Path of Fire: Act 1

Table of Contents

  1. Story Progression
  2. Sparking the Flame
  3. Blazing a Trail
  4. Night of Fires
  5. The Sacrifice

Story Progression

Path of Fire Act 1 Achievement GuideNo Deductible
Make it to the Crystal Desert without crashing Kiel’s airship.

The following achievements will unlock by playing through the story. There’s no other requirement apart from completing the story missions.

Path of Fire Act 1 Achievement GuideSparking the Flame
Complete the Sparking the Flame mission.

See “No Deductible”.

Path of Fire Act 1 Achievement GuideDune Rider
Unlock the raptor mount by completing the Seeker’s Village task.

See “No Deductible”.

Path of Fire Act 1 Achievement GuideBlazing a Trail
Complete the Blazing a Trailer mission.

See “No Deductible”.

Path of Fire Act 1 Achievement GuideNight of Fires
Complete the Night of Fires mission.

See “No Deductible”.

Path of Fire Act 1 Achievement GuideThe Sacrifice
Complete the Sacrifice mission.

See “No Deductible”.

Sparking the Flame

Path of Fire Act 1 Achievement GuideHammer and Tongs
Survive your encounter with the Herald of Balthazar without succumbing to her Herald’s Doom attack.

During this fight, stay out of her heavy attack. This is highly telegraphed with a large triangular AoE on the ground. As soon as you see this happen, get away or dodge out of the AoE.

Path of Fire Act 1 Achievement GuideFireproof Heart
Rescue the people of Seeker’s Village without taking burning damage.

After reaching the village you will be faced with a small heart quest. Put out the fires and rescue the villagers. You can use the fire extinguisher you’re given, and you can also use the buckets of water scattered around. Careful not to get too close to the flame. Once the flames are extinguished revive the villagers until you’re rewarded with this achievement.

Blazing a Trail

Path of Fire Act 1 Achievement GuideUndead Bouncer
Save all of Salambur’s guests from being harmed by Awakened attackers.

During this instance an enemy will spawn. After he spawns, make sure that none of the guests in the casino die. If you’re having difficulty with this, bring a friend.

There are only a few enemies that spawn, however they will quickly kill all the guests in the casino if you’re not quick enough.

Night of Fires

Path of Fire Act 1 Achievement GuideLurking among Flames
Get through the Forge Camps without the sentries setting off any alarms

Throughout the camp there are five sentries. The first two are located in the lower camp. The last three are in the main central camp. once you open the gate to the main camp, one sentry will run for the alarm.

You want to immobilize these enemies as fast as possible and kill them. This can be a little tricky in the main camp due to how many enemies there are to start with. The first main sentry in the camp you should try to focus and kill as soon as you can.

Path of Fire Act 1 Achievement GuideLeave None Alive
Defeat every enemy in the Forged Camps, not including reinforcements.

This can be a little tricky, but straight forward enough that you shouldn’t have too many issues. Your goal is to kill all the enemies in each section of the camp. Make sure you focus the general enemies over the officers first to make sure they cause you little hassle while dealing with the officers.

You should focus the sentries first to avoid reinforcements.

Path of Fire Act 1 Achievement GuideHidden and Dishonored
Discover clues about the Herald of Balthazar’s past.

During this instance you can collect various scrolls left behind from the Herald. In total there are six scroll that need to be collected before reaching the temple. Enable ‘show usable object names” will make these items easier to locate.

Path of Fire Act 1 Achievement Guide

Path of Fire Act 1 Achievement GuideShield of Kormir
Save all twenty of the Elonian refugees from the Herald of Balthazar.

After reaching the temple you will need to fight the Herald once again. During this fight you will be given a special action. Using this action will allow you to control where the refugees go. Keep them away from the Herald.

The Herald will teleport out of the instance at 25% health. Do your best to lure the refugees into one big group so you can pull them all away from danger at the same time.

The Sacrifice

Path of Fire Act 1 Achievement GuideElite Elimination
Defeat the three elite patrol groups wandering the Salt Flats within 3 minutes of leaving the outpost.

As soon as you cross the wall for Diviner’s Reach, you will need to find the three elite groups and kill them within 3 minutes. They are wandering around the rather large fire pit in the middle of the area. This may be easier with a party member as you can split up and find them faster.

  • Forged Officer
  • Elite Forged Cannonade
  • Forged Vanguard

Path of Fire Act 1 Achievement GuideDamage Control
Destroy the Forged catapults attacking Diviner’s Reach.

During the fight around Diviner’s Reach you will be given an optional objective of destroying several catapults. There are four catapults, two on either side of the large green circle on your map. They are fairly easy to spot, just destroy them before progressing the story.

Path of Fire Act 1 Achievement GuideDown in Flames
Defeat the Herald of Balthazar without taking damage from her Flame Wall.

Once you face the Herald for the last time, she will do an attack similar to Sabatha the raid boss. There will be a long cone-shaped AoE that spawns on the ground. You want to stand away from this and outrun it if you’re ahead of it. It rotates in a counter-clockwise rotation but is very easy to avoid.

Path of Fire Act 1 Achievement GuideVlast from the Past
Collect all of Vlast’s scattered memory crystals.

After being introduced to Vlast, a new set of goals will appear on the open world map once you leave the instance. Several crystals will appear around the map marked with optional markers.

You need to collect all these crystals. To do so you will need to earn the Springer mount. To do this you need to level up Raptor mastery to level 3, then jump over the large gap to reach the Stampede Uplands. Once there, you need to complete the heart quest tied to Highjump Ranch. This will then reward you with mount access. You will need to use the Springer to reach many of the crystal locations.

Interact with all the crystals and this will unlock.