Author Notes

At this current time, the game suffers from serious connection issues to the servers. You can expect to enter a match and die through lagging. This is something that may should be corrected over time, but it's something to keep in mind. Some co-op missions are unplayable due to this, and the versus mode is very hit and miss. This title is also fueled by microtransactions, even though you don't need to spend real money to obtain all the achievements, it does provide some shortcuts if you're enjoying the title.

Table of Contents

  1. Co-Op
  2. Versus
  3. Progression
  4. Classes
  5. Store Items
  6. Misc


Ready for War Ready for War
Finish one round of Co-op on any difficulty level

After pressing play, select Co-Op and complete any level of co-op and this will unlock.

Somewhere Else to Be? Somewhere Else to Be?
Be the first player back to the helicopter in any Co-op mission

When you start playing the co-op missions, at the end of first area, you will need to evac to the next. Doing so required you to enter a helicopter at the end of the area. Just be the first to step foot on the chopper and this will unlock. Sometimes there’s a mad dash to the end, but most players don’t seem to rush too much.

What a Mistech to Mech What a Mistech to Mech
Deal over 50% of the damage to any enemy boss in a Co-op mission

During the various co-op missions, you will meet a mini-boss. Currently this seems to the Heavy Gunner. You will need to waste 50% of this enemies health on your own without help from your team causing extra damage. This is fairly easy and you shouldn’t have any difficulty earning it. But these mini bosses do need teamwork as you need to shoot the backpack they carry.

The other alternative will be to deal 50% damage to one of the main bosses such as the Mech. This is a lot harder for some, but easier for others. The Mech is quite tough on its own, but if you’re effective with the rocket launcher, this might be the easier option.

Unbreakable Unbreakable
Complete a Co-op mission without being knocked-down or killed

Fairly simple, pick one of the easy missions and play through without dying. I found the best route for this was to take your time, stick together as a team and work together. As long as you don’t rush out and get yourself downed or killed this will unlock at the end of the mission.

This will be easier on missions where you don’t have a boss fight at the end. But patience is key.

War Stories... War Stories…
Complete the Regular, Skilled and Hardcore Co-op missions on a single day

Before you attempt this, I highly recommend that you focus on your gear and make sure you have better weapons and armor. The stock inventory will get you killed very quickly if you’re not ready. You will also want several resurrection coins. You’re given 1 coin a day for free. But you can buy more coins with Kredits which you must buy with real money. The alternative is to have a very focused team who know what to do.

The biggest problem with these missions are that they rotate and change ever 24 hours. So you will need at least 4 dedicated players who’re set on the same goal. You will also need good communication and balance between team members. If you happen to all load up as riflemen, you’re not going to last very long. You want at least one medic and one rifleman to cover ammo and health. These will be your two main issues while playing, low health and running out of ammo.

These missions are quite punishing as there’s little balance between the difficulties. They go from manageable to extremely punishing just because the AI health seems to exceed more than double what your easy run may be. As with the hit detection being very poor at this point, there’s a lot of hit and miss issues going on.


Toe in the Water Toe in the Water
Finish one match of any Versus mode

From the menu screen, select play, then Versus. Play any of the multiplayer modes and this will unlock.

Better Off Alone Better Off Alone
Win 10 Free-For-All matches

The requirements for this are simple enough, just win 10 Free-For-All matches. Some players may have difficulty with this due to connection issues. This will unlock after you win 10 matches.

Alternatively, you can do this on  your own in a private Free-For-All match. Just start a private lobby and play on your own. You will be rewarded a victory once the game ends. Repeat this 9 more times and this should unlock.

Note: It seems that this doesn’t always unlock on que. So if you complete 10 matches, try backing out of the game to the dashboard and starting it up again.

Da Bomb! Da Bomb!
Win 10 Plant The Bomb matches

You’re required to win 10 plant the bomb matches for this to win. You just need to be on the winning team, so a little trial and error may be required. It just depends on how good your team are.

Alternatively you can create a private Plant The Bomb match and play on your own. You will start on the defending team, so you can either kill yourself or wait for the time to run down. After 5 rounds, you will swap over to the attacking team which will allow you to plant the bomb.

Unstoppable Unstoppable
Earn a kill streak of 10 in Versus

Earning a 10 kill streak in Versus may be hit or miss for a lot of players due to connection issues. The requirements are simple enough, kill 10 people in a row without dying, but if you lag you will die. Most maps have a high population with a large player lobby. So if you’re good and avoid lag, this shouldn’t be too difficult.

