change formation as well. For this hit :dpd: and you will see a bar on the bottom right of your screen. The selector will be in the middle to the right is FC (Forecheck) and to the left is NZ (Neutral Zone). Hit the :dpl: all the way to the right and it will unlock after the first period of play.

Coast to Coast
Starting from behind your net, skate up the ice and score without passing

Pretty simple, you can use any team in almost any modes besides Practice and Shootout. You can adjust the gameplay settings as well if you are new to the game or having a bit of trouble. It can be done with any team, but if you want it to be easy either choose one of the All Star teams or a National team like USA or Canada or pick the Legends. Take an offense player (for this example I’ll be using Center Vincent Lecavalier on the team Tampa Bay Lightning and as well on Team Canada). Take the puck behind your net and just simply skate up the Ice and score without passing to any players.

Put it on Net
Score while skating full speed

This one isn’t hard you just have to time it right. EA is introducing a new skating mechanic called Top End Speed when a player has the puck and is pretty much going straight up the ice he’ll start to skate really fast. When you get that just snap shot and try to score which is a little easy when you are doing Top End speed. To do a snapshot just flick the :rs: up.

HONDA – Your Moment Is Now
Win a Be A Pro NHL® Moments Live moment

All of the NHL Live Moments can be earned Offline. This one will require you to finish a NHL Live Moment with a certain Pro, For example I got mine by doing the NHL Live Moment “Steel City Collapse” where your supposed to get 3 Points with Claude Giroux.

HONDA – Second Season
Win a playoff NHL® Moments Live moment

There will be a NHL Live Moments from all of last years actual NHL season, pick a playoff one to do, “Steel City Collapse” is a playoff moment.

HONDA – Time To Shine
Win a team based NHL® Moments Live moment

All NHL Moments Live have objects for each Difficulty so a team based one would be when you control the whole team instead of just one player. For example the one I did it on was Turning Back Time, had to win the game against the LA Kings with the Columbus Blue Jackets.

HONDA – 82 Game Grind
Win a regular season NHL® Moments Live moment

Will be the same type of thing as the playoff Live Moment instead it will be during the regular season.

HONDA – Superstar For A Moment
Win a NHL® Moments Live moment on Superstar difficulty

Can be achieved with any of the other NHL Moments Live just be sure to select Superstar Difficulty and finish the objectives you need to do and you will unlock this. All the NHL Moments Live are relatively easy and not complicated or hard at all, this one on the other hand will require some skill to beat it on Superstar Difficulty.

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