Tekken Tag Tournament 2

Author Notes

Warning!: This game has an Online Pass, you will need it if you want the completion of the game, if you bought the game new, you're already sorted, however if you got it Used or Rented, you will have to buy it for 800MSP, Harada has also confirmed that it will work with any other account on that console, so if one person has it, then everyone does.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Controls:






This game also has a very weird set up at the start, has been disabled from doing anything during battles, most players use so you'll need to go into the controller settings, then button settings, press in and go through its menu until you find "Movement".

All Hail, Tekken Incarnate!
You earned everything.

This will unlock once you have obtained every other achievement in the game.

Table of Contents

  1. Offline Mode Achievements
  2. Fight Lab Achievements
  3. Move Achievements
  4. Misc. Achievements
  5. Online Mode Achievements

Offline Mode Achievements

Preeminent Partner
You cleared an Offline Mode arcade battle with a partner.

This is for clearing the Arcade Mode using a tag team, you are given the option before you start if you want to use Tag or Solo, choose Tag for this.  You can also do some of it Solo if you want, just make sure to be using Tag by Stage 9.

If you are finding Stage 9’s boss very hard which it is the first few times.  What you need to do is win the first round, then you have two chances to defeat Unknown, this boss has a move that can be one hit kill, it is very easy to side step round though.  It takes a very long while in charging, but if you want to know what happens, it’s a hand that forms up and then slams on your character, it will work like a snap back in Marvel VS. Capcom whereas it will end your character out straight away and they will pretty much be one hit away from defeat.  The idea is to juggle Unknown, she can’t do much when she is up in the air, it may take you a few tries, but you’ll definitely beat her at some point.

Also, the red health of boss characters that are a single character has to be gone too, so if you’re wondering why they aren’t being defeated, it’s because that needs to be done away with as well.

If Unknown happens to knock you down in this stage, which she more likely will during the first few attempts, you will obtain Doused But Not Out.

If it is still hard, consider turning the difficulty down to Easy and putting the number of Rounds down to 1, Stage 9 will always be a 2 round battle though.

And if you are having real difficulty getting past the Jun part of this fight, make sure to enter this stage at the lowest rank possible, so for example, lose on the Ogre stage, pick a character that is Beginner rank, they will rank up to 9th kyu, but you will be getting yourself an easier fight in the end, Wonder Mother is the Jun you will fight if you do not switch characters, it is then safe enough to lose in Jun’s fight and go back to using your main again.

Update: The game was patched on 10/09/12, this patch fixes the difficulty of the Arcade Mode, so its a lot easier now and no one should have problems, so if you given up with this before, you can install the patch and try again.

Solo Warrior
You cleared an Offline Mode arcade battle solo.

This is for clearing Arcade Mode using one character, you are given the option before you start if you want to use Tag or Solo, choose Solo for this.  You can do some of it in Tag if you want, just make sure to be using Solo by Stage 9.

If you have already done Arcade Mode in Tag, Unknown isn’t as hard as she was (you have previous experience fighting her now), anyways it’s the same tactic, keep her in the air, that way she won’t be able to attack you as much.

Tenacious Fighter
You won 3 team battles in Offline Mode.

Team Battles can either be done against the CPU or Versus, these are battles where you can set up to 8 characters, once one character is defeated, then it goes to the next character, while the winning character fights on, with previous health.  You only need to set up two characters in each team for this, I never tested it with one, but you could try it and see if it unlocks.

Super-Speed Fists
You cleared Offline Mode Time Attack within 20 minutes.

This is easy enough to do, if you are having problems refer to Preeminent Partner, Time Attack is actually a lot easier as you do not fight Ghost characters in this mode, everyone is just normal CPU.  Time Attack is the same 9 stages as Arcade, but this time each fight is two rounds, this cannot be changed.

Proof of Your Existence
You won 10 consecutive battles in Survival in Offline Mode.

This is for winning 10 battles in one sitting of Survival, this isn’t very hard, if you don’t have Angel DLC, you are going to need to learn the tag system, I’ll recommend using Eddie/Christie/Tiger and mashing the kick buttons if you don’t have a main.

