Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch

Wizardly Whiz
Awarded for becoming a master magician. Congratulations! You truly are a whiz at wizardry!

This will unlock once you have obtained every other trophy.

Table of Contents

  1. Story Trophies
  2. Familiar Trophies
  3. Errand Trophies
  4. Bounty Hunt Trophies
  5. Alchemy Trophies
  6. Solosseum Series Trophies
  7. Casino Trophies
  8. Misc. Trophies

Story Trophies

 Out of this World
Awarded for casting Gateway and traveling to another world.

This is the first trophy you will unlock.  You unlock this as soon as you enter the another world via casting the Gateway spell.

En Guardian!
Awarded for defeating the Guardian of the Woods and bringing him back to his senses.

Guardian of the Woods is the first boss you will fight in the game.  I wouldn’t bother using the familiar too much as Oliver has a Fireball spell that does much more damage and it’s actually what the boss is weak to.  You’ll also get a tutorial for a finisher in this battle, so that will also deal a good bit of damage for you so long as you don’t waste it.

Anchors Aweigh
Awarded for obtaining the Sea Cow.

You will obtain the Sea Crow once you have dealt with Swaine’s Nightmare, and then given him some “Restraint”.  You’ll board the ship and Swaine will now be a party member.

Fly the Friendlier Skies
Awarded for befriending Tengri.

You befriend Tengri once you have defeated Denny’s Nightmare, and then given him some “Confidence”.  Kublai will then agree to give you Tengri and you will be able to use him for flying around the world with.

Wonder Wand
Awarded for restoring the legendary wand Mornstar to its former glory.

To restore Mornstar, you’ll have to travel to three different locations (these will be marked on the map) and obtain the stones from each of them.

  • Ghost Ship (can only be reached by ship, Tengri cannot land onto it)
  • Vault of Tears
  • Glittering Grotto (you will have to visit Yule first to gain entrance)

After you obtain all the stones, do what the game tells you, you’ll finally come to Perdida whereas you will have to defeat Khulan’s Nightmare and give her “Love”.  After then, she’ll tell you to come to her when you are ready to do the ritual which will bring Mornstar back to its former glory.  After this is done, the trophy will unlock.

A Tonic for the Djinn
Awarded for defeating the Dark Djinn.

Dark Djinn is a boss battle with three parts.  It isn’t hard at all if you are around Lv. 60.  You can easily win this battle by spamming Olivers “Mornstar” spell.  It does take quite a bit of MP though so make sure to have a few items with you that will recover it.

Council Trouncer
Awarded for freeing the other world from the clutches of the Zodiarchy.

This unlocks once you have completed the game.  You will have to fight the White Witch in two different forms and then the Zodiarchy.  The last part of this fight is even difficult for those that are Lv. 70 or higher.  What I did was used Olivers “Evenstar” spell.  It attacks multiple enemies at once and this is really good for getting rid of the Satellites, you want to get rid of these fast as I think they add to the boss’ “Chaos” attack and they will just keep attacking you.  Have familiars use spells that will hit every enemy too.  Once you get all of the Satellites away, you’ll be able to reduce a lot of the Zodiarchy’s health now with little bother.  They will eventually come back, as soon as you see one back, start to target it.  In “Tactics”, make sure everyone targets the same enemy as what you are, or you’ll just end up having your team fighting Zodiarchy.  The faster you get rid of the Satellites, the less problems you are going to have with this battle.  As well as that, when they are all gone, make sure to press :pst: for “All-Out Attack!” (everyone just forgets about buffing, healing etc, concentrates on attacking the enemy), unless he is preparing to do Chaos.

Chaos is the boss’ most damaging attack, if you aren’t careful, it can easily destroy your team.  I have noticed the attack damage goes up with the more Satellites he has.  Make sure you keep a lot of items, mainly the ones that restore full HP/MP.  You will need a lot of restoring MP items in this battle as you will be using it lots.  Make sure to press :pss: for “All-Out Defense!”, whenever you see the boss about to do Chaos, and quickly switch over to anyone with the “Defend” option, if using Oliver, switch back to him if your Familiar does not have it.  You should be able to at least half the damage it deals.  Your party doesn’t always defend though, so be prepared to start healing straight after.  I would set Esther to “Keep Us Healthy” in “Tactics”, the other can do whatever they want.

Overall, I did this on my first try.  But there was times my party was nearly destroyed from the Chaos attack so it is the one main thing to watch out for.

Make sure to keep a check on everyone’s HP/MP, a party member falling (you don’t notice for a while) or not able to battle well will cause you to fail this.

