The King of Fighters 2002 Unlimited Match

Author Notes

So I am not repeating myself a whole pile of times about these in the guide, I'm going to explain Macros here, Macros are something you make to make inputting moves/combos a lot easier, you can set them up by going into Practice Mode and then selecting the character you need to make the Macro for, once done, go down to Command, clear whatever is there, and go into edit and input whatever I have explained in the guide, when you come across numbers, these are frames. So when you have inputted a button in and it has a number you'll need to input, go over to the F symbol, with the input you want to edit highlight and place that number on it, once you are done, select "End" and you can check it if you want, but so long as you have it done exactly the way the guide explains, you'll be okay. This all sounds very complicated but you will be doing it regularly in this game.

  1. Arcade Mode
  2. Challenge Mode
  3. Endless Mode
  4. Misc.
  5. Online

Arcade Mode

Unnamed Challenger Unnamed Challenger
Defeat Nameless the challenger

To make Nameless appear you’ll need to finish off two opponents from the first three teams with a MAX2/HSDM attack in Team Play, your health will have to be in the orange zone, so you’ll need the opponent to remove 70% of your health before you’re able to do this move, once they have done it, you can spam it as much as you want so long as you have the correct settings to do so, before entering this mode, go into Options, then Settings and then Battle Settings:

  • CPU-Level: 1
  • Play Time: Infinite
  • Defense Level 1P: 8
  • Defense Level 2P: 1
  • Power Gauge 1P: Max

You can set up the MAX2/HSDM to whatever character you wish to in Macros, I recommend using Ralf, you will already have had his MAX2/HSDM set up for Mighty Blow, he is also good for just continuing on to get Omega Rugal to appear as his SP attack which does a reasonable amount of damage, you will have to do this without a macro though, and if you ever do come close to being defeated, you can spam his MAX2/HSDM by pressing :lt:.

If you done this correctly, you will fight Nameless during Stage 4.

Note: The other two characters do not matter, but if you want to make The King of Fighters any easier, make sure to pick two others that you are good at.

In TEAM PLAY; defeat any of Krizalid, C.Zero, Zero, or Igniz

This is simple, these are your last bosses in Team Play, it doesn’t matter which one you fight, it’s random, if this is too hard, use the settings and method mentioned in Unnamed Challenger, these are just your simple last bosses so you don’t need any special requirements for either of them to show.

The King of Fighters The King of Fighters
Defeat Omega Rugal and clear TEAM PLAY

To be able to fight Omega Rugal, you will have to defeat the sub-boss on Stage 6 with your first character (can’t lose a round during this stage in other words), if done correctly, Omega Rugal will be your last opponent and you will only have one chance at defeating him, and he is not easy, even under the settings stated in Unnamed Challenger, many players may have to come back after unlocking one of the boss characters, but it is possible to do on your first try, you can use all three characters in your team, I’m sure you could make Heidern your second Team member and be able to do the same method for Challenge 30 and this shouldn’t be too bad as Omega Rugal will already have some health removed by Ralf before hand.

Use this Macro for Heidern: [30], S ( LP)

That is if you need to switch, by playing carefully, it is possible to defeat Omega Rugal with your first character, the only reason why Omega Rugal is as hard as he is, is because he has more health so the fight just lasts longer, he is only one character though, so once you have defeated him, that’s it.

Challenge Mode

Challenger Challenger
Clear all Normal Challenges

Challenges 1 to 5
These are all very tutorial based, reading the descriptions in-game should be enough to cover these challenges, if anything, some just need you to learn the timing correctly which will come with practice.

Challenge 6 and 7
This is really easy, you are given an unlimited gauge, which means you can do as many super attacks as you wish. I recommend using Ralf’s macro which is stated in Mighty Blow.

Challenge 8
You can do this combo very easily by creating a macro, use Terry and create this macro for him:

SP, N [5], S ( SK)

Challenge 9
This is another combo challenge, and it’s just as easy as the last, you’ll use Terry again, but this time you’ll use a different macro.

SP [8]
[3], [4], S ( LP) [8], LP
N [2], [5],  LP [9]

Challenge 10
This is so easy that you won’t even need a macro, use Andy, go near the opponent and press SP, very quickly press LK + SP to activate Max Mode, then press SP again very quickly after that.