If you happen to have the Angel DLC (this is only available to people who pre-ordered, it will be available later for free for everyone who didn’t), you can set :x: + :y: to any of the trigger/bumper buttons and be able to spam that move, you don’t even need a tag team for this, I did it solo and got up to 13 wins using this simple tactic.  You can also use a tag team just in case Angel get low of health, you can tag her out and fight with the other member until her health is back to a safe level.

Lead Coach
You dealt a total of 1000 damage in Practice in Offline Mode

Just go into Practice and train with any character of your choice, it doesn’t take long to deal 1000 damage in this mode, if you want this to go towards anything else, see the Move Achievements section.

Who You Gonna Call?
You defeated 30 ghosts.

You fight ghosts in both Arcade and Ghost Battle, you’ll definitely get this while going for Behold the Tekken Lord!.

Enter the Vanquisher!
You earned Vanquisher in Offline Mode.

See Behold the Tekken Lord! for more information.

Behold the Tekken Lord!
You became Tekken Lord in Offline Mode.

You go up ranks by fighting in Arcade Mode and Ghost Battle, the first ranks are fairly easy to get up as losing does not matter, but eventually losing will matter, some of the higher ranks if you lose once during them, you will be reset back to the last rank you had, you will then have to get back up to the rank you were at, this ranking system is done similar to a number of fighting games, so for example, if you have had any previous experience to Tekken games with this (Tekken 5 DR and Tekken 6 Online had this system), you’ll know exactly how this works.  For those who don’t, it’s almost like a True Skill ranking system, only those who put the practice and time in are going to get to Tekken Lord (30th Dan), I recommend picking whoever you are most comfortable with, if you don’t have a main, then you are going to have to find one (each character has separate ranks, so you can’t quit half way with a character and expect to keep your rank with another), there is plenty of ways of learning one, there is the newly added Fight Lab mode which is made especially for Tekken beginners, there is many resources on the web detailing combos that character can do.  If you aren’t the best with these games, here are the easiest characters to learn:

  • Eddie/Tiger/Christie (all of these characters are basically the same, maybe a little difference, but that’s all there is, just mash the kick buttons)
  • Lili (again, just mash the kick buttons, I have seen how easily some people can pick this character up and actually tested her for myself, really easy to do some decent combos with by just mashing the kick buttons)
  • Angel (DLC, for players who did not pre-order the game or did not get this character, you will have to wait til a later date to get this character)

These characters are actually hard to master though, you aren’t going to find any really easy character to use in Tekken, these ones are just beginner friendly, as you can easily button mash and do stuff with these characters, the rest of the roster isn’t exactly as easy accessed but there can be some good characters there such as Devil Jin, Paul Phoenix, Alisa and Lars, but these characters need some time put in to actually learn how to play properly with, so it really depends on how much time you want to put into the game.

You can go into the Options and set the difficulty to Easy and rounds to 1, that makes this mode a lot easier, while I don’t have methods for every character, there are ones you’ll have to practice with and see if they are best for you, you need to main one character, each character has a separate rank so you just can’t change and continue where you were at, so be sure you have the right character.  You can also do tag team, I did this using solo.

Angel Method: (Angel and the rest of the characters are now available via a patch on 11/13/12)

Being DLC and not yet released to people who didn’t pre-order the game, or didn’t get her, this means this isn’t an available method for everyone right away (she will eventually be available and she’ll be free, so if you haven’t had any luck with anyone else, you can always wait until Angel is released to everyone).  Devil Jin will be the closest, but his laser beam doesn’t work as good as Angel’s does.  Map :x: + :y: to one of the triggers or bumpers, this is Angel’s Laser input and it’s all you’ll need.

Okay, so Beginner to Vanquisher ranks isn’t a problem at all, you just spam Angel’s laser and battles will be done easy enough.

However, Destroyer to Tekken Lord requires you to start using your block (hold  or stand still), you can still very easily spam the laser though, so no new attack methods are needed.