Alternatively you can do this in a private match with a friend. If you’re using this method, do Team Deathmatch, and stand in the spawn. Wait for them to appear and kill them 10 times over.

No "i" in Team No “i” in Team
Win 10 Team Deathmatch matches

Much like the other Versus achievements, you will need to win 10 Team Deathmatch games. This shouldn’t be too difficult if you have a good team. Just progress at your own pace and this should come with time.

Alternatively, you can also do this in a private match with a friend. Kill your friend, then have them quit the match. Doing so will reward you with a win. Repeat this until this unlocks.

Top Dog Top Dog
Finish with the highest point total in any Versus match (minimum six players)

To earn this you need to play in any Versus mode. Once in, you will need to be the top player, or MVP of the match. This is a lot easier in some modes than others. Just play until you hit the top spot. Some players may have difficulty with this, and adding in the server lag will make this almost impossible at times.

You can also earn this in any private match with five friends. Just take it in turns to achieve the highest score in the game and this will unlock.


Boot Camp Boot Camp
Complete the Basic Training

Basic training is something you have an option of doing when you start the game. It’s not required to play, but if you want to earn this it’s a requirement. Just start the training and complete it. It only takes a few minutes and it will teach you a few things about your basic class.

School's Out School’s Out
Complete all class training sessions

For this you need to complete the training for the four classes. You will start with one class, then as you play the game more, the other classes will unlock over time. They’re time sensitive, so just play until they unlock. Once unlocked, use the training menu, or select the training as it pops up in the lobby. After completing all training for the four classes this will unlock.

Doctor in the House Doctor in the House
Revive teammates 10 times in Co-op or Versus

Class: Medic

To earn this you will need to revive 10 downed players using the defib unit. You can access the unit by pressing the :lb: twice. Just watch out for downed teammates with the defib death marker above their heads. You will need to repeat this 10 times for this to unlock.

Generous to a Fault Generous to a Fault
As a Rifleman, hand out 10,000 bullets to teammates in Co-op or Versus

While playing any team based mode, you will replenish your teams ammo by pressing the :lb:. From here, you can then press the :rt: to hand out ammo to your team. This is a little iffy so you may have to spam the trigger a few times before it will register or even hand out ammo. You will need to hand out a fair amount of ammo, so keep on top of it. Just keep track of where checkpoints are as once you hit one, everyone will be replenished automatically.

This can be done with a friend in a private match by having them waste their ammo, and you replenish while playing in a team based game mode. This should come with natural progression if you’re using the class to it’s full effectiveness and playing as a team.

Watch Your Step Watch Your Step
Get 30 kills with claymores or mines in Co-op or Versus

Claymores are tied to the engineer. So before you can work towards this, you will first need to unlock him by playing for a while. After he’s unlocked, I recommend that you join various co-op games and play claymores at choke points in the maps. Doing so will allow you to kill a couple of enemies at a time while they rush into the area.


Moving on Up Moving on Up
Achieve Rank 5

See “Going all the way…”

Battle-Hardened Battle-Hardened
Achieve Rank 15

See “Going all the way…”

Going all the way... Going all the way…
Achieve Rank 30

To reach rank 30, you’re going to have to dedicate a lot of time to leveling up. There’s no reason effective way to level up aside from buying XP booster packs from the in-game store. So just progress at your own pace and play whatever game mode is the most comfortable for you. I’ve found co-op to be the most interesting, but you will earn higher XP rewards from playing Versus if you’re a good player.

You will need to reach the follow XP amounts to unlock the above achievements.

  • 5 (2350 xp)
  • 15 (53000 xp)
  • 30 (423700 xp)
Fit for a King

Store Items

Think Lucky to be Lucky Think Lucky to be Lucky
Acquire a Standard or Crown Random Box

These items are locked away under the Random Boxes menu in the store. You can use the store at any point by pressing :y: in the lobby screen. Random boxes reward you with various items, and cost 450 crowns to unlock. If you wish to just buy these items without collecting crowns, you can buy them for 150 Kredits.

If you’re looking to obtain as many crowns as possible in a short period. Then you will want to complete various challenges. You can complete the insane challenge twice a day which costs $1,000 to activate. It will reward you with 50 crowns with every time you complete this challenge. The alternative to this is to play co-op and achieve a high score and fast time to earn crowns.