Challenge 11
You can use Ryo for this and create this macro:

[7], [2], [4]
[15], SP [12]
N [10], S ( SP) [4],   S ( SP), S ( SP) [2], S ( SP) [3]

Challenge 12
You’ll use Kyo for this challenge and you’ll need to activate Max Mode first before pressing :lt: to do the macro, to activate Max Mode, press :rt:, create this macro for Kyo.

N [5] S (LK + SP) [5]
N [5] SP
N [10] S (LK + SP) [5]
N [10] LP
N [10] S (LK + SP)
N [10] SP
N [10] S (LK + SP)
N [10] LP

Challenge 13
You have to use K’ for this and use his uppercut move to counter the opponents attack, as soon as you see her jump, input the move or either make a macro to counter it, you have to do this five times in a row, this is easy enough to get the timing done right, all you have to do is do the move as soon as she jumps, I recommend making it a macro to make it easier.


Challenge 14
You can do this very easily by using Kyo’s charged move, you can either just input this by yourself or use this macro, either way it’s easy, if you aren’t using the macro, you just need to hold the last input for a while.

LP [200]

Challenges 15 and 16
This is your first Survival Challenge, you are put up against multiple characters in this and it follows the exact same rules as Endless does, you only have one character and if that character is ever defeated, that’s this challenge failed, I recommend to use Ralf and spam this macro:


You should be able to use this for all future Survival Challenges, except Challenge 30 as it doesn’t work as well against those two characters, I have attempted it and couldn’t even get past Igniz using it, there is a different strategy under that challenge, so use it instead.

Challenge 17
This challenge is easy, you have to use Takuma and avoid taking damage from the other character, the other character does a move that covers the screen and is otherwise unblock-able by a normal block, so you have to use one of Takuma’s special moves, if you input LP as soon as the match starts, you’ll have passed this challenge, you have to be quick, luckily the move isn’t at all hard to input so no one should have problems with this.

Challenge 18
This is a bit of a weird one, you must use Vice in this and use her Overkill move as soon as the match starts, this move is a bit complicated to do without a macro, so it’s recommend you make one for this.

[16], N, [3], [4], [4], [2], [2],  S ( SP), SP [7], N [91]

All you have to do is press :lt: as soon as the match starts, if you missed the chance, just press :start: and select “Retry”.

Challenge 19
This is another combo based challenge which can be done very easily using a Macro, choose Ryo and create this macro.

SP [5]
N [5] S (LK + SP) [5]
N [5] S (LP + SP)
N [160] S (LP + SP)

Challenge 20
Use strategy seen under Challenge 15.

Challenge 21
This is easy enough, can be done without the use of a macro, but I’ll add it anyways for those who need it, what you need to do, as soon as the match starts run the opponent over to the right side of the screen and then either use the macro or input this move twice, it should link in as a combo so long as you have him against a wall. Use Shingo and create this macro:

S (LP + SP)

Challenge 22
You are stuck with using Kenshou for this match, make his SDM a macro, it deals a good bit of damage, and it means if you are fast enough, you can complete this without having to worry about using his health move, it shouldn’t be needed, you need to be close to the opponent in order to do this move as it’s a grab type, this is another Survival challenge, but your health will deplete, this is why you must be fast.

S (LP + SP)

Challenge 23
Use strategy seen under Challenge 15.

Challenge 24
Use Lin and activate Max Mode (:rt:) as soon as you start and then use this macro to do a 20 hit combo.

S ( LP) [5]
N [20] S ( LP) [5]
N [5] S ( SK) [5]
N [90] S ( LP) [5]

Challenge 25
Use Ralf and use his Galactica Phantom move ( LP) three times, then have this macro created and use it, make sure to only hit the opponent three times with Galactica Phantom, his health bar is hidden, so that is why this has to be precise.


This is easily enough done without the use of a macro too as it doesn’t have to be a combo.

Challenge 26
Use strategy seen under Challenge 15.