Here is a list of characters you should always try to get matched up against with Angel, simply because of the size of them (you won’t have to time your lasers when they are getting up, just repeatedly press the input and they won’t be able to tag in as easily as they will be too busy getting knock down constantly) or the fact they are robots so they will go into this form of stun every time they are hit by the laser (it recovers a bit of their health, but really it just leaves them more open to attack). 

  • Kuma
  • Panda
  • Marduk
  • Miguel
  • Jinpachi
  • Ogre
  • Jack-6
  • P-Jack
  • Alisa

And characters you should avoid, this will probably be for anyone, these are just really tricky characters to defeat and can often keep an attack going on you, keep in mind, these only become an annoyance once you reach Vanquisher.

  • Bruce
  • Lee
  • Lars
  • Alisa (some of them can be hard)
  • Lili
  • Alex
  • Bob
  • Ganryu

For anyone wondering it took me 332 wins, 17 loses with a 95.1% win percentage to reach Tekken Lord, so yes, this will take a while, don’t fight anyone too below your rank, they are useless and will give you nothing basically, remain fighting ranks that are within 3 ranks of you.  Fighting the higher ranks help a bit, but you don’t need to worry about fighting the stupidly high ranks (I have never seen a ghost that is True Tekken God, only ones who are Tekken God and they are even easy enough to fight against), again, that is really just giving you what your rank range would give you, so no point really.  And try not to lose, I don’t think returning to Character Select does anything to you, so if like say you are going to lose 2 times in a row, quit out and re-enter, you need to be careful at the higher ranks as they will deplete faster than previous ones would.

  • Beginner
  • 9th to 1st Kyu
  • 1st to 3rd Dan (earn this rank online to unlock Tekken Black Belt, online rank is different to your offline one, so it doesn’t matter about going into online first)
  • 4th Dan: Disciple
  • 5th Dan: Mentor
  • 6th Dan: Master
  • 7th Dan: Grand Master
  • 8th Dan: Brawler
  • 9th Dan: Marauder
  • 10th Dan: Fighter
  • 11th Dan: Berserker
  • 12th Dan: Warrior
  • 13th Dan: Avenger
  • 14th Dan: Duelist
  • 15th Dan: Pugilist
  • 16th Dan: Vanquisher (Enter the Vanquisher!)
  • 17th Dan: Destroyer
  • 18th Dan: Conqueror
  • 19th Dan: Savior
  • 20th Dan: Genbu
  • 21st Dan: Byakko
  • 22nd Dan: Seiryu
  • 23rd Dan: Suzaku
  • 24th Dan: Fujin
  • 25th Dan: Raijin
  • 26th Dan: Yaksa
  • 27th Dan: Majin
  • 28th Dan: Toshin
  • 29th Dan: Emperor
  • 30th Dan: Tekken Lord (this achievement will unlock)
  • 31st Dan: Tekken Emperor
  • 32nd Dan: Tekken God
  • 100th Dan: True Tekken God

You can also get the endings this way, when selecting an opponent, if there happens to be one with a gold banner, they could have an ending (sometimes they just give you customize items or banners), but this is a lot easier and quicker than getting them in Arcade.

And for those that are interested, it took me 396 wins, 17 loses and a 95.9% win percentage with Angel to reach True Tekken God rank, you earn this rank straight after 32nd Dan, I have no idea why it jumps all the way to 100th Dan.

Movie Buff
You unlocked 40 characters’ ending movies.

You’ll get your first couple in Arcade Mode, however since 40 characters will take a very long time (only the first character you select in your Tag Team gets the ending), you may want to go towards getting this whilst going for Behold the Tekken Lord!, it should unlock before you reach Tekken Lord, if you want the rest, just keep playing Ghost Battle or do the last few in Arcade, you can get up to 49 endings without the DLC, it’s a lot quicker and easier this way, however, if you nearly have everyone’s ending, the ending rewards become very rare, I have found out by going for every ending, you need to fight that said character with a golden banner, as if you just keep fighting characters with gold banners that you already have the endings to, all they will give is customize items or banners.

