Path of Fire: Act 2

Table of Contents

  1. Story Progression
  2. Hallowed Ground
  3. Facing the Truth
  4. The Way Forward

Story Progression

Path of Fire Act 2 Achievement GuideCrystalline Memories
Complete the Crystalline Memories mission.

The following achievements will unlock by playing through the story. There’s no other requirement apart from completing the story missions.

Path of Fire Act 2 Achievement GuideHallowed Ground
Complete the Hallowed Ground mission.

See”Crystalline Memories”.

Path of Fire Act 2 Achievement GuideFacing the Truth
Complete the Facing the Truth mission.

See”Crystalline Memories”.

Path of Fire Act 2 Achievement GuideThe Way Forward
Complete the The Way Forward mission.

See”Crystalline Memories”.

Crystalline Memories

Path of Fire Act 2 Achievement GuideDragon’s Lair
Open the way into Glint’s Lair within the time limit.

You have 2 minutes

Path of Fire Act 2 Achievement GuideAll the Essences
Collect all the crystal essences outside of Glint’s Lair

Before you enter the lair, you have the option to collect the crystals. They’re fairly easy to see, there are 20 in total. Use the raptor and springer mount to reach all the locations around the instance.

Path of Fire Act 2 Achievement GuideShields On
Always protected by Crystal Shield when Facet of Glint casts Crystalline Drain

After entering the portal, you will have to fight the Facet. This boss will summon little minion Facets with shields. Destroy the enemy and collect the shield. The boss will do a large area filling area which you need to be protect yourself from.

There will also be a second minion that spawns which will give you a special action to break the Facets shield. Keep killing the minions to get these abilities.

In the last phase the boss will spam this attack so you need to use both abilities to kill it.

Hallowed Ground

Path of Fire Act 2 Achievement GuideDynastic End
Defeat all the Primeval rulers within the time limit.

You’re given 12 minutes to kill all four rulers. This may seem tedious, but there’s not much to each fight. Just focus on each ruler and complete the mechanics.

  • Queen Nadijeh
  • King Wasi
  • Queen Dahlah
  • Queen Nahlah

There are only a few mechanics with all the rulers. However Nahlah and Dahlah may be a little troublesome as you need to kill both of them at the same time. If you take too long they will regenerate their health.

If you’re having difficulty with this, bring a friend to help.

Path of Fire Act 2 Achievement GuideKeen Eye
Okay kill the”real” Primeval ruler during the split illusion phase.

As you fight Queen Nadijeh she will split into a group of clones. You need to target and kill the right one. It’s fairly easy to tell them apart as the real one is white, where as the other clones have a blue hue to them. The real Nadijeh will have a different portrait as well.

There is a second part to this achievement where you also need to kill Dahlah in the same fashion. However with her mechanics it’s harder to tell the clones apart. You need to look for a different staff compared to the clones. This boss is a lot easier to make a mistake on, so carefully choose which one to attack.

One thing to keep in mind, if you don’t have burst damage, this may be tedious as you NPC party will kill clones faster than you can, voiding the achievement.

Path of Fire Act 2 Achievement GuidePrimeval Historian
Speak with each ruler about the history of the Primeval dynasty.

During the instance you will need to talk with each ruler. You can talk with each ruler after you defeat them. Or you can wait and talk to them all in the last chamber before paying your respects.

  • Queen Dahlah
  • Queen Nahlah
  • King Wasi
  • Queen Nadijeh

Facing the Truth

Path of Fire Act 2 Achievement GuidePuzzle in Time
Complete the Sunspear puzzle within the time limit.

You’re given 7 minutes and 35 seconds to complete this puzzle. It’s fairly simple, but you need to find the five pieces that are missing. You will need to use the springer to reach the pieces which are high above on the arches.

Once you return to the puzzle you need to place the piece in the correct order. Doing it right the first time will reward you with “Perfect match”. All you have to do is match the symbols on the pieces on the inner triangle

Once you place the missing pieces in their slots, several NPCs will spawn. You need to answer the questions and complete the tasks to receive each seals. Once you have a seal you can place it in the glowing slot on the puzzle.

Once placed, you then need to turn the seals to match the correct orientation.

Path of Fire Act 2 Achievement Guide

Path of Fire Act 2 Achievement GuidePerfect Match
Match every mission Sunspear puzzle piece without a mistake.

See “Puzzle in Time”.

Path of Fire Act 2 Achievement GuideGoddess of Secrets
Find Kormir’s secret room within the library.

On the northern side of the library there is a rather large circular room. This is the hidden area you need to reach. To reach this area, jump into the water and swim to the edge and look for an underwater opening.

Once inside you will find most of the books required for “Seeker of Truth and Knowledge”.

Path of Fire Act 2 Achievement GuideSeeker of Truth and Knowledge
Find and read all the available books and scrolls in Kormir’s library.

This is fairly simple, however you will first need to find the hidden room. See”Goddess of Secrets”. Once you have access to this area make sure you collect everything including the untitled journal. After clearing the room, head up the stairs in the center of the main library and look for a Journal sticking out of a bookcase. This journal can only be collected once you find the untitled journal in the hidden archive.

There are eight books and scrolls in the main library which you need to find. Keep track of which items you need using the achievement panel as they’re all tracked.

Path of Fire Act 2 Achievement Guide

Path of Fire Act 2 Achievement GuideLeap of Knowledge
Dive from the highest point in Kormir’s Library.

Once you can explore the library, head to the highest point on the central column. You will find a set of diving goggles next to one of the scrolls you need for “Seeker of Truth and Knowledge”. Using them will unlock this achievement.

The Way Forward

Path of Fire Act 2 Achievement GuideWalk a Fine Line
Reach the very top of the central chamber.

This jumping puzzle is fairly simple, but before you can complete it you need to have High Vault ability on the Springer mount. Once you have that, you can access the start of the puzzle.

The start of the puzzle is near the tent with the power core. Jump up the winding palm tree and jump to the ledge above. From here follow the series of ropes and platforms.

Mastery: High Vault

Path of Fire Act 2 Achievement Guide

Path of Fire Act 2 Achievement GuideFast Asleep
Defeat two of the Forged Exalted before they wake up.

After installing the power core, you will be introduced to Sadizi. While he’s talking, head back out to the Forged Exalted and kill two of them quickly before they wake up.

These enemies will have a boon counting up to 100% which indicates their progress of waking. Quickly kill the two nearest the pedestal where you installed the power core.

Path of Fire Act 2 Achievement GuideGuided Remembrance
Take Sadizi to unlock all five pedestals.

After dealing with the Forged, lead Sadizi to the five pedestals around the area. Listen to the information and collect your achievement after the 5th one activates.