Familiar Trophies

Awarded for maximizing a familiar’s familiarity.

This is for fulling in all of the hearts you see on your familiar, this is a bit time-consuming so try to multitask it with other stuff.  Taking the Mite you start off with as an example, its favorite food is chocolate, anything that raises Attack.  So when you can’t really feed it other food (when it reaches its limit), just feed it chocolate and this will raise its familiarity.  You can only feed it so much, it will get full and then will refuse to take anymore.  Each battle you do, reduces its fullness.  So after 10 battles, you should be able to feed it again.  Once it reaches the last two hearts is when it becomes really time-consuming, these last two may require something like 600 chocolate (basic) just for it to finally gain that heart.  You can use the better items, but these are not ones that can be purchased and you either have to use Alchemy or get them from enemies.

Pedigree Breeder
Awarded for training a familiar to its full potential.

After you are done with Overfamiliar and get the last 10 upgrade slots, you should be able to do this.  The familiar doesn’t even have to be at its max level.  You can upgrade whatever.  Just so long as you reach 50/50, it will unlock.

Viva the Evolution!
Awarded for managing 10 metamorphoses.

This is very much like Pokémon for any of you that are familiar with that series.  After so many levels, your familiar will be ready to metamorphose.  You won’t be able to do this until you have cleared Temple of Trials.  But after then, you can do this as much as you wish.  You just need the right kind of drop and the familiar that is ready to metamorphose.  Most of the ones I was using regularly to this point were ready.  You use the drop that matches their symbol/type.  So for example, if you have stuck with the Mite you were given at the start of the game, he’ll require a Sun Drop to metamorphose.  You also get Jumbo Drops, these can only be used for reaching the final form.

The levels that Familiars are ready to metamorphose at are varying.

  • Metamorphose into Second Form: Levels 12-18
  • Metamorphose into Final Form: Levels 28-35

Some may take even longer to metamorphose, but this is what it usually takes.  And some don’t take as long, but this may because they are slower at leveling up.

Drops can be obtained by battles, errands, bounty hunts and finding them in chests.

Awarded for taming 20 different species.

See Familiarologist for more information.

Awarded for taming 250 different species.

There is a lot of familiars in the game, this is just exactly like Pokémon, you basically have to tame nearly all of them for this trophy.  Anyways what you want to do is tame two of each first form (or if the second form can be found, tame two of it).  You get taught how to tame familiars via story.  Esther must be in your party and when you see one with hearts, you’ll have to switch over to her and select the command that will be defaulted.  Sometimes your party can mess up taming a familiar, this only really happens when anyone picks up a yellow orb and does their super.  They are usually very good about not attacking the familiar that has hearts coming from it.  You only have so long to tame them, but it is a good while and so far, I have never lost the chance to get a familiar due to this.

Overall, taming familiars is time-consuming, nearly every one of them don’t even come up past 20% for their capture rate.  So for instance, you could get the familiar during your first battle with it, while in other cases it could take anything like 40-60+ battles with it to finally tame it.  The only way you can make this slightly more bearable is by unlocking the merit award “Jack of Hearts” which you won’t get until the third tier of that system.  So it will be late on in the story before you get that.  It is said to increase the rates by 20% for all familiars.  So it’s not a lot, but it helps.

You’ll need a decent supply of Drops/Jumbo Drops for this as you will have to metamorphose some familiars as not all of them are available via battles.

The best way to level up is using the Tokotoko that are rare spawns on Billy Goat Bluff, these give you 8000 EXP per battle, and you can sometimes get two of them at once, therefore earning you 16,000 EXP for that battle.  Then there is the even better enemy choice but it is even rarer, these are Tokocold in the Ivory Tower (last dungeon), these give you 24,000 EXP per battle, and extremely rare, you can also get two of these in one battle, but more likely, one will run off, the rarer these guys are, the more likely they’ll run.  You’ll have to sneak up on both these enemies, so I recommend using the Veil spell which makes you invisible to the enemies.  They can also spawn in other enemy groups, so you don’t actually need to see these exact enemies out on the field, but you are definitely guaranteed one in a battle if you do encounter one.

You can increase the EXP you get even more by unlocking the merit award “Crackerjack II” which increases your EXP earned, so with this, you’ll be leveling up and metamorphosing those familiars in no time at all.  I recommend if you have any of the “Toko” enemy types is just make do with the three that you fight, they take a very long time in leveling up and you don’t need to capture all of the familiars, just the 250.  Hopefully after having done everything else, you’ll have about 150 of them captured already.  Leave this til one of your last trophies to unlock in the game.