For those interested in obtaining all the endings, Tiger does not have one, and Combot’s can only be obtained by completing Arcade Mode with him as you do not fight Combot in Ghost Battle, at least, I have never encountered him in it.

Fight Lab Achievements

Combot, On Standby!
You cleared Stage 1 in Fight Lab.

The Prologue is easy enough, in Stage 1 you learn about different kinds of movement, after then you get a boss battle, you’ll see all of these bombs on the ground, you need to side step round these, this is easy enough, after that is done, you’ll reach an opponent and fight them, you have three opponents to fight.

Combot, Move Out!
You cleared Stage 2 in Fight Lab.

In Stage 2, you learn about all the different methods of attack, in the boss battle you’ll fight 3 Jacks, the first two will consist of hitting targets in the way you’re required to (you will have needed to memorize what the game previously taught you), the last Jack will just be about destroying the plates, then mashing the face buttons to finish him off.

Combot, Engage!
You cleared Stage 3 in Fight Lab.

Stage 3 is about the different kind of blocks you can do, what the game doesn’t tell you is that you can just stand there to block, this is a unique style of blocking found in the Tekken series, only thing you have to make sure to do is press when you need to block a low attack.

The boss fight of this stage was kind of tricky, what I did was block, then just hit :b:.  You have to be very fast with your attack in this as this is what you call a punisher if the opponent did a big move then failed to land, if you take too long, you are giving the opponent time to recover.  They also do throws but not very often, unfortunately it just seems to do an escape if you do counter their throws.

Once you defeat any Mokujin, you’ll be asked to throw them, simply rotate :ls: and press any of the face buttons, then you’ll have to land in the red section of the clock thing, you don’t actually have to succeed in this, so no big deal if you can’t get the hang of it, just more of a “How far can you throw Mokujin” mini-game.

Combot, Annihilate!
You cleared Stage 4 in Fight Lab.

Stage 4 learns you how to start a juggle and destroy a stage’s environment, stages that have walls, balconies, breakable floors will give a player that knows how to do these techniques the advantage over a player who doesn’t.  There was only one part that I found confusing here and that was the part with the bomb, Violet just says to use the bomb, but he doesn’t include what way you should use it.  What he means is let the opponent land on the bomb after doing the launch instead of doing the next input right away, slam them into the wall and then slam them again to get a Knock-back.  You can also obtain The Original Bouncer during this stage.

Combot, Return to Base!
You cleared Stage 5 in Fight Lab.

Stage 5 is all about tag mechanics and probably the most useful for veterans of the series, since Tekken Tag Tournament 2 introduces new mechanics to the tag system, it’s more likely everyone will need this advice to know what to do for certain tag mechanics.  When it says press TAG after inputting the launch or whatever, it means near enough at the exact same time, I recommend adding the TAG command to one of the triggers, I just found those easier to press than using the bumpers.  This may take a bit of getting used to, but once you got it, it’s like natural afterwards.

You can actually obtain nearly all the tag related achievements in this Stage as well.

  • Master of the Tag Combo
  • Master of the Tag Assault
  • Master of the Direct Tag Assault
  • Master of the Tag Throw

Super Combot DX Complete
You unlocked all the content in Fight Lab.

This is actually easy enough to get, just requires a bit of grinding.  After I was done, I got all I could with the dev points I earned from just a play-through of this mode in Combot Tuning, I had to get at least 2,000,000 dev points after that to get enough for everything, I grind them until I got 1,000,000 then went and got more moves in Combot Tuning.  I recommend you do this as everyone can have different points by the end of their first playthrough, some do better than others, while others may have struggled and didn’t get much points at all.

The best stage to grind this on is Stage 4 Boss Battle, in this battle all you have to do is juggle the opponent, the first opponent is the hardest because of all the equipment he has to keep you far away from him (laser gun, pizza, sushi dish, magic wand and grenades), he also has this silly attack where when you do get close, he’ll bounce around, what you want to do is run as soon as the match starts and start juggling him, giving him less chance to attack as much as possible.