These items do not count towards “Oooh…Shiny!

Fit for a King Fit for a King

Collect 100 crowns

There’s multiple ways to earn crowns, the most obvious is from completing co-op gameplay and beating a par time, and points. The alternative is to complete contracts. You can complete up to two contracts a day. Which you need to pay money you’ve earned in game towards. After collecting 100, this will unlock.

Oooh...Shiny! Oooh…Shiny!
Buy any Crown item

Crown items are a bought using crowns which is another type of currency in the game. These items tend to be quite high-priced, but they’re worth their weight. You can obtain crowns from completing contracts, or by doing well in the co-op. The faster your time and score, the more crowns you will earn.

Buying random crown boxes and items does not count towards this achievement. So unlocking “Think Lucky to be Lucky” will not unlock this if you buy one of those items. This applies to standalone items, such as guns and armor that you will find on the store under the classes.

See “Think Lucky to be Lucky” for more information.

Once you have enough crowns, you can then buy a crown item from the store.


Check out my Warface Check out my Warface
Create a character

This will be the first thing you do after starting the game. You will be prompted to make a character. You basically get to choose what the head of your character looks like. From here, this will unlock allowing you to progress into whichever gamemode you want.

Big Bucks Big Bucks
Earn $10,000

To earn $10,000 dollars is quite simple. Just play through the various game modes and this will come with natural progression. If you happen to fail while playing co-op, you will still be rewarded cash, but it will be lower than the original amount you would for a victory.

Just play at your own pace and this will come with time. You can spend any money you earn as the requirement is tracked as accumulated money, and not by holding $10,000 at any one time.

Tick, Tick... BOOM! Tick, Tick… BOOM!
Kill 3 enemies with a single grenade in Co-op or Versus

There’s many ways to earn this, but the most common and easily accessible is through waiting for a cluster of enemies, cook off a grenade by holding the :rb:, then throwing it at them. More often than not enemies will try to scatter, so make sure you cook it for long enough to almost explode on impact. The alternative is to throw a grenade and shoot in their direction to suppress them and slow down their movements.

This could also be earned in a private match with several friends if you’re having difficulty in co-op or versus matches.

Skirting Under the Radar Skirting Under the Radar
Kill 5 enemies while sliding in Co-op or Versus

To start with this is a little cryptic, but to do a slide you need to press by pressing the :ls: in, then tap :b:. Doing so will allow you to slide. Once you master the slide, you will then need to kill 5 enemies while performing a slide. This obviously doesn’t have to be done at once, so just perform a slide towards your enemy of choice and kill them. Repeat as needed until this unlocks.

This will also unlock in private matches so you can also complete this while playing against friends.

Here to Help Here to Help
Perform 10 climbs with your teammates in Co-op

To do this action you first need to find a wall with the co-op climb. You will know what to look for after completing the training. You will need to run up to the wall and press and hold :x: perform the climb action. It’s possible that you will either to do the first or second action, but just complete as many of these as you can and this will unlock at some point.

Buddy Up Buddy Up
Create or Join a Clan

There’s two ways to go about this, you can either make your own clan, or be invited to join a clan. If you want full control over a Clan, then you will need to spend $2,500 to create your own clan from the profile menu. The alternative is to join one. Which you can also do from the profile screen.

Signed, Sealed, Delivered Signed, Sealed, Delivered
Successfully complete 30 Contracts

Contracts are challenges you can activate from the various lobbies in the game. You need to pay earned in-game money to activate them. But they will reward you with crowns if you complete them. You can complete up to two contracts a day. So pick wisely and focus on the tasks required before the time runs out.

Gunsmith Gunsmith
Customise all slots of any primary weapon

As you progress through the game, you can select which vendor items you can unlock for your classes. You can’t select which items you unlock through progression, but you can pick from three. Once you unlock the various items through earning VP to unlock your selected item of choice, you then need to apply them to your weapon.

To do this, press :dpu: while in-game, from here you can attach and remove any items you have unlocked from your weapons. Early starting weapons have fewer items which you can attach, so it’s easier to unlock two items such as a scope and a silencer to attach. The higher tier weapons have more items slots, so you will need to unlock further hardware.

You can also earn this while in private Versus matches, or in general Versus matches. It’s a lot easier and faster than it seems, just remember to place them. If you happen to see lots of enemies at certain points in the map, try to place a claymore in these areas.