Errand Trophies

Boy Scout
Awarded for running 15 different errands.

See Humanitarian of the Year for more information.

Humanitarian of the Year
Awarded for running 60 different errands.

Errands are basically side quests of Ni no Kuni, they vary from easy to difficult tasks.  When you enter a town, press :r1: to see the map in full, you’ll see these flashing blue dots if there is any errands available.  You can also go to Swift Solutions and check out the Errand board, there is sometimes Errands going on in different towns which this board will inform you of, each of them will give you a brief description of where the Errand giver is.

If you struggle with any Errand, IGN has made a very helpful guide for each of them, just check what number the errand is that you are doing and just look for it in that list.  You shouldn’t have to do this a lot but there is some errands where the NPC doesn’t bother to use the correct name of item, which can be confusing, this is mainly what the forest dwellers do.  As far as I know, no errand has a time set on it, so you won’t need to worry about losing out on chances of getting these done, but its best to do as many as you can, it makes the grinding for leveling up seem much easier as doing these can help you level up, they don’t offer any XP, but some do ask you to fight or capture certain monsters.

At some points during story, you will be locked out of doing any errands, do not worry about this, as soon as you’re done with that bit of story, errands will be back to normal.

King of the World
Awarded for defeating the Guardian of Worlds.

This is part of Errand 131, this Errand only opens once you activate Errand 85, since it is part of a previously closed off area.  This area is south to Ding Dong Bell, you can see the opening to it behind some trees that are the same color as the Golden Grove area’s trees.  Keep continuing down this path until you reach a forest that allows you to enter.  You’ll see the Conductor near a door, the one that the Diary quest giver told you about.  He has a bunny head, he’ll give you a quest, then you will have to go back to any town you want and enter Swift Solutions and take every Bounty Hunt given to you.  All of these are previous boss battles you have fought, but they have been upgraded slightly.  Although, most of them were easier as you have better spells which attack every enemy, so bosses like “Royal Jelly” and “Zodiarchy” that spawn other enemies eventually, are a lot easier now as you can attack these all at once.  If you have been meeting with Horace and figuring out each of the riddles he gives you, you will have a very powerful spell known as “Astra”, once you are around Lv. 80-85, this attack does 600 points of damage to nearly every enemy.  It’s also more effective on enemies that rely on darkness attacks.

Guardian of Worlds unlocks once you have every Bounty Hunt done, please note, the first batch of those you get is not all of them, you’ll have to go back to Swift Solutions, claim all of them, then Drippy will say to visit the Conductor again, you’ll have to do this a few times, keeping going back to Swift Solutions until the Conductor finally lets you in the door.

It may be best to be Lv. 85-90, with all of your best familiars for this battle.  It’s very important to keep a healer active, so I’ll use Esther as your healer if you have stuck with her main familiar for the entire game (one she starts with).  You want to be making sure to only do “All-Out Attack!” once you know it’s safe, you’ll have the CPU stuck on “All-Out Defense!” for the majority of this battle.

What I did, was used Oliver mainly and kept spamming Astra, anytime I decided to fight up close, he was beating you up fast.  His two main attacks to watch out for is Overload (attack that deals damage to anyone that is near by), and Great Divider (this is a beam, he’ll move it slightly, it’s extremely easy to dodge, just make sure everyone is switch to “All-Out Defense!” as the CPU does not have the sense to move out of the way when they see this coming sometimes, it takes a while to charge too, it will instantly kill or leave with very little HP if you or any of your allies is caught in it without having used “Defend”).

You will need a good few MP items, some for Esther so she remains a good healer as well as buffer but mostly for Oliver who you’ll have spamming Astra, Astra is what does most of the damage in this battle.

It overall is easy enough for a super boss.  It also gives you 21,000XP for defeating it.

Super Hero
Awarded for collecting all the merit awards.

Merit awards are unlocked via doing Errands and Bounty Hunts that give you stamps, you just get about enough stamps in the game to give you access to all of these.  Don’t worry if it looks like you don’t have enough by the end, it will add more stamps to it and you’ll end up just getting enough for that last card you need.

Tiers unlock at different points of story, the next tier only unlocks fully once you buy the last award from the last tier.