Your main combo for his is going to be :y: (launch) > :x: (time your first jab, if you do this too soon or late, he’ll just fall, therefore wasting time), :x: , :x: , :x: , :x: , the more your chain increases, the more dev points you are going to get.

Then for Panda (which is easier, since they have no equipment, they just have bigger health bar), you do :y: > :x: , :x: > :y: (repeatedly, you should have them spinning with each hit, if this stops, just restart the combo).

Then finally, Kuma, it will be in Turbo Mode now, so your timing will have to be a bit different when it comes to doing the jabs.  Input this, :y: > :x: , :x: > :y: (again, same as Panda).

Once done, you should get an A rank, and have 30,000-50,000 dev points earned, this only takes under a minute each time if you follow those guide lines.  You do not need to S rank anything in this mode, so any rank does, every move unlocks for purchasing once you are done with Stage 5.

Move Achievements

Escape Artist
You successfully completed 10 throw escapes.

This is easy to do in Versus, if you do not have two controllers, then your next best thing is Practice Mode, if you can use Versus, set up :x: + :a: to one of the triggers/bumpers on both controllers, have the second player attempt to throw you, soon after you have pressed the input on that controller, enter the input on your controller, simply repeat this 9 more times to unlock the achievement.

If you do not have access to Versus, then select Practice Mode, press :start: and set the mode to Defensive Training and then record the throw move with the opponent, now exit the pause menu once that is done and press :back: + :b: to start the CPU’s to throw you, just do the exact same as what you would do in Versus.

Dish Best Served Cold
You pulled off 3 reversals.

Go into Practice Mode and select King as your character, the other character doesn’t matter, when in Practice Mode, press :start: and set the mode to Versus CPU Training and set the difficulty to Ultra Hard.  You have to use King’s reversal moves when your opponent goes to punch/kick you, the reversal move is :x: + :a:.  You can set the :x: and :a: buttons to any of the triggers/bumpers for easy access.

Stick It to ‘Em
You pulled off 10 homing attacks.

It’s possible you’ll unlock this during your first Arcade Run, every character has a homing attack, if you need to find out what it is, then go into the move list and find the homing attack.

Below the Belt
You pulled off 3 low parries.

To do a low parry you have to press to parry a low move, what I did was go into Practice, pressed :start: and set the mode to Defensive Training, and recorded :a: on the opponent, if it comes up with LOW when you attacked, then that is right, now go out of the pause menu and press :back: + :b: to start the opponent attacking, now just repeatedly press until you do 3 low parries, they will look like a throw kind of, so you know when you have done them.

Oodles of Ukemi
You pulled off 3 ukemi.

Ukemi is a move where if the opponent knocks you down, you get up as soon as possible by pressing or as you are falling, you should leap or roll back up as soon as you land if done correctly, this will be your first achievement to unlock most likely.

Insane Juggler
You dealt more than 62 damage in a midair combo.

This isn’t very hard, what this means is to have the opponent in the middle of a juggle and deal 62 damage, every character can do this and it’ll more likely just unlock for most people, if it doesn’t look in any characters move list and find a move that ends up going midair that does over 62 damage.

Flying Butt-Kicker
You pulled off 3 10 hit combos.

This can be tricky to do, Tekken isn’t really about combos, so a 10 hit combo is a big one, nearly every character has 10 Hit Combos in their move lists but not all of them are easy to pull off, and you are still going to need a certain amount of skill for this one, go into Practice Mode and select Baek, his 10 hit combo is the easiest, I found it the easiest to do and I recommend actually placing :a: and :b: on the triggers as I just found them easier to press than the face buttons.

:b: > :a: > :b: > :a: > :a: > :a: > :a: > :a: > :b: > :a:

You basically have to mash this command in that order, so this may not be as easy for everyone, but you’ll get it through practice eventually.  Just keep trying, this is maybe one of the harder achievements of the game.  You can actually set this up so you see it on-screen, go through Baek’s move list (pause menu) until you see 10 hit combos and choose this combo and have it set up so it’s on the screen.

The Original Bouncer
You pulled off 10 bound combos.