Challenge 27
You must survive for 30 seconds during this Challenge, I recommend using Choi as he is the quickest character, you have to make sure to evade the other character, he’ll have this power attached to him which means it’s not even safe to land into him, you also can’t just sit and block as you start off with a very low health bar, which if you sit and block, it’ll be gone before the time runs out, what I did was kept moving away from the opponent, if they got close, I pressed either or (depends which side you are on), to jump over him, repeat this during the match, make sure when the timer is ending to be safe, as if he has you in an attack during it going over, it will fail you for whatever reason even if you still have health left, the main thing here is to just keep moving, it also relies on a bit of luck.

Challenge 28
The only thing with this challenge is that your directional buttons have been inverted, so right is left and left is right kind of thing, if you can get over this slight change of things, this challenge is actually a very easy one, the AI isn’t too difficult either, you can use macros if you want, but you don’t need to, you could just fight in any way you want for this as it is only one opponent, just remember if you are using a QCF move, it will be a QCB move instead with the conditions of this challenge.

Challenge 29
This challenge makes you evade Choi’s HSDM 3 times, you have a very low amount of health, so if you mess up with one of these, you will be KO’ed, I recommend using Chang for this, and rapidly pressing LP as soon as the match starts, he’ll start swinging his chain around and this should catch Choi during his attack, once that has been done, cancel your move by pressing LP + SP + LK + SK, and repeat the first move again, repeat this progress for all three of Choi’s HSDMs, this might require a bit of luck, but should be easy enough using this strategy.

Challenge 30
This challenge is the hardest one you will have to complete, you are up against Igniz and Omega Rugal, and these two will mop the floor with you if you do even the sightliest mistake!  You start off fighting Igniz, he mostly blocks.  Then you will fight Omega Rugal who will mostly spam his uppercut styled attack, being AI, he’ll attempt to do this even when he is nowhere near you and this is where he flaws, but give him an opening and he’ll corner you and manage to deal a lot of damage in a few hits, and a few hits is normally all he needs.

I used Heidern for this challenge and made this Macro for him:

[30], S ( LP), N [90], [30], S ( LK)

The second part of this Macro after N is only for Igniz, you do not need to worry about doing this part for Omega Rugal, you want to avoid using it, so press :lt: as soon as the you see the first move completed and you will spam that same move again for him.

For Igniz, you want him to block your attack and get him cornered to a wall so you shouldn’t miss much with the second move, if he didn’t block and falls, press :lt: again as soon as you see this as most cases, you will land right into him for him to do a combo on you if you go on here, here is a video for visual help, using this strategy (the video doesn’t appear to use Macros, but you should get the exact same result), it really does matter how well you do with Igniz, as you are bound to get attacked a few times when fighting Omega Rugal, so entering with as much health as possible on his battle is recommended.


Endless Mode

Rookie Fighter Rookie Fighter
Defeat 10 opponents in ENDLESS

See Veteran Fighter for more information.

Agile Fighter Agile Fighter
Defeat 30 opponents in ENDLESS

See Veteran Fighter for more information.

Veteran Fighter Veteran Fighter
Defeat 65 opponents in ENDLESS

See The King of Fighters for information in how to unlock Omega Rugal.

Omega Rugal can make this mode really easy, go into Practice Mode and select him and then create this Macro for his move Kaiser Wave.

S ( SP)

Now you can just keep walking backwards each match and between to spam this move, it’s almost unblock-able and it’s size makes it very hard to jump over, by spamming this move, I managed to defeat over 200 opponents in Endless, only reason why I stopped was because it was getting boring, so it’s definitely easy to get up to 65 opponents defeated using this method.


Mighty Blow Mighty Blow
Get a clean hit with Galactica Vanguard using Ralf (available on Practice Mode)

Go into Practice Mode and create this Macro for Ralf (choose the dummy opponent as Seth as this achievement as it states, is possible in Practice Mode).

S ( LK + SK)
N [100] S ( LP + SP) [232]

This should do it, you can just go straight into Practice Mode now and press :lt: and the achievement should unlock once he lands the attack on the opponent when they are coming down, it’s weird as it has to be a direct attack, it’s even easy enough without using a Macro, you just have to count to three when you are charging the last attack and then release, but with the timing being as strict as it is, you may just want to use this macro which basically does it for you.