Tier 1

  • Jumping Jack
  • Jack Be Nimble
  • Little Jack Horner
  • Jack in the Box
  • Jackpot
  • Jolly Jack Tar

Tier 2

  • Cheapjack
  • Crackerjack
  • Jack O’ Lantern
  • Jackpot II
  • Jack at a Pinch
  • Flapjack

Tier 3

  • Jack of Hearts
  • Jack Amend All
  • Crackerjack II
  • Jack of All Trades
  • Jack O’ Lantern II
  • Jack the Giant Killer

Overall, these are essentially “cheats” to break the game, but they all are useful, once bought, you cannot deactivate them or swap, so make sure you are happy with them before you buy.  I recommend as soon as you can, to purchase “Jack the Giant Killer” as this increases Oliver’s HP/MP by 100 points each.

 Bounty Hunt Trophies

New Sheriff in Town
Awarded for completing 10 different bounty hunts.

See Bounty Hunter for more information.

Bounty Hunter
Awarded for completing 40 different bounty hunts.

This may take a while, since Bounty Hunts aren’t given out as much as the errands are.  You unlock them by entering new towns, visit Swift Solutions and then talk to the NPC in store to see if there is any Bounty Hunts, if there is, accept all of them, keeping note of where the monster is located.  You also get them for completing certain errands or during certain errands, the one of the best example of this would be Errand 131.

You won’t unlock this til post-game though, so don’t worry while in Story where he just stops giving you them, there will be more again post-game.

Alchemy Trophies

Pop Pop Fizz Fizz
Awarded for alchemizing 10 different items.

See Mad Scientist for more information.

Mad Scientist
Awarded for alchemizing 120 different items.

This is for alchemizing 120 different items, I recommend using this list and making sure not to worry about too many of the items that require rare drops.  Rare drops are:

  • Glowstone
  • Evil Eye
  • All-Seeing Eye
  • Troll’s Tears
  • Angel Wings
  • Kaleidostone
  • Scroll of Truth

You will have to find so many of these for certain errands, but you shouldn’t ever have to worry about these for this trophy.

You can also find items on the World Map, which you can check here for the certain item locations.  Resources are the blue markers and you can set it so you only see them.  Not every item needs to be dropped via battle, actually very few of them do.  I recommend using Swaine’s Mugshot while looking for certain items in battle as you do not always get drops, using Mugshot until you finally steal something usually guarantees you get something at least from that battle.

When you find the 120 items you want to make, go through them all and check down how many resources you need, otherwise you will be going back and fort, it’s much quicker to just find out the amount of them you need, then hunting them all down, and then building everything.  You may need to buy certain weapons/items from the shops as well.

Solosseum Series Trophies

Solosseum Slugger
Awarded for winning your first bout in the Solosseum Series.

See Solosseum Supremo for more information.

Solosseum Supremo
Awarded for becoming the champion of the Solosseum Series.

This isn’t actually too hard, you’ll have ranks to go through until you reach the final rank, which is Rank S.

Overall, all the previous ones before this never really get hard.  I recommend turning certain abilities off on the CPU characters (Esther mainly so she actually heals you).

First three fights aren’t too bad, do what I said about Esther though or you may end up using Oliver as the main healer, which you don’t want to do.  Esther will spam buffs and so on, when they aren’t even needed, you see this mostly in this rank tournament, so the CPU really has no idea how to save MP, you need to save MP as you cannot use items in these battles.  I recommend to keep both characters not using abilities til the last battle if you can help it, you may have to start using Esther as a healer on Battle 3, commands like “All-Out Attack/Defense!” will have the characters using abilities no matter what your tactics are set to.

At the last battle, you can do this by spamming Oliver’s Thunderstorm spell against all enemies, it has them drop out glims more as well, with the occasional luck of Drippy dropping in and healing you during this tournament, it shouldn’t be too bad really.

Casino Trophies

Raising the Stakes
Awarded for collecting your first prize at the casino.

See High Roller for more information.

High Roller
Awarded for collecting all of the tickets for the Mem-O-Vision by winning big at the casino.

These prizes only unlock once you complete the story of the game.  They are the Rank S tier prizes which are and cost:

  • Bronze Ticket (10,000)
  • Silver Ticket (15,000)
  • Gold Ticket (20,000)
  • Platinum Ticket (30,000)

These unlock a room which allows you to watch all previous game cut-scenes.  You have two ways of doing this, wait until you unlock Guildering the Lily and just buy the amount of chips needed or play the Casino games.  I found Black Jack the best to get extra chips, I used a bit of both for this.  Black Jack is rather simple, just don’t ever raise the stakes.  So after each game you win, make sure to quit so you keep any chips you win.  It is faster to raise the stakes, but much more riskier as the game still is very luck-based.  Your aim is to either get a score of 20, or 21, 21 is Black Jack and will provide you with a win so long as the opponent does not also have that amount, in that case, it’s a Push where neither players win or lose anything.  Getting 20 also kind of guarantees you a win, unless again, the opponent gets a Black Jack (you lose) or gets the same amount again.  If you go beyond 21, this means you lose instantly.  Sometimes you will get starting hands of 20 and 21, in this case, just play as drawing when you have 20, means you need an Ace so it’s risky and you may just be better off using the 20.  When you have 21 as your start, the game makes you instantly win.