This can be done in Stage 4 of Fight Lab, you will be learned how to do bound combos, when you do, this shouldn’t take too long to unlock.

Master of the Tag Combo
You pulled off 10 Tag Combos.

This can be done in Stage 5 of Fight Lab in the Boss Battle, if your Combot is still using what was set to default, then the launch move is :y: and very quickly (near enough at the same time) press :rb: to tag in your partner, instead of just tagging out, your first Combot will roll out and your second one will come in, be quick to start pressing :x: repeatedly, do this 10 more times.

Master of the Tag Assault
You pulled off 10 Tag Assaults.

This can be done in Stage 5 of Fight Lab in the Boss Battle, if your Combot is still using what was set to default, you have to do a launch move ( :y: ) then hit :x: to do a bound move, after doing this (near enough at the same time), press :rb:, your partner should come in but they will be highlighted, you can hold :rb: so they do an automatic combo during the assault.

Master of the Direct Tag Assault
You pulled off 3 Direct Tag Assaults.

This is just the same as the above, instead of just pressing :x: press :y: as well, so it goes a bit like this :y: > :x: + :y: > :rb: > hold :rb: or press any attack. This can also be obtained in Stage 5 of Fight Lab in the Boss Battle.

Master of the Tag Throw
You pulled off 10 Tag Throws.

This can be done in Stage 5 of Fight Lab in the Boss Battle.  To do a Tag Throw, you have to press :rb: + :y: , this will throw your opponent whilst tagging in your partner, you will have to do this 10 times to unlock this achievement.

True Friendship
You pulled off 3 Tag Crashes.

You can do this in Practice in Versus CPU Training, set the difficulty of the CPU to Ultra Hard, then set the settings so both you and your partner are in Rage Mode (health bars should be flashing red), the opponent needs to knock you down, then you press :rb: + :y: once down and your partner will come in from above, repeat this 2 more times to earn the achievement.

The Best of Friends
You pulled off 3 partner-specific Tag Throws.

Only certain characters can do these kind of throws, I did this with Kazuya and Devil Jin, Kazuya will be the first member on your team for this.

:x: + :y: > :rb:

Do this two more times and you got the achievement, make sure to switch back to Kazuya to start the throw again.

Impressive Moves
You pulled off a GREAT combo.

Great combos are secret moves where you’ll see blue sparks during the start of them and if done correctly, at the end, you’ll hear the announcer say “GREAT”, I found the Jin and Asuka one the easiest to do.

You have to start with Jin with this and be right next to the opponent, this is obtainable in Practice Mode.  Map the :x: + :y: buttons to any of the triggers/bumpers so you have easy access to these.

:x: + :y: > :rb: > :y: > :a: > :x: + :y:

Fickle Friend
You switched places with your partner 765 times.

If you are playing Tag often enough, you’ll get this quickly, to tag in your partner, you have to press :rb:, do this 764 times more and you’ll unlock the achievement, there is no need to grind for this unless you avoid using the tag system.

Avoid Flying Heads
You escaped from Alisa’s Spam Bomb move.

This can be done in Practice Mode, you can do it in Versus too but I found it much easier in Practice.

You need to set training to Defensive Training and record  :x: + :y: on Alisa, make her the CPU, anyone can be the player character.  Have :x: + :y: set on any of the triggers/bumpers, and press it in time to escape Alisa’s Spam Bomb move, she hands you her head, the idea is to get your character to hand it back to her before it explodes, you don’t have much time to escape this, so you have to be quick.

Misc. Achievements

Touch-Up Artist
You customized a character.

From main menu, go into Customize and choose any character and then Equip Item, simply just place any item on them (see Secret Weapon) and the achievement will unlock.

Dance to Your Own Beat
You changed the background music using TEKKEN TUNES.

From main menu, select Tekken Tunes, then select any stage/menu, then simply just choose a tune that isn’t on that stage/menu, easy enough, it unlocks once you back out.

You won a PERFECT battle.

To win a Perfect battle in Tekken, you need to complete the match without ever getting hit, you will see PERFECT come up if you have done so correctly.  This can be done in Versus if you have any problems doing it against the CPU.