Raging Throw Raging Throw
Take the perfect Roaring Sphere using Clark

Go into Practice Mode and create this Macro for Clark:

S ( LK + SK)
[6] S ( SK)
N [35] S ( SP)
[44] S ( SK)
[39] N, S ( SK)
N [134] N, S ( LP + LK + SP + SK)

That is all one macro, it is quite long, you can do this by yourself without the use of a macro, but this will be really hard to get right, especially with the timing involved, so you are best just to make this macro.

You have to then do this in either Arcade or Versus Mode, I recommend using Arcade, use these options so you can do this move right away without the worry of defeating the opponent within one combo:

  • CPU-Level: 1
  • Play Time: Infinite
  • Defense Level 1P: 8
  • Defense Level 2P: 8
  • Power Gauge 1P: Max

As soon as a match starts, go next to the opponent and press :lt: to activate the macro, if whatever reason you didn’t get it completed or the combo stopped mid way through, this just means you inputted the macro wrong, make sure you double-check everything in Practice Mode, and even check it in that mode just to be sure it works, it is one of the more lengthy macros in the game, so it is probably the one you will make most mistakes with.

Here is a video of what Clark’s Roaring Sphere looks like:


Complete Complete
Unlock all playable characters

There is 11 unlock-able characters in the game, they are all boss types.

Arcade Mode (or Endless):
I recommend to play Arcade Mode first as Omega Rugal, who you fight under certain conditions in Team Play (see The King of Fighters), he can come in very useful for Endless Mode, meaning whoever you didn’t fight in Arcade Mode can be unlocked that way.

  • Krizalid: Defeat him in Team Play Mode (Arcade Mode) (see CHAMPION for more information) or defeat him in Endless Match 61.
  • Clone Zero: Defeat him in Team Play Mode (Arcade Mode) (see CHAMPION for more information) or defeat him in Endless Match 62.
  • O. Zero: Defeat him in Team Play Mode (Arcade Mode) (see CHAMPION for more information) or defeat him in Endless Match 63.
  • Igniz: Defeat him in Team Play Mode (Arcade Mode) (see CHAMPION for more information) or defeat him in Endless Match 64.
  • Omega Rugal: Defeat him in Team Play Mode (Arcade Mode) or defeat him in Endless Match 65.

Endless or Challenge Mode:
It’s up to you which way you want to unlock these characters, it doesn’t really matter.

  • EX Robert: Defeat him in Endless Mode, clear Normal Challenges 1-10 or fail Normal Challenges 25 times.
  • EX Kensou: Defeat him in Endless Mode, clear Normal Challenges 11-20 or fail Normal Challenges 50 times.
  • EX Takuma: Defeat him in Endless Mode, clear Normal Challenges 21-30 or fail Normal Challenges 75 times.
  • Goenitz: Defeat him in Endless Match 58.
  • Geese: Defeat him in Endless Match 59.
  • Nightmare Geese: Clear Expert Challenge 20.

Now, you should have everyone but Nightmare Geese easily, Expert Challenges can be very hard, luckily, you have another option whereas you can unlock everyone by just simply failing 300 times in Expert Challenges, this can be time-consuming, if you have a turbo controller you can use, I’ll suggest using it and starting up Expert Challenge 1, in this challenge the opponent throws a projectile at you, you’re suppose to stop it, if you don’t it’s over, so I recommend leaving the turbo on :a:, tape it down and you can go off and do something else for about an hour and a half, if you don’t have a turbo controller, this will probably take a bit longer and be a lot more boring.

You will not have Expert Challenges right away, these unlock once you clear all Normal Challenges or fail 100 times in Normal Challenges, you are more likely to get it unlocked with the failing method as some of the last Normal Challenges can be difficult.


 Online Fighter
Win a total of 10 RANKED MATCH

See Online Master for more information.

 Online Master
Win a total of 30 RANKED MATCH

This will be really hard to get legit now as the online community in this game is dead, so it may be recommended to find someone to do these with, if you are boosting, this can be done really fast whereas one player makes a match in RANKED, and the other player searches, players choose whatever three characters they want and when in match, the losing player presses :start: and goes down to “Exit Game”, once you get to the results, you’ll notice this counts as a loss that player and a win for the player who didn’t quit out, just repeat this and you’ll have the online done in no time.