Misc. Trophies

Guildering the Lily
Awarded for amassing a fortune of half a million guilders.

This is for saving up 500,000 guilders, easy enough to do if you do errands and bounty hunts.  If you want it faster, I don’t really recommend selling stuff, even if it is no use for you, it could be rare to come by and it may be something you want to keep for Mad Scientist, so just be patient with this, don’t buy too much stuff as most of the time, your best weapons and so on come from battles, errands and bounty hunts.  The 500,000 guilders have to be all there at the same time.

Man of Steal
Awarded for successfully stealing 50 times.

You won’t be able to steal until Swaine joins your party.  He has an attack known as “Mugshot”, this attack attempts to steal off any enemy on target.  I went back to one of the starting areas when I was able to and got this really fast.  You can go for it whenever you like though, but I recommend using enemies that are a lot weaker than yourself so you can have time to steal in peace.  You may want to go over to “Tactics” while in battle and set everyone to “Don’t do anything.”, otherwise the enemies will be defeated before you have the chance to steal.

Glim Reaper
Awarded for gathering 2,000 glims.

This is time-consuming but it will come along with the last few trophies that you go for.  Glims that your party members pick up are not included in this, so these all have to be ones you picked up or either got them automatically via the Merit Award “Jackpot II”.  This Merit Award only appears once you have purchased all of the Tier 1 Merit Awards.  And since you have it, “Jackpot” will also help as it causes more of these to drop.

You also get bonus glims when you see “Nice” pop up on-screen.

It should definitely unlock while going for the last few trophies though, you shouldn’t need to grind for this.

Little Battler Experience
Awarded for winning 1,000 battles.

Simple enough, you will more likely get this while going for the Platinum and depending in how you play, maybe even during the story of the game.  Although it unlocked for me whilst I was doing one of the very last errands.  I wasn’t even avoiding battles much, but you do not need to worry, it will unlock eventually and it definitely wouldn’t be anything you’ll have to grind for when there is nothing else to do.

Treasure Hunter
Awarded for finding all hidden treasure chests.

These are invisible chests that can be found out on the world map, you can use the spell “Seek Fortune” to temporary show where these are on the map.  You can also use this map from IGN which shows all the chests under red markers, concentrate on one region at a time and you should get this done quickly enough.

Awarded for setting foot in all secluded regions.

This is for entering each cave and each forest, again, I recommend using the IGN map which shows all forests under the green markers and all caves under the orange markers.

Magic Master
Awarded for learning all of Oliver’s spells.

Oliver gets nearly every spell given to him via story, but there is a side quest with Horace, these are errands that are never marked and Horace is just a random ghost boy you meet in each town which you need to use Spirit Medium with to communicate with.  He’ll give you the first one for free, but the rest require using the Wizard’s Companion and giving answers to his riddles, however, if you don’t want to spend the time doing that, click here for a list of answers and locations of Horace.

  • Healing Touch
  • Healing Hand
  • Gateway
  • Vacate*
  • Travel
  • Spring Lock
  • Nature’s Tongue
  • Levitate
  • Spirit Medium*
  • Magic Lamp
  • Form Familiar
  • Take Heart
  • Give Heart
  • Rejuvenate
  • Quicken Growth
  • Draw Poison*
  • Puppet String
  • Secret Ingredient
  • Bridge
  • Broom Broom
  • Burden
  • Chart Chests*
  • Seek Fortune
  • Ward
  • Veil*
  • Breach Time
  • Insight
  • Poison Apple
  • Fireball
  • Frostbite
  • Pulse
  • Arrow of Light
  • Fortune’s Fool
  • Cloudburst*
  • Unleash*
  • Mornstar
  • Evenstar
  • Astra*

* These are the spells which solving Horace’s riddles unlock, these are some of the best spells in the game so it’s recommended to grab them as soon as you see Horace.

Prima Donna
Awarded for learning all of Esther’s songs.

All of Esther’s songs are found via leveling her up, none are miss-able and you do not need to reach the max level.

Awarded for learning all of Swaine’s trickshots.

All of Swaine’s trickshots are found via leveling him up, none are miss-able and you do not need to reach the max level.

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