GREAT Gladiator
You won a GREAT battle.

To win a Great battle in Tekken, you need to complete the match when you are basically within one attack from KO, you will see GREAT come up if you have done so correctly. This can be done in Versus if you have any problems doing it against the CPU.

Secret Weapon
You used an item move.

In the Customize mode, you can find items, select a character (any does) and then go to Equip Item, find the items/weapons in the menu and equip one that has an easy input (there is a lot with easy inputs), remember what the input was and go into Practice or whatever and do the input, your character should use the item/weapon and you should get the achievement (make sure to press :x: in character select when you highlight the character and choose the costume you just created that has the item).

You earned over 10,000,000G total.

This amount can be obtained really fast, you get 2,000,000G as a reward in some modes in Offline Mode, Lucky Boxes also give you a good amount, each win also gives you some fight money and even Fight Lab helps you out with fight money, you shouldn’t have to grind for this amount, I also didn’t spend any until I got this (well actually I never had the chance to spend as it was kind of within the first hour of play).

Fortunate Fighter
You earned 3 Lucky Boxes.

This is really easy and quick to get, it would have still been easy/quick to get if it asked you to earn 50 of them, today I got a streak of like 20 of them, that’s how easy they can be to get, I always get these in streaks when I do, you can earn them in Arcade (very rare in this mode though), Ghost Battle (best mode for them) and Ranked Matches in Online Mode, so there’s a good few ways to get them.

Watch Your Step!
You broke a floor.

This means an opponent landing you onto the floor, then slamming it to break the floor, not every stage has breakable floors, so you have to check the maps in Arena Selection to find out which ones do.

Renovation Time
You broke a wall.

This means the opponent landing you into a wall and breaking it, this will cause you to enter the next part of the arena, not every arena has walls, so look at the maps in Arena Selection to find out which ones do, most of them do, there is very few “Infinite” arenas.

You broke a balcony.

This means the opponent landing you into a balcony and breaking it, meaning you enter the next part of the arena, you can see what arenas have balconies in them from the Arena Selection where it will show you maps of the arenas and what is breakable in them.

Doused But Not Out
Your upper body got wet in the Fallen Garden stage.

This is during the second part of the Fallen Garden stage in Arcade or any other mode that lets you fight Unknown, it isn’t actually hard to get knocked down in this stage as Unknown will destroy you the first few times you meet her, if she gets a hit in, she’ll keep juggling you as long as she can.  All you have to do is get knocked down during this stage, so at the end of one of Unknown’s juggles, you should land into the water below.

Bad Date
You dropped a damsel into the pool in the Eternal Paradise stage.

This means dropping one of the girls that are sitting in the arena into a pool, as you can see, there is no actual pool in the arena, you need to get to the walls and hopefully during your fight, you’ll drop one of the girls into the pool that is behind them.

Online Mode Achievements

Be Still My Iron Heart
You won a ranked match in Online Mode.

This is for winning a Ranked Match, this isn’t very hard to do if you are decent enough at the game, if not, you will need to practice, this game is very active at the moment and could be for a very long time, the way the matchmaking is done makes it difficult to boost with, so you are best to just attempt doing this legit.

Tug at My Iron Heart Strings
You won a player match in Online Mode.

This is for winning a Player Match, again, it isn’t very hard to do if you are decent enough at the game, this one is also easier to boost for as it’s player, you can make your own lobby and invite friends.

Iron Heartache
You fought 3 times in Online Mode.

This is easy, just fight 3 times in Online Mode, you will have to go beyond this for Tekken Black Belt anyway.

Tekken Black Belt
You earned 1st dan in Online Mode.

It is possible to get this in as little as 9 wins, however losing doesn’t really matter, you will rank up eventually, your online rank is separate from your offline rank and each character has their own, so make sure you have a main character chosen to do this with, you can either use tag or solo for this.  Really weird, but if you lose during your ranking up to 1st dan, you will have to win a match afterwards for the achievement to unlock.  So if you see yourself 1st dan online without the achievement, that is more likely what you have to do.

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